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  1. Then does not have a limit?Where can I find online repair manual?
  2. Hey Fernando. How are you doing? I was wondering if you might know this question. Do you know what the torque specs for oil pan bolts are. I was thinking it was 23 but wanted to make sure. That's for my 251
  3. Dodge medidas forro interno..bmp
  4. Thanks greg g.
  5. If is valid to Plymouth is too the other D C D.Can you send us this picture of figure 29?In my WWII 1942 Jeep manual have a figure that ties saying that #1 spark plug is in 0600 o' clock.
  6. Mine is pointing to 0400 o'clock.Many guys here said to me forget if my engine is ok.Then I forgot.But to me, if I want to put in 0700 o'clock(standard position) I only have first to put #1 piston in TDC,#1 plug wire turning both until 0700 o'clock(pulling up dizzy) and oil pump gear(pulling up pump) to the clockwise direction,number of tooth necessary.
  7. My E7T2 from ebay.
  8. I remember this too like Merle.Where are the cracks?Send us pics.
  9. *FLOAT SETTING:When using a SOLID needle,the distance from the top of float should be 5/64 inch(gauge T109-50),plus or minus 1/64 inch,below top surface of carbureter body casting.Float setting for SPRING loaded needle and seat assembly:place a .050" feeler gauge between lip of float and intake needle pin.With intake needle spring fully compressed,top of float should be 5/64 inch (1,98mm) (gauge T109-50) below top surface of carbureter body casting.Adjust by bending lip on float.