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  1. Adam H P15 D30

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I've been following you thread
  2. Adam H P15 D30

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I really like the way the air filters came out so I hope I can use them. If not, I'll be talking to John Edge about other creative options
  3. Adam H P15 D30

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Just an update: I have been driving the car some and found an issue with a bog at full throttle, yesterday I noticed the was some smoke also. I've always heard how well these little webers ran right out of the box so the investigation started. I always noticed the bog since the manifold/carb change but I knew it just wasn't right. Earlier (page 1) I stated I had to siamese the Langdon air cleaners because I spaced the carbs a little closer together than I should have and as a result I might have an airflow problem. Pulled the air filters and went for a drive, no more bog and it ran even better. Looking closely at the air filters and covers I found the problem and I'm wondering if anyone else who purchased Langdon's air filters have come across the same issue? The covers have an inside diameter of 6 7/8 inches and the outside diameter of the provided element is 6 3/8 inches, which leaves about a 1/4 inch gap between the element and the cover effectively choking the incoming air. I can't believe this hasn't come up to Langdon as I am sure he sells a lot of these buttttt, I did modify his design which could've aggravated it. Langdon puts out excellent products so I think my modifications are the likely cause. The Fix I hope: I am going to find 5"-5.5" elements and trim the base plate to match. I will update when it is completed. Adam
  4. Adam H P15 D30

    A833 trans adapter plate ordering ??

    I would go here first http://www.qualityengineeredcomponents.com/?page_id=224 he is very knowledgeable, also a member here (wayfarer) Adam
  5. Adam H P15 D30

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Glad to see them staying MoPar powered. Those frame swaps always seem to end up looking like, well... frame swaps.
  6. Adam H P15 D30

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Hello All, I edited my title so I can keep the same thread going. That said, the previous owner decided to epoxy prime the car black before he put it up for sale about 7 years or so ago. Needless to say I was tired of driving a fading, chalking, primered car after the first year but I pressed on. Also driving a black car gets kinda hot in the summer. In my previous post I was working on getting pops to paint it as I am not a good painter He wasn't too thrilled about the idea so we made a deal, I would wet sand all the old primer off and he would paint the roof and satin clear the entire car. I thought that was the cat's meow until I started wet sanding and wet sanding and wet sanding, you get the idea. After about 40 hours of wet sanding I found a decent older repaint with some obvious red oxide primered spots and some rust under the tail lights I needed to fix. What it used to look like: After A LOT of wet sanding: Bumper aprons were a lost cause with no origional paint to be found, also I had to find a similar green to cover the rust repair below the tailights. Rustoleum hunter green was pretty close so I shot the bumper aprons and the rust repair with that over some red oxide primer. Not a perfect match but it looks like an older grandpa repair.... Used Rustoleum Almond for the roof: Spent the money for a good 2 part automotive Urethane clear since this car never sees a garage and rarely even sees a driveway. A red oxide pin stripe to between the 2 colors to tie it all together? Finished product: I intend to paint the wheels either red oxide color or almond. Jury is still out but opinions welcome! Adam
  7. Adam H P15 D30

    New reason why my Chrysler isn’t back on the road

    Very nice job on the headers. Here's one I did for my 23" engine.
  8. Adam H P15 D30

    318 V8 Overhaul

    Hello, Several of my friends have used Clark's Machine Shop in Burlingame with top-notch results. I know they are NOT CHEAP but then again, nothing is cheap here is it? Adam
  9. Adam H P15 D30

    1939 desoto s6

    Thanks for filling in the blanks Rich. All I saw was an ask for recommendations for a brake upgrade, not a “should I or should I not” question. Sounds like you both have a plan. Having driven many cars from this era I agree the Lockheed brakes are the best as far as drums go, just a PITA, especially if you don’t have the special tools which I never had. Mine were always close but never just right and I think that’s the best someone can ask for without the special tools. Adam
  10. Adam H P15 D30

