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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Marion WI
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    Old Trucks, working on my land and spending time with my family and freinds
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    1953 2.5 Ton Semi, 1949 B1B " my first truck I bought in 1980

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    I bought my first pilot house when I was 15 years old in 1980. I have alway loved the way they look
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    Contractor (Construction)


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    Marion WI
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    Old trucks, working on my land, harleys and spending time with my wife.

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  1. Upholstry choices?

    I did the same thing on DC Pete back in 1980. I glued the long blue fur on it. Held up great until I gave it to my son and he that it was too “dated”. Girls loved that blue fur, I guess now they are all grammas.
  2. Upholstry choices?

    Roberts is basically very light weight cardboard. If you have any humidity it will deform and look like crap. My experienced opinion.
  3. Have fun guys, sorry I had to cancel at the last minute. We wrapped up two of three projects so I actually am glad I stayed home. Although we have 12” of snow coming over the weekend which sucks. Enjoy the cheese. 10 year cheddar is my favorite but don’t eat to much. You won’t poop for a week.
  4. Define Irony.

    Irony would be deleting this post because of the actions of a few percent of the followers. Wouldn’t that be political????
  5. Tim, you have an amazing ability of writing. I think we just found our new Don Bunn. Congrats jb neal on the award
  6. Your still a newlywed. In a few years it will only be 5”
  7. Tranny is also original 5 speed. Or 4 with overdrive. Not sure how it’s identified
  8. Unfortunately it’s the original 251 that I had rebuilt. I always wanted to drop a monster motor in there. Your truck reminds me of “Stubby Bob”. It’s a furd truck but still cool.
  9. I am going by memory but I think my semi is 108”.
  10. Changing jobs after 25years

    People like you are very hard to find these days. You should be proud.
  11. Changing jobs after 25years

    Really hope it works out for you. Keep the door open with your previous employer and never burn a bridge.
  12. NO Start issue

    Awesome bus. It’s on my bucket list
  13. Interesting photos I have run across.

    How would a tree that large in diameter ever tip over after you cut it??
  14. Strange Brake Issue

    I am old enough, and it still is junk.