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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Marion WI
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    Old Trucks, working on my land and spending time with my family and freinds
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    1953 2.5 Ton Semi, 1949 B1B " my first truck I bought in 1980

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    I bought my first pilot house when I was 15 years old in 1980. I have alway loved the way they look
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    Marion WI
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    Old trucks, working on my land, harleys and spending time with my wife.

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  1. Is there any casinos that have table games with hotels near you.
  2. No signage ......

    Back in the early 80’s I was in DC Pete “49 b1b”. We were in Manawa, a small town drinking and when we left I just hung a U turn right on Main Street and suddenly the red and blue lights were behind me. I told my buddy who had a very big mouth to keep quiet and don’t get us in trouble. We were both pretty toasted and the cop walked up to my truck and said “you can’t make a U-turn on Main Street”. Before I could open my mouth, my drunken buddy tells the cop, “Officer, We were going to go up the road and turn around but the sign said, NO, U-TURN HERE, so we did.” The cop started laughing and told us to get back to Clintonville.
  3. New Year Resolutions

    You might want to check with your local insulating companies. Around here we do not put vapor barrier is in garage ceiling’s.
  4. Traction on ice and snow

    Our local county garage has a pile of sand that is mixed with salt so it doesn’t freeze up as Big Daddy said. It’s free to county residents. Lot of guys fill little feed sacks with the sand/ salt mix for weight and have it for sprinkling under the tires if needed.
  5. locking the hood on a b3b

    Move to a safer community would work.
  6. Merrry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. Just got my eighth grand child. Kayla had a boy yesterday. Happy new year also, Todd B
  7. I know geography makes a difference But I don’t believe you would get even $7,000 in Wisconsin. No corner windows is a huge negative in my opinion. Looks nice and solid though.
  8. low oil pressure

    Nice looking truck
  9. RAM changes

    I only get 10.5 to 11.5 on my 2011. That’s one reason I have so much respect for my dodge dealer in Shawano. Back in 2011 I went to 2 dodge dealerships and 2 Chevy dealerships (sorry). All told me I would get17 plus for mileage. The Shawano dealership said the sticker may say that but I am telling you that won’t happen. Since then I have bought 3 new trucks and my son is also waiting for number three to show up. I respect there honesty and that works both ways because the family hires my business to do most of there work on there homes. I never thought of asking what kind of mileage I should expect on the new one.
  10. RAM changes

    What will I expect for mileage on my 2018 3500 dually that’s coming any day. Usually the clean air makes me sacrifice something.
  11. Recycling?

    I had a friend who would dump it along his garage foundation. Claimed it would stop the frost from lifting his foundation in the winter.
  12. I have been thinking about this for years. I now have plenty of time to plan my work around it. Count me in if you’ll have me. I don’t see me hauling the semi. Way to much fuel involved.
  13. where is this heading

    A buddy of mine was going to buy a reconditioned chain saw from CPO tool store, on line. He questioned CPO about the warranty of a reconditioned tool and CPO said once you put gas in it the warranty is voided. Explain that one.
  14. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    Odds are better for snow at the BBQ than me joining the Facebook cult.