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    p 15 with dakota swap

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Whatever you find and decide to do, I wish you the best. My feelings on something like this, try to find a P15 that hasn't been altered. These were and are great cars and a pleasure to drive. Lovely styling and comfortable. Again, this is your decision and only my opinion and it also depends on the kind of driving you plan to do, interstate highway or country roads. Best regards. John R
  2. John Reddie

    47 Plymouth won't shift into 3rd gear

    Good observation Silverdome. I notice what could possibly be an automatic choke stove (not sure) in front of the carb (see photo). If so, did the Canadian built P15's have an automatic choke rather than a manual type? John R
  3. John Reddie

    Easy things are getting difficult

    Greg G, you're not alone. I have had neck problems dating back to the early '70's. I still love car work but it takes me waaaaay longer than it used to. Have fun. John R
  4. John Reddie

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    I don't know the exact weight of the carrier but I am sure it is on the heavy side. I would try to use a small hydraulic floor jack to lower and raise it. I have removed and replaced automatic transmissions this way by placing a board on top of the lifting saddle of the jack to balance the piece. It is easier if you have an assistant to operate the jack while you steady the piece but I have done it myself too. Be careful and good luck. John R
  5. John Reddie

    1946 Plymouth interior

    In 1948, my dad bought a '46 Plymouth Deluxe black two door sedan that was a Plain Jane model. I remember the dashboard was solid with no radio grille or Plymouth nameplate above like the Special Deluxe models that I had. His didn't have armrests on the doors like to model pictured. John R
  6. John Reddie

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Often times a rear wheel bearing that is worn will make a droning or humming sound when going around a corner and the noise may disappear when going straight. Later if not corrected, the noise will be more prominent and occur all of the time. I have had this happen more that once in my 60+ years of driving. Good luck to you. John R
  7. John Reddie

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    When the '41 Plymouth in the video finished its journey, it was in my opinion, a truly "used car".😀😀😀
  8. John Reddie

    1939 Desoto s6 Custom

    Hi Jorge and welcome to the forum. Nice car. Rich, one of the participants on here has a DeSoto like yours and I'm sure he can provide some help for your questions. Good luck. John R
  9. John Reddie

    '53 Plymouth Brake Drums

    Here is another place I found that lists rear drums and hubs for your Plymouth. I have never dealt with them but it's worth a shot. John R http://www.atlaschrys.com/Early/Brakes/EarlyRearBrakeDrums.html
  10. John Reddie

    '53 Plymouth Brake Drums

    Hello, Welcome to the forum. I don't know where you are located but there is a place here in MA called Then and Now who deals in vintage auto parts. If they don't have the drums you need, they could probably steer you in the right direction. Good luck to you. John R http://www.then-now-auto.com/
  11. John Reddie

    Rare sedan

    Thanks for your response. I hope that the underneath isn't all rusted away. These cars were great, smooth, powerful and really comfortable. Here's a couple of snaps of the same year car that was not too far from my home several years ago. I don't know where it went but I hope that someone did something with it and kept it original. John R
  12. John Reddie

    Rare sedan

    This would be a great car if not too far gone and restored. Any idea how long it's been there? John R
  13. John Reddie

    Our new dodge, D24C

    The dash is really cool. What is the red knob beside the starter button for? John R
  14. John Reddie

    Our new dodge, D24C

    Love those D24's. Great find. John R
  15. John Reddie

    1949 New Yorker...Worth Parting Out?

    I fully agree with you Knuckleharley. These cars are rare especially with the straight 8....and that house. It almost looks like a small puff of wind would topple it.😀
  16. John Reddie

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    It may be narrower due to the side panels for the top frame to go into when the top is lowered. As was earlier stated, a rear cushion from a sedan may be able to be modified to fit without too much difficulty. John R
  17. John Reddie

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    I found this on a yahoo search for Lindsay McConnell. 1-724-898-2478 and plymouth@nauticom.net I remember posts from him from time to time in The Plymouth Owner's Club Bulletin. He dealt with a lot of 1941 Plymouth parts I recall. I don't know how current this information is but I hope it will be of some help you. John R
  18. John Reddie

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    This could be your answer for a rear seat. I hope so. John R
  19. John Reddie

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Good question. I am not sure but Iknow that the Desoto is a bigger car so the seat dimensions and mounting may be different. The possible solution that Young Ed mentioned seems to be a good alternative as a sedan rear seat would probably easier to score than a convertible one. Best of luck here. John R
  20. John Reddie

    Differential Vent?

    This is interesting. This type of vent is just like the ones on my two '67 Plymouth Fury's. I'm not sure that the bolt is the same size but the style looks to be the same . John R
  21. John Reddie

    52 cranbrook ?

    Good advice here, The car appears to be in fairly decent shape for its age but I too would check the actual running condition and underneath for rust damage. If that place on the driver's floor is the only rust through, I'd say that's not so bad. Interesting battery hold down bracket I might add.😀 John R.
  22. John Reddie

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    When you say shell, is it just the body or is the convertible frame with it and if so is it in decent condition? This could be a really rewarding project for you in the long run. Best of luck. John R
  23. John Reddie

    Movie Plymouth

    I watched a movie last night on the Turner Classic Movie channel On Demand titled "The Young Stranger" made in '57. In it, the young man who is the main character has a P15 club coupe which appears in several scenes.. The car looks a little used and could use some TLC but doesn't put out any smoke. I always liked that body style model P15. John R
  24. John Reddie

    Movie Plymouth

    "War of the Worlds" made in 1953 features two of these Plymouth's, a 1951 police car which unfortunately gets vaporized by the aliens and either a '51 or '52 convertible. These cars only appear in the beginning. Like you, I have always found them most appealing. John R
  25. John Reddie

    Not many of these left

    I'm not sure how many on this particular model were even produced in 1941. It looks like ultra low mileage if it's accurate. John R https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/1941-chrysler-new-yorker/6588765790.html

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