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  1. This is a repost of years ago to answer a question about his phone number...
  2. Don Bunn Book Pictures

    Here is a picture of Don Bunn during one of the Mopar in the Park events in the Twin Cities
  3. Don Bunn Book Pictures

    I posted a forsale notice and saw that pictures were forbidden so I thought I would add them here
  4. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I have to agree with the plumber, radiant heat in the floor from a small steam boiler, and rough in plumbing for a bathroom. You have no idea how handy a sink is to wash up before entering the house. There was a motorcycle shop in Door County Wisconsin that when I asked to use their bathroom they said I had two choices, go around the end of the building to pee or I could use the funnel and the hose in the corner. Crude but handy. You must not be old enough yet where you have a need to pee every half hour. Much handier if you don't need to leave the shop. A friend of mine also put in a shower so that he could really clean up when he was done working. Dennis
  5. Cold cold, John Keats.

  6. So this is what being fired feels like

    I hope that your drive across the city will be relaxing for you. I assume that you landed in Fridley. Dennis
  7. How to keep the mice away?

    I used moth balls in alum pans, two in the cab floor, three on the seat, and three under the hood. I stuffed steel wool in the tail pipe pipe. never had a problem with the old dodge but I would swap my ford Ranger for it in the summer and I did the same program with that. But when I wouldn't run right, I discovered a mouse nest up the intake venting. The old Dodge didn't have that plumbing like the ranger.
  8. Interesting photos I have run across.

    Attended a car show in Buffalo Minnesota this morning and spotted the best looking Woody Looks to me to be a 1940. I'd show the rear view but I reached my limit on Megs somehow.
  9. 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance

    Well, your truck made the Channel 5 news at 5:30 PM, ok not the entire truck, but a very close up of the Rams head hood ornament and the Dodge Letters on the side of the hood, and the Red back ground for both shots. Hope you were awarded better for your efforts. Dennis
  10. 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance

    I'd come to visit but they charge $25 per person for looking
  11. Best work place pranks

    While I was in College, I worked one semester at the Local Sugar Beet processing plant. I worked on the second floor running a bank of 6 Centrificals for spinning out raw sugar creating molasses. There was a changing room / toilet just down the aisle from where I worked and I observed that people never pulled the door of the toilet to check if it was in use, they always looked under the door for feet. So I got the bright idea to take a spare pair of rubber boots and a pair of coveralls and place them in front of the stool with the legs of the coveralls draped over the boots. It was pretty fun to watch guys go in and out of the room because it looked busy. Then I told one of the maintanance guys that the toilet must be plugged up because guys never stayed there. They went in but came right back out. It was in use they said, they'd come back later. Someone called the foreman and he finally pulled open the door and laughed his head off. Then he called the superintendent and said there was some guy in the shitter that won't come out and he won't listen to me. The super said "by god he'll listen to me"! and he came down and pulled the door open then laughed. I guess they left that set-up for the next shift as well.
  12. Hi Dennis, I am in Dayton MN and am looking for a part for my Dodge Pilot House B-3> I bought an axle and am looking for a left front brake drum and hub. I believe it would be off a 1 1/2 ton truck. The axle I removed must have been a 2 ton because my spindles on the 1 1/2 ton are smaller than my old axle. 



  13. Let us all give thanks to the Internet

    A couple of weeks ago my HP laser jet 6500 all in one quit feeding paper. A guy on the internet said the problem was a broken feed gear that was slipping on the drive gear. He said to get a mirror an place it in the paper supply and look up. Slide the gear to the left, apply some JB weld on the drive gear, then slide the broken gear back over and let it sit for 24 hours. Bingo, it works again, instead of hitting the trash. Yeah Internet!
  14. Let us all give thanks to the Internet

    My Cruze has a turbo, so I assume that the cam cover has a fair amount of pressure that can leak. In fact the check engine light went on again after a mile and the dealer put on another cam cover. Said the first one was warped. My 49 Dodge was a whole lot simpler!
  15. Let us all give thanks to the Internet

    I recently had the "check engine" light go on on my 2012 Chev Cruze, so I took it in to my normal oil Change place and they read the codes. Cam cover, intake manifold, and a sensor, all told with labor was $1193 and change. The worse thing was the $400 for the intake manifold. It has a sensor built in so if it goes bad, the whole thing gets changed. So I took it back to the dealer and discovered that it was covered under the 5 year 100,000 mile power train warranty. That made me happy but also sad because that is one complicated system that will break the bank in the future. Black tape will need to be involked.