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    Marion WI
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    Old Trucks, working on my land and spending time with my family and freinds
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    1953 2.5 Ton Semi, 1949 B1B " my first truck I bought in 1980

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    I bought my first pilot house when I was 15 years old in 1980. I have alway loved the way they look
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    Contractor (Construction)


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    Marion WI
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    Old trucks, working on my land, harleys and spending time with my wife.

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  1. Don’t think of me differently but I have done that siding a church steeple
  2. The trailer looks to have 5.0000 # axles. I would think the truck weighs much more than 10,000 pounds, not even Considering the weight of the trailer. I would be nervous on that much weight on the trailer.
  3. THANK YOU Tim, It’s a great honor to be on this list of great guys. One of these years I am coming. I am 53 and still never stepped foot in California. Have a great weekend boys and girls this weekend and appreciate your host and hostess, it takes a lot to put something of this caliber on.
  4. You guys should start your own thread and the title could be called “Obnoxious children”. Then I won’t need to waste my time reading your bull crap on a legitimate thread. This is Ridiculous how are you grown man act.
  5. What’s the gadget in front of the rear axle??
  6. And just think, he’s allowed to vote. 😩
  7. after much research I realized I couldn’t let someone else in control of driving me over 50 hours. We ended up flying to Arizona, renting a suburban and spending time with three different family members and two good friends who winter there.
  8. Keep a positive attitude, you will be in our prayers
  9. I thought it was awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, and I would definitely consider all those vehicles an amazing barn find. You can condemn it all you want but I am envious of that man not jealous.
  10. Boy has that changed. 😕
  11. What was the cause of bad storms 100 years ago????????
  12. Any concern of the remainder of the stump rotting out overtime. And your beautiful brick pavers settling. Looks very nice and I am very envious of your green grass
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