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  1. I sent you a note re-stating what the e-mail said.
  2. Pete, thanks for the info. It occurs to me maybe someone needs to compile a list of such things as they discover them. Then a bit down the road, impart that info to everyone again. Or maybe make it a sticky. I have discovered a certain few things, but have wondered how others do other things. Some people have more compooter savvy than the others. So if you draw them a picture, make it simple as possible, maybe they can get a grip....like me. Yours for more fun with old cars and computers. Bob
  3. You can send private, off the big screen, messages to another without going to their home e-mail. When they come on board there would be a note by their name saying they have a PM. You can also tell them you will be sending them a PM, so they will be sure to look there. So, that eliminates getting off the forum, going to regular email to communicate, then having to return to the forum, etc.
  4. Bob, I agree, there are more things to do at certain points. I am starting to get a handle on some of them. The first thing that struck me about the new and old formats was: the old one was what I would call an "open" style....kind of like a sheet of paper with lines written on it. The new one is "compartmentalized" by having the boxes containing the various topics, etc. Just my take on stuff. I have an icon on my desktop to click right to the site, I usually do not "log out", so I don't have to log back in. Try to keep that part simple as I can. You can post with the "quick reply" or make a bit bigger production by posting a complete new message with heading. This is the quick reply. It seems there is something about adding a photo to the quick reply I don't yet understand, however. Eventually will figure it out. I have reduced to size of most pictures in my album because this program will not accept over a certain size in pixels. Ahh, today's modern computer age......
  5. Ed....I sent a note to your home email about that.
  6. Now, that was pretty easy, wasn't it Richie????? I thought I saw a pic of your car in the members listing pages.
  7. I'm pretty sure that when new, the P15 Plymouth convertible had dash and window frames that matched the exterior color, but the steering wheel and column were brown. I have seen many that were re-done, and the steering wheel/column matched the interior of the car. I painted my dash, frames and wheel maroon to go with the inteirior. Depends on whether you want originality or color co-ordination in your interior. Click-a da link to view mine: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Petey%20Plymouth%201/9b5d8395.jpg In your case, if airwing gray is light, then maybe a complimentary but a bit darker grey for the steering wheel, etc.
  8. As I recall, I think David Maxwell may be interested, and also Gary Manes. Gary lives in Oklahoma, but not sure just how far from Tulsa.
  9. Jerome, I guess you could call these mirrors pictured in the P15 Parts Manual stock mirrors. Otherwise, it was what the particular dealership chose to install or what the owner went out and bought. The left ones are those cowl mounted ones or "swan neck". The other is the clip onto the door edge type. As I recall, the new 1946 Plymouth my parents bought had a rectangular outside clip on mirror.....like those I posted earlier.
  10. Pete, it's about 100 miles from Joplin to Tulsa. There is some of old Rt 66 that can be driven from here. The route is along 11th Street (i think) in Tulsa. Can an non--POC member sneak in on their group rate? Dtr and son-in-law may come with us. Click on link to see where the car is buried in front of the court building. Can just barely see the placque on the ground: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Tulsa%20Pics/100_2786.jpg Here's a pic of the placque itself: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Tulsa%20Pics/100_2789.jpg This old cafe, the Metro Diner, on 11th St, is probably gone by now due to expansion of the college next door: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Tulsa%20Pics/100_2798.jpg
  11. I looked at that earlier today.... Yes, lots of nice pics and I would wager, more to come once others figger out how to post them. I'm beginning to get the hang of some things now. I believe the migration has begun.
  12. Neil Riddle had a nice item....3 still in original wrap.
  13. The 0 and 100 are farther down on the DeSoto item - closer to the bottom edge than the Plym. Wonder if it would work on a Plym anyway?? They are probably the same overall physical size.
  14. Norm, guess the point of that car is - after you been in that cocktail lounge for several hours, you won't know if you're coming or going anyway. Or, you might think you are seeing things. I certainly would not mind having those wire wheels.
  15. Went to album. Clicked on the URL box below the picture. Did not enlarge it first. The picture is sized to 640 by 480 pixels in the album. They usually first come in at about 1248 pixels, then I downsize them for use on the forum so they will not be too huge. Copied, then pasted that URL in the Manage Attachments box here. So now, when you click on thumbnail, it opens to a bigger size. It seems the program would only accept 3 pictures....so is there a max number you can do this thumbnail thing with?
  16. Right, Bob. Now I have to figure out what it is that makes them be larger, like the wagon picture.
  17. Has anyone tried using the rectangular ones? They stick out farther and may offer some sort of better view. Or maybe not. That's the style that was on the family P15 sedan when new in 1946. This pair is offered by Sharantique on ebay.....some of their stuff is a bit cheapie, so I gather. Therefore, don't know the actual quality of this pair. Link to the ad: http://cgi.ebay.com/RECTANGULAR-DOOR-EDGE-MOUNT-MIRRORS-2_W0QQitemZ6618531559QQihZ012QQcategoryZ418QQcmdZViewItem Of course, you would turn them where the length is parallel to the ground. Just a thought, for whatever it may be worth.
  18. Saw this Dodge at Mt Vernon, MO recently sitting at a radiator shop. They said the current owner had only had it about a month. I'm sure it's the same car I saw a few months ago over in Kansas sitting on a dealer's car hauler trailer. I think it's a 51 model, but might be a 52, It is original in a lot of ways, so I took a few pics for the benefit of anyone interested. Dash and window frames are sort of a speckled grey color. Seats seemed to be original. A Coronet series with fluid drive. Click to view car: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Dodge%20Pics/000_0171.jpg This link should take you to my photobucket album to view all the shots. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Dodge%20Pics/ You can then click on each picture to enlarge it. Maybe this will work for people with dialup.
  19. OK. Trying this with two pics. Hmm, they did not open up to be as large as yours. I was able to edit the thing and add these comments.
  20. OK, Charlie, how did you do the thumbnail thing. Might be good for the dialup fellows. Bob
  21. Norm, if a link is posted, does it open up OK, or does that still take too long. Click on this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Cruise-ins%20and%20shows/IM004900.jpg
  22. I always have trouble deciphering those dang numbers and letters in that little rectangle with assorted colors. On some the colors rather obscured the letter. But I finally found one I could read after goofing up a few times. I think its gonna be OK once we all get the hang of it and get comfortable. About those pictures taking a long time to open (or not at all) for dialup users, I think we can post a link to click on that will bring up the pic from the photo album. Like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Cruise-ins%20and%20shows/IM004926.jpg Might help in some cases.
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