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  1. Plymouthy Adams

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    well, that is not a real truck....a real truck would not have a fuel cell with access through the bed floor......I am pretty opinionated, and often this does not sit well with folks but I have zero respect for any fuel cell outfitted build that IS NOT 100% a track vehicle.... it reeks of pure shortcut and no matter how trick it may look, the real trick is to have a functional fuel fill that flows with the body...but remember...this is just my opinion and has nothing to do with the name on the title of your vehicle...😁
  2. Plymouthy Adams

    1964 Belvedere wagon

    how long you planning to kick these tires...…..lol, this is the one you posted to me a bit back if I recall correctly... I think I would deal with the oldest ad first....try and catch the real truth....if there is any truth to be found....
  3. Plymouthy Adams

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    am looking at the wooden block at the cowl mount points....this body requires that this point be metal to metal connection and is done by means of a tapered insert nutted from below. The purpose is to prevent any body shift to frame and allow you to adjust the doghouse with fear of it shifting during operation of the vehicle...
  4. Plymouthy Adams

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    center dumps from the donor truck engine that will provide the rear sump pan......or you can use two right manifolds off most any car application and remove the heat riser and tap and plug the shaft holes....I suggest a later style starter motor, just as powerful, just a smaller foot print...odds are you will not need a heat shield with the application...though, they never hurt anything being in place, totally your call. Remove you parts request or face possible deletion of your entry. Asking for parts on open forum is against the rules.....you need to place a parts wanted ad in the appropriate column this forum.
  5. Plymouthy Adams

    Amtrak questions

    Arlo Guthrie paints a nice scene in his song "City of New Orleans" again, I think it would be at minimum an excellent adventure and if turns out less than your expectations, its something you are not forced to repeat. I say go for it if you traveling commercially at worst, carry a good book as a back up plan.
  6. Plymouthy Adams

    1964 Belvedere wagon

    I see it as an entrepreneur who has a standing offer to buy and wishes to make a quick sale within his offer period to flip prior to even taking possession of the vehicle...for the price he is selling, even with shipping to your locale instead of his...he making money...looks like middle man to the max here...OR as you stated PURE SCAM
  7. Plymouthy Adams

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    you still got fun ahead of you with the pump length, addition of any fan and radiator location to the front....then as always, you have your hood support with forward rad mount to contend with....and if you add an AC condenser the fun intensifies.....Headers are an issue in cars where this engine is stock...you definitely have issues with the insertion in yet an smaller compartment....where small is typically the inner fender design. Lot of cut and weld here if you wish to retain the inner fenders...many make it a fair weather car and forego the added time and cost. Look to the truck for oil pan with the R&P you using.......I personally would have gone truck cast iron dumps also...but that is just me....I also would have clipped the front with a modern Dodge setup and garnered bigger disc, R&P, very nice sway bar and host of other refinements and hundreds of dollars saved in the process but even with that, retro to this body that IS NOT cab forward requires you make you own mounts yet to position the engine and tranny....you are pretty much locked in to continue this build in said fashion of which there is nothing wrong with that approach...I do think you need to look at the truck rear sump and then positioning the rack will fall in place...from there...is just shape and fit sheet metal as needed. I think you have addressed the chassis pretty well with upgrades...
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    No Cabs here Doug....nope nope nope.....

    that will support a pretty good sized rear end.....
  9. Plymouthy Adams

    Inspection Camera for Valves

    the optics are a bit impressive, this will be good for seeing the tops for obvious chunks missing but as the value of the valve is its sealing to the seat and the clearance on the lash....only a hands on is going to get you there...this will be ideal for the guy who has a piston land and ring battle going on...Mr rattle rattle from a current thread comes to mind.....these are fairly fragile units on the camera head as I have been told...try not to bang it around much...
  10. Plymouthy Adams

    4101 horn relay

    If you plan to continue working on your own car...you will find the use of a multimeter invaluable.....it is well worth the little time it takes to learn how to use the meter. But, like all things, to make it work, you have to understand how it works, else, how you know you fixed something.....love that line.....take your time...plan a few experiments, grab a few components for testing and measure your learned principles as you go over the user manual.
  11. Plymouthy Adams

    Mopars in Oz

    I don't believe that....all my friends speak English....(well a version thereof)
  12. Plymouthy Adams

    Mopars in Oz

    its all.....location location location
  13. Plymouthy Adams

    Anti-theft devices

    so...………….…….C O P D is actually short for Chyrsler Officials Pulmonary Disease
  14. Plymouthy Adams

    4101 horn relay

    not all relays with age are operative today as designed..that the reason to ohm it out...that will tell the story...….
  15. Plymouthy Adams

    Amtrak questions

    I have never ridden Amtrak....could be a hoot....I would think there would be so much scenery to view it would be impossible to get bored. My only train experience has been limited to German rail system....Augsburg to Berchtesgaden, Augsburg to Garmisch-Paterkirchen and then a one day round trip from Augsburg to Munich for the Oktoberfest...

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