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  1. JBNeal now I understood.The first pic is mine engine with its oil filler tube CAP that does not allow the air enter to the crankcase.The second pic is from Bradley he sent me years ago,with filter in the crankcase filler tube.Thanks.
  2. Thanks JBNeal.If someone of this forum have a pic of this crankcase breather(?).I checked all its cap and I think its gasket is sealing the input of the air.🤔
  3. Mine oil filler tube cap does not have this breather.🧐
  4. These engines of the drawing are not "L" head type.Looking to the NOT POSITIVE ventilation drawing and reasoning with our "L" head six I ask:Where does the AIR enter to the crankcase?
  5. JBNeal,I found in my book.Positive and not positive ventilation.
  6. Its PCV(P? crankcase ventilating) maintenance I did in december,18th 2009.What is writen in this decal?I used kerosene to clean.How often to clean this PCV?
  7. Merle,I use a piece of tire tube to avoid the water throw in the filler oil tube.
  8. I always suspect that block drain cock throw water during the water change inside filler oil tube.I always use a piece of tire tube to avoid.About the starter I did not know.My PU always live outside in the serene and our region is very humid,but I believe now in head gasket failed too.I already believed in blow by the rings.I will check its PCV.Thanks very much.
  9. I believe to much in this way.But now after Bobacuda,Reg and Jeff I believe in head gasket failed too.
  10. A discussion about jeeps that don't drive much,condensation,etc.
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