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  1. $350 to re-arch a pair doesn't sound too bad. But, then, I used to live in Sac.
  2. Cool, Curious to see what they say. I used them in the early '90's.
  3. You're welcome. Did you happen to talk with them?
  4. http://sacspring.com/ Even had replacement shackles in stock.
  5. I still have the temp gauge you gave me. You haven't responded to my PM's. It's rebuilt and works great! Keven
  6. The tax man taketh but doesn't giveth enough back. We cant make it this year.
  7. Hey Keven, I have not seen any feed back for the parts I'm looking from you request last week.:(.  The company in MI also does not have the parts......

    On a lighter side, I'm sending you the 4 gauge cluster next week so you can clean up and repair. I will also be including the sending unit from the gas tank and the new cluster unit you asked me to include. 

    thanks for you help!!

    Clayton in Sunny Florida  :)

    1. B1B Keven

      B1B Keven

      Ya, I haven't heard anything either. Sure thought I'd get a response.

      Looking forward to the gauge cluster. However, I don't need the sending unit from the gas tank, unless you just want me to verify that it works.

      Keven in the rainy PNW. :)


    2. cdking1924


      Yes, I would like to send in the sending unit so it can be tested with the gauge.



    3. B1B Keven

      B1B Keven

      Sounds good.


  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-Dodge-Truck-Sun-Visor-Pivot-and-rod-PN-1279153LH-19521953-1954-1955-1968-/182482527918?hash=item2a7cce66ae:g:HngAAOSwol5YwMwM&vxp=mtr
  9. Welcome Greg! How about some pics of the '48 Dodge too?
  10. Powered by a Dodge flathead also. And they use the '48-'50 gauge cluster.
  11. Just got a pic of one. They are the same as the '48-'50 B series truck with a slightly different face.
  12. ??? Might help???
  13. LMP H6006 Headlight Bulb - High & Low Beam (Halogen) Bad dimmer switch. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/ECHDS108
  14. Welcome! http://www.edgyspeedshop.com/products.html