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  1. Todd B

    Twenty years. . .

    I think it’s time for a pledge drive. Post your mailing address and I will start it off with a $50 donation. Thanks for the site.
  2. Todd B

    New chapter in my life.

    A few years back I had given some thought to selling my Semi and matching trailer. My wife completely disagreed with the thought and I agreed with her so I cancelled the thoughts. Sooooo, My wife tells me she has an idea. Our grandkids count has grown to 6 for now and she thinks it would fun to have a big old convertible to go cruising with the grandkids and friends. She goes on explaining that we never take the semi out anymore like we used to years back and it sits in the shed. The only time I had it out this past summer was to go to Iola with Ben and then drive it up my hill for the Luau. The trailer never saw daylight this year. We have given it some thought and think its time for a new chapter and sell the semi and buy a convertible. The problem I am having is how do you sell something that unique and for how much? I really have no clue where to start!! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Todd B.
  3. Todd B

    Why? Or why not?

    My thought exactly, Plus all that weight on one wheel is insanePlus all that weight on one wheel is insane
  4. Todd B

    Off topic hobbies

    Please speak English!!
  5. Around here Shell premium doesn’t have ethanol in it. The only fuel I use in my Harley, vintage tractor, semi and all small engines.
  6. This has been an ongoing disagreement with others. My semi runs much better with Shell premium full. There is a noticeable difference to other brands. Citgo is the worst fuel I have came across.
  7. Todd B

    Mystery project

    Any concerns if we get another snow fall like a month ago?
  8. Todd B

    Mystery project

    Very nice. I feel sorry for the first bird that craps on the ram.
  9. Todd B

    left coast invasion

    What the heck!! You never let me drive.
  10. Todd B

    found in car

    That’s where I put them. 😢
  11. Todd B

    found in car

    Back in the early 80’s I found $750 in a bank envelope under the trunk mat. Paid $700 for the car and beat the hell out it for two years and then sold it for $1,500. Sad part is that it was a 1971 Dodge Charger with a 318. The car only had 30,000 miles on when I got it.
  12. Todd B

    Air Wrenches

    When I here Harbor Freight it feels like someone just put there finger nails on the chaulk board. It even hurts to spell it. The only thing a HF has of quality is there front door. Because it is used very often when guys bring the tools back again and again when they break.
  13. Todd B

    Air Wrenches

    I have a dewalt 20 volt cordless impact. 1/2” drive. I haven’t found a bolt it won’t break loose yet. Amazing power.
  14. Todd B

    Whos Still On CB Radio ?

    I thought the C B had a microphone wired next to the tailpipe on a gold wing so you can hear when it starts.
  15. Just curious why we can’t put photos in the classified
  16. Todd B

    Photos in the classified

    I totally agree we should all follow the rules or just don’t use the site. I am sorry for stirring the pot on this subject but I just didn’t know why we couldn’t post pictures. Keep up the great work
  17. Todd B

    Todd Build Thread

    Looks to be 1/32” out of center. Keep up the great work Luau 2020 is approaching !!!🤗
  18. Todd B

    Photos in the classified

    Thanks for the explanation. It seems like in many ways of life we get punished for the actions of a very small percentage of the people.
  19. Todd B

    Got my 1.5 ton home today

    I think the Innocent people on the same road as you were the ones that actually dodged a bullet!!!
  20. Todd B

    New chapter in my life.

    Correction. 1968 dart
  21. Todd B

    New chapter in my life.

    I have my eye on a 1966 Dodge Dart convertible. My only concern is that it may be to small for cruising with 4 large adults. Any thoughts??
  22. Todd B

    Define Irony.

    I really want to comment on that.
  23. Todd B

    Upholstry choices?

    I did the same thing on DC Pete back in 1980. I glued the long blue fur on it. Held up great until I gave it to my son and he that it was too “dated”. Girls loved that blue fur, I guess now they are all grammas.
  24. Todd B

    Upholstry choices?

    Roberts is basically very light weight cardboard. If you have any humidity it will deform and look like crap. My experienced opinion.