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  1. Hello and welcome. This looks like a nice car with plenty of potential for restoration. If it were mine, I would plan on doing exactly what you want to do and then drive it often. Best of luck. John R
  2. How true, and we picked up cars for $40 and $50 and drove them with pleasure. Different times for sure.😀 John R
  3. Absolutely beautiful car. Enjoy it.😀 John R
  4. Is it possible that when you were working on the engine, some coolant spilled into the exhaust pipe? The reason I ask this is because we were doing a valve job on an engine and during the head removal, coolant found its way into the exhaust system. After reassembly, the engine exhaust reeked of anti-freeze and put out white steamy smoke for almost an hour before subsiding. Where you say that your oil looks clean and no apparent loss of coolant is evident, it could be a possibility. I hope that that is all it is. Good luck to you. John R
  5. Hopefully the frame and body mounts aren't rusted out badly. I believe that some P15's that were worse than this have been saved. Nice find and right here in MA too. Thanks for posting it.. John R
  6. Gee, if I read this correctly, it would be $900.00 for two joints.😲 Really expensive for sure. John R
  7. Great save. Absolutely beautiful RobertKB. Does it have a fluid drive or a straight standard transmission? John R
  8. Hello and welcome. A complete drivable car for $500 is a really good deal I think. I have seen complete basket cases, I mean sitting on the ground with missing wheels and in need of just about everything priced in the thousands. A running car of this vintage or even older is a plus for sure. Best of luck to you. John R
  9. Hello and welcome, I noticed this other place online called Damper Dudes also in CA. The number listed is (800) 413-2673. If no help is there, I would do what Andydodge says and see if another year may fit. Search for auto salvage yards that feature vintage Mopar cars. Good luck to you. John R
  10. Frank, I haven't that color on a D24 dashboard either. My '48 dash was like the second one pictured. Could the top one in the photo perhaps have been redone this color? Interesting. John R
  11. I second this advice. especially the radiator flow test and thermostat functioning correctly. If this were my car, these two things would be first on the list and verifying that the fan belt is tight also. Good luck to you. John R
  12. Welcome. I love these Dodges and owned a '48 four door sedan back in my youth. As long as I kept the engine oil topped off, it would go anywhere and was great in snow conditions with the fluid drive. I would leave it in 3rd and it would pass the newer cars spinning up the hills. John R
  13. Great tip to keep re installation correct. Thanks. John R
  14. Really cool photo. Thanks for posting it. John R
  15. That's correct. Your foot pressing the rod in is actually acting as the solenoid. Plymouth used this type in their cars up to and including 1942. John R
  16. Great looking '38 Plymouth. Nice color too. It's an early '38 model because of the placement of the headlights. Later in the year, the headlights were relocated a little further back and slightly lower (see attached photo of a later '38). I think either style looked nice. Drive it and enjoy. John R
  17. All right, THAT picture is scary!! Just a question regarding the '49 Chrysler, does it have an under seat heater that could be making noises? Just a thought. John R
  18. I am glad that you mentioned the antenna location above the center windshield division bar. When I was in high school, one of the students had a P15 two-door with this type of antenna placement. It was the only time that I ever saw this style on a Plymouth and I was beginning to think that my memory was playing tricks on me as it does now and then these days. Thanks. John R
  19. It has been so long since owned a Plymouth that had this type of windshield, I can't remember exactly how it worked. Thank you for explanation. Is there no way that some type of lube line oil or white lithium grease could be sprayed where the shaft goes in? Just wondering. John R
  20. Good advice. I would open and close it often to keep everything moving. I always liked the unique crank handle that was used only on the "37 Chrysler built cars. There was a guy in the Plymouth Bulletin a few years back that has a '38 with a crank out windshield that I had never seen on any other than a "37. He is from Chile and after contacting him, he posted a photo of his car and it indeed had the opening windshield. It occurred to me later that somewhere along the line, someone may have installed a '38 nose on a '37 (perhaps) but I never investigated it any further. All '38's I have seen before had a fixed non opening windshield. John R
  21. Yes. I have had this happen in the past a few times. After trying repeatedly to start the car with no success, I had to squirt a little into each cylinder through the spark plug holes. You don't need to put in too much but it did start up afterwards. It smoked like hell for a few minutes but ran fine afterwards. Good luck to you. John R
  22. I would look for a wire or wires that are worn and possible shorting out briefly. Put on you lights and jiggle the wires around to see if you can recreate the problem. The full discharge that you mention suggests a strong voltage draw. Best of luck. John R
  23. There are several listed on ebay right now like the one pictured for under $50.00 with free shipping to the US. I am not sure about overseas shipping but it's worth looking into. This type of puller works best for these vintage Mopar rear drums. Good luck to you. John R
  24. Great deal. These covers will look nice on your car seat. John R
  25. Great Dodge, and a rare 2 door too. Love it. John R
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