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  1. Jaguar IRS in an old *evy

    This Journal at Hotrodders Bulletin Board from a guy in South Africa shows him installing Jag IRS in a 53 Chebby (RHD) Seems fairly straight forward. Has anyone done this on a Mopar? For the Pilothouse guys, this same guy put Jag front suspension under a similar vintage Chebby Panel truck (alsoRHD). Maybe something to consider for a swap donor. Neophyte's Journal http://www.hotrodders.com/forum/journal.php?action=view&journalid=18921&page=1&perpage=5&reverse=1
  2. 12 volt to 6 volt gyromatic

    Thanks Greg!! Healthwise not too good, poor balance from vertigo and severe weakness in my legs so that I need a walker to get around. The balance thing is the worst. Like trying to walk on the deck of a ship in very rough seas all the time. Horrible and not much can be done about it I still have the 56 Nash but it is up for sale as are all of my vehicles except the 49 Chrysler. I am unable to work on any of them right now and don' see being able to in the foreseeable future so might as well move them along to someone who can work on them. Sadly, not many folks around here in a buying mood unless they are giveaways which I won't do but the storage fees are a killer.
  3. 12 volt to 6 volt gyromatic

    The Gyromatic electrics run off of the coil and the coil is already stepped down to 6 volts even on a 12 volt car so the transmission does not need to be converted to six volts as it is already done...should work just fine, just make sure all the contacts on the electrical system on the trans are clean at all times
  4. 1949 Busy Coupe Update

    That's gonna look PURDY!!!!!
  5. 1949 Chrysler Windsor

    I think the 53 Firedome would be a FluidTorque drive from a V8 Hemi car so it's a bit different than the Non torque multiplying fluid coupling that came with the '49...stick with 49-52 and you should be good. Moores Auto will have the correct one: http://www.mooresautosalvage.com/parts.asp they are a bit pricey but they know their stuff. There are a few motor mount kits on the market to put Mopar or GM engines into the 49 frame, if you choose to go that route. I have a 49 Chrysler 4 door parts car with engine and trans which are for sale but still in the car but my health has gone to pot so I can't remove it myself anymore but I have a nephew who could do it and place it on a pallet for shipping. He would need to be paid for his time of course. I have never had it running and only know that it's not seized. $100 for both units. Most other parts from the 4 door are available as well.
  6. 1949 Chrysler Windsor

    Gotta love those 49's!!!
  7. 1952 B3b with Cummins 4bt

    The same but different:D
  8. Don, as a kid my dad let me buy a real nice 53 Olds 98 4 door a neighbor had for sale for real cheap...it didn't have high gear which was why it was cheap back then...just an old car needing a tranny. When I got home from school, I had a couple of hours before the 'rents got home and would go out and smoke the tires on that tank on our corner lot from the alley to the corner, maybe 50 feet...got busted when the neighbors complained...I was 12 That old girl would billow smoke from the wheelwells like crazy...It was a blast!!!! My dad and I switched transmissions with one from a wreckers and I made $300 on it. I wish there had been digital cameras back then...camera I had was an Instamatic 110 and I never had film for it
  9. Ot-Take a ride!

    Or, how about an Olympic Bobsled run...on wheels...in summer????
  10. D-O-D-G-E Emblem

    fingernail might work...paint hardly sticks to chrome...maybe a tongue depressor if your nails are not strong
  11. Balls OT

    The toothpaste seems to work as well as the expensive kits on my Caravan, although neither did as well as I would want. I'll keep a lookout for decent replacements rather than all that work for not much improvement.
  12. Whut izzat ?

    This is how they were usually done.
  13. http://echo.bluehornet.com/hostedemail/email.htm?CID=2382892293&ch=1C068058B25C547104EBB642C3AB9F57&h=1a6e79f4ba3bb720707f68e07688e27a&ei=DQwjN6NNa
  14. wide tires on 51 plymouth

    The Fluid Drive is completely separate from the transmission. The Fluid Coupling replaces the Flywheel on Fluid Drive cars. Behind the Fluid Coupling could be a hydraulically shifted "semi-automatic" transmission OR a regular 3 on the tree, depending upon model. If you can let out the clutch without the car stalling, you likely have a Fluid Drive.
  15. wide tires on 51 plymouth

    I've got 3 full sets and 4 rims without trim rings and centers
  16. wide tires on 51 plymouth

    I went the other way with my Caravan...a set of Chrysler Road Wheels and 235's...a bolt on swap, no problems
  17. Interior Smell

    The best way to permanently remove odors is to rent an ozone generator and run it for a few hours in the car. Odors are permanently and safely eliminated. Leaves a fresh, clean lack of odor.
  18. OT-Incredibly Stupid Yet Somehow Cool-OT

    And then there is this bright tool from Vancouver BC, Canada http://www.vancouversun.com/news/national/Video+police+seize+motorbike+driven/6487627/story.html
  19. Car Chassis,Serial and Body Numbers ???

    My 49 Chrysler has the serial number stamped into the frame top under the drivers seat...can only be seen if the body is off the frame...OR if there is a well placed rust hole...I'm told there is also one stamped into the side of the frame above the rear axle housing but I have not seen it nor have I looked for it. In Alberta, the serial number has always been used for registration on vehicles pre VIN
  20. Fluid drive fluid check.

    This is a 49 Chrysler floor with the access holes. The fill hole is the furthest to the firewall. Behind that is the hole in the bellhousing for the fluid coupling fill plug...the fluid coupling needs to be turned to place the fill plug in line with the access hole.
  21. The Dreaded Hot Start Thread

    My Dad told me to put wooden clothes pins along the fuel line from the pump to the carb...solved the problem right away. Those old farts were smart-alecs sometimes
  22. A REAL auto parts store

    Seems they really exist, at least in Grants Pass Oregon:D Check out Elderly Iron's other video's:eek:
  23. a compatible bellhouse

    This engine/trans came out of a 51 Fargo and went into my former 46 Fargo 3 ton...the bellhousing and trans were not used and are available BUT, they are in Western Canada...the engine was the Canadian 25 incher
  24. Chrysler save us...OT

    Lucky to have 2 great parts stores here...both with shall we say older, experienced partsmen. The thing I find amusing is that while the parts I'm usually after are seldom on the shelf, they are usually at the warehouse IN THE CITY and are on the next truck to the store, usually same day. By not knowing their stuff, the computer partsmen...well partsboys and girls...are missing some good sales and repeat customers. I drive clear across town for my parts even for the 2000 Caravan and the 94 Econoline...They got me what I needed for the old car, they get my business for the "newer" stuff too. I think in the olden days it was customer loyalty ... unimportant these days so it seems
  25. I'm too young I guess- how to fix a flat tire!

    Stan here woulda had it done by the time you had asked if they did tube tires My Dad however woulda had to change out of his fancy duds first:rolleyes: My Uncle (in the background) would have just looked at it and walked back to his office to write up your bill for $1.25!!!! No need to change his fancy duds, he had no idea how to change a tire They were dressed up because it was Stampede Parade morning and well, everybody in the city did. 90% still do http://www.calgarystampede.com/ They did not get a tire machine until about 1952...the Coates Iron Tireman Knox Corner Esso 6 Ave and 4 St SW Calgary circa 1949/50 (same Dodge as in first pic and my Dads 34 Olds at the pump)