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    Born in 1956 in Bishop, learned to drive in the Dodge that is in pictured on my site
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  1. Dolly's New sign

    I got vinyl lettering for Dolly's sign.. When I was in High School I had a wood headboard with the same sign.
  2. Vintage picture thread

    three pictures of my B2C, 1952, 1965, and 1974. My dad and grandfather are in the 65 one, my grandfather in the 52 photo. I was driving her in 74 in High School.. Two photos of our old 49. My brother has it now. The photo with the hay on the truck was about 1970. My brother and me on the back hauling hay from the field. The other is of Will and Joe Warlie, they worked form my grandfather. Will was killed in Korea (marine) in 1950, so the photo was between 49 and 50 when the truck was nearly new.
  3. Leaf Springs 2

    Well it was a busy few days with DD. I put on the old springs and found the driver side was about 1/2 lower than the passenger side at the axle to frame measurement. So I decided to take the old springs off and put the new springs on and after that there was about a 1/4 inch difference between the two sides at the axle. The rear frame measurement raised about 1 inch on the driver side, and about 1/2 inch on the passenger side with the new springs, but there still is about a 1/2 inch difference between the driver and passenger side. I emailed St. Louis Spring and they think the frame is twisted. He said he would build me a pad to put on the driver side to raise the truck 1/4, but I think I will let it be. He also offered to make me a main spring with the reverse lope (front loop up, back look down so the look like the old springs), they have been really helpful. I now can change those rear springs really quick...Attached are a couple of pictures of the new springs installed. I think eventually I would like to get my old ones re-arched and put them back. The thing I noticed about the new springs is they are much more stiff feeling. When I would step on the bumper with the old springs she felt spongy , now she is firm. I also ordered new rear shocks, the old ones are shot. I know they are at least 40 years old. I got new front ones last year.
  4. Leaf Springs 2

    Kendall, I wonder if you aren't correct, that flat spot is very precise looking. I noticed that second groove near the rivets too.
  5. Leaf Springs 2

    Hey, the spring hanger only looks shiny in the photo. It is rusted. Mainly the flash makes it look shiny, and I took a wire brush to the hanger to clean all the old dried up grease and dirt. Both sides were completely covered with crud. It was the hardest part of the job, cleaning those hangers/mounts off. You can see on the attached photo before I took the springs off that there was crud on the underside of the mount and the top of the old spring, on both sides.
  6. Leaf Springs 2

    I agree Merle, that is the story I came up with in my head too. I wish that old truck could talk.
  7. Leaf Springs 2

    I don't think the truck will sit any higher with the new springs. I put them side by side (old and new) on concrete, loops on the concrete and the eyes match up the same, and the height of the springs are the same, with the new ones being 3/16 lower. I don't think there is anything wrong with the old springs. They are the same height, arch the same.. I think the only issue was the shackle. That being said check out the photos of the rear spring hanger (driver and passenger sides). The driver side had a lot of contact with a spring at some point, it is nearly warn through on the bottom. The current driver side spring has no wear on it where it would have contacted the hanger, and it had a lot more paint remaining than the passenger side. I will bet it was replaced at some point. Anyway, the old truck cant tell me her story. SLS will not let me return the springs. Drat. Also attached is a photo of the new shackles and the old set (short and long).
  8. Leaf Springs 2

    Reg, it wasn't a matter of wanting it to ride higher, but that the driver side was 2 inches lower than the passenger side, folks always told me it was that the driver spring was worn out. But what it was instead was a short shackle on the rear of the driver side.. I also noticed tonight looking at the rear driver side spring hanger that it as a lot of wear on it from a spring rubbing, will post photo tomorrow.. I don't expect they will take the springs back either.. I will try and sell them or make wall hangers out of them, expensive mistake.
  9. Leaf Springs 2

    Hi: I am going to contact them. Trouble is it cost $100 to send them back. Anyway I will contact them. Thanks.
  10. Leaf Springs 2

    I got the old springs off, and they came out easily. All the bushings, nuts, everything came out easy. when I looked closely at the ST. Louis Springs I saw they were a bit different. My old springs the rear lope is toward the ground (front one up, rear one down). The SLS both loops are up. I sent them next to each other and they are the same height (SLS are about 3/16 lower, but with the design differences there is less arch in the SLS. I decided to clean up the old ones and put them back, both the old ones have the same arch. They seem in fine shape. There was no wear at all in any of the old bushings, the front pin is like new. I was surprised how good of shape everything was. In any event I will put the SLS for sale on the for sale section. A couple pictures, one of the old springs after cleaning the mud and rust of, then one of them after POR 15 and chassis black paint.. They look like new.
  11. Leaf Springs 2

    My tool I made for pulling the front pins on the rear spring, and my new rear springs. So cool.
  12. No run condition

    This probably isn't your issued, but I left a flat washer on the carb mount by accident, and then installed the carb. The truck wouldn't run, wouldn't back fire, nothing I went through all the checks and then happened to notice the washer. Felt like a fool. Sometimes it is little thing we don't think of, or mistakes we make, that cause issues
  13. Hand cranking

    I cranked started by 50 quite a few times over the years. It isn't hard if done correctly (as taught by my grandfather and the farm manager of our ranch back then). with the key off, and choke and throttle set to appropriate level for the engine, whether cold or hot, turn the engine over slowly a couple times, remember to keep your thumb over the crank and on top with the rest of your fingers, then stop with the crank handle at the bottom of a cycle (closest to the ground). Turn the key on, and give a quick/rapid pull up on the crank (don't crank/spin). Almost every time the engine will start first time. We have a 48 Case tractor with a crank start option and that method works well for it too. I made my dodge crank.
  14. Leaf Springs 2

    One other question, are the loop end on the shackle end of the spring threaded or not. My new ones are not. Yet I see threads in this forum that says they are. I haven't taken the old springs off yet
  15. heater motor