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  1. Well, David came to my rescue again and supplied another spitfire head. I'm going to be a little more careful this time, I don't want to deplete the entire supply of spitfire heads. Plans this time call for cleaning up the head and installing the head with gasket and putty in the combustion chamber, that way I'll know how much I have to "play" with. I'm thinking of being quite conservative this time and only surfacing it to be flat. Comparing the thickness of this head to the last, it seems at least 1/8" was machined off. I'm fairly confident that the machine shop wouldn't have taken that much off so it must have been machined a couple of times before and I didn't check it before sending it out.
  2. That is the road into the Black Goose pub in Parksville, BC. Use to take my kids to Beach Acres cabins right next door every spring break when they were little.
  3. And now for the problem! As mentioned this engine is being put together at home from a mixture of parts from different engines. Parts are being sent out to the engine machine shop, machined there in house or in the case of the cam sent out from there to the cam shop. The only person that has all the parts at the same time is yours truly and I don't have a real blueprint or master plan. My instructions for the machine shop is plane the head a little, make the cam a little "lumpy" with no real measurements, so this is what happens... Yup! I read about how sometimes if you have too much lift and plane the head too much you'll get interference problems but that won't happen to me right? Luckily I decided to put the head up on there to check just in case. I would have hated to find out there was a problem at startup😲 Turns out that I am able to get the clearance needed with a different head. I think the head may have had too much taken off or had been machined before. This is a very unscientific way to check but if I measure the thickness of the head at the bolt head boss there is a massive difference and the combustion chamber look significantly smaller. Oh well, you gotta learn someway and now I have a great spitfire wall hanger ( almost an offering to the god of speed 😉)
  4. Lastly install the valves and keepers. I was able to do this but it definitely tested patience. Trying to get my fat fingers to put the keepers in with everything else in the way and all covered in assembly lube...(insert pulling your hair emoji here)
  5. It's fun but the worst is yet to come!🙄
  6. Then heavily lube the cam and install, Yay!! This was the 1st time seeing the cam also. I'm not sure what the regrind is spec-wise but I compared it to an old cam I had hanging around and you can definatley see where the meat has been removed for the heel.
  7. Next step was lift the lifters and install the springs. I had two sets of cleaned up springs, a red set and a silver set. I lined them up and checked them for uniformity. Both sets were pretty good but the red set showed less wear on the ends so I used them. Note this motor is being built from a selection of new and used parts from various motors, I guess more an old school rebuild.😉
  8. Today was finally the day to start assembly! I have all the important pieces collected, everything has been machined and cleaned and re-cleaned and then cleaned again. I may be doing this the wrong or hard way but I started out today by installing the lifters. I had them resurfaced when the cam was reground so this was my first time looking at them since i got them back. They all looked good and they dropped into place easily coated with assembly lube.
  9. Managed to get to David's place a couple of weeks ago to grind valves and seats. I thought I had taken more pictures of the day but apparently we were having too much fun working and BS'ing to take pictures so only a couple of shots. While grinding valves we found a few that were bent so David produced a few replacements from his collection. Also installed the new cam bearings, no pictures of that process. David also sent me home with another 8 bolt flange 4 1/2" stroke crank as the one we had intended to use was only a 4 bolt.
  10. Beautiful car! Persistency pays off.
  11. Quick update. I hosted a BBQ for some car buddies that came up for the big Deuce Days car show held in Victoria, BC and now I'm finally ready and revved up to get going on putting this engine together. I spent some time this weekend l trying to lap the valves and see how they're seating the conclusion is that I'm going to have to grind the valves and seats. Pictures Pictures 1-3) BBQ held at my place for some car folk (Green Fargo belongs to dpollo and black 32 with the shower cap belongs to mrwstory) Picture 4) valves after an attempt at lapping (the best ones shown) Trip to dpollo for seat and valve grinding in the near future Picture 5) some assembly required Picture 6) switched off the too small white walls for white rims and black walls
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