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  1. The reference to how familiar are you with troubleshoot and repair as the does not seem to be a factory power distribution box for that particular model year. In this style setup, we have fuses feeding fuses and when bypassed and all same color wiring....going to get a bit involved not knowing exactly what the PO has done. This is also an OBD1 system , hopefully he has integrated the circuit (CEL) to monitor this system and garner the failure codes. It is possible he has a schematic drawn of his altered donor harness, do ask of this for certain. He may even have the book on the donor and would be an asset the new owner for certain.
  2. I don't see any insulation on that shifter so I would be concerned it would freeze up in winter....
  3. Plymouthy Adams

    Ruined.........48 D-24

    I mentioned this in a PM to Frank...painted trim of body color will not adequately reveal the body lines. I stated also that chrome will eat your wallet like a snicky snack. However, I am a firm believer that IF YOU MUST paint the trim, chose a complimenting/contrasting color to again, define the body lines. The WWII blackout cars were such vehicles and were tastefully done then and is can easily be mimicked today...also...most chrome shops will tell you that painting it will help seal the pieces against some further deterioration and prefer this over some amateur restore.
  4. price price price...condition condition condition- location location location....wow you have a very loaded question here....one that would be very hard to answer overall.....how much of a desire do you have to own this in the given condition per pics and description and how experienced are you in the troubleshoot/repair of the modern EFI and controls. At what level do you think the work was completed and how SAFE will it be not to mention reliable. I will not take a whack at anyone's workmanship...just want to advise you that a up close in person inspection is warranted in this case. At worse you walk away after a drive out of town. I would if serious request what I refer to as a FIRST REFUSAL in that if the vehicle is as advertised and I arrive on my scheduled view date as stated in my gentleman's agreement, I will either purchase or refuse based on inspection in person. Anyone that far away, knowing you are in route should never have a problem with this type arrangement.
  5. Plymouthy Adams

    new battery

    who are your local retailers, who has the battery you need, who has the better warranty and MOST OF ALL....if out of town and goes belly up...can you get it serviced in that neck of the woods.... the last part, service out of town is the reason for where I buy my batteries today.....while I did get it replaced upon return to home after a 3 month deployment out of state where there were no retailers, it was out of my pocket till I got home and a bit of stand your ground on the warranty...to include not being charged the pro-rated 3 month but to be warranted on dated of replacement, not date I got home...
  6. Plymouthy Adams

    Slight Engine Modifications

    the DOHC engine was never run on its own power per what I have read.....dynamic testing of the valve train was by driving the crank via a pony engine for test/evualation and the design proved troublesome and per some reports kept breaking components in the valvetrain. When Nascar killed the SOHC Ford for competing....that pretty much drove a spike in the DOHC Hemi as now there was no point to spend more time and money on the project. Again, this is reports from various sites. They say the two DOHC platform prototypes were destroyed....the ball stud hemi saw limited success.....
  7. Plymouthy Adams

    Rusty hope brake ki

    Charlie of rustyhope is very good about answering questions for his customers, if you lost or are confused with any item on the supply list....I recommend a message back to him for the correct application and source....
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    Slight Engine Modifications

    are you confusing DOHC with the fact they COULD NOT make this with DOHRs these used in their design a rocker post and not a rail rocker of twin design that a hemi engine is associated...
  9. Plymouthy Adams

    Happy St. Patrick Day

    to those that celebrate, apologies to those that don't....lol Seriously, enjoy the day for whatever reason.....
  10. Plymouthy Adams

    Cool P15 Photo

    the IHC K series were a sharp design with the double roll nose and double roll on the hood.....this base design was released mid year 1940(K) -46 The 47-49(KB) got wings added to the grille and was in my eye a detractor and not an enhancer....
  11. Plymouthy Adams

    Slight Engine Modifications

    on the above link it was likened that this modified flathead 6 was the stepping stone to the first hemi...actually mopar history says the first hemi Chrysler developed was a 36 liter (2220 CI) V16 aircraft engine...it was developed late in the war and never saw production....per this bit of mopar history this led to the development of the first of the successful V8 hemi engines....the Aussie 6 was a much later design...original concept of this six was to replace the 225 slant 6 and started development in 1966, this was later dropped but Chrysler of Australia wanted a newer engine so the prototype was sent there for further development and first produced in 1970 https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=43525E2E2559CCF29A3AC741C0B8592A0EEC0091&thid=OIP.zhWtQ2YHhC8QRLhJcPzBXgHaEt&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.allpar.com%2Fphotos%2Fpeople%2Fed-poplawski%2FChrysler-XIV-2220-engine.jpg&exph=503&expw=792&q=you+tube++XIV-2220&selectedindex=0&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6
  12. not an expert....I also use a hydronic system to heat my home and did the install...send PM if interested.....
  13. Plymouthy Adams

    Slight Engine Modifications

    now you folks are all realizing why this was a prototype and never in production....
  14. good for rear axle of the truck would think no value for the front unless you 4wd......
  15. Plymouthy Adams

    Stolen business coupe recovered after 20 years

    I will give you credit for the " Kardashian " VERY OVERRATED.

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