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    A place that will chrome plastic.

    I think plastic chrome interior trim used a vacuum deposition process. I did also see a while back on an episode of My Classic Car a company that used a metallized substrate and then regular chrome plating on plastic and fiberglass exterior parts such as bumpers.
  2. vintage6t

    ANSWERED Chassis number

    Also try to match the number on the title to the engine number. That was common practice in a number of states. My 41 is titled this way.
  3. vintage6t

    Vacuum to air wipers

    I would guess that the relatively small compressor used for air bags would have a hard time keeping up with the constant drain of air caused by the wiper motor. Not sure the compressor is made for constant duty of running the wipers either so even if it could deliver the proper rate of air you might burn out it's motor when using for long periods of time. Also if your wipers don't work well with vacuum your wiper motor probably needs rebuilding and its not going to work much better with air.
  4. vintage6t

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    Another tip on using a puller is first to put penetrating oil between the hub and shaft. Also if applying pressure via a puller does not get the wheel to start coming off then with pressure applied with the puller give the center bolt of the puller a good wack with a hammer, that sometimes causes the wheel to "pop" off the shaft.
  5. vintage6t

    1950 DeSoto circuit breakers

    If your high beam indicator works, then I'd make sure the grounds at the headlight buckets themselves are good. Also check for voltage at the buckets on the black and red wires at the headlights, which is high and low beam voltage from the foot dimmer switch. There should also be voltage at the H terminal (yellow wire that feeds the foot dimmer) of the headlight switch when the switch is on. Missing voltage at any of those points will tell you there is a break (broken wire, bad switch) before that point.
  6. vintage6t

    clutch fork return spring

    Agree you should be able to find one off the shelf at the auto parts store. If not, my local True Value hardware store has a good selection of springs, so you might try one of those stores as well.
  7. vintage6t

    218 Head gasket.....

    Don't know off hand but I have some NOS gaskets I can measure tomorrow and post back.
  8. vintage6t


    I'd also check your float level again and make sure it's not too high leading to the rich condition you describe. Additionally for the off idle stumble make sure there is no vacuum leak at the carb base by spraying some carb cleaner around it, there should be no change in idle.
  9. vintage6t

    P15 convertible counterbalance springs

    They look very similar to a typical clutch return spring. As a replacement I'd try to match one with something you'd find in an aftermarket multi-spring pack. Also a good hardware store will carry a whole section of replacement springs, could probably find something close there..
  10. vintage6t

    Upholstery for D24

    If you're looking for leather I had a very good experience buying from these guys, including a no hassle return of an extra hide. http://www.waterhouseleather.com
  11. vintage6t

    E brake light switch?

    You can pretty easily do the same setup with a modern micro switch and 6 volt panel lamp. Something like this https://www.todaycomponents.com/omron-ss-5gl13-switcher.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI99bbyun32wIVSrHtCh25yAzlEAQYCyABEgJ0FvD_BwE
  12. vintage6t

    Movie Plymouth

    Here's a pic of one copied from a HAMB discussion. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/index.php?threads/1105080/
  13. vintage6t

    Movie Plymouth

    On The Town was also on TMC last night. They cruise all over NYC in a Desoto Skyview cab.
  14. vintage6t

    Water pump bolt head snapped off

    You can put some beads of weld on the broken face to make it "longer". This will provide a larger area for a vice-grip or even to then weld a nut onto the stub. The heat from welding also creates the heat cycle as mentioned above which is key to this technique as well.
  15. vintage6t

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    For a durable finish you could always blasted and powder coat them. Either professionally or do it yourself. I did a set for my 54 F100 myself and they came out pretty good.
  16. vintage6t

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    If you do need a square solenoid PM me, I have a few of them and round ones as well.
  17. vintage6t

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    Thanks for the update, I hope that does solve it. BTW - if it is a dirt issue, you may find you have to clean the bowl of your carburetor as well.
  18. vintage6t

    Vapor lock?? Problem found!

    Could also be rust or other sediment in your gas tank clogging the pickup when under suction and then releasing back into the tank once parked. Thus unclogging itself until started and running again for a while.
  19. vintage6t

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    Not saying a weld wont work but I'd be worried about the uneven surface of a weld concentrating pressure on a small single spot of the cam lobe that drives the pump possibly scarring the lobe or wearing it unevenly. In other words you no longer have to smooth surfaces interfacing with each other over area they were designed to operate with.
  20. I'd dismantle the pump and make sure there is no rust or other residue from the tank keeping the valve partially open. Agree with clogged fuel line as mentioned above but sounds like you already bypassed that. One last thought, do you have the correct gasket between the pump and block? If for some reason the gasket is too thick it will move the arm away from the cam, effectively shortening the throw.
  21. vintage6t

    What is HFOP in AACA Classes? Is It a Big Deal?

    Don't know anything about it but found this link with a Google search. Hope it helps. HPOF Oh and congratulations.
  22. vintage6t

    Name this car, maybe??

    Checkout mid-30s Terraplanes. I think they are very similar.
  23. vintage6t

    Rewiring! Ground the fuel sending unit?

    If you decide to start from scratch and use something like an ez-wire kit make sure it is compatible your car's voltage. In other words if your car is still 6 volts, you need a kit with wires sized for a 6 volt system. The wires on a 12 volt kit will be undersized in terms of carrying the current for 6 volt circuits.
  24. vintage6t

    battery relocation

    If you change to 12v , battery in the trunk would be ok, but you'll need a large gauge cable, like a welding cable to the starter. With 6v may the trunk might be problematic because you'll need a very large gauge cable to avoid dropping the voltage too much. My 41 Plymouth has the battery king of tucked under the front fender. I'm wondering if you can do the same. 12v conversion is pretty straight forward. Don't think you need a lot, but will need 12v bulbs, generator, etc. and possibly 12v to 6v reducers for some of the guages. Lots of info on the net.
  25. vintage6t

    Door Hanle Conundrum

    Similar to the trunk lock on my Desoto. Disassemble as mentioned here by loosening the pressed keeper. Put back together by punching the keeper in the same place where it was originally presssed or drill a small hole through ther keeper and square rod and put a cotter pin through it.

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