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  1. Likely for a "freeze plug". I will let those with more knowledge answer......
  2. Went to the local battery warehouse store last week and noticed this item.....a small battery jumper unit at a reasonable price. (The largest size offered was three hundred and some dollars....they say it's capable of starting a semi) This one sells in their store for $116.00....is 12 volt and 1000 amps. NOCO "Genius" model GB40. My Plymouth is still 6 volt....which I have jumped with 12 volts on past occasions. I just remove the jumper as soon as I can once the engine starts. This one is charged via a usb cable which I plugged in using the wall adapter from my cell phone. It comes with a cigarette lighter type plug to charge from a vehicle. The reason I bought this thing is because I drove the car last Saturday in the Veterans Day parade and wanted a dependable method to restart it in case it died and was being hard to start. My battery is fairly new and I even put a trickle charger on it overnight before the parade. The car ultimately ran fine even in the cold weather (in the teens). The heater worked as good as it works, but took longer to heat up due to the new more efficient cooling radiator. And, the speedo cable made strange squalling noises while the needle went berserk..... As usual, it's always something. The fun of old cars.
  3. Is the thermostat ln the head....right where the radiator hose neck attaches to the head? There are usually some heat range choices for a thermostat......cooler or hotter.
  4. S M S Fabric company is also a source of vintage cloth.....but pretty pricey. If there are any fabric wholesale suppliers in your part of the country, (where local auto shops buy their goods) you might take time and visit them in person. Sometimes when you explain what you are working on, they may allow you to look in the warehouse or back room where they may still have some old style fabrics. It might be good to find some pictures of what you would like to use...for their benefit. My son in law got the two colors and materials he used on my car from a place in Kansas City, MO that went out of business. I visited there once and they had a lot of old stuff.... the place had been around since just after WW II. Otherwise, try to get acquainted with some local upholstery shop owner who may be able to help in various ways. It seems pretty impossible to find the rubber mats for the floor, so I just went with loop pile auto carpet.
  5. A friend told me last night he will be going to Palm Springs, CA later this month (Nov) and while there will attend at least part of a McCormick vintage car auction. He mentioned that one car offered is a 1947 P15 two seat coupe which has been chopped and customized, even sitting on a different frame. I rather like the look of it from the few pictures I have attempted to borrow from the auction site. Has Chevy running gear and frame. Just posting because it's another old Plymouth someone has saved and made into something usable (whether we each like it or not). Owner Comments: 1947 Plymouth Club Coupe converted to Business Coupe. Custom grill. Frenched headlights. Ferrari Blue Roof has been chopped 4.5 inches. Charcoal gray tweed interior. Airbags for safety. Frenched custom dash. Electric windows w/remote. Tilt steering. Memory stick and blue tooth stereo. 5 speakers. Dual exhaust. Glass Packs. 1970 350 Chevy engine. RV cam. Oversize radiator with electric fan. 700 R4 transmission. Genie floor shifter. Resting on a 1978 El Camino chassis. Air ride Suspension with 4 separate controllers. 2:73 Rear end ratio built for cruising.
  6. I'm using the B F Goodrich branded ww radials sold by Coker (about $250 each) in 215R15....makes the car drive better but harder to turn at very low speed. I then bought one of the American Classic brand radials that look like bias ply for a spare.....670 x 15....(about $250)…..so it will fit into the spare tire well. My spare bias tire was many years old and it was due for replacement. So now all 5 tires are radials. Mounted on 1955 Chrysler wire spoke wheels with original drum brakes. Old bias ply Goodyear Double Eagle spare on left......new bias look radial on right. Width of white wall just slightly larger on new tire. Have never driven a car running a set of narrow radials. Tread design of narrow radial. Sorry for the duplicate first pictures but I can't figure out how to delete one of them.
  7. My thoughts and condolences to Bob's family. He was a really neat guy and I enjoyed reading his stories about his travels. On his way to Josh's home, they passed through the edge of Joplin, where I live, on the interstate and he sent me a brief note to say hello.
