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  1. Fluid Drive Stalling

    I'm saying to try to run it a little low and see if it slips more, especially at idle. Can't see and inch or 2 low causing any damage but worth a try.... I also heard the ISO 32 fluid is thicker than the original stuff. Then there was the ISO 22???? hard to find stuff?? Sorry my memory isn't what it used to be. Does the engine seem to have enough power once you get past the stumble?
  2. Fluid Drive Stalling

    Been watching this thread progress but I have to wonder if you put the wrong fluid or too much in you FD unit. My 49 drops about ~100 RPM when I release the clutch at a stop and as far as I know the fluid has never been changed. My idle is set about 500 RPM unloaded. Maybe drain an inch of fluid out of the FD unit and give it another go? Or try thinner fluid? Adam
  3. Fuelling multiple carbs

    Factory fuel pump with 2 Carter/Webers
  4. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    Excellent mod. I did exactly that when I converted my AMP gauge to a volt gauge.
  5. T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    Contact Wayfarer on this forum or TR Waters on the H.A.M.B.
  6. T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    If you end up swapping the R10 and want to sell it, let me know. Plenty of 11 second Mustangs run T-5’s. 330 lb/ft of torque capability will be plenty for your HEMI and probably more than the R10 can handle. Are you racing it or driving it with the occasional beat session? The tail housing swap is easy and doesn’t change any durability. I have a Ford R11 on a T-18 trans if your interested for parts. Adam
  7. Ballast Resistor and Starter Burning Up.

    I also agree to go to the GM HEI module. You will get a hotter spark, better dwell control and best of all, you can get rid of that troublesome ballast resistor. If not, like most MOPAR people, keep a spare resistor in you glove box. Adam
  8. New Route For '41?

    If you’re driving on So Cal freeways, put disc brakes on it, save the car and possibly your life. After a few scary shoulder slides in my 49, I put disc brakes and modern drum brakes (rear) so I can be safer on my No Cal freeways. Night and day difference, still not where modern cars are but much closer.
  9. Brakes... Pedal feel

    The key words are in bold. These brakes are really good right up until they're not. Without the tool they will only be close but never right.
  10. The Great Frame, Sub Frame, IFS Stock, Truck I Beam Debate Thread

    California is probably in the top 5 globally in regards to the amount of hot rods or modified vehicles on the road, probably #1... I cannot remember the last time I heard of a poorly modified vehicle causing an issue or an accident on the road because of it's modifications. There were a few on the HAMB regarding aftermarket Ford cast I-beam axles failing but that is a purchased and supposed engineered product (by someone with an Engineering Degree no less), not a garage modification. Believe me, if a vehicle caused an accident here because of being modified it would be all over the news! I have also seen some really scary setups particularly with subframes or frame swaps, but no wrecks. Most of these setups have been on the road for a long time too. We also have some of the cr@ppiest roads and the worst traffic in the country here so they are not babied. So, I stand by my remarks saying these gommerment mandated inspections are nothing more than extortion and control. The data is here in California to back it up too. The inability to see it for what it is and to defend it is shows how complacent with control society has become. I can understand some sort of inspection in salt states because the cars just rot away from under you and I can even see the value in bi-annual smog checks but the fact that some idiot with a piece of paper (degree) who has probably never lifted a welding torch or had a grinder eat his thumb up telling me how to build a chassis is absurd. I've been installing suspensions, pro streeting chassis, subframing vehicles for 25 years without failure and WOW I don't have a metallurgy degree or mechanical engineering degree, Why? Because it's NOT rocket science. Andy- In NO way am I trying to single you out and I truly apologize if it comes off that way. You have been doing this a long time also and do some top notch work and have a beautiful MOPAR. I especially like the early V8 you installed and proven over many miles of enjoyment. Adam EDIT: I certainly did not intend the above post to be political in any way. I also did not intend to single anyone out. That said, this is a debate thread as the title says, correct?
  11. The Great Frame, Sub Frame, IFS Stock, Truck I Beam Debate Thread

    Yeah, I’ve heard horror stories about those so called certified technicians. As much as California has f-upped policies, I am so thankful we are not subjected to the inspection extortion by some 25 year old punk working on flat rate.
  12. Draft tube

    Upper breather hose would be representative of our oil fill tube. Breather chamber would represent our road draft tube
  13. Draft tube

    No water + detergent oil + longer drives + good venting = no sludge point of the picture shows clean air enters the crankcase from the air filter and exits opposite through the pcv valve. Representative of any engine
  14. Draft tube

  15. Draft tube

    The hose that goes to the air filter traditionally is to filter the air going into the crankcase and it should be snug so dirty air cannot pass, same for the air filter attachment to the carb. The air is sucked out either by the negative pressure at the bottom of the road draft tube or pcv valve connected to manifold vacuum. There shouldn’t be vacuum inside the air filter housing.