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  1. 1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    If you can't find an axle locally, I know of one here in WA. Complete, drum to drum.
  2. I worked with a guy in Sacramento that was from Cedarville. His last name is Hackney. I've even been to the Modoc District fair and watched a race at the speedway. I used to live in Susanville and Lakeview also. Small world.
  3. Awesome truck and story. Are you still in Cedarville?
  4. Dry oil canister. Help.

    My setup is exactly like yours Merle. I'm using a Wix 51011 sock filter. So the flow of oil is into the bottom of the canister, through the filter and out the top line. Correct? With all the crap I cleaned out of the fitting at the bottom of the canister, I bet I have a partially clogged pick up in the pan.
  5. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Thanks Merle. I'll look at it. The way it was plugged suggested that there was quite a bit of pressure coming up the bottom feeder line.
  6. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Question. With the oil filter out I cranked the motor over. The canister filled from the bottom up. Shouldn't it have filled from the top down? Also, the line coming out of the bottom of the canister was plugged where the line screws in. Like the crud had been pushed up toward the canister?
  7. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Pulled out the canister. The fitting and tube at the bottom were plugged with gasket or gasket making material. Think I need to pull the pan off now. Yes, everything is plumbed correctly.
  8. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Canister is dry. I'll try bleeding the oil gauge line.
  9. Motor will start cold with 30 lbs of oil pressure. As you watch the gauge, it drops to just above zero within seconds (10-15). Revving the motor takes it back up to 30 then drops again at idle. I've pulled the lines going to and from the canister and they're fine. Also pulled out the check valve ( not stuck ). Thoughts?
  10. Aluminum B2B Fuel Tank Project

    Awesome! If you go into production, let me know!
  11. 1950 Dodge B2 Pickup (my new toy/project)

    Welcome! What part of NZ? All Blacks fan? The truck looks more like a '51 or newer body. Different grill than a '50 and the windshield wipers are in the '51 or newer location. Years ago, California used the year of purchase as the model year. It could have been bought new in late 1950?
  12. Fuel Gauge Voltage

    I've seen bad 'new' sending units before.
  13. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    OK. Between Brent and I, we'll get ya one.
  14. 4 speed transmission interchangability.

    Thanks a bunch! I didn't know Eric had done that.
  15. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    Do you need throttle linkage parts?