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    Old cars (duh), antiques in general, running marathons, homebrewing.

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  1. D24 Original front and rear track.

    So, to answer your question. Yes. Those wheel tread measurements are what you are referring to as the "track" of a D24.
  2. Off topic hobbies

    Let's see. Running, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, canoeing, pop bottles (painted or molded labels only, 432 at current count), cuckoo clocks, home brewing, yard work (evolved into "forestry" when we moved to Maine), reading/learning, shooting, archery, woodwork, electronics, restoring furniture, home repair/remodel (an odd "hobby" perhaps, but it's something I enjoy), antiquing (junkin'), volunteering in the community, and stuff with the B.P.O. Elks. The ones I've forgotten I tried once and didn't like, so these are not necessarily daily, weekly, or even monthly things I / we enjoy doing, but I've been doing a lot of them since I was a kid, and we've been doing most of them we've been married, 33 years ago. The missus likes to bake/cook, too. I can (depending on who you ask), but other than grilling or smoking, I don't like to.
  3. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Dozerman51 - I have a twin brother, too! We learned to drive in a '72 IH Scout II with 3-speed manual. We're both car guys, although our tastes in cars couldn't be much farther apart. He's into euro supercars, SCCA racing, and Corvettes - he races in one of the Miata classes, and owns an '06 'Vette. I'm into plain old antique cars, vehicles that get the job done, and air cooled VWs. The only car racing I used to do was chasing villains on occasion, promoted out of that, and my '70 Beetle probably has less HP than one cylinder of my brother's 'Vette. The very first car I bought when I was 18 was "old" but not then an antique, a '66 Ford Fairlane SW. Didn't own a car for several years while I was in the Army, then the Missus and I bought our first antique auto, a '55 Ford F-100, when I was 25. Bought our D24 for my 30th BD. We're the same age - within the 2nd highest category of the poll. We've gone through several makes and models of cars over the years, but we've still got the D24, and have gravitated towards Chrysler products for our daily drivers.
  4. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I will heartily third the radiant heat. I live in northern Maine, I don't have it, know several folks and shops who do, and really wish PO who built our shop had installed it. I would also highly recommend LED lighting, I have standard fixtures in my garage that I installed LED bulbs in, what a difference! We also upgraded the fleet garage at my office to LED shop lights last year, simply awesome results. I'd plan LED from the outset, can be expensive, but worth it in the long run. (Saves $$, and amperage for other appliances.) Being familiar with melting snow in a shop vs. sub zero outside temperatures, both at work and at home, I would recommend a floor drain or drains. A garage door frozen to the floor is no fun and shortens the life of the weather seal. You'd have to open the doors at least slightly to drain off a sloped floor, open doors let heat out, and cold in. All of the commercial and fleet shops in this area have floor drains, as does our shop. The garage under our house has floor drains, too. Probably a good reason for them. Good luck with the garage/shop project! A good workspace makes our hobby even more enjoyable.
  5. New Year Resolutions

    Hadn't thought of that, I'll do so. Right now, the ceiling insulation is exposed (just the ceiling joists and insulation, no panels or anything), and it gets wet every spring when I open the shop up and the "warm" air hits the still cold cement floor. Of course, if I install a sheet of plastic or something, it'll probably rain in there with all my luck. Thanks for the tip!
  6. New Year Resolutions

    I believe I will install a moisture barrier to the ceiling of the shop, and build some shelves in it to clear up some floor space. All to improve working conditions so I can; 1) clean up, paint, rewire the engine compartment of the ol' D24 (been 25 years since the initial restoration, showing quite a bit of age), as well as replace the windshields (one was cracked by record heat in El Paso in 1994); 2) get the Terraplane running (no reason it wouldn't, just haven't messed with it since moving up here); and refresh the interior of the '70 Beetle while it's put up for the winter.
  7. Cold cold, John Keats.

    Heat wave in northern Maine, 9 degrees today, woo-hoo! We're looking forward to the nor'easter and snow round about Thursday...it'll warm things up considerably...
  8. The end of our hobby?

    Goodness. Talk about a rabbit hole...
  9. Took a ride this afternoon

    Excellent trips and pictures! I get a kick out of train and agricultural stuff. I like that every train station in New York has a story, and usually had some prominent architect design them.
  10. where is this heading

    Alas, every single warning label out there is there for a reason - because at least one moron ate the silica packet. C'mon, you'uns all know someone, or of someone, who would eat that packet if it weren't for the label. And yet, despite all those labels and warnings we roll our eyes about, people still kill or severely injure themselves on a regular basis doing what the label or the government warnings said not to.
  11. Artillery wheel ID?

    Antique Automobile Club of America. Awesome National museum in Hershey, PA. You'd have to check their website about posting, they didn't have a forum when I was a member many years go.
  12. Check your gas cap vent

    Nah, but you pick things up. My Grandma was Finnish, and said that all the time (usually because of me and/or my brother). I always thought it was a Finn thing, but have since learned it wasn't. She grew up in the western UP and must have picked it up from Norwegian folks up there. I've worked with a lot of people that hailed from Washington to Minnesota that would blurt that out once in a while as well.
  13. Check your gas cap vent

    Uff da!
  14. Is Craftsman comming back?

    'Nuff said.
  15. D24 Styling

    I've heard it referred to as an "egg crate" grill. I've always been keen on the styling of '30s and 40's cars and trucks in general, body lines, long hoods, huge fenders, et al.. When we were in the market for an old car to go with our '52 Ford F3 many moons ago we weren't set on any particular car make or model, other than wanting a four-door. We looked over many cars in west Texas and southern New Mexico and kept getting drawn back to a car in the back of a lot in San Elizario, TX because of that grill and those fenders flowing into the doors. We didn't even know what make it was, the lot was fenced in and always closed. We finally found it open one day, and once we saw that dash, that it had suicide rear doors and a clamshell hood, and saw that it ran and was "drivable", we bought it on the spot....and it was a heap! So we bought our D24 for the styling, not brand loyalty or bias. I was relieved that it was a Dodge, since that meant parts would be easier to find. Haven't looked back. It always draws a bigger crowd than you'd think a "plain old Dodge" would, and folks are surprised that it is "just a Dodge". I've since grown rather fond of the post war MoPars, and while there are components of the car I don't relish working on, there's no part of the car that I dislike the styling of.