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  1. Bernbaum's as we know has a new owner these days, who seems like a good fellow. Have heard comments over time both pro and con about various AB products. I bought a windshield gasket from Steele for my P15,,,it was good. Also bought a cowl vent gasket from Steele......mine was correct and OK. Steele is not cheap. So there is no totally correct and accurate answer.
  2. Nice rides
  3. I've seen many of the style hubcap you're missing. However I don't have any at the moment - will try to watch at a big swap meet coming up in a couple weeks here in our area. There is one big hubcap vendor, and many individuals have piles of wheel covers as well.
  4. 1932 Desoto roadster there
  5. I did not even know about the museum in Fulton, MO as I never go to that area of the state. Thanks for the information. Maybe I can take a trip up that way some day. A list of what is on display (maybe not all at all times) Doctor's Buggy and Horse -- 1896 Ford Quadracycle -- 1902 Oldsmobile R Runabout -- 1903 Humberette -- 1907 REO Touring -- 1909 Black Auto Buggy -- 1909 Ford Model T Touring -- 1909 Lambert Model A1 -- 1910 Kelsey Motorette -- 1911 International Harvester Chain Drive Truck -- 1914 Woods Mobilette -- 1915 Studebaker Touring -- 1917 Ford Model T Roadster -- 1917 Oldsmobile Touring -- 1917 Scripps Booth Roadster -- 1919 Briscoe -- 1919 Chevrolet Roadster -- 1919 Dodge Brothers Roadster -- 1920 Chalmers Hardtop -- 1920 Ford Model T Center Door -- 1922 Ahrens Fox Pumper -- 1922 Dodge Brothers Touring -- 1922 Wills Sainte Claire -- 1924 Stanley Steamer -- 1926 Packard Limo -- 1926 Packard Touring -- 1926 Pierce Arrow 7 Passenger Touring -- 1926 Willys Knight Sedan -- 1927 Bugatti (VW Kit Car) -- 1929 Chevrolet Cabriolet -- 1929 Cord Cabriolet -- 1929 Rolls DH Coupe -- 1930 Ford Model A Coupe -- 1931 Ford Model A Roadster -- 1931 Marmon -- 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II -- 1932 Chevrolet Confederate -- 1932 DeSoto CSC Roadster -- 1932 Ford Model 18 -- 1932 Franklin -- 1932 Hudson -- 1932 Hupmobile Roadster -- 1932 LaSalle -- 1932 Nash -- 1932 Pontiac Series 302 Coupe -- 1932 REO Royale Model 8-35 -- 1932 Willys-Knight Model 66D Sedan -- 1934 Model 40 Ford Roadster -- 1938 Buick Series 40 -- 1938 Dodge Panel Truck -- 1941 Lincoln Continental Mark I -- 1941 Packard Coupe -- 1947 American LaFrance Ladder Truck -- 1947 Diamond T Pickup -- 1947 Hudson Pickup -- 1950 Buick Special Series 40 -- 1952 Kaiser Manhattan -- 1952 Seagrave Pumper -- 1954 MG TF Midget -- 1955 Studebaker Speedster -- 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II -- 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible -- 1957 Ford Thunderbird -- 1959 Ford Edsel -- 1959 Ford Skyliner Fairlane -- 1960 Chrysler Imperial -- 1963 Chevrolet Corvair -- 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray -- 1965 Chevrolet Corvair -- 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe -- 1968 Volkswagen Beetle -- 1969 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible -- 1969 GM Chevrolet El Camino -- 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III -- 1969 Mercedes Benz 280 SL -- 1970 AMC Javelin SST Fastback Coupe -- 1970 Cadillac Stretch Limo -- 1970 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro -- 1970 Dusenberg (VW kit car) -- 1973 International Harvester Travelall -- 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood El Dorado -- 1975 Honda Civic -- 1975 Renault Electric -- 1980 Mazda RX-7 -- 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood El Dorado Limo -- 1982 DeLorean Coupe -- 1985 Cadillac Seville -- 1986 Litestar Pulse GCRV -- 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Series III -- 1997
  6. There is now a new Route 66 car Museum in Springfield, MO. Located on College Street, just west of Kansas Avenue (on the west side of town). The owner converted the building from a manufacturing facility to a museum to house 70 to 75 cars. My bro in law and I went there a few days ago.....the man has purchased nice quality examples of the cars he included. There is other related memorabilia around the place plus a small gift shop area. Pretty nice. Admission is $13 per person as I recall....a couple bucks less for seniors. Link:
  7. On a 47 Plymouth front fender stainless trim, the threaded stud is "off center" to one side (up and down) , as I recall. I don't know if a Dodge used the same thing or not. If you don't use the correct clip, your trim is not in exactly the correct place. Hope that makes sense. Some of those trim clips that can be modified by the user may work OK. I found this pic in my online album.....I think this is the original, correct one for the front fender P15 stainless trim.
