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    WWII 1942 1/4 ton Jeep
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  1. Fernando Mendes

    Stupid carburetor!

  2. Fernando Mendes

    Stupid carburetor!

    Looks like no gasket inside idle system.
  3. Fernando Mendes

    Stupid carburetor!

    Try to identify all the idle circuit and clean with a wire.
  4. Fernando Mendes

    Oil Filter Gasket

  5. Fernando Mendes

    38 RC pickup, carb issue

    Sorry Reg,but I am not tired with my original Carter fuel pump.
  6. Fernando Mendes

    Heat Riser Confusion

  7. Fernando Mendes

    Carburetor identification

  8. Fernando Mendes

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    bach4660, I found today a register about a compression pressure of my IND-251 engine in june,25th 1989.It was with 110 psi.Almost 29 years after it is with 82psi average.
  9. Fernando Mendes

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    RATIO.........PRESSURE 6.5.................110 7.0.................120 7.5.................130 8.0.................140
  10. Fernando Mendes

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Wow.Now is more easy to find the compression pressure.Thanks.
  11. Fernando Mendes

    Fuel pump diaphragm

    I already sent to you a pic(figure) that shows how to separate the plunger.
  12. Fernando Mendes

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Yes,after I was watching a paper that says difference of 25.My engine differences is only 4 psi.And what do you think about the compression ratio and compression pressure? I was looking for in various papers but did not find nothing.In B3-B driver's manual does not have.Years ago a mechanic I had said to me he found 120,110psi in this same IND-251.Why now it is only 90,80?
  13. Fernando Mendes

    New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I think it really works.
  14. Fernando Mendes

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Each cylinder average: cylinder nr 1 :86,25 cylinder nr 2: 77,5 cylinder nr 3: 82,5 cylinder nr 4: 85 cylinder nr 5: 77,5 cylinder nr 6: 82,5 Total average:86,25+77,5+82,5+85+77,5+82,5=491,25 491,25:6cy=81,9psi. Cylinders nr 2 and nr 5 are with valve leakage or other problems(worn rings).I do not know which is the correct compression ratio nor compression pressure for mine IND-251.

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