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  1. When my son in law was working on the convert following our tornado of 2011, he needed a few additional trim clips in putting things back together. As we all know.....sometimes it's not easy to find the period correct original style clips, so I'm passing on this piece of information as an alternative that should work as a substitute. Some others may have additional ideas or fastener styles that work. I don't know if this topic has been discussed on here lately as I am not participating as much as in past years.
  2. You might recall that last October, I purchased a set of four B F Goodrich Silvertown wide whitewall radials for the convert while at the Carlisle swap meet. Got them from Coker Tire Co. Got them mounted at my favorite tire shop, and ready to go.....didn't have much time to get to shows this summer...... But, on the first weekend of this October, I went to a show in my old hometown of Aurora, MO which is about 50 miles from Joplin. The tires drove good......much better than the bias plys I had for the past several years. Then.......I decided I should replace my ancient spare tire with one of those new radials that looks like the old bias ply. The reason for that is because the skinny tire will fit in my spare tire well.....but the wider ones on the ground are too wide to go between the spare tire brace and the edge of the well. Turns out the new skinny radials are only about half an inch or so wider tread area than the old bias ply. So, now, I have a new spare to go with the ones on the wheels. The last picture shows how they list the size of the skinny radials. Second pic shows the similarity in tread sizes of new radial and bias tire. Third pic shows how close the height of the two is.
  3. Has anyone seen this car before? They said there is only one and still exists ...... apparentlly has been restored by someone. Got this info from a post on the HAMB. Interior has unique material.
  4. That was quite a find for a sale.......... You did good. There are two or three vendors currently selling an original looking new thinking about purchasing one of them. My old one is working and has a fairly new float but I think new might be better.
  5. There are some US Plymouth color chip sheets for sale on eBay currently.......but I don't know if the US and Canadian colors were different. But these charts are good only for reference since, as was just said above, the codes are not now workable.
  6. Your car looks may have been "another old Dodge" in its younger years, but today it is definitely a rarity and gets to hang out with the "big boys" I really like Wayne C's show about Chasing Classic Cars on the Velocity Channel.......he does find some real interesting things.
  7. I don't know about a backflow valve on new tanks......but maybe the fact it's new.....and clean.......nothing impeding the fuel flow.......lets gas get to the fuel pump and carb more quickly. Just my guesstimate. Where did you get your new tank?
  8. Yes.......I went to Hershey for the first (and so far only) time two years ago. I did find a few things for my P15, but with the exception of a couple old MoPar vendors, the parts were among assorted items offered by vendors of non MoPar specific parts. Actually, the prices for some of the odds and ends I found seemed reasonable. I have also been to the Fall Carlisle swap once, and aside from buying some tires there, I found only one vendor with any parts for an old Chrysler product. One fellow who does usually attend Hershey is the man who makes reproduction rubber door sill mats for P15s.. I will try to find the business card of two guys who deal in old MoPar specific things........general parts, and the sill mats.......and post them on the referral page. Otherwise, you still find quite a bit of "stuff" on eBay.......just have to keep looking to find a price you like and an item that is of the quality you want. Many prices are quite a bit more than several years you just have to "grin and bear it" as they say......if you can't find the item anyplace else. My two cents worth.
  9. so......can they be re-done by a chrome shop?
  10. Sorry........I did not see this post/question till just now (Sat night).........I assume that is Fulton, MS.....and no, I did not know there is a museum there. Is it anywhere close to Tupelo? We are going to Pensacola, FL in July, but will be flying this time instead of driving.
  11. Well, then, I will say I have never tried to buff that front name plate......have only needed to shine them with chrome cleaner or some type of wax......and they appear to be stainless due to the hollow type construction. Just my take on biggie here.
  12. Hi Tim.......wish what were stainless.....?? Maybe in need to revise the comment.
  13. Right you are Robin.. The nameplate is simply stainless steel. The triangular chrome piece just above it is another animal entirely. It is chrome and the background area around the ship is bright the letters on the stop light, the spacers in between the letters of "Special Deluxe" on the front fender sides, and in the ship design and letters on the hubcaps, but not the ring around the design.
  14. Hi Bob. Here is a thought on perhaps how to try some wider radial tires on one of your vehicles before investing the bigger money in vintage look wide white radials. I presume your vehicle has 16 inch tires. Do you have a late model car that also uses 16 inch tires that might fit on your oldie? Are you going to replace them with new tires any time soon? Do you have an extra set of vintage 16 inch rims to mount them on. Or find some USED late model radials to put on old rims for test purposes. Just a thought....... I kept the 16 inch tires that were worn but not totally used up from my 2013 Dodge Caravan........and may mount them on the original 16" wheels from the convert just for fun......painting my rims yellow to match the car and then using the late model black sidewalls with original hub caps for a different look. As I said............just a thought. ..
