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  1. Bobacuda

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Thant thing looks like a multi-car collision on one set of wheels.
  2. Bobacuda


    Wait...you saw the US Olympic Soccer Team beat the Russian Olympic Soccer Team? After the Russians lost in hockey to the US Olympic Hockey team, that must have really upset them. BTW, just having fun with you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. Bobacuda

    Modern wheel old hubcap question

    If your rim is not "shaped" like the factory rim, the clips won't help. They are replacements for busted clips. Check Wheelsmith. I think they have an option to use your hubcap on their stock steelie, but it won't look original. Have you thought of asking if anyone on this site has a set of correct rims to sell?
  4. Bobacuda

    Modern wheel old hubcap question

    EOJ - Bolt pattern is "4.5 on 5." The "barrels" on my wheels were rotted so I needed new rims (16"), but I wanted to retain the original hubcaps. I spoke about it with The Wheelsmith. They had me send them my old rims, they removed the centers and put them in new "barrels" with as close to the same setback as possible. Had them powdercoated at the same time. With freight from Texas to California, it cost me just over $800. But they look great, my hubcaps still fit, no problems with the width for modern tires, tubeless and no rust. Quite happy with the end result. BTW, like color of your truck
  5. Brent - Nothing so exotic. A friend and I had it loaded with live oak firewood, stacked about 2 ft higher than the bed, going up a rough pasture road, up a steep hill, next to a bluff, and I killed the engine . Truck started rolling backwards (gravity works!), the brakes locked the wheels and it was skidding, heading for the bluff. Fluid drive, so the engine did not help slow down anything. As a last resort, I picked a small, but sufficiently sized oak and did my best to only hit my junkyard salvage rear bumper on it ( it was as wide as my fenders). It worked. Destroyed the tail light, destroyed the junkyard bumper's mounting brackets, caused me to have to modify the bumper (trimmed it down with a torch), and stopped my truck from getting a lot of custom body work going off the bluff. Had to take 1/3 of the wood off the truck to get up the hill, where my friend and I took a much need "rest stop." Quite a ride.
  6. Dodgeed - My truck's original tail light (just one) got ripped off and the bracket bent to hell in a pasture around 1978. The current brackets & tail lights are actually replicas of some used on old Ford cars. My brackets are welded on. The lenses are just plain old red, no logos.
  7. Dodgeed - My '53 has the seat frame with the posts that allow the bottom part to be moved forward or backward on the frame. Real PITA to get them set if the back is already in place. I generally pull the back up, set the bottom where I want it, then mash the back into position. That's the same seat and frame that was in the truck in 1975 when I bought it, but that doesn't mean it wasn't changed out before that. The rear fenders and dash plate in yours match my '53, but our wiper buttons are different. Yours looks like the one we had on our '51 Dodge. Look at the attached photo of my truck, you will see the rear fenders, the Fluid Drive emblems and the factory rear view mirror. Maybe someone on here has found the mirror brackets in a boneyard they would be willing to sell you.
  8. Bobacuda

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    It needs the top made from Mopar "Mod-Top" material. Blooming idiots...
  9. Bobacuda

    Ecodiesel Files

    My son has one for a daily commuter (about 100 miles a day) - avg about 26 mpg. A friend has a 4-wheel drive version he uses around construction - 21 mpg. That's two different guys with lead feet in full size trucks, running the AC and carrying loads. Both love 'em.
  10. Bobacuda

    Steering Slop

    I got mine on EBAY - best price at the time. If I were buying one now, I would look into the one with the replaceable ends from DCM Classics ($160) like Merle got. I paid more than that for mine and when its fixed ends are toast, I have to replace the whole thing.
  11. Has anyone been to this one? Is it worthwhile for a Mopar person? Most swap meets I've been to (with the exception of the Mopar Nationals) have been devoid of old Mopes or performance era Mopes. BTW, I've been to the car museum and the Ozarks,both are worth a visit, but what about the swap meet?
  12. Bobacuda

    Fredericksburg, TX swap meet

    And not my cup of tea, but the best deal I saw for $15,000. A '73 El Dorado ragtop in great shape for $15,000. El Dorado.docx
  13. Bobacuda

    Fredericksburg, TX swap meet

    Some other interesting Mopars and a distant Mopar relative where for sale. A Valiant wagon (sold), a 4-door Virgil Exner styled Plymouth with a poly 318, a rebuilt 74 Road Runner 340, and a Willys Henry J gasser Plymouths.docx
  14. The FBG swap meet got lucky, temps were down from over 100 to just 98 . Anyhow, it had a good turn out, but most of the stuff was Model A, Model T, Ford Falcon or 70's Chevy truck stuff. I did see two Dodge trucks for sale (51 and a 46 shell on a Chevy frame). Both needed lots of work (more rust that the photos show) and both were $4,500. 2 Dodge trucks.docx

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