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  1. AMC 4.0L in a 39-47 Dodge/Plymouth

    I 'think' you can move the radiator forward. Yes, the Comanche shift is on the column. Another thought is an XJ/MJ 2wd front axle. Disc brakes and the correct bolt pattern.
  2. AMC 4.0L in a 39-47 Dodge/Plymouth

    29 1/2" from the 'nitch' to the radiator holding the tape about 5" above the head of the flathead. Are you going to use the AW4 auto? A Comanche automatic steering column might work. There are kits available to stroke the 4.0. All the way to 4.6 litres.
  3. Merrry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!
  4. Wheel Cylinders And Shoes

  5. OE Wheel bolt pattern

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Left-Hand-Thread-Wheel-Hub-Bolts-for-1935-1954-Chrysler-Desoto-6-Cylinder-Cars/182639240855?fits=Make%3AChrysler&hash=item2a8625a697:g:c0QAAOSwuAVWz3d6&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PACK-Dorman-610-018-Wheel-Lug-Studs-Front-or-Rear/321791566026?epid=1517862376&hash=item4aec45a0ca:g:LdoAAOSwiYlZ-K9H:sc:USPSPriority!98682!US!-1&vxp=mtr
  6. OE Wheel bolt pattern

    1952 B3B 5 on 4 1/2 1952 B3C 5 on 5 Remember, the truck has left hand threads on the drivers side.
  7. Does someone out there have one that works? If so could you please take some ohm readings across the 3 posts? I have two gauges and the only reading I get is across the two bottom posts. I'd like to know if this is correct. Thanks! Tryin' to help a fellow Dodge owner out.
  8. Temp gauge rebuild

    Thank you Paul.
  9. temp. gauge repaired

    Greg, read my signature.
  10. B2B interior advice

  11. Click on the word 'this' in his first post.
  12. The one with the script is an early '40's car hubcap. Not sure on the other 3.