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    New member

    I had a friend some years back who had a "40 Plymouth coupe with a dented roof much more so than yours. He did remove the headliner and the front seat and used a bottle jack and a piece of 4''x4'' wood and was able to jack the dent back out to the point where he could finish it out with hammer and dolly and a skim of filler. He placed cement blocks under the floor so the floor would not get distorted. Looking forward to seeing your progress. John R
  2. John Reddie

    exhaust damper

    Yes, I fully agree. In cold and damp conditions, the heat riser that is working properly will be beneficial to good performance. Carburetor icing will occur at low speeds if the heat riser is not working properly and hamper performance. In small aircraft, proper carburetor heat is imperative. John R
  3. John Reddie

    New member

    Hello and welcome. You have a nice rare car here and definitely a candidate to be fixed up and enjoyed. One question, is the roof dented or is it just the photo? Thanks for posting pics. John R
  4. John Reddie

    47 p15 rr quarter fender area

    Hello and welcome. You can give these guys a try. If they do have what you need, it may be a bit pricey but you'll get parts from Arizona in the no salt area. Good luck.https://www.dvap.com/salvage/1948-plymouth-plymouth-car-48pl0541c/
  5. John Reddie

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    Wishing you the best Knuckleharley. John R
  6. John Reddie

    New 37 DeSoto Project

    Hey, thanks for your response. You are right about the electric wipers. This car will be really sharp when you get it done. Best of luck here. John R
  7. John Reddie

    New 37 DeSoto Project

    Hello and welcome. You have what looks like a nice rare coupe there with plenty of potential. The 318 and 727 combo is an excellent choice. Both of my '67 Plymouth Fury's have the same set up. I do see on your coupe that the windshield wipers are mounted on the cowl rather than the roof which would make this car a '38 I believe. A '37 would have a crank open windshield and the wiper placement above the windshield. The grille and headlight placements are different between the two years as well. Your car does appear to to have a '37 front bumper. Good luck to you on your build. John R
  8. John Reddie

    Engine identification

    Thanks guys for the replies. I was mainly interested in the Plymouth's which I thought was 1942 but I didn't realize that Dodge was earlier. John R
  9. John Reddie

    Engine identification

    When was the 217 first introduced? Was it in the 1942 models? John R
  10. John Reddie

    Power top

    Sorry I can't help with your diagram search but if you could post a photo or two of your '41 Chrysler, I'd love to see it.Thanks. John R
  11. John Reddie

    54 desoto

    Hello and welcome, I would indeed run a compression test to evaluate the cylinder and valve functions. Look for a possible significant loss between two adjacent cylinders which would indicate a head gasket failure. If this is the case, it could produce the symptoms that you describe. I agree with desoto 1939, this is a nicely styled car and will really look sharp when repainted. Good luck to you. John R
  12. John Reddie

    54 dodge royal front brake drum

    Tom, Welcome to the forum. Are you looking for a front or a rear drum. I believe there is a rear drum on ebay (right side) 11" but rather high shipping cost. If it is the correct one that you need, could you transfer the lugs from your old one? Good luck. John R
  13. John Reddie

    ID of the vintage car

    Hello and Happy Holidays. This car is a 1942 Plymouth two door coach (sedan) which I can identify by the placement of the parking light and the chrome piece on the rear fender. I am partial to this year Plymouth because it is the same year that I was born. Nice photo, thanks for posting it. John R
  14. John Reddie

    they are different!

    If I remember correctly, the '47 came from the factory with 16" wheels where the '48 had 15". I once had a '46 Plymouth and I remember that the radio itself was attached to the firewall under the dash and the control on the dash had two cables running to the radio, one for the on/off and volume and the other for changing the stations. I'm not sure if it was factory or aftermarket?? My '48 Plymouth had a one piece radio that mounted to the dash. John R
  15. John Reddie

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    Wishing all a most joyous Holiday Season. John RšŸ˜€
  16. John Reddie

    Flathead to Hemi swap?

    Hello and welcome. I am not sure how difficult it would be to swap in the DeSoto hemi engine and transmission but where the vehicles are similar, it may be doable without too much trouble. If it were my car, I would first investigate the problem with the present engine to find out what has happened to it. I am sure that others on here will be able to provide you with more detailed information regarding this subject. Whatever you decide to do, best of luck to you. Reading your profile on your post, you have an interesting assortment of project cars.šŸ‘ John R
  17. John Reddie

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    From pretty much a parts car to a pristine show car. Well done! John R
  18. John Reddie

    '52 Plymouth mystery piece???

    I saw this on a '52 Plymouth pictured in a salvage yard and am wondering what it is? I never saw this piece before on a flathead Mopar. Thanks for any info. John R
  19. John Reddie

    '52 Plymouth mystery piece???

    Thanks guys for the responses. Was this a factory option on Plymouth's in '52 or an aftermarket application? John R
  20. John Reddie

    Inspection Camera for Valves

    I too had the camera inserted into the small hole mentioned here and it was not pleasant. I realize that it was necessary but if I never have to have it done again, it will be fine. John R
  21. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    I wonder if any in this photo are still around to day. I'd like to think so, at least one maybe. John R
  22. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    Good point Bob about the trim rings. I think that possibly they were installed when the cars were at the dealers but not sure. John R
  23. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    I just found this article on "Tho Old Motor" site. John R http://theoldmotor.com/?p=171243
  24. John Reddie

    A bunch a new P15's

    That is a good question and I wish I knew. I remember growing up in the '50's, P15's were everywhere. In Boston, they were used as taxi cabs and many other cities too I'm sure. John R
  25. John Reddie

    Anti-theft devices

    He's actually referring to a Doberman Pinscher dog which would certainly scare off even the dumbest of thieves. One thing a thief doesn't want is to spend time trying to steal a car. Any type of ignition kill switch would be a good choice. Another thing that would be a good deterrent would be a couple of flood lights outside your house triggered by a motion sensor set up so they would turn on if someone got up to the car. Just the sudden bright lights appearing would scare almost anyone attempting to steal off. Whatever happens, good luck to you. John R

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