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  1. John Reddie

    Name this car, maybe??

    I think I may have found the car. This car is a sedan in the new photo but the tail light and the gas fill seem similar. It is most likely a "36 Nash Lafayette. John R
  2. John Reddie

    Name this car, maybe??

    Thanks for the responses. I considered Ford as well but the belt line on the Ford is different. The original photo has no line under the rear window. The tail light looks similar to the Nash but I don't see the gas fill in the same spot. I'm afraid that I am stumped right now. Thanks again. John R
  3. John Reddie

    Name this car, maybe??

  4. John Reddie

    Name this car, maybe??

    Can anyone name the car in this photo? I thought possibly a 1937 Nash Lafayette but I cannot find a photo of one from the rear. This car appears to be a 3 window coupe and features a half trunk lid. I checked GM coupes of that era but the gas filler was on the wrong side. Any info is good. John R
  5. John Reddie

    38 Plymouth rear motor mounts

    Thanks for the photo. Really nice '38 for sure. I see that it is a later model '38 due to the headlight placement. The early '38's had the headlights mounted slightly higher and further forward. You can see the difference in the attached photo. John R
  6. John Reddie

    38 Plymouth rear motor mounts

    Hello and welcome. Can you post some pictures of your '38 Plymouth? Thanks. John R
  7. John Reddie

    Smokes after 8 minutes of running

    Good info here. I would keep running it and more than likely the smoking will let up. I once removed a Chevrolet v8 cylinder head and some of the coolant that remained it the head ran down into the exhaust pipe. When the car was back together, it took a good part of the morning to completely stop smoking. It was someone else' s car and I was really happy that that was all it was. Good luck to you. John R
  8. John Reddie

    Panic or Push On... hole in frame rail!

    I saw something like that once that was caused by a ramp truck hook after the car was pulled up onto the truck. Your frame looks pretty sturdy and can defiantly be repaired. John R
  9. John Reddie

    1942 Dessoto Club Coupe Project

    I don't ever recall seeing a '42 DeSoto two door sedan. Were there less of these produced than the coupes and sedans? Thanks for posting your pics. John R
  10. John Reddie

    I bought another old dodge !

    Nice Dodge. I had one like it back in 1959 and mine too had the outside sunvisor. That is the only car I ever had that the ignition switch failed on. I'd be driving along and it would cut out momentarily and then BANG!! when the power came on. My neighbor accused me of deliberately doing a key banger with it but I swore that I wasn't. Great cars and great times. The car cost, $80.00. John R
  11. If you plan to do a lot of highway driving then a T-5 or other upgrade would be a plus but if just local cruising on side and back roads, If it were mine, I would strongly consider having the original transmission rebuilt and keeping the engine that is now in the car. My opinion of course. Whatever you decide, best of luck. John R
  12. John Reddie

    nice P15 Deluxe locally

    I checked this nice P15 today not far from my house. I say it's a '46 because the outside door locks have the little disc covers rather that the figure 8 shaped type, It also has 16" wheels. It is a Deluxe because of the lack of the windshield trim piece, no horn ring, no door arm rests, and non-opening rear vent windows. It has a radio grill but no radio or piece above the grille that says P L Y M O U T H. I also saw that the gas tank filler tube was sticking out further that it should be and I don't know why that is. Really nice car I think. John R
  13. John Reddie

    deluxe or special deluxe ??

    Hello and welcome. If you go to the top of the page and click resources, in the drop down, select P15 Spotters Guide. It will point out the differences of both models. John R
  14. John Reddie


    Another thing I would do before removing the timing chain cover is to make sure that the crankshaft pulley and the balancer are tight. You can also remover the fan belt and run the engine momentarily and see if the noise stops. I have seen cases where the belt itself was the cause of a noticeable noise. Good luck to you. John R
  15. John Reddie

    Transmission question 1939 Plymouth

    Here are several diagrams that I found in an old Plymouth book that I have. They are of the '39 Plymouth transmission with the floor mounted gear shift that you asked about. John R

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