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  1. All right, THAT picture is scary!! Just a question regarding the '49 Chrysler, does it have an under seat heater that could be making noises? Just a thought. John R
  2. I am glad that you mentioned the antenna location above the center windshield division bar. When I was in high school, one of the students had a P15 two-door with this type of antenna placement. It was the only time that I ever saw this style on a Plymouth and I was beginning to think that my memory was playing tricks on me as it does now and then these days. Thanks. John R
  3. It has been so long since owned a Plymouth that had this type of windshield, I can't remember exactly how it worked. Thank you for explanation. Is there no way that some type of lube line oil or white lithium grease could be sprayed where the shaft goes in? Just wondering. John R
  4. Good advice. I would open and close it often to keep everything moving. I always liked the unique crank handle that was used only on the "37 Chrysler built cars. There was a guy in the Plymouth Bulletin a few years back that has a '38 with a crank out windshield that I had never seen on any other than a "37. He is from Chile and after contacting him, he posted a photo of his car and it indeed had the opening windshield. It occurred to me later that somewhere along the line, someone may have installed a '38 nose on a '37 (perhaps) but I never investigated it any further. All '38's I have seen before had a fixed non opening windshield. John R
  5. Yes. I have had this happen in the past a few times. After trying repeatedly to start the car with no success, I had to squirt a little into each cylinder through the spark plug holes. You don't need to put in too much but it did start up afterwards. It smoked like hell for a few minutes but ran fine afterwards. Good luck to you. John R
  6. I would look for a wire or wires that are worn and possible shorting out briefly. Put on you lights and jiggle the wires around to see if you can recreate the problem. The full discharge that you mention suggests a strong voltage draw. Best of luck. John R
  7. There are several listed on ebay right now like the one pictured for under $50.00 with free shipping to the US. I am not sure about overseas shipping but it's worth looking into. This type of puller works best for these vintage Mopar rear drums. Good luck to you. John R
  8. Great deal. These covers will look nice on your car seat. John R
  9. Great Dodge, and a rare 2 door too. Love it. John R
  10. If you can send a small piece of the paint that you need to these folks, they should be able to match it perfectly. I did this for my '67 Plymouth Fury and the match was excellent. I was replacing a small piece of panel so I sent a post card sized piece that I cut out for this paint sample. Good luck. John R http://www.apstowerpaint.com/
  11. I have had great long term results with SEAL-ALL that is resistant to oil and gasoline. I have never used JB WELD on fuel leaks and it may work fine. The SEAL-ALL is meant to seal fuel leaks. It is relatively inexpensive and is offered at WalMart, Home Depot and most auto stores. As with any sealant of this type, the area of application should be as clean as possible. John R https://www.homedepot.com/p/Seal-All-1-fl-oz-Adhesive-and-Sealant-6-Pack-380011/205812210?cm_mmc=Shopping|B|Base|D25
  12. You got a better deal than I did at 10 cents a bottle. I never thought to put in STP. I could have probably got the pressure up to 3 or 4 pounds at idleπŸ˜€. I had two friends that had P15's with engines about as tired as mine was. One guy punched a connecting rod through the side of the block and the other ended up spinning a rod bearing. The didn't heed my advice and drove their cars hard. A little respect went a good distance with those old gems. John R
  13. When I had my P15's and my '48 Dodge back in the late '50's and early '60's, they were pretty well used and had tired engines. I'd get 40 pounds oil pressure at cruising speed and 0 at idle. If I coasted down a steep hill, it would blow out some noticeable smoke too. I used to buy oil in glass bottles with a tin cone on the top for pouring it at a local salvage yard.; 2 quarts for a quarter if you put it in yourself. I drove the cars respectively and got pretty good service from them for the most part. We had very little money then but a lot of fun and now fond memories. John R
  14. 🀣🀣 Only $1500.00 shipping.🀣🀣 John R
  15. Thanks guys. My computer skills are limited so I need all the help I can get.πŸ˜€ I am using Windows 7. John R
  16. Thanks very much for your help. I'll try it. John R
  17. I see that people add videos from you tube on here and I have not been able to do that. I have also attempted to send a video from you tube via my email to friends with no success. Any help with this will be truly welcomed. Thanks. John R
  18. Very impressive fabrication work. It is time consuming but certainly worth the effort in the end. Thanks for posting. John R
  19. I found this type of transmission to be nice to drive with, especially in stop and go traffic. I would leave it in second gear and move slowly with the traffic until I was able to resume normal cruising speed. There were some people back then who never really got the feel for the friction clutch type like the P15 Plymouth's had and for them, the Fluid Drive was a blessing.πŸ˜€ John R
  20. Great video. I had a '48 Dodge very similar to yours; mine had the outside visor too. I like your ignition switch plate that is mounted beneath the original. My Dodge was the only car that I ever had that the ignition switch failed in. I'd be driving along and the engine would cut out momentarily and the come back on causing a hell of an an explosion in the exhaust system. I quickly had it replaced because I feared that I'd get pulled over for doing deliberate key bangers. Yours appears to have a rear seat fold down arm rest which mine did not. Thanks some much for posting this video. It brings back fond memories. John R
  21. Nice dash. I have always loved the unique windshield opening styled crank that was used only on the '37 Chrysler produced cars. Earlier models featured a crank handle similar to a window type in a house. I seem to recall reading once that Chrysler was focusing on a safer dashboard with recessed knobs etc. Thanks for posting. John R
  22. My guess on this car is a 1942 Studebaker, possibly a Commander. In the 1948 film "Naked City", the police use a Studebaker of this year. Very rare today. John R
  23. You might try the salvage yard that Young Ed has mentioned from time to time. I seem to recall that they had a bunch of old Mopar parts cars there. It couldn't hurt to contact them if you are still looking. Good luck. John R http://www.frenchlakeautoparts.com/
  24. Hey, for $2.98 + .36 cents handling fee, I'd try one. I remember that Western Auto stores used to sell gadgets and dress-up items for cars. John R
  25. I remember a lot of add-ons and do-dads we could get for our cars back in the '50's but this one here is not known to me. I wonder how well it worked. Anybody here remember it or had one? John R
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