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  1. gwaggonercpa

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Sometimes, if your Plymouth hits empty somewhere near a gas station, an empty gas can in the trunk can be very useful as you make your walk of shame to the station. I have found that at times it may even save you from making an embarrassing call to your spouse.
  2. gwaggonercpa

    Mater Engine Rebuild Kit

    Egge Machine would be an option.
  3. gwaggonercpa

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    From my home town:
  4. gwaggonercpa

    Outer rockers

    Interesting. I bought rockers for my 55 Savoy from them and the metal was so thin I made a lovely indentation when I poked it with my finger. I called to complain that the web site said I was getting 18 gouge steel. I was told the site was wrong and would be corrected. Never was. I am glad someone had a good experience with them.
  5. gwaggonercpa

    p15 spits and sputters

    Rust or other blockage in you gas tank?
  6. gwaggonercpa

    1949 Special Deluxe carburetor

    With all due apologies, John Wayne probably had a stunt double to do all his carb work.
  7. gwaggonercpa

    '40 Plymouth Taxi at Disney

    I considered doing my D24 as a "Skyview taxi." Interesting story at http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/w/waters/waters.htm
  8. gwaggonercpa

    This is an off topic quiz

    87--Doing taxes you get used to reading numbers upside down.
  9. gwaggonercpa

    anyone need cast iron powerflites or parts?

    Gene, I have a friend in Jefferson City that would be interested. He will be in Columbia tomorrow for the swap meet. I will email contact information to you. Gary
  10. gwaggonercpa

    Old time machine shops are disappearing!

    Tough times for central MO machine shops. Precision Machine shut down due to fire in Jefferson City a couple of months ago. Back in business at a temporary location--and I heard they had some work being done at Elson's. Elson made the local news some months back: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQmYK1Xz2nU
  11. gwaggonercpa

    My Offy Intake & Reds Headers Transplant

    I installed the headers on my 55 without changing the studs. You are right--the header flanges are not as thick as the manifold's flanges. The studs that come with the headers are threaded closer to the block in order to avoid running out of thread before the nuts are tight. but I reused the original studs with the brass washers from the manifold and had no problem.
  12. gwaggonercpa

    Rock auto body parts

    I should be fair and mention I ordered a floor pan as well, and it was 18 gauge as advertised. I don't know whether it fit--I never tried it.
  13. gwaggonercpa

    Rock auto body parts

    C2C supplies Rockauto body parts. The rockers I ordered for my 55 Plymouth were drop shipped from C2C; were ill fitting and of 22 gauge steel. When I called C2C and pointed out their web site states the rockers are 18 gauge, I was told that was an error and that they would correct it. Still haven't, two years later. Gary
  14. gwaggonercpa

    Red's Headers

    I just bought a pair, but haven't installed them yet. They are well crafted. I gave them to a couple of buddies to look over and I suspect Red's has two more orders.

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