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  1. On the farm we always used a block of wood and a sharp axe. Nice clean cut and even the right lenghts if your hand/eye coordination was any good.
  2. Yup, I don't mind that at all!
  3. Thanks for checking into that Andyd. I was hoping for a cool werid production story but I guess but as usual the simplest solution wins. Lol
  4. Being the owner of a 1940 Plymouth 2 door sedan and having block sanded that body multiple times I consider myself quite familiar with the details of the body. Can someone tell me where the stamped lines on the fenders went on this fairly stock looking black 40 for sale on eBay?
  5. I've been wondering about dropped uprights. Can you use 15" wheels with Fatman dropped uprights and still maintain your scrub line?
  6. We have in our Boneyard a 61 Buick that has a backwards printed speedometer. You look at it's reflection in a mirrior that is adjustable to suit different height drivers.
  7. Yeah, it's on the wrong side of the car! Seriously though I always loved the marble/mother of pearl look on a steering wheel.
  8. This is I think where my love of old vehicles started. My dad had one very similar to this and my earliest memories are riding/sleeping on the seat while he worked.
  9. Here's the dash out of my 40 Plymouth. The original gauges were in really bad shape and I was missing the center section so I decided to customize. I used the gauges out of a 48 ford and made the glove box door to match the shape, Speaking of which, anybody know what year glove box push button latch will interchange with the 1940, as you can see I'm needing one.
  10. I like your plans. Definitely going to be a shock to some when you open the hood! I'll keep watching.
  11. Jakub, your english is good. That is a very interesting story. Thank you for posting.
  12. Thank you. I'm enjoying "playing" with the Plymouth again. The planned projects this year are small with the intention of keeping the car drive-able each weekend.The funny part of taking stock of how far I've come is lately I've been looking though old pictures as I move them off our computer and onto a stick and I don't remember half the things I did!
  13. Wrinkles are one problem but no matter how clean my hands would be It would still end up covered in fingerprints!
  14. Very nice job. Sounds like it should be called the Frank Sinatra special, " I did it my way" Beautiful car!!!
  15. Thank you. Its been customized, my 40 was a base model roadking and the gauges were shot so it. The gauge cluster is out of a 48 Ford pickup, the center grill is out of a 48 Plymouth and I made the glove box to mimic the gauge cluster shape.