  8. Just looked at my Photobucket page......has a thing to click and read about the new changes. They appear to be picking on the free accounts the most. Leaving alone the paid accounts until Dec 31, 2018. They also tell you how to download pictures to save to your own computer. Will read it in more detail. Ahhh.....found that they now will offer three different paid plans.....the Plus 50 for $5.99 per month for storage but NO linking or 3rd party hosting. The Plus 100 plan for $9.99 per month which offers linking but not 3rd party hosting. 3rd party hosting is where you can embed or place a picture on another site like a forum. The Plus 500 plan is $39.99 per month for unlimited linking and 3rd party hosting. The company claims their income has decreased due to ad blocking by individuals and other things that lessen ad income plus tons of 3rd party hosting.
  9. Sounds pretty simple at this point. I just put in a new 6 volt battery this week....the old one had been in for about 3 1/2 years. The car gets a bit hard to start after sitting for two or three weeks and finally wore the old battery down. I have a master battery cutoff switch mounted on the firewall to cut out anything running through the battery while parked. Looks like I have the narrow fan belt.........
  10. I have been thinking about replacing my P15 generator with a new 6 volt alternator. Looks like it should bolt right on. Not sure what if any wiring change is necessary......are two wires on the gen. Any one do this change and if so do you find it satisfactory? Thanks. Bob
  11. Thanks Donald and Don. Are these alternators just connected by one wire?
  12. It may fit on top of the original bumper I see a hook on the back side......what would it attach to??
  13. Was in a Hobby Lobby store a few days ago and found a metal sign I hadn't seen before. Most of their signs are about Chevy or Ford, with the occasional other brands thrown in. This sign normally retails for $24.99.......but they run them on half price sale several times a year. So we got this one on sale. It's about 18 inches long by 9 inches tall and is metal. I have a few other old timey Mopar metal signs......but had not seen this one before. Just posting in case anyone would like another sign.
  14. If you need new ball studs that attach your gas pedal to the floor in your P15 and other old Mopars, Last I knew they still can get them at NAPA stores. ....and they are not very expensive. NAPA also probably still has a no pressure radiator cap, but may have to order it in. Also not expensive. Just F Y I. Plymouth 1/Engine - related items/101_8461.jpg
  15. Mark, I think the Hodro E Lectric Co in Florida sells a new vacuum cylinder......I believe those were used on Cadillacs as well as old Mopars. I don't know if water wells these days use any leather pump cups......but someone once said to check on those as possible substitutes for the item you are working with.
  16. I think they attach the whatchamacallit to the thingamajig........... Never seen that type before.
  17. Those appear to all be nice old Mopars. More than we get at the average cruise or show around here. Thanks for posting.
