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  1. Temp gauge rebuild

    Thank you Paul.
  2. temp. gauge repaired

    Greg, read my signature.
  3. B2B interior advice

  4. Click on the word 'this' in his first post.
  5. The one with the script is an early '40's car hubcap. Not sure on the other 3.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-VINTAGE1950s-DODGE-CAR-OR-PICKUP-TRUCK-DOG-DISH-HUBCAP-FREE-SHIPPING-/182789283104?hash=item2a8f171d20:g:2OwAAOSw~V9ZwHKv&vxp=mtr
  7. Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it!! And my name really does have an 'E' in it. Keven
  8. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Beautiful!! Nice find.
  9. Keven,

    Did you ever resolve your oil pressure problem? I think I have quite the opposite problem, possibly my oil pressure regulator plunger may be stuck. I will need to get an aftermarket oil pressure gauge to find out. I am not sure if the gauge in the dash pegged and is stuck or the needle broke off. I did have an issue in getting the oil filter nut tight enough to stop the leak. That leaves me wondering it that too may be caused by  a high oil pressure. Either way I may need to get another gauge once I get it all figured out. I also have a leaking freeze plug in the front of the engine to deal with.

    1. B1B Keven

      B1B Keven

      Wow, if we can mix the two trucks we'd have the right oil pressure. LOL

      I've got more oil gauges. Keep me posted.

  10. Photos of my B2B

    I use Imgur now.
  11. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    You're welcome. You've got a PM.
  12. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Welcome. Post more pics of the truck please. We love pics. The search function is a great help. http://www.robertsmotorparts.com/store/trucks https://dcmclassics.com/ http://www.pilothouseinteriors.com/home-page.html https://enginebarn.myshopify.com/ http://www.clestersauto.com/Pages/DodgeTrucks.aspx