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  1. Here you go, I found this on the web... Desoto1946-48 Wiring.pdf
  2. A couple of other details that will help... The business coupe has flat rear window glass. A club coupe will have a larger, curved rear window. Business coupes have a swage line that runs from the doors along the rear 3/4 panels above the stainless trim towards the rear lights. The swage line on the club coupe goes along the doors then around under the rear window.
  3. I just picked up the April issue of Street Machine magazine and there are pictures of three P15s out and about in the UK. It looks like that front three-quarter angle is a photographer's dream!
  4. Some more for you...
  5. This has come up before and I posted some reference pictures. The D25 bumpers are definitely different to P15 bumpers. Same cross-section, but not the same brackets or bolt positions. Here's a link to my earlier post. I hope this helps...
  6. I'm in West London. Check out our facbeook page at www.facebook.com/4648PDDCUK - we set it up for 46-48 cars but there are plenty of other flathead owners on there from the UK and overseas. You'll be welcome. We also get together one a year, in September (at The P-15 Picnic). Drop me a an email and I'll send details to you.
  7. Always good to see another UK member on here. Hope to catch up with you somewhere soon.
  8. I've fitted 1 1/2" blocks to the rear, for a mild 'speedboat stance'. Comparison to the 'before' shot shows how the nose is now riding very slightly higher, so I am planning a subtle 1/2"-3/4" drop at the front, to complete the look.
  9. The lower one is Plymouth convertible, in my car. The upper one is different, although the bracket's the same. That's the one I'm trying to ID. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Brent. Those arms are close and would probably be OK as a last resort if we can't ID the version with the U-bend. As you say, somebody out there will know. I hope! All the best from England, Robin
  11. Hi All, I'm here from the other side! (I'm usually on the car Forum). Can anyone help to ID the bracket shown at the top in this picture? I believe it's from a Dodge truck but I don't know which year. I'm helping a friend to source parts for restoration of a 1947 Plymouth convertible and I have this spare bracket which is very close to the stock item, but we don't know what to look for, as a match for the driver's side. Thanks for any help you can give. Robin
  12. Nice one, Damon. We'll reserve a room for you. Look out for emails. See you soon, Robin
  13. It'd be a very long trip for most of you but if anyone's in the UK next September, you'll be very welcome to join us at our P-15 Picnic. We'd love to meet you! Here's a link to the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2098450070469750
  14. It's good to hear that you enjoyed the weekend, Simon. Thanks again for the great pictures. Glad you like the flag design... I guess we'll have to think about stickers!
  15. Hope you can make it someday... the more the merrier! PM me your email address if you'd like to be included in our circular mail-outs for news of The P-15 Picnic.
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