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  1. Your steering may be tight because you have that "tightening adjustor screw" cranked down too tight. Been a long time since I messed with it, but I think it's that bolt with the star washers on top of the steering box. If this is not correct....somebody please correct me. (One time I cranked things down real tight......made the steering wheel hard to turn but really did not improve the worn steering system looseness.)
  2. One day several years ago I was driving down the street and the car, which had been running OK (as I recall) backfired. Yes, the muffler was a lot fatter after that. Now I'm using a later model resonator muffler, which we happened to have lying around at the time. It generally works alright, but is a little louder than stock. Sources of mufflers should be parts stores and muffler shops.
  3. In looking at various Plymouth parts for sale, I saw a new name in the ads __ "moparpro" ___so I sent them a message. Their reply was "same company--new name". Their previous name was Vintage American Parts (of Farmingdale, N Y) owned, I believe, by a Mr. Warshaw. Just passing this on for general information.
  4. I believe they switched from 16 to 15 inch wheels about midway through the 1947 model year. Yes. there are two styles of headlight rims (with and without a flange). and both red and white reflectors......but I don't know the dates either were used. Regarding radios......I believe the long-ish single piece unit was the correct factory radio (as opposed to the one with the body of the radio on the firewall and a separate tuning head. Radios back then were installed by the dealers and perhaps some dealer had a source of the non factory units and liked to use them.
  5. Well said Rich. Season's greetings from our house to everyone on this Forum. Hope that 2019 is a better year. Bob Toft Joplin, MO.
  6. Hi Clay. Have you checked with Desert Valley Auto (and truck) Parts in Phoenix? They seem to have some trucks in their collection. Phone is 800-905-8024. Website; : https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=desert+vintage+truck+salvage+parts&qpvt=desert+vintage+truck+salvage+parts&FORM=IGRE
  7. My turn signal unit is only maybe an inch below the wheel on it's back side. I now have a different switch from the one shown......which has a rubber wheel that presses against the back of the steering wheel and cancels the signal following a turn. Mine is a 7 wire unit.
  8. Here is one version of hooking up turn signals. Hopefully it may be helpful.
  9. To DJ194950................Yes You are correct. Sometime in the 1970s I purchased a local car, a 1955 Chrysler Saratoga New Yorker two door hardtop which had those wheels. Removed them and replaced with original style steel rims.....then re-sold the Chrysler. Would have been a nice car with quite a bit of work ..... had a hemi and a continental kit spare, was two tone green and cream. Have run those wire wheels ever since with no problems so far.
  10. You might check with this place located in a suburb of Springfield, MO, I think they do manual as well as power steering boxes. http://www.powersteering.com/ They also do a thing called Fast Ratio Conversion......could maybe be interesting.
  11. There is a website called "carnut.com" by a guy who has gone to many car shows and photographed lots of old cars...many of them customs. There are many colors of paint to see on these non original vehicles. The more varieties you see.....may help you decide what color you like best. There are cars listed by make and year on that site. http://carnut.com/ Plymouth section: http://carnut.com/photo/list/ply40.html
  12. Of course I like yellow,,,,but it probably would not look so good on a sedan. If you do black.....perhaps medium grey or medium tan rims with wheel trim rings.
  13. I see at least two woody wagons and one convertible in that picture. It also serves to show there were NO two tone P15s........all were a solid color. Don't see any of those white metal wheel trim rings either. Perhaps they did not use them in 46. Neat picture.
  14. Yes.....most all small salvage yards are gone in my area. It's good they were still here in the mid 70s as I had to find all the exterior stainless and chrome trim for my car.....it had been removed before I found it in a salvage place. I was also able back then to buy spares of many small items for the Plymouth which I have used over the years since 1973 when I got the car. Many items are still available on eBay but the price is much higher now. If I find something needed currently, I just have to pay the price and go on.
