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  1. The http://www.imperialclub.com/ is a good resource for these giants. It covers all Imperials from 1926. Rick
  2. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    54. As a family we spent many weekends and holidays with another family driving around Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales looking for a T-model for dad to restore. His friend, who was a boilermaker, was looking for a steam car... After many years of chasing dead end leads, dad heard of an old car that was put on blocks in a shed in 1943 about 20 miles from us. Turns out it was a 1929 Plymouth tourer in pretty good condition. The owner went to war and never returned, and his wife never went into the shed again. My dad was going to turn it down as it wasn't his dream Ford, but mum threatened him with divorce if he didn't but it as it was in way better condition than anything he'd looked at, and she was sick of driving around back roads chasing rumours. I was about 8 when we brought it home. A basic clean up, re-did the brakes, and she was a driveable barn find. I've been a Chrysler fan ever since. Rick
  3. Number plate thoughts?

    I suspect GJ-424 was a personalised plate as NSW had the 3 letter / 3 number combination up until 2004. Wikipedia says the APD plate was probably issued in 1954, which fits the purchase date. I'd like to do the same with my Chrysler, using a Victorian period ID. BTW, welcome to the forum. Rick - lol, tripped over Andy's post...
  4. 1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

    Very nice Uberchin. I'm jealous. Rick
  5. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi Patrick. You’ll need to find the chassis number stamped on it to be be sure what it was when it left the USA. I don’t know where it would be on yours, but mine is on the front rhs in front of the suspension. TJR had their own designs that were slightly different to overseas. I think this was because TJR had a limited number of suppliers to choose from, and had used mass produced items such as your windscreen pillars that may have also been on Aussie built Chevs. Nice car BTW... Rick
  6. Test post for ushp12

    http://live.cricket.com.au/#/1964/41089/overview Test cricket... Rick
  7. 1940 chrysler 1941 plymouth grill

    If you decide to swap, can I please have your headlights? Rick
  8. Help picking a motor for my 1940 chrysler

    Jolly, can you please box that dog house up and post it to me? It’s got all the missing pieces I need ... Rick
  9. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Good question Bill. I'll do a few measurements this weekend and compare with Andy's Dodge. Rick
  10. G’day RD. I’m a long way south in Portland, Victoria. I’ve got a 1940 Chrysler that needs to be restored. Jim Robinson at Dodge Parts in Maryborough Vic may have some parts. Ricky Luke
  11. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I reckon it’s all in the doghouse. The body seems to be the same as the Plymouth /Dodges. It’s the 25” block. Rick
  12. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I haven't got the Chrysler down to that point, but mines a Windsor chassis (122 and one half inch wheelbase - that 1/2" must have been important...) Rick
  13. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Thanks Kridgleyud, I agree with 40Plyguy. Looks like I should go hunting for new uppers. Rick
  14. town sedan ??

    Well done Plymouthy. You're a good neighbour. Thanks for the responses. To me it still just looks like a marketing idea. I don't see how any company could create so many options and hope to sell enough of that version to make enough money to cover the tooling. Rick
  15. town sedan ??

    So what is the difference between a sedan and a town sedan? We're limited in options over here. No business coupes, but we do have utes I guess... Rick