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    London, England. 1947 P15 convertible.
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    My P15 Convertible, time with family, all aspects of 1940s and 1950s music, dancing & culture
  1. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    When the vacuum system works, it's sweet. I shot this today...
  2. Chrysler 1941 parts needed!!"

    Someone in the UK has been advertising 1941 Chrysler parts from a car he's breaking. I will try to track down the advert. Edit: Found it. PM on its way.
  3. Hi Robin

    Do you have any photos of your Plymouth's vacuum system from the firewall forward?

    I am looking for the correct way to connect a vacuum booster fuel pump to the system


    Hope all is well with you

    Ward Duffield

    Pine Plains, NY

    1. Robin (UK)

      Robin (UK)

      Hi Ward,
      Good to hear from you.
      I hope this picture will help. It was taken a few years ago when I had a George Asche intake on the car.
      My car's at the shop at the moment, so I can't get another for you but, as you can see, there's just a vacuum pipe from the intake that goes straight to the top valve in the dash.
      The piece in the line is the factory non-return valve.
      Best of luck,
      PS  Do you know that Mark Duggan and I have set up a facebook group for P15 Convertible Owners? It'd be great if you could join us on there...


  4. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    D25 gravel pans are smooth and the bumpers wrap around further than on the P15. The bumper irons are different too... If you look closely, you'll see an extra pair of bumper bolts visible at the front. As the blue car is in Canada, perhaps the bumpers were swapped at some time, using parts that were available locally? For reference, here are a couple of pictures of a D25 coupe, here in the UK...
  5. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. It's interesting to see that the P15 is fitted with Dodge D25 bumpers and gravel pans. I wonder if those are original to the car?
  6. Canvass Visor?

    Alan, in the UK, just told me he found one of these in the trunk of his P15 Business Coupe when he got it. I haven't seen it, or any pictures, but it's clearly a period item. If I get more info I will post it on this thread.
  7. Miss Belvedere headed Illinois auto museum

    Great story about the license plates. A quick google search threw up this eBay listing... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Visit-Oklahoma-Semi-Centennial-Front-License-Plate-Tag-MINT-/162530284719?hash=item25d78f54af:g:of4AAOSw53NZARsh
  8. French Hearse

    Here's a DeSoto that was in a Swiss yard in 2013. And a couple of Plymouths in Ireland... The first is a picture from a The Seaflower trawler funeral in 1968. The second is a car that was for sale in 1983 but, sadly, does not seem to have survived.
  9. French Hearse

    Portuguese Dodge
  10. French Hearse

    And here's an Irish one. I believe this one's long gone.
  11. French Hearse

    Here are a few more pictures of the Belgian Dodge
  12. French Hearse

    I think that car still exists. It's in Belgium.
  13. MoPar's at TROG 2017

    Dean and I will be back on the sand in 12 days time, at the VHRA Hot Rod Races at Pendine Sands in the UK...
  14. P15 Convertibles

    OK, so we've got 'Coupes You Like' and "Art Deco Vehicles' threads. How about showing us your P15 Convertibles? Here's mine, owned since 2004...
  15. 1954 Chrysler LaComtesse concept car

    I've never heard of this car, Bob. It looks like it could have been the test bed for the Dodge La Femme models.