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  1. Adam H P15 D30

    I bought another old dodge !

    If at all possible, clean and reuse your points. New points are mostly overseas garbage. Adam
  2. Adam H P15 D30

    Thermostat Modifcations

    I cannot see how a tiny 1/32 hole would do anything to minimize build up. I think the author is full of it.
  3. Adam H P15 D30

    Thermostat Modifcations

    Once the air is bled out of the system, you should not be getting any air pockets unless there is something wrong. When filling, I hold the valve open with a couple of aspirin while filling and burping. Aspirin dissolves and system works as designed. Adam
  4. Adam H P15 D30

    Ignition Information needed Please

    Look at the slat six distributor mod and leave the Pertronics out. Those Mopar distributor pick ups are super reliable, lots of stranded stories with Pertronics. Couple that with a hidden HEI module and your good to go with a better ignition system at 1/2 the price. Plus parts are anywhere if it does have trouble. Adam
  5. Adam H P15 D30

    Dual carb/split intake

    Precise syncing is a must with individual, separate runners. With a common plenum you don’t have to be as precise and is much more forgiving. Multiple carbs tuned and set correctly on these straight sixes give a “street” driven car improved driveability as well as a little bit more power but it will never be a race car.
  6. Adam H P15 D30

    Dual carb/split intake

    I would put them on a common plenum. Especially for the street. Adam
  7. Adam H P15 D30

    Placement of residual pressure valves

    Try it without the valves first. I ended up not needing any after I pulled the internal one.
  8. Adam H P15 D30

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    I was referring to the new parts you listed a few posts back. That said, yes on everything you listed above except the starter, it doesn’t care. I’ve been running my 6v starter for 10 years on 12v with no issues, the clock too. I also ran the same condenser for 5 years before I did the slant 6 distributor mod with no issues, coil too. I just added a ballast resistor.
  9. Adam H P15 D30

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    The only loss would be the battery.
  10. Adam H P15 D30

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    Sorry Tim, I deleted my post because I didn't want to come off as a smart a__. I don't think Lucas made any electrical component that wasn't garbage. I've rewired lots of Jags.
  11. Adam H P15 D30

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    Gas gauge doesn't care about polarity.
  12. Adam H P15 D30

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    FWIW, I have changed every old car I've ever owned to 12v NEG ground. The manufactures wised up and did it in the 50's, I can use off the shelf components, Battery cables are easy to find, it starts easily cold or hot, Headlights are bright even if you have a crappy connection. I don't see a down side, unless you're going for a concourse queen.
  13. Adam H P15 D30

    how to preserve an old decal?

    Be careful using Lacquer over any Enamel paint. I would spray a Urethane clear over it. Adam
  14. Adam H P15 D30

    39 Plymouth residual pressure valve?

    I pulled mine out of the stock master cylinder because of front disc brake drag. Didn't affect the 8" Ford rear drum brakes at all. Always a good firm pedal. Did it on the car, took about 20 minutes including bleeding the air out. Adam
  15. Adam H P15 D30

    First outing

    It happens with these old thin wheels. I heard once radial tires go on, the flexing gets worse. My 49 wheels did this 6 months after radial tires went on. It was only paint but it shows the flexing, newer wheels were much thicker....

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