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  1. my eyes wishes it had not seen it now.......
  2. no online publication to quote....
  3. have you inspected the frame for damage by checking for shift of the wheelbase front to rear and compared left to right for equal, are your rear components also in good state or repair/service. check your frame by means of marks on the floor using a plump bob on a level floor for being bent. Specification are given in the manual for the frame, the 54 model has gauge holes to assist with the precise measurements...
  4. get the crank ground to .010 under...should be good to go GIVEN there are no scores deeper than this cleanup will correct and the other aspects are within specs
  5. which one to power...the input side of the switch...which is either terminal as long as the other terminal is the output...
  6. Please tell me what brand name rods you use, I would like to buy some stock in that company before you start welding..
  7. maybe an oil pressure regulator piston.....too many admit of late this gets easily over looked before baby's first bath.
  8. sounds to me that you have left off or installed incorrectly the insulation on the for removing the field bolts..that requires a special jig to hold not only the starter body but apply adequate pressure on the screw in form of a fulcrum in order to remove them. Did you even try to test this starter before tearing it apart?
  9. if this sounds complex...wait till you start turning the wrenches....talking about it is always the easy part...
  10. are you stating that your wiring harness in missing or incomplete ?
  11. Is this the gal who is supposed to be getting your truck ?
  12. Last of the Terminators.....(fender stops at the cowl)
  13. this is appropriate wear to many car shows....just in case you come across a patina car and need to pa-puk-a
  14. that would be pushing the limit for the stock would also be quite close to pushing the limit on wheel well lip....with a little later wheel you would have better profile of the tire....still cannot say what the fit will sure you have the ability to jack that sucker up in the rear for install/removal..
  15. some high end resto shop socked it to the customer I am sure.......not directly out his pocket...that's an OUCHIE moment
  16. shhhh.......the local gestapo would not's hard to have just one of anything good....
  17. secret, get the toys before the wife.....!
  18. ok, two plans of attack, try to align what you have back in position...if major set back with that...then plan B to do the roof replacement...
  19. just looked at the radar, the major storms are west and north and traveling in a line that we are thankfully missing the brunt of the storm's winds etc and catching the fringe of the system. Wife usually alerts me to this as she watches the weather, myself...if it comes this way it comes this way...I have zero control and only like to protect a few things outside if it gets bad...mainly my yard furniture...thanks for the heads up
  20. not sure of the storm path you refer, not looked at the weather radar....but we have been getting rain now daily for what is the third week...more expected today. thanks for the heads up will check the weather map online.... my toy count is at 47, what does it take to be the winner....?
  21. the 39 and the 40 are different upper bushings with 39 having a distinct part number along with 40 being a distinct number.......the upper control arm is the same for 39/40..... the 40 bushing is external eccentric nut across the mopar lineup while the 41 and up through 47 (high as my Streamliner goes) is the internal eccentric nut... the books gets a bit confusing as they show both style eccentrics for the same model years 39...
  22. you did see the picture in post #1 right? the roof line has a slight affliction...
  23. the streamliner book shows the lower control arm bushing the same 39-47 Plymouth and Dodge (book cut off here am sure is good through end of D24) so if your lower specs are off, I would say you have a upright not made to specs.
  24. I agree, when you wash the burgundy Desoto, it may clean up rather nicely...looks to be the most complete of the three also.
  25. too many options were given I