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  1. Jim Shepard

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    Are the push rods different? How ‘bout the part numbers?
  2. Jim Shepard

    Head Gasket Replacement

    Got mine from Vintage Power Wagons.
  3. Jim Shepard

    Brake shoes for a B2B, available?

    I’m pretty sure Roberts has them. Also, any good shop should be to re-shoe your’s.
  4. Jim Shepard

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    The lesson here is that no matter how long you’ve owned your truck, no matter how much history you know about it, no matter how correct, original and “stock” you think it is, it ain’t necessarily so...
  5. Jim Shepard

    Seat Belts installed?

    Check the archives. I posted some photos of my installation.
  6. Jim Shepard

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    Just had a very nice conversation with Gary Roberts, who called me in response to my email. As it turns out, the rear wheel cylinders are not factory stock/ correct for my B2B. They are the same as used on the front wheels of the same vintage Chrysler auto. The difference is the innards. The truck cylinders are completely different on the inside - a difference I did not notice and that is very obvious in the manual, as pointed out by Gary. Apparently at some point in my truck’s life the innards were changed for whatever reason. Anyway, Gary is sending me the correct “cups” for just the shipping cost. Great guy!
  7. Jim Shepard

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    I received the wheel cylinder kits today that I ordered from Roberts. While I didn't expect exact reproductions, I was taken aback by what I received. As you can see, the inner seals I received from Roberts on the left do not appear remotely close to the originals on the right. While they appear to be the correct diameter (11/8"), the hole in the middle is a little baffling. Additionally, the new seals do not provide a recessed area for the spring to properly seat. Has anyone used these kits? Have I ordered the wrong ones? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have sent this photo to Gary and await his response...
  8. Jim Shepard

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    Finally got into mine today. One cylinder came apart pretty easily. The other not so much. The piston is stuck. These are the back wheels so I'm wondering if they take to honing since they're not a double sided design. Anyone out there ever buy a new unit? Also, for those who have not cracked open your rears yet, the top and bottom cylinders are different. I guess I'll try Napa and see what they say...
  9. I need to deal with a leaking wheel cylinder on my B2B. Are kits still available? What's the recommendation out there for suppliers for either kits or new cylinders?
  10. Jim Shepard

    Tach Hook-up

    It's in a antique store near me. I think I'll pass on it. Thanks for all the info.
  11. Jim Shepard

    Tach Hook-up

    Here's the back side. Only three wires and no selector for cylinder numbers.
  12. Jim Shepard

    looking for my 1948 B1B

    Why in the world would anyone sell this truck?
  13. Jim Shepard

    Tach Hook-up

    Found this "vintage" tach in an antique store. Supposedly, it works. Never heard of the brand (Blue Chip) and can't find any info on the internet. Don't even know if it's automotive. Looks like it might be from a boat. It does look old school and at least it doesn't rev to 8-9,000. It's got three wires (white, green, black). Anyone know how I'd hook it up to test?
  14. What's that! A Furd in the background? Must be the neighbor's, right? Say it's the neighbor's...
  15. I talked with Jim today in Plymouth at the big west coast national truck historical (or whatever it's called) show. He had the Dodge entered. It's also the one with the air conditioning. Anyway, Jim says the guy who did the door graphics is a local Grass Valley guy named Jim Moser (530) 273-7615.

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