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  1. wayfarerstranger

    Gone but not forgotten

    That car is like an old friend saw her many times and had a ride or 2 lot`s of fun ! It is a one of a kind and a very impressive piece of work !
  2. wayfarerstranger

    Canadian Dodge & Plymouth

    Can someone set me straight in the 1940`s & 50`s didn`t Canada have Plymouth cars with a Dodge grille & badging & visa versa ? Like the one pictured below .
  3. wayfarerstranger

    Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    wow !
  4. wayfarerstranger

    Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    so you are only doing the inside of your house and not the barn ? you have 100+ tubes in your house ?
  5. wayfarerstranger

    Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM , sounds like there will be a lot of florescent TUBE`s available soon ?
  6. wayfarerstranger

    Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMM ~ sounds like there will be lot`s of florescent lights on the market in the near future ?
  7. do you have a picture of the striker part you   i probably have it

  8. what are you asking for the shift button ?

  9. send me a picture of your ash tray i may have one .

    1. wayfarerstranger
    2. medium_jon


      Awesome. Thanks. I'm getting my Toyota Prius serviced, but I'll send a photo or two later today. 

    3. wayfarerstranger
  10. hello do you know if parts on the inside of a 4 door P15 door will fit in a 2 door car door ?  window channel , regulator , door winder etc. thanx




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    2. greg g

      greg g

      Looks like the vertical channels will work and the geared portion of the regulators, the actuator might need some mods.  Looks like the coupe glass support could be shortened to work on the four door glass.  Guess you would need to lay it all out to see for sure.  And mods might limit the vertical travel of the glass.



    3. greg g

      greg g

      Send me your email for the parts number chart.  This format says I am out of space for note images.

    4. wayfarerstranger
  11. wayfarerstranger

    cranbrook 1953 hub cab missing... help...

    i sent you a message
  12. wayfarerstranger

    visit from forum member

    It was another fun trip , and pretty funny about the ball cap but actually they are all different in every picture , but still pretty funny . i have been driving that AMX since i was 16 as my sister bought it when she was in high school i had it totally restored back in the late 80`s and now in the process of getting it back in shape . The 49 Ply coupe in the drive way was one i was working on for someone else at the time .
  13. wayfarerstranger

    Local Car Show

    Is that Tim Adams in that first picture with the jug in his hand ?
  14. What kind of woodie      do     u have ?

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    2. wayfarerstranger


      Is this a running & driving  truck in good condition . if it were mine it would stay original .

    3. Frank's 49

      Frank's 49

      This is the truck my Dad bought new in January 1949.  

      I started to repair/recondition it 4 years ago.  The wood of the roof was all punky and soft, and that is where I started, by removing it.  One thing led to another and pretty soon it was down to the frame.  While I had it stripped, I went ahead and cleaned everything up and painted the frame.  Replaced all the springs hardware, other than the spring leaves them selves.  The shackles were worn down to the size of a pencil, and the bushings were worse!  Wonder it hadn't just fallen on the ground.  And then all the brakes.  New wheel cylinders, flex hoses, shoes, master cylinder, etc.  Dropped the fuel  tank and cleaned it, installed a new fuel pump, then rebuilt the carb.  Got it running.  Then started rebuilding the wood.  Retained what I could, and replaced anything rotten.  Hard to tell how much was from the original factory build, because Dad had replaced some over the years.  This car was used basically daily from 1949 to 1986, and most of the time was not parked under cover, so  some of the wood had problems, especialy at the joints.  

      The motor was replaced back in 1976, but all it need was to have the valves adjusted, and one replaced and it runs fine.  

      Just added new Coker original size tires (600-16).  The heater has been recored, and the generator has been replaced with a 6V alternator (both the generator and regulator were shot, and it was cheaper to replace them than repair, and i thought better). 

      replaced the speedometer cable (the needle still wiggles around some and i don't think it is accurate.). 

      Installed a new sending unit for the gas gauge. Have not run out of gas yet, so I don't know if it is accurate.

      (I also have a small tachometer and a gps  (a very old gps that does not always work). 

      And some other stuff.

      The bad?   It still has some rust, that should be fixed, but I am not a metal worker. Not all of the woodwork is "factory standard".  But my intention was not to do a complete "like new" restoration, but rather to get it driveable and usable.

      I have posted a few pictures on this site, and would put them on a publc site (if I knew how.. lol )  I will investigate that and let you know if I do it.  

      In summary, yes, it is finally a running, driving truck.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably say it was a 7 or 8.  But it is an on-going hobby.  It still needs things like  window  cranks, and interion door handles on the passanger side.  One headlight rim is missing.  And there are no rear seats.  Originally there was seating for 8, three up front, two in the center and three in the rear, plus room for lots of newspapers LOL.  


      Guess I need to write a book.   





    4. wayfarerstranger


      Sounds like u have done a lot already and i loved reading about it .....That has to be a fun truck to drive ...i know i love my 49 Plymouth Woodie Wagon .

  15. wayfarerstranger

    First time seeing this one.

    The Grabowski car combined a 1924 Ford Model T touring body with a Chevy 283 V8 and Powerglide automatic transmission. It’s said that the car also has parts from a Maxwell and a Hudson. Grabowski sold his car to prop man Kaye Trapp. Trapp, along with special effects expert Norm Breedlove (father of land-speed record-setter Craig Breedlove) modified the car to become a “1928 Porter” for the pilot.
  16. wayfarerstranger

    New door sills are here.

    I`m gonna tell Sally on you !
  17. wayfarerstranger

    hub cap logo

    Hope you window shelf turn`s out great .
  18. wayfarerstranger

    hub cap logo

    You owe me a Milk Shake !
  19. wayfarerstranger

    hub cap logo

    You might like this one .
  20. wayfarerstranger

    what to do on a rainy day

    Everyone needs a LITTLE car to work on !
  21. wayfarerstranger

    what to do on a rainy day

    Hey rainy day welder what vehicle are you working on ??
  22. wayfarerstranger

    1949 plymouth bellhousing mount questions

    That is the model .
  23. wayfarerstranger

    1949 plymouth bellhousing mount questions

    Just remember the mounting holes on your Plymouth bell housing are closer together than the holes on the Dodge cross member , and you are right moving the original CM forward will effect the MC ., Let us know how you figure out the install .
  24. wayfarerstranger

    1949 plymouth bellhousing mount questions

    Moral of the story don`t try and put a 217 in a fluid drive Dodge , repair or replace the 230 , also anytime you do anything research , research , research and then research some more .

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