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  1. rubber sill plate removal

    Here is a link to an article about Dennis Bickford and his manufacturing of repro mats. http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/restoration/restoration-tips/do-it-yourself-restoration-reproducing-parts
  2. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    You might ask Mr. Seaplym if he would take any measurements of the item and perhaps a few more pics for you. He is a pretty good guy and might help out.
  3. rubber sill plate removal

    The place I bought my new sill mats from is Innovative Design Associates, Inc. 4515 Kirkcaldy Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 The man who designed and sells them is Diran Yazejian. Phone is (248) 646-0158 Cost per pair will probably be $250 to $300 with some shipping. (As my car is a two door, I only needed the front set.....I think he also has some for the rear.) If interested, I would call him. The instruction sheet that comes with them explains a couple ways to attach them using either contact cement or epoxy. You have to leave the inner edge loose in order to slide your carpet or mat under them. The originals have a metal backing piece to which the studs are attached. To remove them, simply insert a screwdriver or similar item under the plate and gently pry them upward. The studs often are rusted and weak, some perhaps broken off. I thought I saw an ad once for a new mat that has the metal back, etc, but don't recall any more about it.
  4. rubber sill plate removal

    Those look like standard trim screws with a chrome collar -- but the metal they have been screwed into below may be extra tough for some reason. The original sill plates do have metal ball studs that go into a rubber grommet set into the body metal. You can actually find new grommets. There is a fellow who makes a nice reproduction sill plate - not sure if it is a plastic or rubber material, but the design is right on the original. These mats do NOT come with studs....they are smooth on the bottom and have instructions for gluing them down. Somewhere A pic of my R sill plate ---no screws. I have the maker's name and number.
  5. Hi Mark. Just try to be patient and maybe send him a email from time to time and I think he will eventually get back to business. That's the impression I got.
  6. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    There is a place in Florida that sells convertible top motors and such........ http://www.hydroe.com/ is their website address. Hydro-E-Lectric: Convertible Tops and Power Window Parts from 1946 www.hydroe.com/ Hydro-E-Lectric has been providing quality American made products since 1976. We carry a full line of convertible tops and power window parts for foreign and U.S. cars from 1946 through present day. Browse by Make and Models CONVERTIBLE TOPS AND POWER WINDOW PARTS ... Repair and Installation Glass adjustment and installation; Carpet and interior installation ... Contact (800) 343-4261; info@Hydro-E-Lectric.com. HOME · CONTACT ... Convertible Top Sample Chart CONVERTIBLE TOPS AND POWER WINDOW PARTS ... More results from hydroe.com »
  7. 1947 New Yorker electrical

    As to a repair shop for the generator.........are there any old car clubs in your area......do you know any of their members, or if you don't......i would suggest attending a show or cruise in and visit with some of the guys showing their cars about such a place. Just my thoughts.
  8. I noticed recently that some fellows have thought Dave might have gone out of business as they couldn't seem to get ahold of him or get any response. He is still using his same e-mail address of krusn64@aol.com and his phone number is still (909) 239-7932. He lives in California. He said that in the last few months he has been busy doing an extensive remodel on his home and has not had time to do anything with making rubber parts. Said he has not viewed his email for a while. Had to move everything out of his house due to the work being done. He does have a stock of his rubber parts which he can sell from when he gets back into business. He is even working on molds for certain new parts which have been requested by some customers. He said please be patient and keep trying as he will be back into the swing of the business in a while. I asked if it was OK for me to pass this info along, and he said "yes". Hope this helps answer any questions. Bob
  9. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    I have not tried to contact Dave maybe i will try to see what happens.
  10. Radio wiring

    Looked in a Service Manual I bought at Carlisle a couple years ago. The original mechanic/user of the book saved and inserted instruction sheets from various accessory P15 items which is really cool. A page on the 604 radio said it uses a 14 amp fuse.
  11. Radio wiring

    rradios and related pieces.
  12. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    I think this one is about 3/16 tall. The two on the very front curve a very thin.
  13. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    I believe I got mine from Dave Kruse in Calif. who makes them......and numerous other rubber items, like a gas tank filler grommet - plus much more. His contact info is: We are looking for other samples of small rubber parts years 32-56 Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler to make replacement parts just like or as close to OEM parts. Dave Kruse 8424 Avenida Leon, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 Email krusn64@aol.com or Call 1-909-239-7932 ask for Dave He has a parts list available.
  14. I think a few of those Chryslers may have been used by funeral homes as a "family car" for funeral services. since they were so big and probably had some fold down jump seats. I recall one mortuary in my Missouri home town in the 1950s having some model of a pretty big ol' Chrysler in their fleet.
  15. need some hints

    Yes, those little "duck bill" tabs on the cllips go into the holes in the body. Then, the trim simply pops onto the clips. Like......start the top edge and gently press the bottom edge over the clip. On the very back sections that end in a point.....I think there is a threaded stud built in at the rear to secure the trim. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/My%20Documents/trim%20clips%20Photo%20Library.html