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  1. Bob Westphal, check your P M for some more info. Bob
  2. I don't really care what they call us, I guess. Just having some fun with the new deal. Gabby is probably accurate, Mr rockabilly.
  3. Joe, it's in a little salvage place in a fellow's woods not far west of town. Kind of his back yard. He will sell parts - I have bought some things. Need to go back to look for certain other things.
  4. He does, Richie. But I'm thinking David Maxwell has one of the original type knobs like this one. Not sure if they are MoPar, or aftermarket items. Pete made his with a micro switch from Radio Shack...I have bought one of those, but saw this.....maybe easier than drilling, installing and wiring a switch. Or maybe not. We will eventually see. Don't recall seeing one of these for sale previously.
  5. Tim mentioned the thing I was thinking of....straight up shift lever. Also there is a tape player in the dash, and no clutch pedal as this has a Chevy V8 and evidently an automatic trans, operated by the original shift lever. Probably just have to know where the gears are. Reason the horn button and dash look different - it's a Deluxe (not Spec Deluxe) which does not have the fancy horn ring and radio grill chrome in the middle.
  6. Used the "insert" method......the yellow envelope with a mountain on it above when posting.
  7. For using pictures larger than the "manage attachments" feature will allow. This one is 600 x 450 pixels, or 119K. It took reading someone else's post about this feature....I had not discovered it yet.
  8. Looks like your back yard kinda jumps off there.....hope all your brakes on the vehicles are working.
  9. If the pic is too large to load on the forum, just put in the link in the message for folks to click on. (cut and paste the url line) I just did that with some photos from ebay that proved to be too large. They are in the message about do you see something unusual in this picture.
  10. Have to click on the link....too big to load in space alloted. http://www.asdinc.com/49plymouth/Picture%20022.jpg It's in this car for sale: http://www.asdinc.com/49plymouth/Picture%20095.jpg
  11. Looks as if the seller needs to trim his bushes. Kind of an interesting picture, however. Just tossing it out for entertainment.
  12. Brad, I'm not too fond of the all numbers thing, even tho it describes your vehicle. Should I address you as "Dear 1951" since I probably won't recall the name attached to the numbers???? Just my own opinion, of course. What I did for my name was.....take the original BobT and then added "-47P15". That was the only thing that came to mind at first. It can always be revised later if desired. Interesting watching the changes being made.
  13. It is rather nice to see where people are located. I tend to forget who is where. Conversely, I guess if you don't want anyone to know where you are, you can make up some fictitious thing to go in the space.
  14. Norm, I see what you mean about the e-mail messages. Seems to be no record. The one I sent you earlier did not turn up on my home email listing as sent mail....since it originated here. And as you said, there is no record of that mail on the forum. So, maybe PM is better so a record is kept.
  15. Norm, you may already have done this, but when you get into the Private Message section, there is a box marked "Private Messages in Folder". Inside that is a smaller box marked "Folder Controls". It contains the green bar which will change colors for sent/received messages. On the "Jump To Folder" box, you have two choices.....sent messages and inbox. Just click on the v at the end to view the choices. Whichever one you click on, will display either received or sent messages below. It tells to whom they were sent. Maybe this will help some.
  16. Welcome James. Join in the fun and information. Another person with info to share is good.
  17. ......overdrive kickdown gearshift knob. Earlier tonite. Is this like the one you have, David Maxwell?? (click on thumbnail to enlarge) Now, all I gotta do is send some guy money.
  18. Looks great, Chet. More fun things to keep you occupied. It's nice that it is so original. Not many of that age so good.
  19. From Junior Member. Must have to do with the number of posts made. So far have done 32. What comes next, "middle aged member"? "Old timer member"??? Guess the system automatically calls us something. I'm a "FNG" on the HAMB. I think you go from that to "Grenade Inspector". Like the "member" thing just fine so far.
  20. Brad WHO????? The signatures might be disabled ???? Not sure about that, tho.
  21. Nelson, looks as if it worked just fine.
  22. I sent you a note re-stating what the e-mail said.
  23. Pete, thanks for the info. It occurs to me maybe someone needs to compile a list of such things as they discover them. Then a bit down the road, impart that info to everyone again. Or maybe make it a sticky. I have discovered a certain few things, but have wondered how others do other things. Some people have more compooter savvy than the others. So if you draw them a picture, make it simple as possible, maybe they can get a grip....like me. Yours for more fun with old cars and computers. Bob
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