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  1. David A.

    missing on couple cylinders

    I had a similar problem on a 1938 Buick. It turned out to be a bad intake manifold gasket. It was pulling plain air in rather than the fuel air mixture. When I would spray starter fluid near the leaking gasket it would pick those cylinders up. Just watch out for the fan and for safety’s sake, I did it when I first started the engine before the exhaust manifold got hot. Good luck! Some problems can be a real bear to figure out.
  2. David A.

    Original buildsheet

    That is really neat! Rarely does that information survive the years. I saw you are from Aiken, I’m about 100 miles from you in Greer, SC. I am hoping to finish restoring my B2B this Summer.
  3. The bolts I got were polished stainless. I almost hate to paint them!
  4. Ok thank you. I wasn't sure, and I couldn't find any pictures in Don Bunn's book that really showed it good.
  5. Can someone please tell me if the Phillips head bolt on the bottom rear of the front fender is supposed to be painted the cab color, or left bare? It's on a 50 B2B. Thanks David A.
  6. David A.

    Hubcap Red Lettering Touchup Paint

    The caps I have seen have been more of a maroon color. I had some paint matched to paint my old hubcaps. It is DuPont Centari. These are the amounts for 1 pint. 758S Driers 22.5 700A White 64.8 763A Orange 159.1 746A Red 299.1 705A Black 430.0 Here is a picture of one of my reproduction hubcaps. They also have the same maroon color although the color doesn't show up all that well in the picture.
  7. In this truck brochure, there is something mounted beside the ash tray. My guess is a lighter. Has anyone ever seen a lighter mount for a 48-50 truck? I have seen the lighter itself listed as an option, but have never seen an actual mount for one. Are there any in existence?
  8. David A.

    New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I heated mine up in very hot water, then used liquid dish soap and slid them over the pedals. Very tight fit, but it worked!
  9. David A.

    Towed Vehicle

    A number of years ago I towed my 50 B2B from South Carolina to Virginia for a car show, about 500 miles, with no problems. I used a home-made tow bar that bolted up where the front bumper mounted. I used a 1968 Chrysler Newport as the tow vehicle.
  10. David A.

    Cracked Block.. ouch!

    I wanted to turn my 218 into a 230 engine. I didn't have any luck finding a crank and rods, so I bought a 230 from Vintage Power Wagons. The first engine they sent looked great on the outside, but inside one of the cylinders was scored beyond use. While I didn't need the block, the crankshaft had metal embedded in it from the cylinder wall. VPW made it right without any argument and told me just to keep the other engine since it wasn't any good. I have nothing bad to say about VPW except they couldn't have inspected the engine like they said they did! The second engine was also a military engine and had been rebuilt by the military. The crankshaft had been ground .010" under. My machinest just polished it as he said the measurements were still all in tolerance. Wish I still had the block as I would have gladly offered it to you. Good luck on your project! David A.
  11. David A.

    Laycock J-type Overdrive

    Thanks for the good write up and pictures. I'm staying all original for now, but may go with this in the future. I replaced my 4:10 with a 3:54, but that will limit what I can pull.
  12. David A.

    cooling tips for pilot house trucks

    My 50 B2B started running hot and mine also looked nice and clean. Finally pulled the water distribution tube and found it to be in pretty bad shape, but I think the actual cause of the overheating was a build up of crud around the back piston. When I pulled the freeze plugs, the water jacket around #6 cylinder was completely filled with crud. No water, or at least a very minimal amount of water, was circulating around that piston which is also where the temp. send unit is located. I had to pull the engine to remove the freeze plug in the back of the block to be able to get everything cleaned out.
  13. David A.

    Bed strip bolt pattern

    JBNeal thank you so much for taking the time to put all that effort into getting those measurements for me. I know it took you a while to get all that information and I really appreciate it!!! That is exactly what I needed. Thanks again! David
  14. David A.

    Bed strip bolt pattern

    Getting it right is my concern as well, as I am planning on showing this truck for a while before just enjoying driving it. Since I have no original strips to measure, and I'm not even sure my 4 holes are in the correct place, I'm looking for help from a forum member, that has the proper bolt pattern. Since Mar-k does not have the correct profile bed strips, for our Dodges, I hate to ask them for the measurements since I'm not purchasing their strips. I would really appreciate some help in getting these measurements. David
  15. David A.

    Bed strip bolt pattern

    Could someone please measure the bolt spacing on one of their 48-50, 1/2 ton short bed, metal bed strips, from the front of the bed to the back? I need to get the measurements to Midwest Military so they can make my bed strips before they forget I have already paid them!!! All I know is there are supposed to be 7 bolts, but I can't find the measurements anywhere. Thanks for the help! David