  8. Placement of air filter decal...….
  9. Bob was living in Oklahoma at the home of his son Josh. They have been keeping friends informed via Facebook. Their name on FB is: Joshua Diana Drown. He gave that cancer as good a fight as he could....will miss his stories and pictures.
  10. It's possible the rear bumper might be upside down.....sure looks to stick out on the ends more than usual. That trunk handle is perfectly normal ….. it was used on all of Mopar's cars in the late 40s. There is a license plate light at the very top of that handle with a removable glass lens. And a key lock just above the handle. Here is the trunk handle on mine...…….. My rear bumper stands out from the fender a few inches...….. And.....I have no idea where I got my stainless trim pieces for the rear quarter, as they come to a more narrow and tapered point than most P15 trim. Most that you see is like that on the green coupe......more blunt with a taper mainly on one side. Another "old Plymouth mystery". When I bought the car in 1973 all trim including the grill had been removed ….. perhaps because it was taken to a body shop for accident damage repair on the passenger side. There was NO trim with it at all. So everything on it was removed from some version of a P15 in salvage yards in the 1970s......when there were still quite a few yards (and old Mopars) in existence.
  11. Pretty sure the white reflectors are correct.
  12. I had to replace my original radiator with a new aluminum one this summer. Did not care for the nice shiny aluminum tank, so I masked off the fin area and painted the top and bottom tanks and side pieces gloss black (Krylon with primer). Also found a welding shop that cut out a pie shaped piece from the radiator neck to change it from a 90 degree to approx. 45 degree angle.
  13. Yep.....that's it Mr.Special Deluxe. Those seem to be pretty hard to find at swap meets nowadays. Thanks for the pic.
  14. Ol Guy spotted the thing I did......that the stainless trim appears to be installed upside down. :Look at the slant on the end of the trim. Re the bumper(s)...neither has guards. However some cars back then came without at least one pair of them, but I don't recall on which end. Re: the heater stuff.....it does appear someone has added an intake box, large hose and who knows what else to presumably upgrade the system. Would be interesting to know how well that worked. Makes you wonder what either the owner or some shop really knows about the components of a P15. I do like that "pea green" color......back in high school I had a friend who bought one that color. Of course, he later shaved the hood, split the manifold, did some other stuff, and painted it "candy apple red."
  15. I found relays on the firewall of Plymouths from the early 50s.
  16. Although there have been some observations made about the car (with which I agree) the one small-ish detail seen in the two pictures mentioned has not yet been detected yet.
  17. Another hard to find item is the miniature stop light (like a traffic light) that hooked into your stop light switch and changed colors when you stopped.
  18. What book is that blind picture in? Things like that were usually sold by the J C Whitney company, a purveyor of many aftermarket accessory items in the 40s--60s.
  19. The one for my 47 PLYMOUTH looks like this one......I am borrowing a picture from ebay….click on the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-OEM-1946-1947-1948-1949-Mopar-Plymouth-Dodge-Bumper-Jack-Lot-2/163341538710?epid=22020933903&hash=item2607ea1596:g:rEQAAOSwKMxbM-vH:rk:2:pf:0&vxp I don't know if Dodge was different.
  20. click on link to see picture...….then go to pic 3 or 5 and enlarge. Just for fun. Not-a my car. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-Plymouth-Special-Deluxe-Coupe/253941006413?hash=item3b2010404d:g:NB8AAOSwjhdbyeYN:rk:19:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  21. Yes.....looks like a lot of potential there. Welcome to the forum. I believe your car would have come with 15" rims.
  22. Yes....Mr. Coatney incorporated several unique features in that ol blue Plymouth. You know, that car once made it from Murfreesboro, TN to Tulsa, OK (back in '07) for "The Big Race", a road race against Pete "Blueskies" Anderson from Utah or Montana (I forget which)....in conjunction with the raising of "The Buried 1957 Plymouth". I witnessed the event.....all the while trying to keep up and take pictures. That blue car was pretty fast. Don may have additional comments. Oh yes.....one time a forum member named Norm and I met Don in Murfreesboro for lunch and received a ride in old Blue to check out his handiwork. Good times. (Don, Me, Norm.....L to R)
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