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  1. Pete

    WC and Pilot House

    Al, I drove my '38 Dodge Brothers pickup through Two Harbors when I moved from Southern Minnesota to Vermont. Beautiful area. Pete
  2. Pete

    Fuel sender gasket

    dpollo, I appreciate the reply. I ordered a new gasket and it appears to be rubber. I'll install it without the Permatex so it will be easier to remove in the future. If it still leaks I'll go with plan B. Thanks, Pete
  3. Pete

    Battery relocation 39 Plymouth .

    Hi, I have a '39 Plymouth with the battery under the seat. It's a minor pain and time sink to open and close it up. Is there any reason not to connect a trickle charger to the starter connection (nice big fat battery cable to battery negative terminal) and ground to the engine or frame instead of directly to the battery? The car is original 6v + ground. Pete
  4. Pete

    Fuel sender gasket

    Hi all, Had my '39 Plymouth up on the lift yesterday and noticed that there is fuel leaking from the area of the fuel gauge sender unit. I had just filled it up and noticed the gas smell. I'll order a new gasket as I made the last one which obviously did not work out too well. I guess the new gasket will be cork or cork/rubber composite. Question: What gasket cement or sealer (if any) should I use on this gasket? Thanks, Pete
  5. Pete

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    Hi Reg, I have an NOS domed gauge cluster glass for my 1939 Plymouth that needs to be re-silkscreened. The original silkscreening has some shelf wear around the edges that will show when installed. I got it because my current glass is pretty scratched up. Questions: Do you do the domed '39 glass? Do you also include the paper and cork gaskets that secure the glass? Please let me know. Thanks, Pete
  6. Pete

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Don, Please don't give up because of what may be a simple fix. I had the same thing happen to me on my '39 last year. It was during a tour and I was hundreds of miles from home in Vermont, up on the Lake Champlain Islands. Busy intersection of two state two laners. Backed up traffic. I was not very popular. Turns out it was the bushing located on the column under the hood that links the shift lever to the tranny linkage. We fixed it with a cotter pin and I went on my way. Hardy got our hands dirty. I was able to find the Mopar bushing online the next week. Now it's good as new. It actually was a feel good moment. A younger guy stopped his semi and came over to help. He had a 1940's Plymouth and helped with the fix. So there is hope for the hobby's future. The frustration will pass. Fix the linkage and enjoy the car. Pete
  7. Pete

    Best manual

    I tend to stay away from the CD manuals. Almost all I have are good, but one was pretty bad. The pictures were unreadable -- dark gray on light black. A disinterested school kid with a home scanner could have done a much better job. My 2 cents. Pete
  8. Hi John, Nice truck. I appreciate the blackwall tires. Very few if any were ordered with whitewalls. After all, these were working trucks, not commuter or show vehicles. Whitewalls on old pickups have never looked "correct" to me, and I don't have them on my '38 Dodge Brothers pickup. I once had to shift tires between my '39 Plymouth (whitewalls) and the blackwalls on the '38 pickup (both are 16/600). I changed back as soon as I could. To me whitewalls on an old pickup are equivalent to seeing spiked high heels on a defensive tackle. My 2 cents, Pete
  9. Set the mixture screw for the highest vacuum reading. From there you may need to open it up just a bit to make sure when you set the idle speed screw the throttle plate will be it the proper relationship with the off idle port. If that the relationship is off it can result in a stumble when accelerating from a stop. Pete
  10. Pete

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Looking at the picture of your engine it appears the fuel line to the carb is running awfully close to the exhaust manifold. Moving it further away may resolve any vapor lock problem. Pete
  11. Pete

    Warm start issue

    Try a couple tankfuls of non-Ethanol gas. I had the same issue and this cured it for me. Pete
  12. Pete


    Dan, Finally someone who knows something about lobster. I used to work for a fisherman's co-op out of Chatham on Cape Cod. As I remember we had 100+ boats going out for all kinds of seafood. The pay was crap but we could take anything home for dinner we wanted. We used to cut our own swordfish steaks and throw them on the grill. The lobstermen would eat lobster only a couple of times per year as it is so rich and distinctive. They usually had it stuffed and baked. I used to know how to hypnotize lobsters (it's a dying art). And don't get me started about the tourists who think the tail is the best part... Pete
  13. I have a '38 Dodge Brothers 1/2 ton pickup with the right side mounted spare. It has the same sheet metal as your '37 Plymouth. The left side as available as an option, though I don't think many were ordered. It looks cool, but I find it really gets in the way when you are working in the engine bay. Your best bet for the parts you want is the salvage yard route. Any competent auto body shop should be able to modify your existing left front fender. It's just a mirror image of the right front fender you already have. Pete
  14. Pete

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    On my '39 Plymouth the rounded side of the gasket goes down. BTW, I first order a cowl vent gasket from Steele Rubber. The fit was awful. I then ordered one from either Roberts or Bernbaum and it fit nicely. Pete
  15. Pete

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Thanks Bob, Good info, and much appreciated. Pete

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