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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands

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    grew up with old cars, have a '51 dodge wayfarer sportabout and a 1933 Chrysler Royal 8 4 dr sdn.
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  1. moparbenny

    Washington State Fires

    well that explains the smoke out side..Benny
  2. moparbenny

    Whats your beater?

    1970 plymouth valiant more door with a slant six with a billion miles..hauled home a 1940's era bumper jack in the back seat...I really regret doing that..
  3. moparbenny

    50 Sportabout on next "Fast and Loud"

    GOOD MAN! Just wish my '51 Sportabout was in that shape.
  4. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    no push button, step-dad found me a new generic key ignition switch, and it fit in the original hole in the dash and we wired it i to the starter and the coil..and away she went:)..now if i could only figure out how to post pics...
  5. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    Well we wired in a new ignition switch to the '33 Chrysler..now it starts up like a modern car. Benny
  6. moparbenny

    Joining A Club

    the good part about being in either of these clubs is it connects you with people who don't have a computer..that may have parts or knowledge that can be helpful. WPC does let the newer stuff in which can be a good thing..but one of the reasons i don't go to shows is newer stuff keeps showing up..and for me personally i'd rather keep my $, stay home ,moe my lawn.. because why pay money to see something you can see at a car dealer? ..but that's just me:) and anything that was built after ww2 is new to me:)
  7. moparbenny


    somewhere i have it written down how many '51 sportabouts i have seen, if i remember right it was less than a dozen..when you factor they only made 1002 i don't expect to see to many. benny
  8. moparbenny

    Name This One Hp Car Ot

    looks like a 27/28 essex..could you make pic bigger? benny
  9. moparbenny

    Dual master cylinder for 1942 P14

    i had a brake failure driving a 68 ford pick up with a dual m/c.lesson i learned..maintain your automobile/truck. the truck i was driving was an old farm truck that i bought sight unseen from a mutual friend's dad i was a lot younger then it had been sitting for a long time and if i had any brains back then i would have spent the time and money and gone through the brakes. .the difference between a duel m/c and single is about three pumps of the brakes compared to none. .dad's 440 d24 has a 67 mustang duel m/c mounts in stock location..but Plymouth may be different... benny
  10. I kind of like how the restorer's, rodders, and modifiers are all in one bucket..kind of reminds me of a stack of the old man's car magazines,(he had rod mags mixed with the stock ones) i don't know why people can't like both? there are other sites out there (that i wont name) were if you even write that your not going to use 1933 spark plugs on your car..you'll get shunned or people write a nasty post. I like going to this site because a lot of us just realize that we are old car nuts..we might like different nuts..but we are all nuts and are suffering from the same disease. it be nice to have a pre-war section..that's why on the old site i made the pre-war group..if we could have the option of doing that again ( or can we already?) that would be nice. thanks webmaster for asking and trying to get input before any changes a cure. benny:)
  11. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    Cool pics. when brother and i were talking we were saying if somebody made an adapter or used bobby pins..or what ever to put a t-5 behind an eight.we weren't really focusing on the how as much as the "it would be cool if"..there was i guy at a local mopar show that had a 36 plymouth and he used a 5 speed out of a Volvo of all things and if i remember right he didnt use a adapter either he said the Volvo just wanted to bolt right in for the most part.. but 5 speeds is a bit too much for me..anymore than 4 then i'll have to start taking off shoes..
  12. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    Brother and I were talking, it would be neat if somebody made a t-5 adapter..
  13. moparbenny

    What gauge is floor pan?

    just remember when your welding sheet metal your doing a series of tacks, take your time and let the metal cool.
  14. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    Hello if your EX-32 is broken (the '33's original carb) according to hollander interchange any chrysler 30-37, plymouth 39-41 carb will work. benny
  15. moparbenny

    We need a straight 8 thread!:)

    Well gang i finally got a copy of my build card from chrysler, it was built on july 19th,1933 and shipped to portland,or july 24th,1933..the paint codes are 244 and the trim is 361..which is odd becuase all the codes i find for 1933 start with 246? anyway it takes a while to get a build card copy but worth it. at least i know a little bit more history and i know my car is a numbers matching car. benny

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