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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Joplin, MO
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    Old cars in general....especially older Chrysler products.<br />
    Blues and old rock music.
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    My only old car is the 47 Plymouth convertible.

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    Have owned the '47 Plym convt since '73. Enjoy driving it & improving it. Bob Toft (age 69)
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    Retired....play music for fun & small profit


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    Joplin, MO, on Rt 66. 47 P15 convert
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    Old cars, particularly MoPars; old rock, & blues music.

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  1. BobT-47P15

    With great inheritance........

    Should look pretty much like these.
  2. Bill Hirsch has received a couple good reviews on tops. In fact, I think that's where I got my last new top rather than from EZ On company. However, mine is now in place after a few trials and tribulations......hopefully good for the next few years.
  3. BobT-47P15

    Wiper set-up problem identifcation? Help :-)

    Also.....Neatsfoot oil is good for lubricating and softening the leather part inside a wiper motor.........so some people say.
  4. BobT-47P15

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    Here are some big ol Dodges...............
  5. BobT-47P15

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    Have you ever seen an old Dodge set up as a hot tar hauler?? This one was used in my old home town.
  6. BobT-47P15

    Top boot for a 1949 Plymouth convertible

    Do you have a local auto upholstery shop capable of making a boot? What material do you want to use.....haartz canvas or some vinyl type material? I purchased a piece of haartz canvas from a supplier in Kansas City, Kansas and gave it to my upholstery man......he did the rest. My top and boot are a tan color. Along the front side of it is a flap that attaches to the rear side of the back seat with some heavy duty velcro.
  7. BobT-47P15


    Guess I don't know what finishes you are speaking of.......... I just stick to my old spray paint.
  8. BobT-47P15

    Some updated photos of the ol' girl

    Looks excellent. Glad you are getting out and having some fun with the car.
  9. BobT-47P15

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    I have a vintage flasher unit I found somewhere in my travels (or maybe bought from eBay).......it has a little green indicator light that does flash, but somehow not quite at the right time. So I put a small square of electrical tape over the lense and added the two red lights using a home made housing. Wired the bulbs in where things connect to the flasher can under the dash. Kinda odd.....not quite correct......but it works for me. My flasher has rubber wheel that contacts the back edge of the steering wheel in order to cancel the signal after making a turn. It works part of the time which is ok. I first used one of those cheap chrome housing signals .....and the arms inside eventually bent and it would not work......tossed it. Have never tried the signals mentioned above. In regard to the cancelation rubber wheel........they are at different angles for different brands of vehicles. I think the Plymouth one has the wheel at a more upright angle than one for a Chevy.....due to the shape of the steering wheels on the back side. I went over and looked on eBay.....there were a few older items but, as usual, it is hard to tell very much about them. You need to make sure one is the seven wire style and not the four wire.
  10. Is that car picture a Canadian model?
  11. BobT-47P15

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    To my taste, 53 Plymouth wheel covers are kinda boring. Maybe some "flipper" caps. 53 Plym 57 Dodge
  12. BobT-47P15

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    I believe his wheel covers are 1958 or 59 Dodge items. There was no mention of what brand of engine is under the hood..... but my guess would start with Chev.......
  13. BobT-47P15

    P15 convertible counterbalance springs

    I currently am using a pair of springs found on a semi tractor to hold up air lines on the back side of the cab. They are not stout enough to be of much help. The spring shown (plus another) was acquired from a person who changed the operating system of his top. At the time I bought my current truck related springs, I could not find anything else......but don't recall now where all I looked. Any ideas for places to look are appreciated.
  14. BobT-47P15

    Paint detailing on chrome ?

    t Testors also makes a felt tip paint pen which I have used on certain occasions......its pretty handy. I have a rag with some paint thinner handy to clean off any excesses.
  15. I presume most P15 convertible owners are familiar with the pair of "folding top counterbalance springs" found hidden in the rear fender area behind the rear seat. I believe they are designed to offset weight of the top frame when being either opened or closed by the vacuum top cylinders. Or, assist the person who raises/lowers the top manually. The springs are right at 17 1/2" long with and outside diameter of about 3/4". And,, strangely enough, they have a cover made from what appears to be a piece of the same material from which the top is made......Haartz canvas. My wife has a sewing lady who makes various things for her....so I asked if she could make a couple replacement covers from some of the Haartz material I have......and she did. The covers are right at 13" long and 2 1/4" wide when folded in half and stitched. I guess the purpose of the covers is to dampen any spring vibration noise and/or deaden any sound if the spring rubs against something. Just another example of how they paid attention to details in days gone by. I wonder how many ragtops still have these springs and if there is any demand for a reproduction of this spring. I know a local guy who says he is acquainted with some people in another state who might be able to make such a spring. Just wondering. I am thinking of having a couple new ones made as these old ones are probably subject to breaking at any time.

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