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  1. Bobacuda

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    After looking at all of the winter snow photos, thought I would post one of my truck on Feb 17, a winter's day in Texas! About 64 degrees F, but the high for tomorrow is expected to be 48 degrees and rainy...
  2. Bobacuda

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    f_armer - it was 70 + just a couple of days ago just NW of San Antonio. I imagine Dallas wasn't bad, either. Would have felt like mid-summer for your daughter.
  3. Bobacuda

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    But just to make the Great White North feel at home, it is currently 33 degrees and we just had several nice, loud rounds of thunder followed by a round of freezing rain.
  4. Bobacuda

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    JB, I'm with you. Here in the Texas Hill County the agaritas are about to bloom, peach buds are swelling, all of the animals are feeling frisky and its freezing again. - but will be back in the 40's on Saturday. I will take our moderate to hot weather over ice and snow any day. I know that many of you prefer the Great White North, and I'm glad you do...fewer people here, and when I want to see really cold weather, I can come on here and see the photos that the Snowbirds post.
  5. A Bear and a Cuda walk into a bar and ask, "Is John Shanks here? He got lost and keeps wandering to places where he doesn't belong."
  6. Bobacuda

    polar vortex

    If that door was a brass monkey freezing his parts off this topic would have blown up...
  7. Bobacuda

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    When you do your fuel tank, replace the fuel level stuff in the tank while the tank is not in the truck. It will make it much easier to pull the unit in and out until you get the float set for an accurate reading. I didn't do that when my tank was out...so my fuel gauge accuracy is still "more like a guideline."
  8. Bobacuda

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Now would also be a good time to replace old steel freeze plugs with brass ones. MUCH easier when the engine is out.
  9. Bobacuda

    1977 JD loader at work

    Snow Thanks! I think my ancestors had enough of that type of weather when they left Denmark and Sweden for Texas .
  10. Bobacuda

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Pete - Make sure the starter you use has the same "starter arm" as your original. Some of the older models have different arms (the part the stomp starter hits to actuate the starter). Since it is all apart, you might want to consider "MC from a Cherokee" swap. It has been discussed on here several times. Raybestos still carries MC's for your truck ($100+), but it will be a single chamber. If you use an original transmission, make sure you have the shifter arms for it. I think the fluid drive trans arms are longer...but I could be wrong. Good luck finding a grille. might get lucky in a boneyard out west. If you can get the entire nose section with the grille, take it. It will be less expensive than fixing the one you have. Jocko - Here in South-Central Texas, I do not have a heat riser in my truck.
  11. Bobacuda

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    If you need any photos of a '53 for reference, or if you have general questions, shoot me an email. I finished (are they ever finished?) my '53 a couple of years ago. The wiring (I made my harnesses), brake and fuel lines were definitely easier to replace with the engine out. I see on the side of the hood that you have "Fluid Drive" emblems (mine is a Fluid Drive, as well). If you are keeping it Fluid Drive, make sure your new engine's crankshaft has the same thickness "flywheel flange" with the same number of holes as your original. Also, the Fluid Drive has a longer bell housing to accommodate the Fluid Drive coupling than a "standard transmission" bell housing. If you are installing the engine & bell housing (with Fluid Drive or flywheel installed) as a unit, I would recommend mounting the starter and the master cylinder before putting the engine back in the truck - much less cussing involved. If you are not going with the Fluid Drive, consider changing to a modern 5 speed while it is all apart - less gear grinding and an overdrive for cruising. Several of the folks on this site have done this modification. I kept my truck predominately original, so it is still Fluid Drive. But I did go with a '90 Dakota diff. When I rebuilt the front end, I replaced my spindles, hubs and brake with those from a '70 Dodge Sweptline truck. I did this to make the brakes easier to work on and to make parts readily available. Overall, finding some of the small parts was a challenge. However, the folks on this site were great at helping me figure things out and some even had spare parts. One of the things you will get a kick out of is whenever you take it out, your truck will not look like everyone else's.
  12. Bobacuda

    Mr. Shanks

    Can't resist this one. As you might have guessed by my online name (Bobacuda), I have an affinity for, and I own a few of Barracudas (4) from 1967 - 1974. I owned a 1965 and a 1971. still think they are some of the best looking cars built. Anyhow, I also have an affinity for the Old Mopes. Other than an occasional off topic update or question about one of my Barracudas, my Old Mopes and Barracuda posts are kept to their respective websites. So, Mr. Shanks. while I read the Barracuda posts, I have to say that as a matter of courtesy and respect to the folks with the Old Mopes on their website, you really should keep the Barracuda posts on MoParts, Just A Bodies, etc.
  13. I cut mine out of an old mud flap.

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