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  1. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Today I measured the compression ratio of my IND-251c.i.d(psi) Nr 1cylinder:75,90,75,90,90. Nr 2 cylinder:40,80,70,80,80 Nr 3 cylinder:70,80,90,90 Nr 4 cylinder:80,90,90,80 Nr 5 cylinder:70,80,90,70 Nr 6 cylinder:70,90,90,70,80.
  2. Tappet Wrench

    I agree with 4mula-dlx.I already did this work.Withdrew the inner fender,used short wrenchs,not glove.Not running never.
  3. carb

  4. Compression Ratios.

    Which are the compression ratios for the various DCPD engines?(218,230,251)
  5. My next project.

  6. Photo’s of my Truck

  7. How to prepare for a leaky cylinder test?

  8. My original CARTER fuel pump.

  9. How to prepare for a leaky cylinder test?

    Hi guys.Sequence of the test.
  10. My original CARTER fuel pump.

  11. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    In two years I ran only 230 km or 143 miles.(jan16-jan18)
  12. How to remove the porcelain from a spark plug shell and install a tire valve in the shell by brazing?Anyone did this procedure?Anyone has pics showing?Thanks.Regards.
  13. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Sludge, as seen as a thick layer of congealed oil and crud at the bottom of the oil pan is probably mostly due to blowby from bad rings and contributed to by a poorly tuned engine as well as one that is not driven much. The condensation seen in the oil filler tube as a whitish/grey layer is definitely due to condensation. That is from a warm (not hot) engine being left in a damp, cold environment where moisture forms. This is usually pretty much eliminated once the jeep is driven for a few longer drives than just down to the store or the post office. If you take a few 30 mile plus drives then the engine and the oil will reach a temperature high enough to burn off the water vapors in the crankcase and oil filler tube. Again....starting with a well-tuned engine you can determine if you have sludge or not and checking the dipstick/oil filler tube after those few longer hot drives. Dropping the pan and cleaning out that sludge is a very GOOD maintenance plan as any bits of metal or chemicals in it that are unfriendly to bearings will be removed that way! Another friend's recommendation.
  14. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Page 9,Driver's Manual series B3-B,B3-C. Who is guilty? 1.Diaphragm fuel pump. 2.Worn piston rings. 3.Continuously operated below normal operating temperature.
  15. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Hi guys.I knew a news these days: "FUEL DOES NOT TURN OIL GREY,coolant does."