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  1. I had the NAPA GL1 oil prior to trying this, it worked fine. After trying the MT 90, I'm glad I spent the money. It worked much better especially cold. Trans doesn't hold much so it's not too hard on the budget. Your call, but sometimes it's good to open your wallet a little and blow the cobwebs out.
  2. GL 1 is kind of available. This works better and is safe for the soft metals in the std. 3 speeds.
  3. GL 4 and GL 5 are important topics for manual transmissions because of yellow metals used in earlier transmissions. For that application I used MT 90 manual transmission oil and it made a noticeable difference in shifting especially cold. My transmission is a std. 3 speed. As to your question, any GL 5 90 wt. hypoid gear oil is sufficient. GL 5 is the most common now. Adam
  4. 12v motors are a inexpensive, permanent, almost bolt in fix. Why mess with smokin hot resistors and such, do it right. I used a mid- 60's Dart, had to trim the shaft a little. Don't mean to be blunt but camon?
  5. I've used Wheel Vintiques (sp?) and Summit Racing brand wheels. Both good quality and ran standard offsets with no issues. oh, and they'll fit around your disc brakes if you used a company that requires a rim change.
  6. Are you looking for stock width rims or wider? When I compared my aftermarket wheels with the stockers, 2 things stand out: 1. the wheel mounting surface was twice as thick 2. they are welded, not riveted Both of these = much less rim flex.
  7. Keep a close eye on the rim centers when running radials, they can crack
  8. I had mine made at Denny’s Driveshafts for about 400.00, delivered.
  9. Yes, about 90% of 12v conversions use a GM 10Si alternator
  10. 3-4 PSI should work well. If you are plumbing an entirely new fuel system, use a return style fuel regulator to keep the fuel colder. Adam
  11. US Radiator seems to be a really good value for the $$$$$ but your Ford engine may require relocation of the hose fitting on the tanks. Does US Radiator do this? If you really want the best, call Walker Radiator. Adam
  12. True, lead additive is not needed
  13. Circled in red... I just took mine out and never installed any in line valves. Been running like that for years with no issues...
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