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  1. That’s what was nice about this tool. It would lift the needle while the center pin would push on the speedometer needle shaft.
  2. In a former life I did gage calibration and tool repair. I used a tool similar to this to pull the hands off of dial calipers and gages.
  3. My brother has a 46 as well. When he restored it, he talked to the Plymouth Owners Club P-15 Tech Advisor at the time (lives here in Omaha). He stated that in 46, those reflectors were white for that year only. Might explain the lighter color you see on yours.
  4. Hey, what ever became of the coupe the tree fell on? Does the son-in-law still have it? I know you were chasing parts for it, and found a donor car for a top/roof.
  5. Sorry, I should have said socket. I'm pretty sure it was one of these. Like I said, I took the new switch in with me to test the fit. When I got home, I used the socket to remove the old switch and install the new one. This was on my 58, but the 37 and the 41 use pretty much the same pressure switch. Lee
  6. I just bought a new one at O,Reilly's this summer. Took the old switch with me (they had two sizes).
  7. When I read it I thought the same thing, he's looking for a vendor, not necessarly an ad.
  8. That's an excellent idea. Wish I thought of that before I bought carpet for my 37. http://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mercury_early/interior-parts-and-trim/rubber-floor-mats.html?cm_mmc=google-_-1932-48+V8+Non+Branded-_-Broad-_-%2Bford+%2BFloor+%2BMats&cm_guid=1-_-100000000000000046521-_-103785912482&ne_ppc_id=1161&ne_key_id=21512707&ne_sadid=103785912482&gclid=CKv56KPUmswCFQmRaQodpt4GzQ
  9. This is what I put in my 41 Business Coupe for the heater switch. Found it on eBay:
  10. Try Agape Auto: http://agapeautoparts.com/products/products.htm
  11. This is where it's locate on a 41 Plymouth frame.
  12. What about the dimmer switch? I've seen several posts here about issues with those. Maybe mash it 15 - 20 times and try the headlights again.
  13. I think that was the norm. I have one in my glove box of my 41 that came from the inside of one of my hubcaps.
  14. I was thinking the same thing Ed. Bumper guards and tail light make me think 40 Plymouth.
  15. That is what I have on my 37.