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  1. Brakes

    best bet is to see if a local shop has the means to reline these for you. If you have a local truck or fleet style repair shop check with them. E-bay on the average has numerous sets for sale. look in the links directory above and also may be of interest to you to read the brake section under the technical tab. compare..prices truly vary...good luck
  2. RAM changes

    the standard Ram continues the Dodge gunsight grille....Hellcat/Rebel/Raptor that fall into the sport truck sports a new look..have not been by the dealership to look them over...they are seriously overpriced....
  3. Body work

    I have personally found long years ago that a jig saw distorts the thinner metals when cutting to the point it is adding just way too much additional work to correct the poor quality cut prior to welding. On thin sheet metal 99% of all my on body cuts and 85% off body sheet metal cuts are with the pneumatic zizz wheel. No distortions, any gnarled edge is usually a single wipe with a file to dress for welding. Die grinders usually do not have the torque needed for cutting wheels so if you go looking for a grinder, a right angle gives you the torque, but you also need the higher cutting speed to get longer life from the disc. Low speed and thin disc just don't go hand in hand.
  4. Frankie, I love it....and to add a bit and hopefully not make anyone angry as I am not pointing a finger in any direction whatsoever but I would like to add that after seeing some projects built with brick still "look like a pile of bricks"
  5. I read the two tone fabric as a possibility descriptor for the plaid
  6. Low oil pressure problems

    little off in the above statement, the wearing of the bearing as you later states thins, BUT, bearing showing wear the holes do not enlarge, the metal is worn so that the clearance between the bearing and crank is greater and thus has less resistance to flow and there a decrease in oil pressure
  7. Mopar Engine Identification

    it appears to me that the engine may have been hand stamped for a P12 sequence number 127405 so to mimic the original engine for a 41 special deluxe Plymouth. You would have to know the bore and stroke at this time to identify the displacement. The block should have the casting date on it and the block casting has a -18 mold change indicator.
  8. Body work

    when cutting heavier metal, a frame section for instance I will again use the right angle grinder but in this case, I score the marked lined for the cut...then use my Milwaukee sawsall and thin bi-metal blade. The blade follows the scored line like a slot car. I refrain at all times of using the gas axe...I use a pneumatic shear at times especially cutting a panel for running through the bead roller
  9. Body work

    I use a Rockwell 31A right angle air grinder operates at 14,000 rpm on 90 psi...4" by 1/16 thick cutting disc where room allows...3 inch if a bit tighter space
  10. Low oil pressure problems

    idle pressure seems great...secret is what rpm is 40-45....rule of thumb is approx. 10 PSI per 1000 rpm...have you compared this to a second oil pressure gauge for accuracy?
  11. engine swap upgrade

    every year at the swap meet seems there are two or three of these old early Hemi's offered up for sale, mainly it seems to be the Chrysler of Desoto blocks...I notice them only in passing, while they dress up like no other engine of the era, cost to build for the low return on HP makes them undesirable to myself. I don't say they not worth it, just not worth it to me.
  12. engine swap upgrade

    Actually in the early Hemi line up there were 14 different engines.....Chrysler had 4, Desoto and Dodge each had 5 and none shared the same CID As for the SBC...the secret to their success to retro fit rest solely upon the fact that they had a short snout in relation ship to water pump than did the Chrysler or Fords....
  13. The end of our hobby?

    hey..our money is called paper (yeah I know) and I am now paperless......
  14. The end of our hobby?

    guns will also be phased out for lazer/phasers.....horizon sucks..sorry but the world today sucks so bad I cannot see past it for the most part let alone the future..
  15. Engine upgrade

    again, as this is truck I cannot say with certainity...but with EVERY car that I have upgraded be it a 8 3/4, 7.1/4, 9 1/4 or the more commom 8 1/4 I have been able to marry the old with the new, even the cables bolted into the existing lock on the pull handle of the older car. Though the later cables are a ball and not a slug, guess what, they still lock and there are many many couplers, slides and pulls in the wrecking yard that will easily see to your needs, at least I have stayed all Mopar and covered 7 decades of mix and match. If you opt for the very latest rear gears, get the rear cable mounting fixture that is of the donor, it is a compound cable slide setup and you need it as one cable will lock and allow the other to follow suit...many times folks sell themselves short by not getting some of the associated hardware, mounts and cables when they snag that precious late model rear gear. By far, the easiest set up Ihave done has been the 2004 Dakota..it is as if made for retrofit..