  15. As far as I know, the P15 caps should fit the 52. There are two outside diameter caps for a P15......a 9 inch size for the Deluxe (cheaper) model, and a 10 inch o d for the Special Deluxe. The inner dimension is the same on both. You could measure the I D of the newer and older caps. There have been a few "baby moon" type caps for old Mopar rims, but they are pretty much impossible to find. I don't know what other type fits our rims. There is an ad on ebay for a 51-52 Plym cap per the seller.....if you have some like that and maybe use steel wool to remove any red paint, they would resemble baby moons at a glance..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-1952-Plymouth-Hubcap-Wheel-Cover-Concord-Cambridge-Cranbrook-Mopar/264050072047?hash=item3d7a9c59ef:g:REQAAOSwpY5b6GDh
  16. In a post a few days ago, the subject of rear window venetian blinds came up. As usual, some liked them and some did not. Today I discovered on our favorite shopping site (e---) a fellow who professes to sell new blinds for P15s and others. I included a link to this fellow in the forum page for mention of other web sites and pages. Putting this note here as I don't know how many look at the referrals page.
  17. Daniel L...….click on this link which should take you to a website done by a fellow in California a few years ago. He had a super nice restoration of a P15 four door. He went to a lot of trouble to determine the correct upholstery materials. Hopefully his work will be helpful to you. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/bojeta/indexpage2.html
  18. Likely for a "freeze plug". I will let those with more knowledge answer......
  19. Went to the local battery warehouse store last week and noticed this item.....a small battery jumper unit at a reasonable price. (The largest size offered was three hundred and some dollars....they say it's capable of starting a semi) This one sells in their store for $116.00....is 12 volt and 1000 amps. NOCO "Genius" model GB40. My Plymouth is still 6 volt....which I have jumped with 12 volts on past occasions. I just remove the jumper as soon as I can once the engine starts. This one is charged via a usb cable which I plugged in using the wall adapter from my cell phone. It comes with a cigarette lighter type plug to charge from a vehicle. The reason I bought this thing is because I drove the car last Saturday in the Veterans Day parade and wanted a dependable method to restart it in case it died and was being hard to start. My battery is fairly new and I even put a trickle charger on it overnight before the parade. The car ultimately ran fine even in the cold weather (in the teens). The heater worked as good as it works, but took longer to heat up due to the new more efficient cooling radiator. And, the speedo cable made strange squalling noises while the needle went berserk..... As usual, it's always something. The fun of old cars.
  20. Is the thermostat ln the head....right where the radiator hose neck attaches to the head? There are usually some heat range choices for a thermostat......cooler or hotter.
  21. S M S Fabric company is also a source of vintage cloth.....but pretty pricey. If there are any fabric wholesale suppliers in your part of the country, (where local auto shops buy their goods) you might take time and visit them in person. Sometimes when you explain what you are working on, they may allow you to look in the warehouse or back room where they may still have some old style fabrics. It might be good to find some pictures of what you would like to use...for their benefit. My son in law got the two colors and materials he used on my car from a place in Kansas City, MO that went out of business. I visited there once and they had a lot of old stuff.... the place had been around since just after WW II. Otherwise, try to get acquainted with some local upholstery shop owner who may be able to help in various ways. It seems pretty impossible to find the rubber mats for the floor, so I just went with loop pile auto carpet.
  22. A friend told me last night he will be going to Palm Springs, CA later this month (Nov) and while there will attend at least part of a McCormick vintage car auction. He mentioned that one car offered is a 1947 P15 two seat coupe which has been chopped and customized, even sitting on a different frame. I rather like the look of it from the few pictures I have attempted to borrow from the auction site. Has Chevy running gear and frame. Just posting because it's another old Plymouth someone has saved and made into something usable (whether we each like it or not). Owner Comments: 1947 Plymouth Club Coupe converted to Business Coupe. Custom grill. Frenched headlights. Ferrari Blue Roof has been chopped 4.5 inches. Charcoal gray tweed interior. Airbags for safety. Frenched custom dash. Electric windows w/remote. Tilt steering. Memory stick and blue tooth stereo. 5 speakers. Dual exhaust. Glass Packs. 1970 350 Chevy engine. RV cam. Oversize radiator with electric fan. 700 R4 transmission. Genie floor shifter. Resting on a 1978 El Camino chassis. Air ride Suspension with 4 separate controllers. 2:73 Rear end ratio built for cruising.
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