  15. Your understanding of the 49 model year is correct, Mr cop................they made the old style for either 3 or 4 months until those boxy models with the ripple bumpers were ready to go. So.....yes......everything on your car is from the model P15 of 46-7-8. (My son in law has an early 49 also, a coupe.) .You can find reproduction gearshift knobs of the correct style.......I tend to watch eBay as prices vary by seller. Also those center dash plastic pieces do fade with time .... so many of the used ones need repainting from the backside if the plastic is good. Shift knob......... Do you have the housing for that center plastic part.......the ribbed item that joins in with the top of the dash chrome trim......
  16. I think the type of decal used on the P15s is called "Di Noc".......possibly made by 3M company. I think it is water based as opposed to self adhesive....just like decals of old. In past years, there were some pretty detailed descriptions on here of how various guys created woodgraining on their dash and windowframes. It's kind of like that process of "antique=ing" for furniture.
  17. I don't think the suicide doors were "rare" in their many makes used suicide doors in those years. The seller says "original car", but to me, the seats/door panels do not appear original but nice replacements. That opinion and about a buck will get you a cuppa coffee.
  18. I would imagine that when new, that DeSoto had the old tire sizing such as 225x15......the old bias ply skinny tire size. I have run 215x 15s on my 47 Plymouth. .. Nowadays, if you want to use modern radials instead of bias ply (they offer better drivability, don't follow the ruts in the road, etc) . There are numerous tire sizes and styles in both non radial and radial, offered by several vendors such as Coker Tire, Universal Tire, Diamond Back and others. If you want a wide whitewall, you can find various widths of white also. It is my opinion, based on certain observations, that you need to buy a tire that is just a bit more expensive than the cheapest WWW offered. About a year ago, I purchased from Coker Tire a set of four "B F Goodrich Silvertown" radials, size P215/75R15, with a whitewall width of 2 1/2 inches..... at a cost of around $250 each (plus tax and shipping if you have them sent to you). I saved shipping and hauled them home myself from the Carlisle, PA swap meet. These tires are a wider tread design, like modern cars. They can be used tubeless, but I use tubes because they are mounted on old Chrysler wire wheels. However......for my spare tire, I bought one of the new "bias ply look" it would fit into my spare tire well as it is more narrow tread like the old model tires. The size I'm using is listed as 670R15 ---- compares to the 670-15 bias plys. The whitewall width on this tire, made by American Classic, is 2 3/4 inches. It is maybe an inch wider tread than my old bias tire that was made in 1961 (yeah, my spare was ancient---an old Goodyear Double Eagle purchased back in the 1970s). Cost of this new style radial was around $250 before was purchased at Carlisle last fall from Universal Tire Co. and brought home by a friend. I use a tube in it as well. I don't know if this kind of long winded item will help as it just reflects my preferences. The first picture shows my ancient spare on the wheel compated to the new narrow radial just purchased. Very close in both tread width and height to the oldie......the white wall is a little wider. The second pic is old/new comparison, third is the B F Goodrich brand tires on my car. New style radial tire upper......old 1961 model tire lower. Close in tread width.
  19. The dash is woodgrained, matched by the window frames. That strip across the glove box is medium/dark brown....not a woodgrain. I don't know the official name for the grain, but it is a decal. Hopefully others can give you more detail on this. On a convertible, the dash and window frames match the woodgrain used.
  20. They look like a good fit and a nice item. I like them having studs, but that also causes the producer to go to more trouble and expense......probably why yours were priced as they were. (If you want a place to spend money, just get an old car........some times is my motto)
  21. A bit late, I see, but nonetheless Mr. and Mrs. Ed............congratulations on the new addition to your family.
  22. We have some here in Missouri called "diverging diamonds" ..... and I don't know if there are any others with different names. We have one of those diamonds, plus several roundabouts in our town now.......we must be getting into the big time.
  23. I went there about a year or so ago while on a trip to Florida. Nice museum......I don't recall seeing that Chrysler .... but it sure is good looking.
  24. Looks pretty patriotic Mr. C. Wishing you and your family happy Memorial Day.
  25. Regarding new gas tanks.......I had saved this eBay seller sometime I presume he is still in business and the price of a tank is still the same or close.........Tom's Classic in Isanti, Michigan.............says he has new original style tanks plus original style sending units for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler. Price in the saved ad was $349. Here is a link to that ad: Vintage American Parts also offers what sounds like the same tank, at a higher price.....and also have the float.