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  1. John Reddie

    Cool P15 Photo

    My guess on this car is a 1942 Studebaker, possibly a Commander. In the 1948 film "Naked City", the police use a Studebaker of this year. Very rare today. John R
  2. John Reddie

    Source for Kingpins?

    You might try the salvage yard that Young Ed has mentioned from time to time. I seem to recall that they had a bunch of old Mopar parts cars there. It couldn't hurt to contact them if you are still looking. Good luck. John R http://www.frenchlakeautoparts.com/
  3. John Reddie

    vintage auto gadget

    Hey, for $2.98 + .36 cents handling fee, I'd try one. I remember that Western Auto stores used to sell gadgets and dress-up items for cars. John R
  4. John Reddie

    vintage auto gadget

    I remember a lot of add-ons and do-dads we could get for our cars back in the '50's but this one here is not known to me. I wonder how well it worked. Anybody here remember it or had one? John R
  5. John Reddie

    Show your tools.

    I did the exact same thing as a kid. I didn't realize that it was for light duty work.🙁 John R
  6. John Reddie

    new 1947 plymouth owner! where to get parts

    Welcome to the forum. The body looks pretty good as far as rust through any place. How is the underneath, floors, frame and body mounts etc? I personally like to see these vintage gems kept original but I am also a believer that it is the owners choice to make his or her car to their liking. Good luck with your project. John R
  7. John Reddie

    38-218 going into 48 plymouth need help

    Hello and welcome. Click on the like right below Don Coatney's name at the bottom of the post and select from the options at the left of the page. John R
  8. Here is another nice Dodge on ebay. It looks pretty nice from the pics. John R https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-Dodge-Other/173817176808?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3D08512972f2a7427ab4c22f08a3ab00c1%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D142999121554%26itm%3D173817176808&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  9. John Reddie

    rebuilt engines from the past

    I saw this ad and it brought fond memories from the '50's. I remember that a place in Boston used to advertise that for $188.00, one could drop their car off in the morning and at day's end, drive home with a completely rebuilt exchanged engine. Ford, Plymouth and Chevrolet were listed but I'm sure that other makes could be done as well. I also recall a young man that attended the school that I did had a rebuilt engine in his '47 Plymouth that was purchased from Sears. I remember that we made less money back then and these prices would be expensive for many families but I find it interesting to look back just the same. John R
  10. John Reddie

    New member

    I had a friend some years back who had a "40 Plymouth coupe with a dented roof much more so than yours. He did remove the headliner and the front seat and used a bottle jack and a piece of 4''x4'' wood and was able to jack the dent back out to the point where he could finish it out with hammer and dolly and a skim of filler. He placed cement blocks under the floor so the floor would not get distorted. Looking forward to seeing your progress. John R
  11. John Reddie

    exhaust damper

    Yes, I fully agree. In cold and damp conditions, the heat riser that is working properly will be beneficial to good performance. Carburetor icing will occur at low speeds if the heat riser is not working properly and hamper performance. In small aircraft, proper carburetor heat is imperative. John R
  12. John Reddie

    New member

    Hello and welcome. You have a nice rare car here and definitely a candidate to be fixed up and enjoyed. One question, is the roof dented or is it just the photo? Thanks for posting pics. John R
  13. John Reddie

    47 p15 rr quarter fender area

    Hello and welcome. You can give these guys a try. If they do have what you need, it may be a bit pricey but you'll get parts from Arizona in the no salt area. Good luck.https://www.dvap.com/salvage/1948-plymouth-plymouth-car-48pl0541c/
  14. John Reddie

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    Wishing you the best Knuckleharley. John R
  15. John Reddie

    New 37 DeSoto Project

    Hey, thanks for your response. You are right about the electric wipers. This car will be really sharp when you get it done. Best of luck here. John R

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