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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Marion WI
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    Old Trucks, working on my land and spending time with my family and freinds
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    1953 2.5 Ton Semi, 1949 B1B " my first truck I bought in 1980

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    I bought my first pilot house when I was 15 years old in 1980. I have alway loved the way they look
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    Contractor (Construction)


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    Marion WI
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    Old trucks, working on my land, harleys and spending time with my wife.

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  1. When I received mine the ceiling piece was sown together backwards. The lady there was a witch about it and fought me over and over about there’s no way they made a mistake. I think it’s a good product but terrible customer service.
  2. I have radials on my semi. 8.25 x 20. No problem getting them on my original rims
  3. I don’t about Minnesota but here in Wisconsin the weather people can’t get it right the day of, let alone ten days prior
  4. I have said this before, you should have been a writer. Well written!!
  5. Looks great. I bought some cardboard stuff and it all warped with humidity. I would spray a clear coat on the back to help with that issue
  6. I think I may have figured it out. The two wires are needed because the one would be the ground because it’s mounted on the upholstery. Please correct me if I’m wrong
  7. I took our 67 Buick to a car show last night and I realized that what I am calling dome lights in the back seat at knee level don’t work. I took it apart and it has a GE 68 miniature bulb in it. Double contact with two wires running to it. Is this correct? Seems odd to me they would have double contact points. The guy who restored the car did not do the best quality and I’m finding Shortcuts he had cut during the process.
  8. You went through all the work to grind it and prep it just clean the coolant off very well and JB weld it. My dad always said there is two ways to do things. The right way and the wrong way.
  9. My buddy built performance motors for over 40 years and he said NEVER use Bars leak. Although my dad worked for FWD Segrave for 43 years and he said every truck left the shop with two cans of Bars leak in it. Inquiring minds want to know???
  10. I have personally seen some of Mark’ projects. They’re beautiful
  11. I am a carpenter/cabinet maker with tons of experience and very little experience with mechanic work, so don’t take what I have to say to heart. But my experience with O’Reillys is that everything they have is crap kind of like Harbor Freight. It will work but if you need to depend on it on a daily basis it won’t stand up.
  12. Would that be the Minnesota 60 mph or the real 60 mph??
  13. I had a chance to buy one a few years ago and struggled with making it road legal. Hopefully it works for you.
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