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  1. The town dentist that was our neighbor and had an office in his home had a '49 or '50 fastback Pontiac with a rear window wiper. I know that some of the old bathtub styled Nash cars had that feature as well. I always wondered how well they actually worked. That vacuum had to travel a long way. John R
  2. Yes, this is way too low. Even with an inflated tire, the clearance would not be increased that much. If this car was mine, I would remove the lowering pieces and install the correct length u-bolts so the springs are positioned as they should be.. Having owned one of these Dodges before, I know what nice cars they are to drive. I hope you can get it back in roadworthy condition with either the existing engine or another similar flathead 6 of the same vintage (rather than a Chevrolet). My opinion of course but in any event, good luck to you. John R
  3. Yes this is true. It most likely was ordered without a radio. My '49 Windsor had a radio and in the seven years that I owned it, I had more trouble with that radio than anything else on the car.😬
  4. Nice looking Chrysler. Interesting that is has no radio. All the ones I've seen before did have radios. Good luck. John R
  5. One quick way to identify the difference in the town sedan and the other sedan is the placement of the rear wing window. On the town sedan, it is located in the back doors as is the car pictured by Imperigal where the other and more common model had the rear wing window behind the rear door and separate from it as in to pic I posted. Plymouth also offered a town sedan but only for '42 and I believe some of the DeSoto's and Chrysler's did as well. Great cars, all of them. John R
  6. Thanks Dave for your response. I do know that from reading various posts on here, those 8 cylinder Chrysler parts can be hard to come up with sometimes.. I have found items on ebay that I was shocked were available. I would keep watching there if you are unable to score a muffler from the places listed. Good luck to you. John R
  7. Hi Dave and welcome, I'm sorry but I don't know a source for your muffler but I am sure that someone here can help you. I just want to say that a 38" long muffler is pretty impressive😮. Is your '41Buick a two-door? John R
  8. Hello and welcome, Your Dodge looks really nice. I had a '48 Dodge 4 door (not a Town Sedan like yours) and I really liked it. They are great dependable cars and a pleasure to drive. The Fluid Drive was especially nice in heavy traffic. Thanks for posting the pics. John R
  9. For rear window glass, you might want to check this place. They appear to have a lot of older car glass available. It's worth a shot. Good luck. John R http://www.ebaystores.com/Bobs-Classic-Auto-Glass/Plymouth-Glass-/_i.html?_fsub=885652018&_sid=79341138&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  10. Hello and welcome, These cars are not as plentiful and the other '49 Plymouth models but they are neat for sure. You have your work cut out for you but it will be well worth it when you are through. Good luck to you. John R
  11. That will be a great time. Thanks for posting this. John R
  12. JohnS48plm, I was at that 1993 Meet in Plymouth MA and I remember your convertible along with other P15's. It was then that I joined the Plymouth Owners Club and am still a member. I am hoping that they will have another meet locally in the near future. John R
  13. Good question. I don't know but I too would like to know how many are still around and which one would be the earliest number. My dad bought a '46 Plymouth two door sedan in 1948. It was a Deluxe model with the plain dash, no arm rests or horn ring and the dash colored panel where the ignition switch was rather than chrome. I remember once when he had it repaired, the mechanic told him that he had to special order a part because it was an early '46. I know that a lot of P15's were produced and like the fact that so many are still around. John R
  14. keithb7, Watch out for this little wire in the distributor that I have highlighted. It carries juice to the points and if it is close or touching the distributor housing as this one is, it will rub the insulation through and short out and cause the engine to die out due to the movement of the breaker plate when the engine is running. It can drive you nuts when it happens if you are not familiar with it. I leaned this the hard way on a winter night at 5 degrees. (I am shivering just thinking about it)🥶 John R
  15. WOW!! Bill, that is incredible to take a car that many would have walked away from and turn it into the fine Plymouth you have now. I will search out the thread on the POC Forum and read it for sure. Thanks for posting this. John R
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