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  1. Is Craftsman comming back?

    It’s a primary tool for my business. I don’t like the price but I need a dependable work horse.
  2. Molly Time!

    You could put a sheet metal skin in front of it then build Some full extension pull out trays That you could put small containers of assorted screws nails etc.
  3. Is Craftsman comming back?

    I’m not so sure it’s greed of corporate America or the union scale that drives the cost of everything and send it overseas. My opinion union had its place years ago But GREED took over and now the end user pays for it. I just ordered a new dodge dually, $65,000. Ridiculously overpriced,
  4. I am in the market for a new work truck before the end of the year. I would like a 4x4 one ton dually crew cab with a dump box, plus a goose neck ball for towing my job trailers, of course a Dodge. I have been working with 2 local body building shops and they both are having a hard time with the dump box and a goose neck. Has anyone done this before? Thanks, Todd
  5. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Wow 2% sales tax. I guess that’s when most people worked for a living and we didn’t need all the extra to support ones who didn’t.
  6. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Is the brake lever a Johny bar. Used to brake the trailer??
  7. Identity & Outside Extension Arm

    Zeb’s is 4 miles from me. Let me know when you go and stop in and I will show you toy box.
  8. Dump truck with gooses neck

    I did find a company to do what I wanted and I went there to look at all my options in person. That’s when we realized that the sides of the box plus the hinge point of the tailgate is too high. It will hook the corner of my gooseneck trailers. I switched my gears to a flatbed dump with a gooseneck hidden ball in the middle. I will make some 2 x 12 removable sides and I’m also having them add two stainless steel utility boxes under the bed mounted to the frame. Thanks for asking
  9. Identity & Outside Extension Arm

    I have three different type of mirror brackets and none are just like that.
  10. Anyone 'yabadadoo' their truck?

    Totally agree with Mark. Gorgeous truck
  11. Electronics Primer

    Thanks for sharing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Truth is I know somebody that dumb that would continue to make those same mistakes over and over.
  12. Member list

    Got it, It wasn't there yesterday on my phone. but shows up one my computer. Thanks
  13. Member list

    What happened to the member list page???
  14. I am trying to pm Kevin and I think I am know following everyone of his post. I have no clue how to pm someone since things have changed here. Kevin could you please pm me.
  15. Photos of my B2B

    i see nothing
  16. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    The hook looks like a place to hang your hat
  17. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    We owned a small amusement park and it was amazing how many kids would throw there pennies out in the parking lot. My young nephew was there one day and I pointed at a penny on the pavement and he said there is no way he would bend over to pick up a penny. Fast forward 15 years that same nephew doesn't have a pot to piss in and expects the rest of us to support him. I am 52 and still bend over for every penny I see.
  18. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    wow, 20k, what would my semi truck and trailer bring?????? I agree some patina is cool but I thought that one they may have tried to hard to make it look old. My two pennies, ( I still bend over and pick them up on the parking lots when I see them)
  19. What would you do??

    My suggestion would be to bring it to my shop. and I recommend to leave it there for me.
  20. What would you do??

    I am green in envy
  21. Over Heating

    Is the thermostat upside down
  22. Congratulations Charlie Stephenson. I see your truck in the 2017 ATHS National convention Showtime 24th collector special issue
  23. How to keep the mice away?

    The only way that would work for me would be to MOVE.
  24. Interesting photos I have run across.

    I remodeled a house for that lady last summer.