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  1. Tim, Well, unfortunately I have a conflict with the BBQ again this year and won't be able to make it. I look forward to seeing all the pictures next week. Thanks for continuing to host this great event, hopefully I'll see you there next year. Enjoy, and congrats to your engagement. Eric
  2. Monkey Truck

    8th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ......

    Tim, Unfortuneatly I will not be able to make it to the BBQ this year....So sorry. I have a Family Easter commitment out of town that I have to travel to tomorrow, that I couldn't get out of (and I really tried). Thanks again Tim for hosting this great event and all the hard work you put into it. I hope everyone has a great time and I look forward to seeing the pictures next week. Hope to see you next year. Eric
  3. Monkey Truck

    Mopar 802 Radio

    Just had Tony rebuild mine and he found me a new speaker too. Got it all reinstalled.....works great.
  4. Monkey Truck

    It's Done, Put A Fork In It!

    Looks GREAT!!! Nice work.
  5. Monkey Truck


    Yes, this is a great thread of info for interiors. I used most of the info I needed from Merle from this thread to install my interior and it came out great.
  6. Monkey Truck

    Installing speaker

    The radio is the original radio that I'm just having rebuilt as is, just to work again as original. Its been mounted in the truck forever. Tony at Vintage Radio Restoration's is pairing up a speaker that will work with the radio. I'm just not sure how the speaker will mount to the back side of the dash and how the dash speaker cover connects with it.
  7. Monkey Truck

    Installing speaker

    I'm having my radio rebuilt and I needed to buy a new speaker because the old speaker is long gone. Tony at Vintage Radio Restorations found me a 6" speaker that he says will align with the mounting holes in the dash for the cover plate. My question is, does anyone know how the speaker mounts to the dash face along with the speaker face? Currently my speaker face is held on with the same 4 screws and clips that hold the speedo in place. I'm just not sure how that is done. I found the radio info on the DPETCA web site, but it doesn't show how the face plate is connected with the speaker.
  8. Monkey Truck

    Glove Box Replacement

    I was actually able to "squeeze" it in through the opening. Tight fit, but got enough flex out of it to push it through with out any damage. I do have an issue with a leaky windshield, so I will need to get that fixed so this box will last.
  9. Monkey Truck

    Glove Box Replacement

    I just received the box from Roberts last week. Haven't installed it yet, but it looks like it will "squeeze" in through the opening. I sprayed it with a few coats of clear lacquer to help seal up the cardboard from moister. We'll see how long it lasts, may have to switch to a plywood or metal box if this doesn't last very long.
  10. Monkey Truck

    Glove Box Replacement

    I just ordered and received a new glove box from Roberts, just wondering if you were able to install yours thru the opening w/o removing your heater. I just installed my Firewall pad, and I don't want to remove that darn heat again..... I see that John T 53 squeezed his in thru the opening, definitely going to give that a try.
  11. Monkey Truck

    7th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ......

    Tim.....Unfortunately I'm not going to make it this year, wasn't able to borrow my friends trailer and the truck is not quite ready to make the drive yet. Hope you all have a great time (I'm sure you will) and I'll see you at next years BBQ.
  12. Monkey Truck


    Hey Paul, Here's a picture I took at last year's BBQ.
  13. Monkey Truck


    So sorry this happened to you Paul. Glad you're ok.
  14. Monkey Truck

    ANSWERED Slight backfire and engine stall

    He charged me $297 in labor, the receipt doesn't show the hourly rate. Carburetor Kit was $53.42 Carb cleaner $ 5.95 Description of work: R & R Carb and repair as needed. I'm guessing he spent 3-4 hours total, not sure. Of course here in California, everything is $$$.
  15. Monkey Truck

    ANSWERED Slight backfire and engine stall

    Ok, well after exhausting all that I know about trying to fix my problem (replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, checked the points, checked plugs, wires, checked for vacuum leak, etc), I gave in and took the truck to a mechanic. I had at least isolated the problem to the carburetor, and in fact the problem ended up being in the carburetor. The official problem was a clogged "idle circuit". The mechanic told me the "idle circuit" tube is about the size of a hair. He said it's very easy to clog. He suggested in the future if that happens again, to pull the idle screw all the way out and blow air, or carburetor cleaner into the hole. He ended up rebuilding it with a rebuild kit while he had it apart. I don't know a whole lot about carburetors, so today was a $360 learning experience. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions above.

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