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  1. battery relocation

    If you change to 12v , battery in the trunk would be ok, but you'll need a large gauge cable, like a welding cable to the starter. With 6v may the trunk might be problematic because you'll need a very large gauge cable to avoid dropping the voltage too much. My 41 Plymouth has the battery king of tucked under the front fender. I'm wondering if you can do the same. 12v conversion is pretty straight forward. Don't think you need a lot, but will need 12v bulbs, generator, etc. and possibly 12v to 6v reducers for some of the guages. Lots of info on the net.
  2. Door Hanle Conundrum

    Similar to the trunk lock on my Desoto. Disassemble as mentioned here by loosening the pressed keeper. Put back together by punching the keeper in the same place where it was originally presssed or drill a small hole through ther keeper and square rod and put a cotter pin through it.
  3. 51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    Also make sure the crank snout is clean w/o surface rust as well as the inside of the pulley hub. Lubricate those two surfaces too.
  4. Do you have the specific dimensions of the A and B pulleys? I'm obviously running an A on my 41 and want to see if maybe the pulley was changed to a B. Either way it's been on the car for many years and works fine.
  5. Looking for a carb rebuild part

    PM Sent.
  6. I checked the number on my 41 and it is a GDZ-4801-A, at least that the tag on the body, the car was restored in 1970's so don't know if it is original or not (most likely it is) but with the proper pulley. The attached picks are of the tag, how it lines up with the other engine pulleys and a measurement from the front pulley edge to the generator end plate edge about 1-5/16". I also looked through my stack of generators but all newer mostly GGE or something like that and probably from 49/50 Desotos but not sure.
  7. Agreed, seems like the pulley could simply be swapped.
  8. BTW - I have a 41 plymouth as well. I'll try to get the generator number off of it to confirm and maybe a measurement of the pulley for you. I also have a stack of generators and Ill see if I have a B that could at least be used as a core. I'll post back later.
  9. I found this info on a discussion of military jeep generators, different model but I would assume the letter to have the same meaning. Autolite generator discussion "The letter designation at the end of the four digit GEG number indicates the PULLEY that was attached to it at the Autolite factory...and the Dodge pulley is a different length which, if used on the jeep, will cause the fan belt to be out of alignment to the crank and water pump! If you found a 5001, 5002 or even a 5101 with NO LETTER at the end of the number that would indicate it was built as a REPLACEMENT without a pulley attached to it at the factory!"
  10. Even if not, with a single res system you might as well replace the rubber hoses while you're at it.
  11. Mystery Head Bolt?

    A little off topic but my Rambler uses a head bolt like that for the battery ground cable connection.
  12. Flush convertible top cylinders

    Don't know for sure but it's probably denatured alcohol which will remove moisture from the system by absorbing it and then evaporating . Seeing that it's not a life critical system like brakes, you could probably just flush with enough ATF to effectively remove/dilute the brake fluid and moisture from the system. BTW - here is link to a film strip on servicing convertible tops from the 1950 Chrysler Master Service Technician Conference. Watched it the other day and there are some good tidbits regarding filling the system and so on: MTSC Convertible Tops
  13. Looking for a carb rebuild part

    I have a carb kit that has both in it. The kit is a NOS Bendix P&D Karb-Kit K-3021B. The application I think may be different than yours, according to the instructions in the kit it is for BB Models E7L1,L2,L3, and L4. 1949-1950 Chrysler Fluid drive and M6 Trans. The picture is of the "round" shaft plunger that is in the kit. Note the slot at the end of the shaft. If this will work for you let me know.