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  1. The Engine is out

    The Hammertone silver looks good on these engines
  2. Engine upgrade

    I responded late in your last post and stated the HEMI would increase the value but I don't think I would make the same claim with a V6. Kinda looses the coolness factor and it wouldn't solve the e-brake issue. Either way you are loosing the trans mounted e-brake unless you find a T.F. out of a motorhome. Put the HEMI in it and don't look back...
  3. engine swap upgrade

    Run it... If done right it will increase the value of your truck...
  4. engine swap upgrade

    Hate it. Why run something that every other hotrod has when there is access to a running HEMI? Kind of like following the herd of sheep over the cliff... Don't know why someone wouldn't drive a HEMI? They are not feeble in fact they are very robust. Best of all they are NOT a small block Chevy.
  5. Studs for rear drums?

    Come to the SF Bay Area and get my 49 Dodge rear axle. It has the drums you need and was apart 10 years ago for new brakes etc. FREE Adam
  6. Are you planning a clip job or a frame swap? I hope it isn't a frame swap but Installing a clip is a super involved job so don't underestimate it. Measure, measure, measure and don't hack it like most of the clip Jobs I've seen out there. In the end it should look like it was never cut and welded and be safe! i am a huge fan of clips for several reasons. 1. Better geometry and engineering. 2. You can keep the factory engineered ride height and get the stance you want without cutting coils and dropped spindles. 3. Most importantly it's not a Mustang 2! Dont forget to factor in the costs for the donor suspension rebuild. Couple of pictures of my clip job on my 47
  7. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    I agree, one change at a time is really good advice. There are other things I'm going to change but only after I get it running and dialed in.
  8. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Turbulence is needed to avoid fuel puddling. I don't think you could get any engine with siamized ports to breathe very well, might as well keep it rough for the better drivability.
  9. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Put them on the Dodge
  10. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    That article was a good read. I've thought about getting it coated but only after I am satasfied with it and maybe not even then. Never know, it may not perform the way I want it and I'll scrap it and start over???
  11. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Don, the last picture I saw of your Plymouth engine I think it had Carter carbs on it??? Did you ever try the Webers?
  12. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    I did give it a quick thought. It is really not needed. It's going into a single 2.25 inch exhaust and that's more than enough for the amount of air these engines exhale. I didn't even put a balance tube behind my Hemi. Also, I'm not sure it would have the same benefit as a V8 with opposite cylinders firing 90 degrees of each other. I have never been a fan of crossovers.
  13. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Yeah, I got an Edmunds 2x2 for my Chrysler Hemi. Cost too much
  14. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    I believe the "log" manifolds they are referring to are these. And yes they can have nasty street manners.
  15. IFS question

    Man that sure is a pretty picture There really isn't any room to cut the exhaust spring seats on HEMI's is there?