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  1. 1919 Dodge Brothers is different than the Ford model T(1908-1927) clutch/brake/reverse system.
  2. Oil

  3. Dozerman51,I saw today this archive from an E7T2 B&B carburetor and it says that flange diameter is 1 1/2" ,throttle bore is 1 11/16" and main venturi is 1 11/32".
  4. It is a course of studies book I did in the army.
  5. My base number 1-237 and 28 on top base and flange 261 and letter A.
  6. Ok thanks to your information,but I already spent much money to this carburetor enter in Brazil and in my state(Rio Grande do Sul) too.I do not have hurry,because my PU is running very well after three months fighting with my fuel pump.
  7. I received now the following message from the seller: "we would just cut out slot on the gasket we sent.Thanks,Bob"
  8. The benefit to me is only because I never used the original Carter B&B.I use a Zenith 228 in my WWII GMC 353 2 1/2 ton 6x6 270 c.i.d.I still use in my B3-B Dodge the brazilian DFV.
  9. This is my case too.All IND engines are Crysler?
  10. http://www.carburetor-parts.com/BB-Gaskets_c_586.html