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  1. Plymouthy Adams

    A833 trans adapter plate ordering ??

    I am unaware of an adapter for the A833 marketed by p15-d24...there has been talk of an adapter but to date no one has posted any pictures of this transplant...one was in the works with documentation supposedly forthcoming...it could be held up for various reasons unknown...
  2. Plymouthy Adams

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    figured you did but you did reply defending the white truck like someone was pointing fingers...I think we all know what ones pictured above are ratters...
  3. Plymouthy Adams

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    on the suggestions I threw out, you got a handle on a few of them. as not to type out a page of instructions, google (or other favorite search engine) the procedure for doing a voltage drop test.....it goes a long way in assuring your cables and connection are up to the task...it is not complicated.
  4. Plymouthy Adams

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    rats usually have no paint...so the whit truck is not the offender.....lol
  5. Plymouthy Adams

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    guess no show is complete without it fair share of rat droppings these days......
  6. Plymouthy Adams

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    you are having issues but how much is this guess compared to proven problems. Have you done a voltage drop test, have you tested to see if for some reason (usually a worn rear bushing) that the starter is NOT drawing excessive amperage starving the ignition of the current it needs. The Optima 850 CCA 6 volt battery is an excellent source of power. Your cables should be 0 or 00 for ability to sustain current draw without heating up...remember, the more heat the more loss and soon you have a thermal runaway effect. If you hae the repair manual, troubleshoot each subsystem, going straight to the battery is 'grouping' and defines very little.
  7. Plymouthy Adams

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    the town must be hurting for service facilities.....just kidding.....heck when that car was sold, the facility could well have been a DeSoto dealer back in the day...or maybe…..the owner was making a statement, only old Mopars have survived in original format...
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    is it is or is it not a truck...the state registers it as a truck, I use it as a truck...this is tree number two this size this week....shown in two sections..cut the top out once on the ground, then pulled the base trunk and roots rest of the way out of the ground...the RAM 250 is the workhorse, the mini van just disposes of the evidence....for the record, mums pulled the tree, I just worked the chains
  9. Plymouthy Adams

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    check to see if you are stalling due to overheating of the ignition coil....very common occurrence
  10. Plymouthy Adams

    Kubalwagon build

    do something half way...expect haft the results.......it will only take a little effort to go all the way with this ting and do the job right......patina in a carb will block jets and passages
  11. Plymouthy Adams

    Replacing window fuzzies/scrapers

    you will need the flex fuzzy and not RIGID model, they are available in both styles....and you have choice of stainless trim exposed or painted...again your call based on the model of car being a high or low end model most times. Restoration Specialties has this, they also have a man named Steve that knows Mopar well and can help you with each application if you were but to phone them. 1-814-467-9842 or 1-814-467-9282
  12. Plymouthy Adams

    First project to tackle

    Don, should you use DOT 3 or DOT 5 blinker fluid....?
  13. Plymouthy Adams

    Old gas station mockup

    sounds like you did not read, beyond the serial number is the best used by date....sorry you never knew this....lol
  14. Plymouthy Adams

    p 15 with dakota swap

    for anyone having done a Dakota chassis....there is zero need for a diamond plate....pre 49 is better served with 97 and up chassis 49 and up is better served by the gen 1 chassis.....but then...who knows how the next man would do such a clip.......they the easiest swaps going...
  15. Plymouthy Adams

    With great inheritance........

    no decode of a vin as there was no such thing as a vin number then, only the assigned serial number.....without a build sheet from the FCA archives by application and submission of money...afraid you will have to have it in your hot little hands to ascertain the appointments.

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