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  1. John Reddie

    Inspection Camera for Valves

    I too had the camera inserted into the small hole mentioned here and it was not pleasant. I realize that it was necessary but if I never have to have it done again, it will be fine. John R
  2. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    I wonder if any in this photo are still around to day. I'd like to think so, at least one maybe. John R
  3. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    Good point Bob about the trim rings. I think that possibly they were installed when the cars were at the dealers but not sure. John R
  4. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    I just found this article on "Tho Old Motor" site. John R http://theoldmotor.com/?p=171243
  5. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    That is a good question and I wish I knew. I remember growing up in the '50's, P15's were everywhere. In Boston, they were used as taxi cabs and many other cities too I'm sure. John R
  6. John Reddie

    Anti-theft devices

    He's actually referring to a Doberman Pinscher dog which would certainly scare off even the dumbest of thieves. One thing a thief doesn't want is to spend time trying to steal a car. Any type of ignition kill switch would be a good choice. Another thing that would be a good deterrent would be a couple of flood lights outside your house triggered by a motion sensor set up so they would turn on if someone got up to the car. Just the sudden bright lights appearing would scare almost anyone attempting to steal off. Whatever happens, good luck to you. John R
  7. John Reddie

    30 amp circuit breaker

    I can't remember for sure but I think they did use a fuse on the switch for the headlight on those models. John R
  8. John Reddie

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Hi Shaneyk88 and welcome to the forum. These guys are two towns over from me and very good to deal with. You have a nice rare car there. Good luck with it. John R
  9. John Reddie

    How to polarize generator - 1939 DeSoto

    Kudos to you for keeping your DeSoto for all these years. I so wish I had done that with some of my vintage gems back in the day.😃 John R
  10. John Reddie

    41 ply coupe p11 i think

    Correction on my previous post. The emblem on the cowl of this car reads Plymouth, not Deluxe. If it were a P12, it would read Plymouth with Special Deluxe underneath. I apologize for that. I notice that there are some good parts offered for these cars on ebay too. John R
  11. John Reddie

    41 ply coupe p11 i think

    Here is a photo of a '41 P11 Plymouth. Note the absence of the chrome trim around the windshield, no side bumper tips or trim rings on the wheels and on the side of the cowl it says Deluxe rather than Special Deluxe like the P12's. One of my favorite year Plymouth's. John R
  12. John Reddie

    41 ply coupe p11 i think

    Hello and welcome, The grille on the '41 is different than the '40 and the '42. The '41 grille was the same on the two door, four door, coupe and convertible. I believe that the door vent windows were optional on the P11 models as were earlier years on the less expensive models. I also think that the P11 cars did not have the chrome trim around the windshield. The P11 was a lower priced car for '41 with less add on's, much like the Roadking models on the earlier Plymouth's. If you Google the different year Plymouth's , you will see the difference in the models. Can you post some photos of your '41? Thanks and good luck. John R
  13. John Reddie

    Change a 39 Ply Business Coupe (P8) to a floor shift

    Here is a previous thread regarding the '39 Plymouth floor shift that may be of interest to you. Best of luck to you. John R http://p15-d24.com/topic/46949-transmission-question-1939-plymouth/
  14. John Reddie

    Plymouth South Africa

    Hello and welcome. If possible, could you post a few photos of your car? Thanks. John R
  15. John Reddie

    Dodge car chase

    So true. I remember back in the late '50's, there were still many '30's and '40's cars around and I never spent more that $75.00 for one. One in particular was a 4 door extended trunk "37 Oldsmobile six cylinder that I received as a gift. It ran well and even had blue dot tail light lenses. If only I had kept that special car. John Reddie
  16. John Reddie

    Dodge car chase

    Fun to watch but I really hate to see a neatly styled '39 coupe beat on like that. I have always been really fond of that year's coupes, the Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler. There ain't many of 'em left. John R
  17. John Reddie

    Lost A Good Man

    So very to hear of Bob's passing. He was a salt of the earth type of a man. His memory will last forever through his wonderful postings and photos. My most sincere and deepest sympathy goes out to his family. John Reddie
  18. John Reddie

    Notice anything different?

    I am interested in the flexible hoses running along the passenger side inner fender and in through the firewall. It almost appears the someone has incorporated a later model heater box and core into the engine compartment. My '49 Chrysler had that arrangement. The car overall is real purty. John R
  19. John Reddie

    36 vs 37 Plymouth Identification

    I just thought of this. Try contacting Scott Oller. He is the 1937 Plymouth Technical Advisor in the Plymouth Owner's Club and may be able to help you with this. Scott Oller scott_oller@yahoo.com (317) 371-7109
  20. John Reddie

    36 vs 37 Plymouth Identification

    I see what you are asking. I'm sorry but I can't answer that. The body style did change between the two years so there could be frame dimension differences as well. Hopefully someone on the forum can provide you with the info that you need. John R
  21. John Reddie

    36 vs 37 Plymouth Identification

    Your Plymouth does in fact appear to be a 1937 model. A 1936 Plymouth is noticeably different in appearance. John R
  22. John Reddie

    1935 plym busness coupe pj light switchs

    You could talk to Wayne Brandon who is the 1935 Plymouth Technical Advisor in the Plymouth Owner's Club on how to remove these knobs. He may even have some extra knobs. Wayne Brandon 517-675-5717 plymdr@aol.com
  23. John Reddie

    next question for the 1935 plym coupe

    I found this gauge on ebay which is listed as a temperature gauge for a 1935 PJ Plymouth. It is pricey but is said to be in good working order. Good luck to you. John R https://www.ebay.com/itm/1935-Plymouth-PJ-Temperature-Gauge-NEW-OLD-STOCK-635242/183084309688?epid=27015210686&hash=item2aa0acdcb8:g:iLkAAOSw6eZaixCk:sc:USPSPriority!02025!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  24. John Reddie

    Bob Drown

    So sorry to hear about Bob's condition. I first communicated with Bob some years back when he had a web page featuring photos and information regarding the 1940 Plymouth's. I have a book by Hemmings with photos of vintage abandoned automobiles. There was one car, a 1940 Nash coupe that had been abandoned in the early '60's beside a hiking trail in the Catskill range overlooking the Neversink River and I soon learned that Bob resided in Neversink, New York (a name that you don't easily forget). I sent Bob an email asking him if he was familiar with the whereabouts of this car and if in fact, it was still there. He got back to me right away and wasn't aware of the car but actually contacted the man at Hemmings who had written a small article about the car but was not able to provide any additional information about it.. Since then, Bob has written emails to me and sent me a nice calendar that he had made up with pictures of his tours in the beautiful rural countryside where he was. I only wish I had had the opportunity to meet him in person and I will always enjoy the pictures that he has posted of himself and family. He is a special person. John Reddie
  25. I must agree here about the torqueflight transmissions. I'll probable jinx myself for admitting this but one of my "67 Plymouth Fury's has a 727 torqueflight transmission that other than several fluid and filter changes and a shift seal replacement has gone over 500,000 thousand miles. I drive it sensibly; no burn outs😀

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