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  1. Well......I've never tried to take a trunk handle apart. I have one that was worked on by a "locksmith" who might have been good with some sorts of locks.... but not so much with my P15 trunk lock. It's been quite a while since he made a key that barely works and messed up some other part in there. I would have to find that item in my collection of spares to see what was messed up. I simply found another decent handle and went on. Sorry I don't have a better answer. Bob
  2. I think the vendor used to be Frank Mitchell Mopar who seemed to have a big warehouse full of good old stuff. I don't know if Frank is still around or who is running the place now. I bought some sill plates for the 47 Plymouth from the fellow who designed them and had them produced for around $250. So that price is in the neighborhood.
  3. I use 215-75R-15 radials on my 47 Plymouth.....which seem like the best size to me. 225 should probably work ok.
  4. I haven't read all the posts, so someone may have already made this comment. Regarding the Charlotte Ivory color......I believe that color and Sumac Red (a dark red) were only used on convertibles and woody wagons in the P15 models. I did see the Ivory you sprayed looks good...and nothing says you can't use that color for a sedan if you want to. Just thought I would add a little info everyone might not know. You're making good progress......
  5. You can see my 1947 Plym rear bumper is the short one....... But the front is longer....possibly close to the rear one you're looking for.....
  6. I have two non original horns hidden under the hood plus a 6v siren I need to put back on. The original horns do need a new wire that runs down thru the steering column then they will work also. Always something you can tinker with on these old cars.......that's part of the fun.
  7. A 47 Dodge owned by another Canadian.........bumper same as a P15 Plymouth.....????. https://www.flickr.com/photos/daveseven/8495487986/in/photostream/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/daveseven/8495487344/in/photostream/
  8. The rear bumper on that black coupe looks odd to me......it seems to stand out from the body further than others and is notably longer (larger) than other P15s.... wrapping around the fender further. Maybe the company used an odd bumper for a period of time back then. As far as the brackets.....you would need to change brackets to install another shorter version of the bumper.
  9. Somewhere...in the reference section of this website, is a factory list of colors for numerous items on the car. Which items were painted and which were a natural metal finish. My engine stuff is pretty much either silver or black. I had to replace my original radiator as it could no longer be repaired.....so I went with an aluminum model. But I did not care for the shiny top and frame......so I masked off the core and painted the rest black. Can not use those air fins on top without having mounting brackets made and attached to the new rad. Will the average spectator at a car show know the difference???? I suspect not. (I do need to put the horns back on.)
  10. Looking good. As you probably know....originally those fins on the radiator and covers of the horns were black and the hood latch plate was a natural silver metal color. However the grey (or blue) gives your car a unique look.
  11. I think the left rear wheel cover and the one on that tire attached to the boom on the trunk came from a 49 or 50 Pontiac.
  12. There are brackets welded to top of the radiator to attach those metal fins. I recently replaced my original radiator with an aluminum model....so now no place to attach the fins. However a welding shop can make attaching pieces if a person wants to go to the trouble and expense. Seems as if my new rad heats up more quickly than the original.......wonder if the fins would direct a bit more air through it.
  13. My various P15 Plymouths over the years have had rubber mat with horsehair type carpet in the rear. Several years ago I bought a n o s front mat....it was ok for a while, then it began splitting due to age. So I now have matching carpets front & rear. I also replaced the missing rubber trunk mat with that carpet, which is a darkish red. Goes with my interior. A person could use black carpet to more closely resemble the rubber. I think there is some roll rubber material available at Lowes and probably other places.
  14. Here's a picture of the Jiffy Jet windshield washer system used in the late 40s. Not sure how long they used it. Was operated by the foot pumped bulb to supply pressure. Those kits are still found and offered for sale occasionally. This picture is in the 46-48 Plymouth parts manual. Have seen the system on a 46-48 Chrysler locally.
  15. On the 1946-48 Plymouths, the 9" caps came on the lower priced "Deluxe" model, while the 10" ones were on the "Special Deluxe" model....no matter if the car had 16 or 15 inch rims. We're there two models of the Dodge D24? I think that last odd cap belongs to an older model like late 30s or early 40s.
  16. Here is a pic of the hood release from Parts Manual
  17. The one shown resembles the shape of my trunk key for a 46-48 Plymouth.
  18. Tom....here is a wiring diagram for a 46-48 Plymouth P15........showing everything including the horn circuit. Your horn relay appears to be mounted on the inner fender, whereas mine is attached to the horn mounting bracket. They should both operate in the same manner. I can't understand why two relays would be needed if all wiring is correct,
  19. There is a place in Spfingfield or Nixa Missoui that rebuilds steering boxes.
  20. Oops ...., someone hadn't done their homework on that.....
  21. Hi Welcome. Just a detail of old Plymouth ownership.....if you look carefully at that small chrome lettering on the top edge of the front fender just before the cowl.... I bet it will say Special Deluxe. super Deluxe as I recall is a Ford model name. The 1946-47-48 and first 3 months of 1949 cars that look like yours, are Special Deluxe for the nicer model and simply Deluxe for the slightly cheaper car.....all are Model P15. A repair manual and parts manual are the first two things you should buy.....they can usually be found in both originals and reprints on eBay. The grille and side trim are stainless.....other items regular chrome. Your triangular stop light in center of the trunk lid will have raised lettering on the back side saying "coupe"......which indicates the correct curvature for your body style. If you wish to use original small hubcaps .......Spec Dlx are 10 inch diameter.......deluxe are only 9 inch. A 1947 model can have either 16" or 15" rims depending on date of manufacture. All glass except rear window is flat....so if your rear window is good, take good care of it. New rubber gasket can be purchased. Lots of knowledge on this forum. Bob How about a pic of the dash and of the interior?
  22. Shown in my P15 Parts manual on P187 and described simply as "panel, front fender, assembly". Part # 12-01-95. Listed on P. 189 of same manual. Joins the two front fenders together. Is rather v-shaped
  23. Yes Some cars of the 40s had dual heaters. I think Young Ed has two in his car with attendant plumbing. My 47 Plymouth convertible had two when I got it....I think the left one was a different model than the right. I took both out and replaced only the right one as I figured there would not be much winter driving. This one has an attachment for having defrosters. This is close to original color.
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