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    Old cars (duh), antiques in general, running marathons, homebrewing.

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  1. Dan Hiebert

    Another Mopar joins the family. My latest purchase.

    I've got an '01 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with a 360 that we bought in '00. Just turned 100K. Only problem I've ever had with it was from sitting too long, and now that we're in Maine, whatever that nasty stuff they de-ice the roads with is eating it up. Trailered the D24 and Terraplane across the country (sort of) three times with it. Regular maintenance and service does the trick every time, as well as not driving it like I stole it. Giving it to my daughter and son-in-law next month, so we'll be in the market for another. I've had nothing but good luck with Dodge (well, Ram now), so we'll be looking at that marque again. We'll be looking for a "newer" truck, good to hear you'uns are finding these good deals out there, gives me hope.
  2. Dan Hiebert

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    I rather like that, makes a nice rustic look. Hmm, now I'm thinking of where that could fit in our house's décor. Thanks for posting!
  3. Dan Hiebert

    '58 Ute - Rare?

    That is most likely where it originates, Bob. Independent coach builder and/or customizer found something that was popular and made a few. Could even have been someone who specialized in funerary cars, saw a market for a lower priced "unique" car, so they used Dodge. Although I have seen "plain old" Dodge hearses and flower cars. There may be some badging on it somewhere that could shed more light if Gazoo can find better photos.
  4. Dan Hiebert

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    When we got our D24, the battery was hooked up backwards as well. It was "interesting" to hear the owner of lot we bought it from cuss up a blue streak about how stupid the PO from them was for hooking the battery up backwards (as in correctly). At the time, I knew nothing of positive ground systems, and apparently neither did he. Nothing worked right, but the car would run - sort of. Once we got a service manual for it and I realized the error of my ways, simply hooking the battery up right solved a lot of the tertiary issues, with no permanent damages. Nice find with your D24, excellent that these cars are still available out there.
  5. Dan Hiebert

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Whatever you decide, Don, kindly refrain from ending participation here. Whether you realize it or not, there is something you know or have found out through trial and tribulation, that the rest of us don't, and we may need that someday. I would heartily concur with the previous posters that you just need to manage expectations of yourself and your car (as you both age, which is unavoidable, by the way). And particularly, don't decide what to do with that fine car of yours while your still annoyed by it.
  6. Dan Hiebert

    Tips on radio static

    This "used to be" a common problem. Issue is interference from high voltage, primarily spark plug and coil wires that aren't shielded or engineered to prevent it. (I don't remember the science behind it, but I remember dealing with it many moons ago.) The problem has been eliminated in newer vehicles with modern electronics - making shielded wiring harder to find. Used to be that if you bought a car or truck with no radio, then decided to add a radio, you probably had to upgrade the pug wires, too. The radio option wasn't just the unit, it was the electronics to go with it, too. ("Shielded" wires being the resistor wires Greg suggests.)
  7. Dan Hiebert

    Dodge Ambulance

    There are several D25 owners on the Forum, and the model has received quiet a bit of discussion. Without being more specific on what your looking for, a search will get you scads of info that you can use to generate more direct questions. Excellent acquisition - both the farm and D25. You probably already know the ambulance body is probably not factory built, at least not by Dodge of Canada, but the mechanics are.
  8. Dan Hiebert

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Why blue? Previous owner's or rebuilder's choice. May not have known original engine color and opted for Chrysler blue because it made sense. Engine probably rebuilt, or at a minimum repainted, but most likely rebuilt at least once. Original color of these engines was silver, regardless whether 218, 230, or 265. Technical section of the Forum has a list of what was silver and what was black if you want to go down the original path, otherwise - your choice.
  9. Dan Hiebert

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Yes, see to safety and reliability issues first, and prioritize those. I.e., LED tail lights and higher differential ratio may be desirable, but in my book, you don't need to do them first. I can pretty much guarantee that Mom and Dad will appreciate better brakes and seatbelts even more than you. You'll gradually get into the other aspects of owning and driving an old car. Some things will annoy you, or you'll want to try your hand at something, so you fix/restore it, and gradually you'll have what you like built up from a good reliable platform. Lots of patience helps. I think it's awesome that you are looking at an older car as your first, it means work, but you'll appreciate every minute of it - AND - have the coolest car in the parking lot. Good luck, and this Forum is indeed the place to haunt.
  10. Dan Hiebert

    Windscreen center bar & sun visor

    There should be inside and outside trim pieces that sandwich that part of the weather strip. I can't say whether or not there is a metal piece in the weather strip itself, I've never been that far into the windshield. Mounting screws go in from the inside - through the inner trim piece, and screw into the outer piece. Andydodge's photos show this quite well. That center mount on the outside sunvisors clamp onto that outside center trim piece. The Fulton Sun Shade on our D24 has two mounts, vs. the one shown above, but the point is that they clamp onto that trip piece. Just found a not-so-good photo of ours, center clamps are (duh) in the shade - but better than nothing.
  11. Dan Hiebert

    Interstate Highway map

    That is indeed cool to see the progress of the Interstate system. I remember as a kid traveling back and forth from Texas to Illinois, and within both states, and seeing first hand the construction and progress of various Interstates. I have a 1942 Texas highway map, kind of mind numbing to see the highway system without the Interstates and imagining travel in those days. Although...I certainly prefer the back roads over the Interstates when we don't have a schedule to follow.
  12. Dan Hiebert

    Hubcap lettering

    So to answer your question, the factory used a stencil set up remarkably similar to the screen printing that they use for printing t-shirt designs nowadays. When the hubcaps came off their final assembly, they were automatically oriented correctly for paint application. As the equipment got older and more worn, the quality diminished a bit. I have D24 hubcaps that run the gamut from sharp and clear, to barely making out the stamped background lines through the design. How to do it yourself is covered in several Forum threads. But...I always enjoy when an "old" topic is brought up again to see if there are any new ideas out there.
  13. Dan Hiebert

    Post cards from Maine

    And, by the way, Paul - thanks so much for sharing your vacation/decompression trip to Maine with us.
  14. Dan Hiebert

    Post cards from Maine

    I haven't quite figured that out yet. I've had several Mainers explain it to me, and they all said something different. What I've noticed is that the "pounds" seem to deal exclusively with lobster (the ones I've been to, anyway), a "shack" features it, but has other seafood, and a "pond" I have no idea. How you get, or they keep, the lobster may have something to do with it.
  15. Dan Hiebert

    1946 Plymouth interior

    Amazing. Find out new stuff every day, I had never seen that adornment, much less knew that was a standard P15 Deluxe item after poking around old cars for 40 years, until reading this thread today . My only defense would be that I don't peruse the Plymouths that much, mostly Dodges. No bias, just how it has worked out.

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