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  1. I don't know the shock mount length I used, but I will say I'm still using my original length shocks. Sometime back, some people said they used longer shocks. They gave me the model numbers so I bought a pair and discovered they were too long....hit bottom real quick. Tried re-using originals and they seem to do ok. Could probably use a shock one inch longer actually. Hope this info will help some.
  2. And I have seen a couple washers inserted on each bolt to raise the latch plate. However I think Tim's way is correct.
  3. I use 215 -75-15 radial B F Goodrich tires from Coker on 1955 Chrysler narrow wire wheels. I like the look of that size. And now they make a narrow tread width radial close to size and look of bias ply. Neither is cheap.
  4. Nice car. I see a little period spiffing up with the lakes pipes and dummy teardrop spots. Are the pipes connected? Welcome to the forum.Back in the 70s I had a 51 DeSoto hardtop with the factory a/c unit in the trunk and clear plastic vent tubes in the package tray.
  5. I had my old light wired to the low beam side and it turned off when high beam used.
  6. Another rubber item that usually needs replacement is these hood bumpers. I got mine from Dave Kruse....his are the correct thickness. He also makes gas tank grommets and some other good items. Dave Kruse 8424 Avenida Leon Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Telephone: +1.909.239.7932 ask for Dave email: krusn64@aol.com Makes some small rubber parts for older Plymouths. He writes “We are looking for other samples of small rubber parts years 32-56 Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler to make replacement parts just like or as close to OEM parts.”
  7. I bought a cowl vent gasket and windshield gasket from Steele.....not cheap. I installed the cowl item. Son in law replaced the windshield one for me. He ultimately needed a helper to get the new glasses in as he cracked the first two trying to do by himself. Seems to fit ok once in place. Got some nice trunk rubber from someone but now have forgotten who. We made our own door stripping. Trunk gasket.
  8. Thanks for the better picture Sam.....looks good. Somewhere in the past I found this socket and bulb which I think was the original item. Have used it in the past. Now wanting something to give just a bit more light.
  9. OK Cool Will await more photos. However I did order a couple lights while the info was handily available. I have been using two incandescent type bulbs with sockets, like the type originally offered when the car was new.
  10. Does it light the full length of the plastic piece..........or just the rear portion? Is the light distributed pretty evenly?
  11. There are several types of covers...from flannel lined canvas to lightweight parachute type material. The latter would probably allow in more air if it will protect from birds etc.
  12. There are perhaps a few mechanical parts for the engine that may switch as those items are very similar. Most body and trim parts will not swap. Look at pictures of the two vehicles side by side........
  13. Have not seen a cover on that switch either. However I bet you could invent one.....or maybe find a newer version like Don's.
  14. I found a pic of the factory antenna in the P15 Parts Manual. It was located on the curvature of the cowl (drivers side). You don't see an original for sale these days. There are some aftermarket antennas out there that will fit on that spot and resemble the original. I have one purchased at a swap meet for a dollar ... but I have not seen any more for sale lately. The cable comes attached to them. Next is a pic of the antenna I have and the location. The base looks like that of the original antenna. I think dealers installed the antennas according to instructions given. And some perhaps changed things on occasion.
  15. Nice looking car. Interesting how cars built in other countries are similar to but different from vehicles made in the USA. This one is a 1955 model, but it generally resembles a 1954 Plymouth here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Plymouth_Belvedere_Wasen.jpg Link to a pic.
  16. If you find the list of colors for various parts of a 40s Mopar (which I believe is in the reference section of this forum) it will probably say engine silver and accessories black. That's what mine is. I used POR 20 made by the POR 15 company in high heat aluminum (kinda shiny) and got a can so could apply with a brush. Has held up pretty well... Better than any spray can I ever used. But....to each his own. Found this in our reference section.....I suppose there should be one for a Dodge as well....but it probably would be very similar. Additional Plymouth Paint Information Silver Black (Semi Gloss) Gray Unpainted Block Oil Pan Head Water Pump Oil Pump Front Engine Mounts Mainfolds Clutch Housing Transmission Oil Filler Tube Dipstick Tube Front Pulley Thermostat Housing Heater Bypass Hose Starter Generator Distributor Body Wire Loom Holder Coil Holder Coil Air Breather Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Steady Breather Brace Valve Chamber Vent Valve Chamber Tube Fuel Pump Shield Fan & Pully Oil Filter Filter Brace Steering Box Entire Frame Brake Master Cylinder Brake Lines Inner Front Fender Shields Radiator Side Shields Engine Dust Shields Hood Lock Plate Brace Horns And Bracket Bumper Supports Radiator Support Radiator Cross Bar Under Body Inside Floorpan Underside Of Hood Underside Of Trunk Lid Front Stone Guards Rear Stone Guards Front Fender Center Panel Grille Panel All Fenders (Inside) Inside Trunk Area Trunk Hinges Trunk Wheelwells (Trunk Side) Backside Of Wheels Fuel Pump B&B Carb Fuel Lines Oil & Vacuum Lines Accelerator linkage Shift rods
  17. Could the bulb be inserted with contacts reversed? I don't know if your bulb housings have a guide to make sure the bulb only goes in in one way.
  18. I would think some of the small rectangular front fender fasteners could be used. Slide them into the chrome piece and position where needed.
  19. Hi Joe. Great find. I see it has a Missouri historic vehicle license plate......where did you find it? I live in southwest Missouri.
  20. I think 55 caps went on with clips as the older models did. Not sure if the 56 model used clips or those center "nubs".
  21. Looks good from here.....is it about an inch thick? There is also a Repair Manual with different information about fixing and adjusting things. You might want to get that one as well. The one on bottom right is the best match for a P15 (the red and white one goes just slightly newer).
  22. Nice. Always good to see P15s getting some press........ We have managed to get out among 'em over the last 40 years or so. We often have the only old Mopar there.
  23. Maybe someone in the jewelry business knows if they can be welded. These rings get a bit of pressure at that broken point when you use the top area of the ring to honk the horn. Another thing that will work is a ring from a 46-48 Canadian Dodge (or Plodge) that looks like a P15 even though it's a Dodge. I think it's model #D25. I once bought an excellent steering wheel listed as from a Dodge......but knowing it was same as Plymouth.
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