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  1. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Another super rare gem. Could you post a few photos of this? Thanks. John R
  2. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Great looking car. Thanks for posting the pics. John R
  3. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Here is a photo of a friend of mine's '37 Dodge coupe. It was originally a business coupe with a full trunk but he fabricated a rumble seat into it instead. It looks factory installed - a fantastic job. John R
  4. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    That car is rare. As I recall, the company made many more trunk style coupes than rumble seat ones. Could you maybe post some more photos of the car, I'd love to see it. Thanks. John R
  5. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    I wrote to dpollo once regarding the differences in the '51 and '52 Plymouths and received a most informative response. I also really enjoyed his articles in the Plymouth Bulletins, in patricular, The Sylvan Lake garage stories (I hope that is the correct title). Thanks to dpollo for all the helpful input. John R
  6. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    Great rare cars. Gotta keep as many going as we can. Superb resto job Robert KB. JOHN r
  7. 53 HyDrive Gaskets

    Hello and welcome, You can try these guys. I have never dealt with them before but I have read positive feedback regarding their service. Good luck to you. John R http://www.nwtparts.com/
  8. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    I just noticed that they offer a top motor rebuilding service as well a new one for a bit less money. John R
  9. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    These guys show tops and parts for older Plymouths. You might give them a try. I have never dealt with them but they do list a lot of items. Good luck to you. John R https://www.convertibletopguys.com/convertible/517/1949-52-Plymouth-Cranbrook
  10. which engine would be best

    How long has it been since the 201 engine in the car has run? If it has been a while I would remove the spark plugs and put seven or eight squirts of thin engine oil into each cylinder. Let it sit for a short while and then with the plugs still out, turn the engine over several time so the cylinder walls get coated then replace the plugs and see if it will start up. I have had success with engines that have not been run for a while. If it does start up after doing this, it will smoke like hell but burn off in short order. You may notice that after the engine has been running for a bit, the compression might improve somewhat. I hope so, John R
  11. Where does this fit?

    Welcome. A Wekcome. A really nice looking car there. Good luck with it. John R
  12. 1949 detective needed to identify two items

    It looks in the photo of the heater blower motor that the fastening points have rubber grommets to prevent any vibration noise when running. If this is the case then the ground wire is needed. It sounds like you have two fine cars there. Good luck. John R
  13. Sub Zero Challenge

  14. Cold start problem Weber conversion?

    Mike C, your engine should start and run fine if everything is properly set up and adjusted correctly. As Don C pointed out about the ethanol fuel now used and it's evaporating after a spell, my two '67 Plymouth Fury's take a little time to start if if haven't used them for two or three days, but never 20 minutes. I don't have an electric fuel pump on either car. If I had your car, I would perform the test listed on this thread and get everything in order. Swapping for a different designed carburetor would not be something I would try. My opinion and good luck to you. John R
  15. Is there a better fluid then Type A

    Tommy and Don, wishing you both the best in your treatments. John R