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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Joplin, MO
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    Old cars in general....especially older Chrysler products.<br />
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    My only old car is the 47 Plymouth convertible.

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    Have owned the '47 Plym convt since '73. Enjoy driving it & improving it. Bob Toft (age 69)
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    Retired....play music for fun & small profit


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    Joplin, MO, on Rt 66. 47 P15 convert
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    Old cars, particularly MoPars; old rock, & blues music.

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  1. BobT-47P15

    Horn Relay or Switch

    Tom....here is a wiring diagram for a 46-48 Plymouth P15........showing everything including the horn circuit. Your horn relay appears to be mounted on the inner fender, whereas mine is attached to the horn mounting bracket. They should both operate in the same manner. I can't understand why two relays would be needed if all wiring is correct,
  2. BobT-47P15

    steering box kit

    There is a place in Spfingfield or Nixa Missoui that rebuilds steering boxes.
  3. BobT-47P15

    Chrysler/Plymouth Flat head Rebuild

    Oops ...., someone hadn't done their homework on that.....
  4. BobT-47P15

    Greetings from KY

    Hi Welcome. Just a detail of old Plymouth ownership.....if you look carefully at that small chrome lettering on the top edge of the front fender just before the cowl.... I bet it will say Special Deluxe. super Deluxe as I recall is a Ford model name. The 1946-47-48 and first 3 months of 1949 cars that look like yours, are Special Deluxe for the nicer model and simply Deluxe for the slightly cheaper car.....all are Model P15. A repair manual and parts manual are the first two things you should buy.....they can usually be found in both originals and reprints on eBay. The grille and side trim are stainless.....other items regular chrome. Your triangular stop light in center of the trunk lid will have raised lettering on the back side saying "coupe"......which indicates the correct curvature for your body style. If you wish to use original small hubcaps .......Spec Dlx are 10 inch diameter.......deluxe are only 9 inch. A 1947 model can have either 16" or 15" rims depending on date of manufacture. All glass except rear window is flat....so if your rear window is good, take good care of it. New rubber gasket can be purchased. Lots of knowledge on this forum. Bob How about a pic of the dash and of the interior?
  5. BobT-47P15

    Nameless sheet metal piece

    Shown in my P15 Parts manual on P187 and described simply as "panel, front fender, assembly". Part # 12-01-95. Listed on P. 189 of same manual. Joins the two front fenders together. Is rather v-shaped
  6. BobT-47P15

    Heater Options on a D24 Sedan

    Yes Some cars of the 40s had dual heaters. I think Young Ed has two in his car with attendant plumbing. My 47 Plymouth convertible had two when I got it....I think the left one was a different model than the right. I took both out and replaced only the right one as I figured there would not be much winter driving. This one has an attachment for having defrosters. This is close to original color.
  7. BobT-47P15

    steering box kit

    Your steering may be tight because you have that "tightening adjustor screw" cranked down too tight. Been a long time since I messed with it, but I think it's that bolt with the star washers on top of the steering box. If this is not correct....somebody please correct me. (One time I cranked things down real tight......made the steering wheel hard to turn but really did not improve the worn steering system looseness.)
  8. BobT-47P15

    mufler explosion

    One day several years ago I was driving down the street and the car, which had been running OK (as I recall) backfired. Yes, the muffler was a lot fatter after that. Now I'm using a later model resonator muffler, which we happened to have lying around at the time. It generally works alright, but is a little louder than stock. Sources of mufflers should be parts stores and muffler shops.
  9. In looking at various Plymouth parts for sale, I saw a new name in the ads __ "moparpro" ___so I sent them a message. Their reply was "same company--new name". Their previous name was Vintage American Parts (of Farmingdale, N Y) owned, I believe, by a Mr. Warshaw. Just passing this on for general information.
  10. BobT-47P15

    they are different!

    I believe they switched from 16 to 15 inch wheels about midway through the 1947 model year. Yes. there are two styles of headlight rims (with and without a flange). and both red and white reflectors......but I don't know the dates either were used. Regarding radios......I believe the long-ish single piece unit was the correct factory radio (as opposed to the one with the body of the radio on the firewall and a separate tuning head. Radios back then were installed by the dealers and perhaps some dealer had a source of the non factory units and liked to use them.
  11. BobT-47P15

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    Well said Rich. Season's greetings from our house to everyone on this Forum. Hope that 2019 is a better year. Bob Toft Joplin, MO.
  12. BobT-47P15

    1957 Town Panel D100 front brake Drum sources?

    Hi Clay. Have you checked with Desert Valley Auto (and truck) Parts in Phoenix? They seem to have some trucks in their collection. Phone is 800-905-8024. Website; : https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=desert+vintage+truck+salvage+parts&amp;qpvt=desert+vintage+truck+salvage+parts&amp;FORM=IGRE
  13. BobT-47P15

    P15 turn signal switch loc on column ??

    My turn signal unit is only maybe an inch below the wheel on it's back side. I now have a different switch from the one shown......which has a rubber wheel that presses against the back of the steering wheel and cancels the signal following a turn. Mine is a 7 wire unit.
  14. BobT-47P15

    Brake lights conversion

    Here is one version of hooking up turn signals. Hopefully it may be helpful.
  15. BobT-47P15

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Excellent Bob. Looks perfect.

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