    1939 desoto s6

    He didn’t ask for opinions about upgrading. Besides Who wants to go through the “set up?” It’s a royal PITA and that’s if you can find the proper tool, let alone pay for it. Then there’s the periodic readjustment and they are still never as good as disc brakes. By the time you buy everything to rebuild the stock brakes, you could’ve bought discs and be better off. Especially in today’s traffic and drivers. OP. Try rustyhope, he’s a member of this forum. Also Scarebird or ECI might have what you need. Adam
  11. Adam H P15 D30

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    Paul, I would take that car to Pleasanton in August for the Goodguys show. He'll sell it there if it's under 10 grand and it runs/drives. Adam
  12. Adam H P15 D30

    disc brake conversion

    Several on this site have not been able to use the stock 15" wheels with the ECI kit. If you have 16" wheels, they should be fine. If you have 15" wheels and want to keep them, use the Rusty Hope kit.
  13. Adam H P15 D30

    Help! Stuck door on 49 coupe

    Drive it!!!!
  14. Adam H P15 D30

    Help! Stuck door on 49 coupe

    My Dodge would do that sometimes and also not latch sometimes. I removed, cleaned and lubed the latch up, adjusted the door with the latch out and it's worked flawlessly for a while now. Latch was pretty gooey inside.
  15. Adam H P15 D30

    disc brake conversion

    If you plan to retain stock 15" wheels, use the Rustyhope kit. Mine went on effortlessly and works very well. Make sure to remove the check valve from the master cylinder and you're good to go... Adam
  16. Adam H P15 D30

    disc brake conversion

    Here are a few more.... Happy reading Believe it or not, there was some discussion here and 1 more
  17. Adam H P15 D30

    Wiper arms

    FWIW, the wipers, and arms off my 47 Ford were a perfect fit on my 49 Dodge
  18. Adam H P15 D30

    Temperature gauge - mechanical to 6 V electric

    Drill and tap it. I would do it without removing the head. It would take you longer to swap out the gauge and rig up an electrical one than drilling and retapping.
  19. Adam H P15 D30

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    The Transgo is a good kit for the TF, especially with the restrictor for the direct clutches. What ratio intermediate lever are you running? Also, did you remove the accumulator spring? Does Transgo tell you to remove it? I've seen the forward bellville spring break because of removing and/or blocking up the accumulator. FWIW, Adam
  20. Adam H P15 D30

    Lets talk oil bath oil filters

    Since you're already cutting them up, convert them to paper air filters. Looks will be the same and you don't have to worry about the mess.
  21. Adam H P15 D30

    U joint yoke ?

    When I changed the rear axle in my 49, I ordered a new driveshaft with a slip yoke from Denny's: 1 x [1310SS-3] 1310 Series 3 inch with Spline and Slip Driveshaft for CHEVY, GMC, FORD, DODGE, JEEP, IHC Price: $320.95, Each: $320.95 1 x [2-2-349] Dana Spicer 2-2-349 DODGE Flange Yoke Replacement for old Detroit "POT" Style Ball and Trunion Driveshafts Price: $46.95, Each: $46.95 Adam
  22. Adam H P15 D30

    Easy way to convert front drums on 53 belv to disc

    Your stock 15" wheels may not fit with the Scarebird kit. My stock 15" wheels fit with Rusty Hope's (olddaddy's) kit. There was a thread not too long ago where the stock 15" wheel didn't fit on a Scarebird kit, had to order new wheels. Adam
  23. Adam H P15 D30

    Oil in the gauge oil line?

    Is that with a known reliable gauge? If so, Send it back to the builder. That sounds like excessive bearing clearances.
  24. Adam H P15 D30

    Oil in the gauge oil line?

    Temporarily attach a different oil gauge to the engine and check to see if you have the same funny readings.
  25. Adam H P15 D30

    Radiator swap question re P15

    If you want a brass radiator, Walker is about the best out there. http://www.walkerradiatorworks.com/Radiator-Engine-Cooling-Products/Radiator_Details.asp?rID=603&rY=1942,1943,1944,1945,1946,1947,1948&rM=Plymouth

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