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  1. Pete


    I have a friend is has been a senior software engineer for both Amazon and Google. He's well thought of in the industry and has authored a number of popular books on programming. A while back he told me when it comes to collecting and selling your personal data: - Amazon is evil, but not too evil - Google is evil - Facebook is extremely evil. Never sign up for an account. So I haven't. And it's not just the info you give them. They cull info about you from all sorts of sources.
  2. Pete

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    I learned to drive a stick in a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. If you didn't get the pedal action right it pretty much jumped straight up into the air. I learned real quick. I learned to double clutch in my 1938 Dodge Brothers pickup. No synchromesh. Once you get into the rhythm it's pretty fun. Pete
  3. Pete

    Worse drivers?

    Sometimes you've got to learn to drive like the locals. When I moved from Chicago to a smaller town, I was amazed that drivers stopped at a traffic light as soon as it turned yellow. In Chicago 10 or more cars would have "made" the light. Learn fast, or rear end the car in front of you. Where I live now in Vermont there's only 1 intersection with traffic lights in the county I live in. For you Californians, my county is just about the same size as San Mateo county. Been there. Like it here better. And I'm a native Californian. Pete
  4. Pete

    Worse drivers?

    Hi all, I've experienced crazy lane usage by drivers both in passing and coming at me. Up here in Vermont we don't have many cops and the tourists seem to take advantage. It used to be Massachusetts drivers seemed the worst offenders, but Connecticut seems to have passed them in sheer speed. The scariest drivers I've ever encountered was in Quebec. It seems to most drivers the traffic regulations are only suggestions and not very good ones at that. Pete
  5. Pete

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    John Jerome's book "Truck" is a great read. I first read it back in the 1970's and reread it once or twice since. The local folks he talks about in the book remind me of some of the locals around here in Vermont. I like his self-deprecating humor, and I especially like the fact that when he's done working on the truck he goes inside, sits beside the fire, and has a glass or whiskey. Obviously he has his priorities straight. Pete
  6. Pete

    Drivability in the mountains

    Hi all, My '39 Plymouth has its original 201 engine. Not sure of its internal wear but it does pretty well. The car does a good job in the mountains of Northern New England. Only downside is starting from a dead stop at the bottom of a long steep incline. I usually keep it in 2nd for a good bit until it gets up to around 35 MPH. At that speed when I shift into 3rd it has enough RPMs to slowly accelerate until I crest the hill. From a rolling start it's good. Sometimes I'm leading a parade at the top of the hill. They usually back off when I put it up to 50 - 55. Pete
  7. Pete

    East coast vacation

    We're just starting to get fall colors in Vermont right now. It usually peaks around the first week of October, so it appears to be late this year. Pete
  8. Pete

    Another 230 build thread

    HI all, After owning my '39 Plymouth for a couple of years, I recently removed and cleaned the filter canister. After cleaning off the exterior grunge I noticed a faint stamping on the side that said "inlet." It had the pressure side plumbed to the canister outlet and vice versa. It had probably run that way for years. The oil always seemed to look dirty much sooner than it should have and there was a bunch of sludge in the bottom of the canister. I replumbed it correctly, but in a new filter element, and changed the oil. Just returned from a multi-hundred mile trip to Maine. Used about 3 ounces of oil and it still looks new on the dipstick. Pete
  9. We have a nesting pair of loons on the lake about 500 yards from our house. Love to hear their call. A naturalist told me that loons usually call when they feel threatened, so they must like you...
  10. Pete

    Mitchell motor parts cross reference manual

    I've been dealing with them since the 1970s when they (he) was located in Ohio. Never had a problem. Prices can be a bit on the high side, especially for rare and hard to find parts. They know what they have and what someone out there will pay for it. Pete
  11. Pete

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    How can you measure something that doesn't exist: https://www.amazon.com/Order-Time-Carlo-Rovelli/dp/073521610X/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  12. Pete

    Time for an overhaul...

    Good post guys. I'm curious, what are using using to measure AFR?
  13. Pete

    WC and Pilot House

    Al, I drove my '38 Dodge Brothers pickup through Two Harbors when I moved from Southern Minnesota to Vermont. Beautiful area. Pete
  14. Pete

    Fuel sender gasket

    dpollo, I appreciate the reply. I ordered a new gasket and it appears to be rubber. I'll install it without the Permatex so it will be easier to remove in the future. If it still leaks I'll go with plan B. Thanks, Pete
  15. Pete

    Battery relocation 39 Plymouth .

    Hi, I have a '39 Plymouth with the battery under the seat. It's a minor pain and time sink to open and close it up. Is there any reason not to connect a trickle charger to the starter connection (nice big fat battery cable to battery negative terminal) and ground to the engine or frame instead of directly to the battery? The car is original 6v + ground. Pete

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