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  1. Rear wheel bearing shims

    shim stock is available in a variety of thicknesses and material.....you would probably be best advised to determine first your end float and buy your sheet stock accordingly. You can use an existing shim as a template.
  2. Rims

    MOTOR WHEELS made the early mopar wire rims and they were available painted and chrome. There was also a faux wire wheel cap made by Cello that was available. The wire wheels are being reproduced as are replacement center caps if you luck to have a set of original wires. Follow this link if interested..... http://www.hobbycar.com/chrysler.html
  3. Tappet Wrench

    go to the flea market, swap meet, pawn shop or neighbors garage while he is eating supper, grab a couple stock wrenches, grind them to the thickness you need, heck heat and bend them to fit you ergonomically......its not really that complicated
  4. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    build the entire car the cost will add up fast..the conversion...I cannot see it running anywhere near that lower figure....
  5. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I see no real doom and gloom but I do see a few people pointing out facts of concern in doing the build regardless of the engine used....the mentions of the items that need addressed is actually refreshing to see as many go into this blind and have no clue...in this and the first post it was clear that the man was looking for a step by step and points of interest in doing the job.....there seems to be no pleasing anyone completely.
  6. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I have no clue why you would think the rest of the conversion would run 2000 to 4000 dollars.....but...if the man does farm it out...then yes to that end it could run a bit of coin....
  7. First foray into the classic Mopar world ... 49 meadowbrook

    I agree with that also and I would add that you put the fuel system on a similar setup as in an IV drip if you get my drift..this will rule out plugged tank, any tank filter, the fuel lines and inline filters, the fuel pump and any possibility of sucking air in between.... if your test proves the engine sound to proceed..then return to these external systems and bring them up to date.
  8. riding season

    I like riding a few miles after my evening meal...definitely not one of the groups that hog the road and wear spandex....to quote Jerry S. ahow....NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.....
  9. First foray into the classic Mopar world ... 49 meadowbrook

    thanks dpollo.......this may help him out...
  10. First foray into the classic Mopar world ... 49 meadowbrook

    I would not venture a guess based on the pic...couple sizes used over the years.....measure across opposing flats, buy accordingly....
  11. riding season

    I have been out on my trusty Raleigh but this showed up on a local trader site.....I picked it up just because it was complete well rounded component wise....I will have to find a tall rider as this is a 27 inch bike frame as is obvious if you just look at the head stock......as found, no cleaning up yet
  12. First foray into the classic Mopar world ... 49 meadowbrook

    by your photo...the crank nut is there...these just be a tad on the hefty side is all.....source yourself a socket at a flea market of pawn shop for a piddling amount compared to new cost...
  13. 67 coronet on omaha craig's list

    I buy more than I ever sell or even try to sell....but once sold, that car is history...what the next man does with it is his concern as upon accepting money I no longer have any say in the future of the vehicle. I have heard every lie, sob story and praise ever by the man trying to smooze a deal...my area is not such that I would not sell to a local...but no locals have money to spend...between the hunting, fishing booze and tobacco they don't even have money to buy writing paper for their kids in school...little priority problem....I refuse to finance a vehicle at 200.00 asking price....yeah..it's JUST like that...
  14. Asian Beetle Invasion/ Infestation

    Frank...I'd say you looked like a big yellow pansy to them but I know how big a person you really are.....!!! these beetle move around a bit..I see the occasional one yet but was able to eradicate them from the gables easy enough when I discovered them...they like that warm morning sun... I was in one house one time where the dead beetles were some 6 inches deep around the one wall....now that was an invasion....
  15. Asian Beetle Invasion/ Infestation

    they bite, I caught the bug "master" and programmed him with Canadian coordinates in his internal GPS....enjoy.....did I mention they bite....they stink....they bring no money with them...these are not lady bugs by any sense of description...they have no social redeeming qualities...maybe you can get the love bugs next...remember, share and share alike....