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  1. Fernando Mendes

    Flathead blowing oil out .

    Dodge 1957.bmp
  2. Fernando Mendes

    Flathead blowing oil out .

  3. Fernando Mendes

    Distributor Cap Trouble

    Do not use multimeter to check.It is not trustworthy.
  4. Fernando Mendes

    Distributor Cap Trouble

  5. Fernando Mendes

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    Turn your distributor in counterclockwise direction.
  6. Fernando Mendes

    P23 engine timing

    I set the timing of my PU using the #6 spark plug hole,when #6 intake valve begins to open.I put a little piece over the #6 spark plug hole,when this piece begins to rise, then there is the end of the exhaust stroke.In this same moment the #1 piston is in firing stroke.This method is prescribed in B3-B DRIVER'S MANUAL.
  7. Fernando Mendes

    P23 engine timing

    I gift I received from Dom Coatney years ago.
  8. Fernando Mendes

    P23 engine timing

  9. Fernando Mendes

    P23 engine timing

    Piston stop(#6 piston acess hole) or intake valve stop(#6 intake valve acess hole)?🤔
  10. Fernando Mendes

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

  11. Fernando Mendes

    39 D11 B/ coupe floor panel

  12. Fernando Mendes

    Fuel Pump

    But, when is occurring this leak in this weep hole,the engine has too a lack of power,ok?We have to check if the leak is not with oil.
  13. Fernando Mendes

    Oil filter canister

    I used cork under the cover.Used crush copper washer under the nut.Good luck.
  14. Fernando Mendes

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    when I go through the gears and in high (3rd) revved it up to around 45 mph the engine starts to spud-er and back fire and seems to loose power. I had this same problem about more ten years.While I did not disassemble my original fuel pump and restored it(cause:short stroke) this sympton continued.

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