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  1. click on link to see picture...….then go to pic 3 or 5 and enlarge. Just for fun. Not-a my car. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-Plymouth-Special-Deluxe-Coupe/253941006413?hash=item3b2010404d:g:NB8AAOSwjhdbyeYN:rk:19:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  2. Yes.....looks like a lot of potential there. Welcome to the forum. I believe your car would have come with 15" rims.
  3. Yes....Mr. Coatney incorporated several unique features in that ol blue Plymouth. You know, that car once made it from Murfreesboro, TN to Tulsa, OK (back in '07) for "The Big Race", a road race against Pete "Blueskies" Anderson from Utah or Montana (I forget which)....in conjunction with the raising of "The Buried 1957 Plymouth". I witnessed the event.....all the while trying to keep up and take pictures. That blue car was pretty fast. Don may have additional comments. Oh yes.....one time a forum member named Norm and I met Don in Murfreesboro for lunch and received a ride in old Blue to check out his handiwork. Good times. (Don, Me, Norm.....L to R)
  4. Not having owned a car like yours, am just guessing here.......look or feel on the back side of the horn ring center, around the center of the wheel for any recessed holes that may contain bolts to attach the horn ring from the rear side. If there are no holes/bolts on the back side of the wheel center, then I think there is a method of gently prying out the horn center. Hopefully some true experts will add better info. Do you have a parts or repair manual for your car?
  5. If the lights by the license plate are the only brake lights......which I suspect they are.....then a person can probably run a wire off each side to each tail light after changing to double contact sockets and bulbs. That's generally how it works with a 46-48 Plymouth which originally only used the triangular lense in the middle of the trunk for a brake light.
  6. Looks like a really great event. The cars are all top notch. Glad to see two of our U.S. brothers (and wives) were able to attend. I know they are both P15 owners. Thanks for the report.
  7. (Well, I'll be doggone. Just when you think you know most everything about a P15, someone comes up with a (new thing........differences in that front of hood ornament...... Now I will have to go look at mine in detail. (I won't have an original one to my car as all chrome had been removed before I found and purchased it. (I think mine was built in Detroit and is a '47 model. I found this pic in my album.......it also shows the letters U S A below the ship............. I think this one is currently on the car.......
  8. Well, I'll be doggone. Just when you think you know most everything about a P15, someone comes up with a new thing........differences in that front of hood ornament...... Now I will have to go look at mine in detail. I won't have an original one to my car as all chrome had been removed before I found and purchased it. I think mine was built in Detroit and is a '47 model.
  9. Also useful.....would get the actual Mopar books first........can find these on eBay usually..........just have to get the correct year range.
  10. One of the most important and helpful books is the P15 parts manual. Not perfect, but a very good source of identifying numerous items. Sometimes you have to go to the back and read through the listing of numerous small parts that make up some larger item. P15 owners manual......nice to have, not much technical info. Book on the right......P15 service manual......is the other best book along with parts book. The red, white and grey manual has pretty much the same stuff as the lower right one.
  11. Yep.....with some of the old diagrams, you gotta use your imagination and add the wire if ya want power...... When new, those high beam indicators had a red lens inside them so they would be red when high beams were on. A long time ago on this forum there was a discussion on how various people made replacement lenses. You need something that the light will show through.
  12. tube screws onto back side of hi beam indicator bezel, then bulb with socket inserted in end of tube.
  13. Right.......what he said. There might possibly be a bolt holding the bottom cushion clips in place. Get a nice bright light and look at the front bottom edge of the seat.......see if there are two metal tabs or loops with bolts. If not, just apply pressure to push the cushion to the rear and up......it is held in place by spring type pressure.
  14. OK......thanks. I wasn't sure which it had..... my 47 Plym convt has the vacuum system. I have sent a personal message to a certain old Plymouth parts vendor I know asking if he might have those rocker chrome clips. Hopefully will receive a reply fairly quickly.
  15. Beautiful car Shawn. Glad you have gotten it restored. Is the top operated by an electric motor or the older vacuum system?
  16. The frame serial number (which is the same as the number on the original engine) on my 1947 Plymouth is on the driver side frame rail, toward the top edge of it, about six inches in front of the gas tank filler neck. It is stamped into the frame, so you will probably need a wire brush to knock off accumulated road grime and perhaps paint. It should start with the model designation of your car...........mine begins with "P15" followed by more numbers.
  17. I think there is a company doing the plastic chroming in or near St. Louis, MO. At one time, they were a regular metal chrome shop, then made a change to plastic. I can't now recall the business name or exact location.....probably a google search might locate someone there.
  18. Technostalga does offer a complete LED P15 tail light unit .... which in my opinion looks real good. It is all plastic but only comes in 12 volts. Definitely brighter and easier to see. For a while they also made a 6 volt light, which is what I have....but have stopped making them due to low demand. I don't think they made them for any other models. If you have questions, you should be able to contact Todd at Technostalga. Should be a phone number on their website.
  19. Attended the Springfield, MO swap meet on Sat Aug 18......I would say it's the largest swap in the state, held at the Ozark Empire Fair grounds Admission is your $5 parking fee. Went through the car corral and took pictures of things I saw that interested me and hopefully a few others. Unfortunately, as with most swap meets, 1947 Plymouth stuff is not easily found. I found a couple guys who had restored a P15 for someone and had some assorted pieces left over......bought a few things that interested me for $20 and left the rest for someone else. Hopefully this link to my PhotoBucket online album will work so anyone can look at the cars I saw at the swap. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/BobT3/media/Spfld Swap Meet 8-2018/DSC00500.jpg.html?sort=3&o=38
  20. Yes......you can find usable plastic clips nowadays, plus there are some metal ones that you break off the bar to the desired length. And, I think, some with metal "whiskers" that you kind of twist into the piece of trim. There are some fellows selling reproduction trim clips for our old cars also, if you can find them. I didn't realize how different the Dodge stainless is from the P15 trim. Your photos helped.
  21. Radials will definitely improve the ride and more important the handling. My old bias ply tires wanted to follow the ruts and grooves in the road......the radials will remove most of that. They are harder to turn at very slow speeds or while stopped. If there is some play in the front end, they will probably help lessen that.
  22. Hi Kirk. I went to the hotel about 10:30 tonight (Sat) and visited with a group of folks for a while. Sorry I missed you. Thanks for the pictures.....a lot of nice vehicles.
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