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  1. Pete

    Molly Time!

    Those springs could be from 2 separate fuel pump failings. If the fulcrum pin on the fuel pump goes it can shoot the spring into the pan. I had it happen on my '38 truck. Pete
  2. Hi all, I have a number of jugs of ethylene glycol antifreeze that have been in an unheated shed for years. During that time the temp has cycled beween -30 degrees to over 100 above. Some are name brand and some are mystery brand. Some still have an undisturbed original seal and some have been opened. A couple have been opened and mixed 50/50 with water according to the hand written scrawl on the jug. So is it okay to use this? I had a lot of work done to my cooling system last year and want to keep it in good condition. Thanks, Pete
  3. Pete

    light bulb sockets

    Are cigarette lighters voltage sensitive? I want to use a 6V+ to 12V- converter so I can use the lighter socket to charge cell phones, etc. Can I keep the original lighter and socket? Pete
  4. Pete

    Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    Get an ABC type extinguisher that is the dry type. If it gets below freezing where you are the liquid kind can freeze. I've been using oil bath air cleaners for years without any problems. Be sure to use 50 weight non-detergent oil. Some of the old timers were upset when the car companies changed from oil bath to paper elements - oil being cheaper than the paper elements, at least back then. Pete
  5. Pete

    oil filter

    A couple of years ago I looked up the various oil filter element part numbers for my 1939 Plymouth with the 201. Here is what I came up with: WIX 51080 NAPA FIL 1080 (made by Wix) FRAM C134PL AC PF316 Purolator L20700 -Pete
  6. Pete

    any thing that can go wrong will

    Hi Don, Assuming the engine cranks: The easiest way to test the coil secondary wiring is to use a timing light. Put the inductive pickup on the HT lead from the coil to the distributor. Crank the engine and look for STEADY light flashes. Pete
  7. Pete

    39 Side Mirrors?

    Hi all, Jay Fisher passed away a year or two ago. He was a founding member of the Plymouth Owners Club. I would love to have a pair of his hinge post mirrors. A friend of mine has them on his '36 Plymouth. They are gorgeous and are placed to work very well on both sides. I spoke to Jay's widow who said someone bought his business. If they are still making the mirrors I have yet to find them. Peter
  8. I have Coker wide white wall radials on my 1939 Plymouth. I love them. With the pias ply the car would wander all over on bad roads. The car now drives much easier and safer. One tire developed a small bubble under the white wall. Coker replaced it for free and paid shipping both ways. Other than that I've had no issues. Pete
  9. Pete

    How to keep the mice away?

    I've had good luck with peppermint oil for keeping mice away, and moth balls for keeping squirrels away. Pete
  10. Pete

    Canadian travel question

    I've made that drive three times, once in my 1938 Dodge Brothers pickup when I moved from Minnesota to Vermont. It's a beautiful drive. Watch out for moose. Also army tanks - I was almost taken out by one flying across the road from the woods on one side to the other. It was a military reservation somewhere in Ontario. I did trips in June and September and the traffic volume wasn't bad. Lot's of great pull-offs and scenic views. If you drive down into Minnesota, don't miss Split Rock lighthouse. It's not too far South of the Canadian border. I also remember pulling off an overlook high above the North shore of Lake Superior - picture attached. There I met an old First Nations man who lived in the area his whole life and pointed out everything interesting in sight. Priceless. One other thing, if you are a US citizen contact your car insurance company and get a Canadian ID liability card. I recently got one through Hagerty. It was free and I had it within a few days. Pete
  11. Hi Esteban. The engine serial number is stamped on a boss on the driver's side of the block just below the cylinder head. You may have to clean it and hit with a grease pencil or chauk to make the characters readable. Depending on the state where the truck was registered and insured the insurance docs may not include the engine serial number. These vehicles have a number of ID numbers: serial number on the door post, engine, chassis, body (on firewall). Different states used different numbers. My 1938 has the original factory installed engine according to the build sheet. The number starts with "T58." Here are a couple of sources on these engine numbers: http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/tengines.html http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php If yours is a half ton and the engine is original (or from another 1937 half ton) it should start with "T38." The links above have info on other models. Pete
  12. Pete

    vapor lock

    Try a tankful of non-ethanol real gas and see if the problem gets better or goes away. It works for me. Peter
  13. Hi, let me add to the compliments of the truck. You will have a lot of fun with it. I have a 1938 half ton Dodge Brothers (never just Dodge!) pickup. It's been in the family since the 1970s. Note that if you need to get engine parts, 1937 - 38 Dodge Brothers trucks from half to one-ton used the long block engine with a displacement of 218 ci. The serial number stamped on the engine will tell you if it's original to the truck. Pete
  14. Pete

    1955 plymouth V8 does not start when hot

    HI. I have a similar problem with my '39 Plymouth and my '38 Dodge pickup. Filling the gas tank with non-ethanol gas makes it go away. Apparently the higher volatility of the ethanol causes it to boil at a lower temp than pure gas. Not sure if you can get non-ethanol gas (or even gas with ethanol) where you are located, but it's worth a try if you can. Pete
  15. Pete

    1937 dodge panel

    All Dodge Brothers 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton trucks in 1937-38 came with 25" blocks. After 1938 they switched to 23" blocks. If it's a sedan delivery it would have the 23". My 1938 1/2 ton pickup has the original engine according to the build card. It's 25". Pete

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