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  1. glasspacks

    help with my 52 fargo pickup

    Chiming in from Victoria, I have contemplated a /6 swap for my 1941 Fargo, any information on engine length, hate to cut out the fire wall to fit it in. Bob
  2. I would like to join this forum. I currently drive a 1941 half ton Fargo. Some changes I have made: added front disk brakes for safety, Ford 9 inch posi rear end 2:75 gears for low RPM highway driving, electronic distributer with MSD coil and plug wires, PVC system, carb pre heat, full flow oil filter system, synthetic fluids throughout. Yes it still has the 230 cu inch flathead, 3 speed floor shift, foot starter and one speed Chryco heater. I am now hoping to speak with anyone about steering box up grades/replacements. Cheers, Bob, Vancouver Island.
  3. I would think a qualified brake shop could identify the mystery parts, after all thats what they do. I installed front disc brakes on my 1941 Fargo, the kit came from Butches Rod Shop, they had a web catalogue of brake conversion kits, they may still be in business. The kit consisted of 1970's camareo calipers, spacers, seals, I just purchased the rotors put it all together with disc drum master cylinder, it has not given me any trouble over the years. Bob Vancouver Island
  4. glasspacks

    B1B Brakes

    I went through what you are going through right now, ....... with lots of penetrating oil and a small propane tourch I finally got the parts to move. enough was enough, I converted to disc brakes from a 70's camaro. Bought the kit from Butches Rod Shop,.... I haven't looked back since. Way better stopping power and safer. Bob. Vancouver Island
  5. glasspacks

    Amp Gauge

    Your 60 AMP alternator may be a little over kill for your application. In my 1941 Fargo I installed a GM 45 AMP ( if memory serves ) everyting is on 12 volts and been working that way for years. Bob.
  6. glasspacks

    Steering boxes

    You might try looking at 1954 Ford trucks, I compared my 1941 Fargo steering box and found the worm and roller are the same, only the frame brack is different. Bob.
  7. glasspacks

    Fuel injection for our flat head sixes?

    Some time ago I read an article about someone fitting fuel injection to his sland 6. I am sure it's still on the web. Another alternative might be throttle body injection, less fabrication and works well enough. Cheers, Bob.
  8. glasspacks

    Dual Carbs

    Hi Bob here from Vancouver Island, when I saw this post it brought back memories. I drive a 1941 Fargo, 230 engine is out of a 1954 Dodge. I fitted three SU carbs on home made manifolds, engine response was amazing, gas milage not so much. Engine had long tube headers and dual glass pack mufflers. Biggest problem is keeping them in sync and not freezing up in cool weather. I switched it all back to stock but now considering a new dual barrel carb with pre heat. Tuning of the tripple carbs required a vaccum gauge and a glass spark plug, .... yes they made them for tuning motorcycles in England. Amazing flame colour inside a cyclinder, adjusted the mixtures for best performance, Great memories but more trouble then it was worth. Cheers, Bob.
  9. Hi evereyone, this question has probably been asked before but I can't seem to find the answers. Does anyone have a source of casting numbers for a Dodge 230 from 1954/55. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Bob. Vancouver Island.
  10. glasspacks

    Bellhousing Swap

    Does anyone know if a slant 6 bellhousing will fit a late model flathead 6. Just investigating the idea for a wide selection of mopar transmissions. Thanks all. Bob. Vancouver Island.
  11. glasspacks

    Stuck Oil Pressure Relief Valve

    Don, Greg, Norm,..... very many thanks for your responses,..... I now have options to work with confidence. Cheers from Vancouver Island Bob.
  12. My engine is a 1954 230 Dodge. The oil pressure is 5 psi or so,...... oil pump is ok. I believe the oil pressure relief valve is stuck way into the block. Anyone have experience or ideas that worked on how to extract it for cleaning. Thanks guys. glasspacks.
  13. glasspacks

    Electronic Ignition Revisited

    put an electronic slant 6 dizzy in my Dodge 230. I wired it to a Ford electronic ign module,..... ( found it in my junk box ) it works great. Like previous posts I turned down the slant 6 dizzy to fit the hole in my block. I cut off the slant 6 end shaft and welded a spare mopar shaft to the electronic dizzy. Only question I have is I have not determined how close the the mechanical and vacuum advance compares to my old dizzy. It works,.... starts fast,.... and my 54 Dodge 230 has new life,...... by the way this engine resides in a 1941 Fargo pickup. Good luck with your fabrication.
  14. glasspacks

    Anybody Running a High Volume Oil Pump?

    Marty,...Shel,.... thank you both for your replies. I am about to delve into the oil mystery,..... and of course what ever I find I will post back to you. Cheers, glasspacks Vancouver Island
  15. glasspacks

    Anybody Running a High Volume Oil Pump?

    Interesting reading about oil pumps guys thank you. Question; What would cause my oil pressure to go from 45 PSI to 15 PSI between drives. Drove ithome at 45,... started it today it's 15 MAX. Oil pressure control valve on the pump is clean and moves freely. Any suggestion as to where to start diagnoses. By the way a replacement pump for my 54 Dodge 230 is 150.00 up here in Canada. Cheers, glasspacks.

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