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  1. Don, I am sure you still capable of sending messages with your fingers.....Siri would have to flat learn or leave....!!!!!!!!
  2. what was said verse what was meant..... wife tells husband to go to store and get a jug of milk, if they have eggs get a comes home with 12 jugs of milk, his wife went ballistic and asked why 12 jugs of milk, his reply, they had eggs.....
  3. its not knickers getting twisted, it is the supposedly common language getting slaughtered....makes me wonder if this is not why folks cannot understand what they read in the repair manual.....words used today are not words at all thus may not be recognized when spelled correctly
  4. drop me an PM.....I may have it or at least access to it.... prime opportunity coming up the 21st for most folks to do some pick and to be fast though, eclipse does not last very long...
  5. are you asking.....................through the spark plug hole???????????????????????????????????????????? I would think your problems would be a bit greater that asking that...
  6. and if so, not with their original engine, somewhere here a friend gave ma an old car magazine from about 51/52 where the little 49 Plymouth 218 flat stomped a Pontiac straight 8 in about every aspect of the word....having driven a straight 8 Pontiac in the past in stock form......I can say this..they are ultra quiet and very smooth....a race car it was never intended to be.....guess the added cylinder was what aging does to whiskey stored in oaken barrels.
  7. Ulu, dump that boat, chunk that sidewalk surfer.....enjoy a sit down thrill.........saw this...said this is you up one side and down the other...
  8. don't drive it in the rain....! I think your idea to return the trim to brite metal is an excellent one....really will go far to define the lines of body and make it pop...
  9. as Don says, compression is the key to gasket seal and long life verse that of the torque value of a fastener. All fasteners have a default max torque based on size, pitch and grade etc....easily found in most modern repair manual and online if you search.
  10. can't see it any worse than tail gating a PINTO............. now these same folks drive a huge self propelled motor home, dragging a huge boat or SUV behind it....slowing up motorists as they try to see the scenic side of America.....same scenario, just more money pushing the same dream..
  11. have you ever looked closely at the VW transporter rear axle setup? put these on the could climb a tree
  12. for the right money I could sell him the missing pieces of his car...
  13. If that concerned me in any manner I would not trust them from the get go...I would look for a better machine shop
  14. in my opinion this is not even close to yard art....unless its a junkyard
  15. before turn signals were the rave.... this was your "signal" you were slowing/stopping
  16. lots of the Oz cars have some very simple but totally aesthetic lines off the base model as available in the US...
  17. I am just the wrench here....the logistics is between them two....
  18. it is,....tell the wife to get a job...AND..if she has one already it is obviously not taking enough of her time and energy as she seems to be able to micro manage you....more money, less conflicts with your life...everyone is happier.....after this.... dial I-800-DIVORCE
  19. I see you holding up a piece of bait.......this will be just perfect for the small ponds and lakes about residential areas....sneak in, sneak out and if your lucky, you can take your pet hamsters skiing on the cruise to the best fishing spot, (this spot is obviously marked by an X painted on the floor of the boat) fishing kayaks are becoming very popular here in our area
  20. I can tell you this about life.............I'VE SEEN BETTER DAYS BUT THEY COST ME MORE MONEY
  21. I would refer you to a certain friend in Ft. Wayne but visions of a two guys in a van trimmed out to look like a dog comes to mind....please tell me you can take a Swing by, grab him and the OD head south...we put it on the lift and get you going....its easier that way
  22. with that jar under the front it looks more like a bathtub being refinished...
  23. I gave the length formula many have mad e suggestions with no clear report back if/or/maybe checked.....I have gone to my happy place as shown.....
  24. would this puppy by any means have a crank/cam sensors? not that familiar with diesel...but I am thinking they may....these oft time in most cars so equipped will drop a signal and mess a lot of stuff up.... had a similar problem years ago in gasoline powered vehicle dealership could not fix but was only Easter egging it...went to the dealer ship, asked for a room, driveability book and the schematics. (knew the service manager) Traced it to a voltage regulator in the controller behind the kickpanel...popped that in...flawless from then on....In this case six codes were always called out, I traced all six to find they got their control voltage from this regulator. Easy fix for me, well I say easy, I was two hours in the books and schematic...compared to dealer techs guessy choosy method I was weeks ahead of them in ultimate repair by elimination
  25. its an Ozmobile