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  1. I thought the North Dakota state tree was a telephone pole... Pete
  2. Pete


    Casper, how does the hydro dip hold up over time as to scratches, etc? Is it hold up as well as painted woodgrain? Pete
  3. Pete

    Spring start up

    Hi all. I've had my '39 Plymouth out a couple of times now in the Vermont spring. I put her to bed properly in the fall and she's in heated storage all winter. In the spring I change the oil, check the other fluids, lube the chassis, fill the tires, hook up the battery and she starts right up. She was built 80 years ago today according to the build sheet, so happy birthday to Eleanor. She's doing pretty darn good for her age. For her birthday I gave her paint a light buffing, then a good coat of wax. The old girl doesn't look like she just rolled out of the factory, but she's pretty close. Now I just need to find more driving time. One more year until I retire. Happy motoring to all.
  4. For some reason eBay returned this picture on one of my car part searches. I think it's a sign for how to use a pay toilet. I think it would make a great T-shirt:
  5. My '38 Dodge truck has a windshield crank like this one. Be gentle with it. The zinc/pot metal on mine broke. I was able to find a used replacement. Pete
  6. It is a great book. I have a copy and have read it twice. Highly recommended. Pete
  7. Hi Greg, I'm using my fog lights as turn signals. I can use them as turn signals whether the fog lights are on or off. I'm using the Electro-Tech unit. Not cheap, but it works well. Just switch the wire that used to go from your fog light switch to the fog lights to go to the front parking lights terminal on the Electro-Tech unit. Use your fog light switch to turn the fog lights on or off as you normally would. Here is their website: http://www.turnswitch.com/Turnsignal.htm Here's a pic: Pete
  8. I had my mechanic sort out the steering on my 1939 Plymouth touring sedan. I had new rubber insulators (either from AB or RMP) that he installed. When I got the car back the steering was still too loose. I took it back, he removed the insulators and it now works just fine. YMMV. Peter
  9. My 1938 Dodge Brothers RC half ton. Picture taken about 20 years ago. It's seen a lot of work since then. Pete
  10. My wife's cousin had 7 wives. He finally got it right. He was a long-distance truck driver... Pete
  11. Hi Chysler1941. I'm in the same boat. I asked about it and received an "I don't know" answer. You'll see a note I added to the left of this post.
  12. Vermont: The NWS said the low for last night would be -5. When I got up this morning they said it was 3 above. My weather station said it was -21. Why do I keep checking the NWS? When I lived in Minnesota we had -35 officially one night. Some small town in northern MN had -70. I was living in Chicago in 1985 when they set the record there. Lake Michigan was frozen solid as far out as you could see. Oh well. The car started and I'm at work. Life goes on. Pete
  13. In 1997 I drove my 1938 Dodge Brothers half ton pickup from Minnesota to Vermont via Canada. About 6 years ago I drove it on a tour of 600+ miles over one week. The truck is as original as possible and performed great. Pete
  14. I had that happen to me. Driving on the Interstate in New Hampshire at 2:00 in the morning in the middle of winter. At 70 mph the front left wheel came off. Luckily it wedged in the wheel well and I was able to nurse it over to the shoulder. I just had new snow tires mounted and at least one of the lug nuts wasn't properly tightened. I heard something a little while before it happened, but I told myself it was a wheel bearing going bad, and I elected to ease it home for another hour to two. To add insult to injury the local repair shop who "fixed" it totally screwed me over both in quality of work and price It was right after that I bought my first cell phone. As stated above, if you hear such a sound, pull over and check the lug nuts. Pete
  15. I remember seeing a film on the evening news back (probably) in the '60's. A whole bunch of retired B-36's were in a plane graveyard. They had this huge guillotine that they stuck the front of each plane into and chopped off the cockpit to save the gauges, etc. Pete
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