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  1. I have a 67 SAAB (ok stop laughing!) and the key broke off in the switch so the starter stays engaged. I want to just by-pass the key all together. One switch for on/off and a button or another switch to engage the starter. (no one will steal this). Will electrical switches that can carry 110v hold up? is the amperage to high here. Thanks. There is a SAAB forum but the hobby seems dominated by a few who sell things to keep them running which is cool most of the time. Eric
  2. eric wissing

    replacing starter switch (Key) with a button

    Don, There is a hole in the right fender where there was an antenna. The passenger could reach it from inside. I'd want his head hanging out of the car while he smoked anyway and GPS? What is that?
  3. eric wissing

    replacing starter switch (Key) with a button

    went to parts store, used the lighter's hole and with a bit of tracing, I found the right wires and it worked! Thanks, a $10 fix.
  4. eric wissing

    replacing starter switch (Key) with a button

    I will have to check on that. Duh, never thought of that. I can cut a hole in the dash for it.
  5. eric wissing

    replacing starter switch (Key) with a button

    I was thinking of using toggles, not an actual wall switch! Ha! Thanks.Eric
  6. eric wissing

    Beach Racing Was Fantastic

    thanks for sharing
  7. eric wissing

    Big one in Turkey

    My son took this picture a few weeks back.http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/photo.php?fbid=526354165550&set=a.526354145590.2029437.67900036&theater
  8. eric wissing

    Big one in Turkey

    I am pretty sure it was taken in Istanbul. Him and his girl friend are in the Peace Corps. Being stationed in Ukraine has allowed them to travel about a bit. last year was Egypt (good timing there).
  9. eric wissing

    Big one in Turkey

    try this:
  10. eric wissing

    Big one in Turkey

    sorry about that. I will see what I can do. Eric
  11. eric wissing

    Hemmings Classic Car.

    I just read that article last night. It is very original. Nice story. Thanks, Eric
  12. eric wissing

    carburetor gats wet with fuel

    That is a great looking car. I really like the wagons. There can't be a whole lot of them still on the road. Eric
  13. eric wissing

    OT for Don anf all, Money to burn

    http://www.shorpy.com/node/8109?size=_original I think the word "and" sould be in the title!! These long words are tough.
  14. eric wissing

    OT Cold War Generator Start Up

    I was with a group of people who got to visit this site out in Nebraska. The building is about 6 stories underground, 100,000 sq. feet. Was used by ATT for transcontinental phone lines and by SAC. Very cool place (55 degrees ). Eric
  15. eric wissing

    Unkka's new cruiser

    Unka, here is a link. They do not have a forum but have a never ending stream of e-mails. The link is open to anyone and has some good technical areas. http://www.imperialclub.com/
  16. eric wissing

    Storm On Long Island

    The Plastic I hope was put on after the crash. Long Island, New Jersey, all the same to us here in the heart land , real America. East of the Missisippi is all skyscrapers and fast talking con men trying to sell us fancy stuff with big words that we really don't need. You might have your Ivy league and your League of nations but we have dirt, good dirt good clean American Dirt by golly!! Eric ( Hey isn't NJ the Garden State?)
  17. eric wissing

    Storm On Long Island

    Looks like an insurance scam. Did he drive that car into the tree? Why would it be parked on the grass? Just kidding but it is NJ isn't it? Eric
  18. eric wissing

    Wreck Rescue

    I think the show was in the UK, they have a different demand over there for the Sprite. I am guessing for everyone they sold there, they exported 10 to here. Heck it was beautiful when she was done. They have real strong club support over there. Most clubs here might meet a few times a year. I like the British car Club scene from what I have read. There is an advantage to being a small country. No matter where you break down, you are not thet far from home. She will have a blast with that car. In my opinion, worth everything she has in it. Eric
  19. eric wissing

    OT Tuckers and Star Trek OT

    http://vintagraph.com/patent-design/cars/2645386 Makes sense!! Eric
  20. eric wissing

    OT- Finland -Numero Uno - OT

    Nothing political, joking, son, joking.
  21. eric wissing

    OT- Finland -Numero Uno - OT

    That can't be true. The USA is number 1 always!!! (I have to say that incase they are monitering my internet, phones or thoughts) I guess we are the most inventive!! We need to be. We also have to be fast. Everyone is armed!! Eric
  22. eric wissing

    Way (ot)

    Nostalgia isn't reality. We all tend to think back to a time that we thought was better. It is usually when we were kids and had no responsibilites or to time long before we were born. The 1950s were not the best time to be a minority, poor or not mainstream. Jim Crow Laws were abundant. Harry Truman had just integrated the military. The John Birch Society was going strong. So I will take today and am hoping for an even better tomorrow. I really like older cars but can you imagine how upset we would be if they had stopped improving cars after 1950. Even "TIDE" is new and improved every six months. Eric
  23. eric wissing

    OT - Disregad Previous Thread - OT

    If a group of Police come to investigate, then you would have a Cop Circle. Which I always thought was a donut. Good Luck!! Eric
  24. eric wissing

    Ot -just sit back and enjoy the show!

    We never got most of those TV shows. We had a channel that split abc and cbc. Hey where was "F Troop"? that was one stupid show!!
  25. eric wissing

    OEM vs Modified = Value $

    Book value? I don't know who gets that. Sellers want it but not buyers. Original might make it worth more but not always. We are talking about mass produced cars not rare exotics. My favorite car on this site would be Blueskies'. It is worth more than a stock one in my book but no one is paying me for my book. Your car has come a long ways. I like original over highly modified but this all comes down to personal taste. Many here have saved a car that would have been scrap metal. Eric. p.s I have learned not to ask some people their opinion, they will find fault always.