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  1. Sounds logical. How about motor mounts? Just add some steel like Reg?
  2. 2 cylinders held for about 7 hours. The others were empty in about 4.
  3. Like Reg did in this thread.
  4. Making bite size pieces out of it.
  5. So, what I'm gathering is, to put a 25" motor in the hole a 23" came out of is to just raise the front a bit to clear the cross member? Bell housing and clutch bolt up?
  6. Filled the cylinders with a mix of Marvel Mystery Oil and PB Blaster. How low should the rings hold the liquid?
  7. A bit of progress.
  8. Any progress?
  9. Forgot just how much fun this was Jeff!
  10. Soooo. Sounds like I'm looking at bearings. It made a terrible deep knocking noise when I revved it. Also had very low oil pressure at fast idle (1000-1200 RPM)
  11. Good news!!! Pistons are marked .060, all the valves move and are 'proud' of the deck. The marks from 'shaving' the head are visible.
  12. My wife Lisa removing the head bolts. Yes, she wanted to know if there was a power tool for this job.
  13. Going to pop the head off and see what I have.
  14. Drink way too much sweat tea and...............................