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  1. Plymouthy Adams

    304ss exhaust to manifold corrosion / help needed

    stainless pipes and cast iron manifolds have been the go-to since early 90's for most cars on the highway today.....there is no need to be concerned about anything except wrecking the vehicle in an unfortunate accident. One thing you did not address...welding the flange to the pipe as these are not ball socket connection to the manifold....get that flange welded...
  2. Plymouthy Adams

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    that will be quite close to the header...will you be able to install a heat shield? A little space between header and coupling will do wonders..the heat will cook any lube quickly and cause tight steering to even a possible binding...
  3. Plymouthy Adams

    Should I Attempt Carb Rebuild?

    carbs really do not get much simplier than these..'cept maybe a SU
  4. Plymouthy Adams

    Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    feel for you guy.....it amazes me that folks like this exist....its evident they do not know how to act in a polite society....good luck with the pending encounter...
  5. Plymouthy Adams

    need transmission linkage adjustment help

    that would be referring to knowledgeable parts counter attendants...….(as Sheldon would say, bazinga punk, there isn't any)
  6. Plymouthy Adams

    Where did they come from?

    do they actually have electric in North Dakota...….? if I recall Tesla donated chargers for this as a promotion...(see below)..….we may well see more and more of this....the cars still have a limited daily cruise range....
  7. I remember the last of the V8 rear wheel drive vehicles Mopar put on the road....super smooth across the spectrum....2.32 gears....
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    The D.C. P15 Update

    bet you weren't this excited with the new bride.....well...maybe....
  9. the Powerflite e-brake when introduced is nice in that the shoes are internal to a drum and backing plate on the end of the transmission and fully adjustable in the same fashion of any brake shoes set up. I still have an early cast iron torqueflite here at the house in small V8 connected to a 360 that was at one time in a 50 Dodge with e-brade drum and a 62 push button torqueflite in /6 clothing....parts are available but last I checked, a bit higher in cost, but, what isn't these days
  10. of the flathead era and the very trannies that were attached to them back then, they are quite heavy...no one says they not good...just not worth the effort to install was MY OPINION given the later units with OD built in..if you going to spend the time energy and money..this is the pay off... I can speak of this with 54 and the 230 with Powerflite, put the pedal down and yes will bark a tire now and then but the sweet part is that it will run to about 52-53 MPH then shift into high...it's no slouch...but would I mess with the Powerflite if not stock installed....I would think that would be a resounding NO
  11. I did not ever state that it would not fit, only that it would be a retrofit if you did such.....and there is the crankshaft bolt issue...
  12. Plymouthy Adams

    Where did they come from?

    Chrysler Historical Society, part of FCA has a division for tracing the history of the vehicle and providing a build card I think they also can tell you the dealer it was shipped to even if special order it had a destination listed.
  13. it will be a retrofit...as the very car in question is 1950 and the automatic was not offered for that year, but available in mid production 54 earliest in Plymouth brand.
  14. Plymouthy Adams

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    his looked like it was dropped already.....from space....lol
  15. I would not mess with the antiquated tranny myself...I have a 54 w/230 with an automatic and while it is nice (powerflite) I would never go out of my way to retro fit one.
  16. Plymouthy Adams

    1951 Fargo 400cid on Dakota chassis

    computer dead heads.....but, if you do not have the part number when you got to the counter..expect this as they do have to have a starting point..(think of it as a system boot or bios) ...some of the older guys will know what you need and what shelf they are stocked, just don't count on it and be prepared for the "deer in the headlight" stare.
  17. Plymouthy Adams

    Disc brakes and no money need list

    fixed position caliper will have inboard and outboard pistons...good set up....but double the trouble on rebuild....latest inboard/outboard piston caliper I rebuilt for the rear has 60+ parts per caliper to inspect and clean....slightly fewer for the fronts...
  18. Plymouthy Adams

    Tire size question for p-15

    older tires was often 80 series and as stated some makers used the 83 series standards......the wheel size and tires as outfitted by the factory WILL HAVE the correct speedometer pinion gear installed. IF CHANGED over the years by PO ie rims and tires, you basically need to establish your speed by GPS or by mile marker average and calculate the % difference and adjust by installing correct tooth count speedo gear. At one time this chart was posted here, I believe Bob Toft posted it...I saved it but that would be some 4 computers back...lol I will still have it, but who know how long to find it...search here would be faster.
  19. Plymouthy Adams

    230 main bearings....For Torque Converter????

    the 46-54 Plymouth Repair Manual states on the rear lower bearing half for cars with HY-Drive Torque Convertor (not to be confused with fluid drive), use a lower bearing half that DOES NOT have the oil drain back groove or hole machined in the bearing surface.
  20. Plymouthy Adams

    incoming hurricane

    see you folks later, shutting down some of the electronics as the winds are now picking up a bit......
  21. Plymouthy Adams

    incoming hurricane

    at 12:15 this afternoon, roughly 14 hours later to the minute...power was restored to our community and if we can define normal, guess we are back to it.....my yard/orchard to the right is now picked up but admit still in piles on the ground. I will probably work a bit this evening in yard/orchard to the left which has less debris. Should be able to get it on one trailer load to the dump. I could pile it on the curb but we then be on their schedule for removal...its easier to just haul it to the landfill. Well...back to the task at hand.....I hope all our forum members faired as well as us. Last night at 2AM they had the center of the storm 8.5 miles east of my house.
  22. Plymouthy Adams

    50 Plymouth - New noise,, ?

    temporary drop your fan belt......test again
  23. Plymouthy Adams

    Pollak toggle switch 6v 35amp 12v 20 amp ??

    the voltage rating of any breaker or fuse is the gap that when tripped or burnt is the highest voltage that WILL NOT arc over the burn gap or open breaker contacts......
  24. Plymouthy Adams

    incoming hurricane

    thanks for the kind words and yes the storm petered out pretty quickly after making landfall...yes I am happy that it did. Power is out for so many folks including myself. I am running the generator a bit more this morning to keep the freezers/refrigs cycling periodically. Looked about, a bit and nothing major that I can see. Debris in the yard is leaves, minor branch or two and plenty of the smaller twigs that is common shedding of a pecan tree. 40 or so pecan trees can keep you busy picking thing up THAT ARE NOT NUTS Got to sleep late...ensured the storm was past first...slept in...breakfast now and then venture outdoors. I sure hope the folks that were hit by Florence do not have to suffer any back to back weather related damage or outages.
  25. Plymouthy Adams

    incoming hurricane

    lost power at 10:15 PM and it is still out...…..waited till about midnight-thirty to power up the generator....will run a bit for the freezers, updates etc. we be in the eye..it is calm right now.....took a tour of the neighborhood....one tree across the road down the street, minor limbs here or there...hoping the back side moves through with little effect.

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