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  1. Iowa cow

    Pretty funny and maybe timely considering its Valentine's day. Reminds me of a joke with a different viewpoint. An old married couple was walking the fall fair grounds looking at the exhibits and animals when they got to the area displaying cows. In one pen was a huge bull named Sampson and under his name was a sign saying this bull bred 450 times last year. The wife squeezed her husband's hand and said, "wow do you see that dear? 450 times last year!" The husband sighed. They walked on to the next pen which had another big bull named Titan. He had a sign that said this bull bred 550 times last year. Again the wife was impressed. "Look at that dear 550 times!" Again he sighed. Another pen, another huge bull, bred 700 times, " see that dear 700 times!!!" The husband had finally had enough. "Yes Martha 700 times!, But it doesn't say with the same old cow!" Was his reply.
  2. Is the H.A.M.B. down?

    Same here.
  3. 5sp conversion

    I used this kit as well and recommend it. The install was easy but you have to have the bearing retainer on the transmission and the throw-out bearing holder turned by a machinist for clearance unless you can do that type of work yourself.
  4. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Lack of 1/4 vent was stock from factory, a sign of how low line a model this was . I've been searching a new pair of White walls for the back based off your 41 but can't seem to find a 235/65. Lots of 235/75's though.
  5. How to keep the mice away?

    A friend of mine from Alberta swears by this stuff https://www.earthkind.com/fresh-cab/ They use it in their combines and it keeps the rodents away also keeps it under the seat of his 54 Olds.
  6. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    That's what I've done. I used ford Aerostar coils and moved the spring pocket to the bottom of the lower A-arm. Chevy 10 bolt rear axle with 3" lowering blocks out back. I like how it looks but you have to be careful (as with most lowered cars) around railroad tracks, potholes, speed bumps etc. I believe I showed how I lowered it on my build thread. I'm thinking Andydodge has the tire size figured out way better than me though.
  7. Shawnigan Lake Heritage Days

    Sorry Bill, I looked though my photos for that day and it looks like I didn't take any of my 40. You'll have to settle for this picture take last weekend at the Ladysmith car show. My oldest decided to keep her ole dad company on Saturday. We had one heck of a good time checking out the cars, having lunch and doing the poker walk at the local shops but our Ace/King/Queen high flush wasn't enough to win.
  8. Shawnigan Lake Heritage Days

    You're welcome. Little more info on the cars. The Dodge towing the Boler is a right-hand drive from new Zealand. I think I was told that the 1927 Essex was all original and unrestored. The black '35 Plymouth is one of dpollo's as is the two-toned '40.
  9. Shawnigan Lake Heritage Days

    Hit the limit so here's a few more.
  10. Shawnigan Lake Heritage Days

    Thought everyone might enjoy a few pictures from the weekend. Every year residents of shawingan lake celebrate the area's heritage and as part of the goings-on there is a car show organised by Dpollo on this forum. The weather was perfect and it was a nice group of cars, a very enjoyable day. I'm sure it wasn't intentional but flathead engines seemed to be the order of the day.
  11. Easiest Way To Cut Welding Cable

    On the farm we always used a block of wood and a sharp axe. Nice clean cut and even the right lenghts if your hand/eye coordination was any good.
  12. I normally don't like 39-47 Dodge pu's,but.........

    Yup, I don't mind that at all!
  13. 1940 Mopar Month

    Thanks for checking into that Andyd. I was hoping for a cool werid production story but I guess but as usual the simplest solution wins. Lol
  14. 1940 Mopar Month

    Being the owner of a 1940 Plymouth 2 door sedan and having block sanded that body multiple times I consider myself quite familiar with the details of the body. Can someone tell me where the stamped lines on the fenders went on this fairly stock looking black 40 for sale on eBay?