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  1. Plymouthy Adams

    Easy way to convert front drums on 53 belv to disc

    I believe his site state you get a shopping list to be filled at your local big box store...I do not think there is any way he can buy the rotors and calipers himself and pass a savings on to you in doing so and on top of that you have to pay shipping from his place.....
  2. I present this...…. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pts/d/chrysler-imperial-1963/6786100993.html
  3. Plymouthy Adams

    Rear ended not turning .

    bingo...them be the pups.....WHO LEFT THE DOGS OUT...RUFF RUFF as this is an interference fit I would carefully polish the tapers on the axle in a manner NOT to remove metal only that may have been forced proud...same with the inner hub surface..do this by placing self adhesive fine sandpaper on the taper...place the drum on and carefully polish. As it is a taper fit, you only trying here to prevent the two from interlocking with those cuts when torqued down..the keys and the proper torque of 142 minimum ft lb (minimum 140 and max is equal to first slot that will allow cotter to insert) will suffice.
  4. Plymouthy Adams

    junk yard trek

    yeah...the older yards were crushed for that big money from China...lots of stuff gone forever....the stuff today...heck it's meant to be thrown away...
  5. Plymouthy Adams

    Rear ended not turning .

    surprise surprise...…...
  6. Plymouthy Adams

    junk yard trek

    walked about a yunk yard today that is closing up forever....he has to sell to public or for scrap by x drop dead date or all is lost...sad part is the guy is not motivated at all and will lose it in a short time. While predominately 70's stuff, lots of Dodge trucks...his father left all this to him and he himself was a Dodge man...man does not know a BB from a BB...where one is a Daisy ammo
  7. Plymouthy Adams

    1940-41 Plymouth Reproduction Running Boards Info Wanted

    the AACA forum is free to join and open to all.....heck, they let me in...lol I also find this crowd is very active over the full spectrum of almost all automobiles...they have many and I do mean many forum pages for x cars and topics... https://forums.aaca.org/
  8. Plymouthy Adams

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    IF the cage around the bearings disintegrated/separated, it would dislocate the individual bearings and allow mucho slop....
  9. Plymouthy Adams

    thoughts on 3:07 gears?

    3.07 with OD of .70 would give you a 2.14 effective ratio in 5th.....way way high for even many V8's....even the last of the RWD Mopar V8 sedans used a 2.32 and while adequate on the highway for normal driving...they were never rated for trailer pulling for this reason and mainly due to the isolation of both front and rear suspension.... Even if you went with a 3.55 which is approx. 2.62 in OD look to downshift....also suggest that you find a T5 from truck where the first and second gears will afford you better ratio for pulling off the line and getting to speed where 3-5 will then be as other T5's.....your 218 while has some torque at lower RPM...it has to build some hefty RPM to develop HP to take over where the torque curve runs out...
  10. Plymouthy Adams

    ANSWERED Hub Caps D-24

    9 inch caps were for use without any additional dressing rings that would simulate a full hub cap when installed.....10 in caps were used in conjuction with these rings as they were wide enough to help clamp the ring and hide the dividing line
  11. Plymouthy Adams

    Pilothouse at 1:13

    never saw the logic behind investing a bunch of money building a vehicle and then destroying it a 300 foot run....never got into mudbogging either....bad enough you got to wash the vehicle, worse when you have to steam clean it to make repairs....the 6030 Deere I guess truly proven their merit...but In all the farms in my area, not one sled of this nature is used in production of crops....
  12. Plymouthy Adams

    Rear ended not turning .

    unless you have a swapped in rear assembly, there is no removing a cover for inspection.....inspection will entail removing the axles from the carrier, dropping the driveshaft (reference mark if you do this) and removing the pumpkin....this is why the few pointer given may save you from this...no guarantee...but start from the simple stuff that would affect this first...you know, the ones where human error on brake work/assembly may come into play..
  13. Plymouthy Adams

    Witch hub for disk brakes?

    most all companies are marketing kits that use rotors with integral hubs...these will allow use on the original spindle with often the use of a machined sleeve or spacer as part of the install kit. Ask any company that you are entertaining to purchase kit as to the details and instructions up front on their installation. As stated, above, a kit or two may have special machined hubs in the kit allowing the use of top hat rotors...that in long term often makes repair easier and keeps cost of down the road maintenance and replacement purchases less expensive. though you may pay a few dollars more in the beginning. As in all things, do read up on the subject....there are plenty of good threads on this forum to entertain and inform you just by doing a search...the search feature will eliminate the time involved waiting on that one person who feels like typing out a long narrative...
  14. Plymouthy Adams

    wanted 1933 dodge OD transmission - I need more speed.

    if you engine is already of the later model as stated, 1953 then you wish to advertise for a R10 unit (should open a classified ad here) the R10 was the model associated with your donor year retro engine and tranny and will be a direct swap.
  15. Plymouthy Adams

    1940-41 Plymouth Reproduction Running Boards Info Wanted

    I have no knowledge of the man, business or end use...but I would suggest that you consider asking this on the AACA forum...the folks over there are more in tune to restoration and would in my opinion be better suited to answer questions on application details and quality. If the items are already purchased and routed to your destination, the answers you get may be mute especially if they are negative.....

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