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  1. 40plyrod

    Car show 1922 Dodge

    There seems to be a lot of them still around, here's my '26 it started out life as a 4 door sedan.
  2. 40plyrod

    Cell phones and driving

    I think cars are too easy to drive now. I occasionally take my dad's 1927 Chrysler out for a drive and there's so much work involved shifting, steering adjusting spark etc that there's no time to be distracted by the phone.😁 Glad your granddaughter was ok.
  3. 40plyrod

    from the driver's seat and other images

    And one from the deck!😉
  4. 40plyrod

    from the driver's seat and other images

    Couple more from that trip.
  5. 40plyrod

    from the driver's seat and other images

    Nice pics Bill. The last one reminds me of a picture I tried to take this spring when I took the truck to Cortes island to meet up with the family.
  6. 40plyrod

    Another 230 build thread

    Nice work so far. I'm watching with interest as I'm contemplating a rebuild of my own in the near future.
  7. 40plyrod

    Shop Art

  8. 40plyrod

    Shop Art

  9. 40plyrod

    Shop Art

  10. 40plyrod

    Shop Art

    I haven't been around the forum too much lately, life got busy but I'll play along and use this thread as a way to ease back in.😉
  11. 40plyrod

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Everything was hard work back then, falling the tree was tough but now that it's down you still have to cut into something that you can move!!
  12. 40plyrod

    Iowa cow

    Pretty funny and maybe timely considering its Valentine's day. Reminds me of a joke with a different viewpoint. An old married couple was walking the fall fair grounds looking at the exhibits and animals when they got to the area displaying cows. In one pen was a huge bull named Sampson and under his name was a sign saying this bull bred 450 times last year. The wife squeezed her husband's hand and said, "wow do you see that dear? 450 times last year!" The husband sighed. They walked on to the next pen which had another big bull named Titan. He had a sign that said this bull bred 550 times last year. Again the wife was impressed. "Look at that dear 550 times!" Again he sighed. Another pen, another huge bull, bred 700 times, " see that dear 700 times!!!" The husband had finally had enough. "Yes Martha 700 times!, But it doesn't say with the same old cow!" Was his reply.
  13. 40plyrod

    Is the H.A.M.B. down?

    Same here.
  14. 40plyrod

    5sp conversion

    I used this kit as well and recommend it. The install was easy but you have to have the bearing retainer on the transmission and the throw-out bearing holder turned by a machinist for clearance unless you can do that type of work yourself.

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