  18. I bought a pair of halogen 6V headlights at O'Reilly Auto Parts for the 47 Plymouth. Made by Wagner. Part number H6006.....marked on the light, but not on the box. They call it an "off road light". When I mentioned this light earlier, someone said--is the current draw and wattage too much for our old wiring system? I found this discussion on a Jeep CJ2A forum. Apparently a person was wondering if the halogen was OK for his 1948 Jeep. From the information copied below, it sounds as if the halogen is an OK replacement for the standard incandescent bulb. The person who started the post said: On the back of the headlamp is printed: WAGNER H6006 DOT 6V 45 10. Its 3 prongs line up exactly as the old bulb, but the new bulb's prongs are a bit shorter. I went to the Wagner site and it can not find the H6006. A second poster said: ----My initial 2 conclusions: 1) From a amp-draw standpoint it is safe to use a Halogen 6006 (H6006) as long its watts rating is roughly the same (~40-50) as the Incandescent 6006 (I6006). My understanding is that WATTS = VOLTAGE X AMPS. If true then a 50 watt Halogen and a 50 watt non-Halogen draw the same amperage. 2) From a heat standpoint it is also safe to use the Halogen with same watts rating. The Wagner tech said that Halogen technology generates less heat per watt and the Sylvania engineer said it generates about the same amount. I think a typical Halogen bulb gets so hot because its heat is focused on its relatively small bulb and it is why the bulb gets so hot. In the case of these sealed beam 6006s, when you look inside the halogen Wagner 6006 I bought yesterday you can actually see the small separate little halogen bulb. Since it is within the confines of the large 7" sealed beam housing, there is a lot of space and beam housing to spread/absorb the heat so my thinking is that the sealed beam housing gets no hotter than an equivalent wattage Incandescent's housing. When you look into the old Wagner I6006 you can actually see the regular filaments laid out just like you would see them in a cars' brake or turn signal bulb. -----WAGNER'S (Federal Mogul) tech-provided product specific information today: Their 6006 (incandescent) was replaced by their H6006 (halogen) and the 6006 is no longer made. There are no potential negative ramifications to using their H6006 versus the I6006 in our CJ2A application. Max amp draw on high beam: 8.2 Max amp draw on low bean: 6.2 -----Sylvania"s tech and engineer provided product specific information today: Tech was a nice guy but all he could see about their 6006 is that it was 6 volt and that High Beam listed as 50 watt and Low Beam listed as 40 watt. He couldn't tell if it was Halogen or not and put me on hold and checked with his engineer and when he came back said the engineer couldn't tell either. Left him with a bunch of things to research and he called me back later with feedback: Their 6006 is an incandescent and they do not have a Halogen equivalent. Watt high beam 50 and watt low beam 40. Amp high beam 8 and amp low beam 6.5. Another poster says: 35 watt is the low beam, would draw less that the 40 watt standard bulb, but the 65 watt hi-beam would draw 30% more than the standard 50 watt hi-beam. ie 10+ amps each. Another said: The "Off Road Lighting" gave me pause. Some lamps have higher wattage hi-beams (60-80-100 watts), in which case you might need heavier gauge wires. Re. the "quadratech" lamps: ... In conclusion, what seems left out is LUMENS (~visible light). A halogen generates more visible light per watt than an incandescent, so a smaller wattage halogen (say 35 watt) could generate as much light as a larger (say50 watt) incandescent while drawing less amperage (easier on the old 6 volt generator?) and generating less heat (longer bulb life?) Link to that forum: So, still not totally sure about current draw, at least on high beam.
  19. Nice looking Plymouth Jon.......enjoy.
  20. I have seen that routing may do the things you said....especially if you do not use your heater anyway.
  21. I think I see some for sale on ebay from time to time. Might check with Vintage American Parts Co., who sells on ebay. Link to one batch of those clips they are offering. Or.....a set of 10..........
  22. Good picture. Glad you guys were having a good day.
  23. Hi Jon. Repaired to some extent.....the old top has been cut off and another welded into place. Also new doors are installed. New metal has been put into the floor to replace rusted ones. Dash has been removed for the time being to allow access to various things. Car has been placed on son in law's back burner as he has other more important things to deal with recently......I have given the car to him. I don't know if it will ever get completed, but it has been interesting thus far.