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  1. Mad Max, Fury Road...

    Given the choice and the ability to travel back in time....of the two movies, I would not have walked out on Dune in the first 10 minutes compared to horrible example of this film....nothing in the film worth watching..I gave it 20 minutes...insult to anyone's intelligence for sure...horrible computer generated scenes...
  2. Lead substitute vs upper cylinder lubricant

  3. My LA Dodgers

    that could very well be a picture of any spouse forced to watch a stupid sport....
  4. Tips on radio static

    in your best toon town voice.... "OH NO ! NOT THE BOOK ! "
  5. Stalls and hesitates when choke is open

    sounds like it is time to go through the carb and clean it up
  6. Just What I Needed !

    Glasses are a leaned item..glasses are a genuine safety item even for routine wear about the house. I grab my face shield and such when in the shop with grinder/wire brush and when working under a car...last couple things that got in my eye was AFTER and fell out of my hair before I could get in the shower...bike riding....yes on the helmet and face shield...retired my motorcycles a few years back..still have my endorsement on the license though. Beautiful fall temps such as we have right now...perfect convertible and motorcycle evening cruise temps. Good luck at the eye doctor....
  7. Just What I Needed !

    I have not seen a post paid envelope for a spell.....I kept getting junk mail from a certain big company..I called them even and asked to be removed from their mailing list...still got junk...next one t hat came it postage paid...I wrapped two blocks up, put the envelope on it and sent it to them with my name and address on the inside....29 years or so later and I have NEVER heard from them again....actually did this twice but one got a box of gravel...
  8. Just What I Needed !

    just renewed my license yesterday...8 year term...this time I had to submit documentation...it cycles every so many years for this requirement.....I do wear glasses but more out of habit and eye protection but I do need them for close up work and reading. I was worried about the eye test and restrictions...read all three lines but only need to read top one... was ready to pay the lady and she reminded me that veterans were FREE...I also get one free license plate each year.. at 65 everyone insurance company and their brother sends you Medicare propaganda.....e-gads how do they get this info..I am sure sugar sells your name and of course every medical facility you ever visited has your entire history and life info out there for anyone to get..most fraud is from the medical papers not getting shredded/protected/encrypted....got my military retirement ID renewed this morning....ok..soap box open for next man...
  9. floor panesl and rocker panels for 1940 dodge coupe

    as a word of caution...not all metal benders are equal....of the three names mentioned, I have experience with two....the original rockers were stamped and todays are bent on a brake...watch carefully in outer rockers....if your body has a curve along the lower edge...some do not put that curve into their panel......not a big deal if you have shrinker/stretcher tools...easy to check your needs with a straight edge...
  10. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    thanks Ed...I knew they did not bolt metal to metal and that gap seems a bit much...appreciate your reply
  11. headlight footswitch

    I figured the original push in clips would be more of a concern
  12. headlight footswitch

    there are a number of these available NIB on E-bay (USA) right now.... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=plymouth+dimmer+switch&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.Xplymouth+dimmer+switch%2C+1951.TRS1&_nkw=plymouth+dimmer+switch%2C+1951&_sacat=0
  13. Radiator question

    Do not keep trying to top it off all the way to the top..there is to be expansion room in the top tank...second, do you have a digital infrared thermometer....this will allow you to ascertain the actual heat within the block throughout the cooing system...DO RUN a thermostat..it not only allows the block to warm up but when open the hole is of the proper size to allow the proper flow of water...not to big to prevent water from saturation but big enough to prevent oversaturation..is the timing a bit advanced by chance...makes them run very well but also allow them to run hotter temp wise..and lastly, did you take the time to purge the block before install to properly clean the sludge from the bottom of the block and inspect the distribution tube.....and ensure that the lower hose has a spring in it to prevent suction collapse if you have deleted the metal u-tube...

    on compression you adding a twisting into the mix with the given angle you created
  15. 41-51 front upper shock stud source?

    If you are so dead set on keeping the upper stock shock mount position instead of remote to the frame...you can find some from someone who did the remote mount improvement given they used the frame mounts from a Dodge/Ford truck of the era or the aftermarket provide new forgings.. I would suggest to look to moving the shocks for improved ride and handling.....takes a lot of float out of the boat