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  1. You need to find one of these Edmunds 2x2 wet intakes. They used them on Allards and incorporate 2 stock carbs. The carbs shown here had the kickdown switches on them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ HEMI PARTS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. Running my 6v starter on 12v for years now without issue, I would say that starter was wasted long before he started jumping it with 12v.
  3. I've used a company called E-Stopp that has an electric parking brake actuator that utilizes your existing park brake cables / hardware... I would not call a line-loc a park brake, should be mechanical. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/E-Stopp-ESK001-Electric-Emergency-Brake-Kit,65217.html?sku=142100&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=Cj0KCQjwuLPnBRDjARIsACDzGL3_NO5XS2iWrrlKZ8PJmNqCwwfk-dJyL2iCoMTXSdYbEKWZHR6jNKMaAgcxEALw_wcB Adam
  4. It's a Midland Ross and only works in single circuit systems. Just google Midland Ross remote booster or it is in every streetrod classifieds.
  5. I've used these before with good results....
  6. Near the bottom of the page http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/tech_tips.html/
  7. Fatman sells or used to sell Chevy Cavalier rack kits for your car. There are better options with certain steering boxes but I don't have the links handy. Also, there is a recent thread on the car main page talking about some of these options. None of the potential doner vehicles you mention are rack&pinion, in fact they are front steer cars so the boxes would not work in your application.
  8. Can you use your old bell, clutch set up and flywheel? Just compare the crank flange protrusion from the back of the block with your old engine. Don C knows this scenario well....
  9. I use large cable ties when I install Vintage Air systems. Tape always seems to come off and a worm clamp might be hard to access??
  10. If you do any "upgrades" make sure the new "upgraded" parts are available at regular parts stores. Specialty stuff like Pertronix or MSD are out.... I would recommend 12v so you can easily find light bulbs, headlamps, alternator....on the road if needed.
  11. Just sucks a little oil on long decels. After reading through all these it might just be a flaw in my design but the draft tube rarely dripped oil, who knows. Also the breather on the drivers side seems to be doing more “breathing” during a long freeway drive at speed. ~70 mph. Never did this before the PCV mod. Compression is good, fairly fresh rebuild.
  12. That's how I chose my PCV valve and my guess was wrong.
  13. Ken, Exactly right! I guessed on my PCV valve and the results are less than spectacular... When you guess like I did, you get mixed results. Maybe the cost of the PCV James mentioned isn't so bad, can tune for any scenario?
  14. Whoa, $130.00 for a PCV valve? Interesting concept but not sure I would spend that on a PCV. FWIW, my coolant heated PCV valve on my V10 Excursion is less
  15. Unless your condenser is bad, I would not replace it with a modern one, points are hit-and-miss with modern garbage... Even though I went to electronic, I still scour the swap meets for NOS or older replacement ignition parts. No flathead 6 parts anymore though....
  16. PCV is basically a "controlled" vacuum leak with backfire protection. It requires manifold vacuum to operate properly. This brings up another topic, with the low HP of these engines, what is the average vacuum reading at freeway speeds, 55-70 MPH? I have never checked but if it's low especially pulling a long grade, might be better off with the draft tube??? Engine will have low vacuum when there is the most blow by where the draft tube will be functioning well because of the road speed. Cruising around town probably wouldn't be an issue. Adam
  17. Modern cars use the air conditioning to dry the air in defrost mode. Without AC, your blowing either outside humid air or inside humid air on the windshield. I also drive my 49 a lot including rainy days so like Greg says, keep a rag handy to wipe the windshield. FWIW, my heater works very well and very warm with a 160 thermostat, engine runs at 170, electric fan kicks on at 185 and off at 170 so hot days it sits around 180. Adam
  18. Sorry if I am taking this off topic.... James - Do you have a picture of your PCV set up? I found mine sucks a little oil on long decels. My engine is fairly fresh with good compression, I am probably going back to the draft tube....
  19. These houses generally start at 1,000,000 or thereabouts, 10-12% increase YOY is the norm....
  20. Welcome to the rat race or the Bay Area, glad you got in. Taxes are tough here in CA. I live a little north of you in San Bruno but I work in Santa Clara so I'm in the general area 3-5 days per week. Maybe we'll bump into each other at a local show? BTW there is a MOPAR only show coming up in Cupertino at De Anza College June 9th. Adam
  21. Some numbers I’ve seen before but there also is a lot of variables like engine RPM, vehicle speed, and torque converter used. I seen these same numbers over the years but who knows??? GM PG 18 hp TH-350 36 hp TH-400 44 hp FORD C 6 55-60 hp C 4 28 hp FMX 25 hp Chrysler A904 25 hp 727 45 hp Last time I went through a Chrysler TF A518, I’d say the internal moving parts weighed about 50-60 lbs. This is a guesstimate done by me carrying the bucket of parts to the washer. Adam
  22. It’s the rubber disc looking thing encased in a metal holder closest to the nut on the back of the master. If that’s the one you removed, you should get a pedal even if you end up needing the valves. The next day after sitting, if your first pump goes to the floor and the brakes feel normal after, you need residual pressure valves. I found them on amazon. Adam
  23. Many factory tri-power set ups had the fuel lines split right at the front carb.
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