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  1. plymouth

    so you saying that since your first post DMV has corrected the title for you to reflect the correct 1949 build date? if so bully for you and thumbs up for your efforts and sensibility of the local DMV clerk.
  2. two three and four row usually play part more in what available space you have to position the radiator.....and smaller size with more rows still yields same skin effect displacement for heat transfer...if you buy the car...maybe you can arrange a drop ship of the radiator of choice to the seller to stow in the car prior to shipping....and any other big ticket item for the car that you are interested in...
  3. while waiting a bit for my next pot of coffee to perk, I did some reading and found a couple statement that fuel cell are not DOT approved for reason other than SMOG test passing. Little reading on the internet provides some very convincing stories of folks who were pulled for a normal highway stop getting in a tight spot with these cells in view plus this often leads to other on spot safety checks that may or may not get your car/truck impounded till returned to stock configuration. Lot of this depends on who made the stop, if an avid race/old car fan type officer you may get a bit of 'averting of the eyes' but then you may get Sgt Sourpuss of the HP who off duty drives a pink Prius
  4. I have always been concerned with the aux tanks I have seen at some shows. The temp tank for about the house is marvel and accepted risk by you. I know the fuel cells are designed for racing application and you see these in many builds mounted in trunk or beneath a panel in a truck bed. I always viewed the fuel cell as a shortcut or overdone item as the red wheels, satin black paint and body painted trim and bumpers. Contrasting painted trim and bumpers on certain vehicles...acceptable.
  5. different continent location than US rhd additional rear lights inside door handles rear seat mounted radiator firewall ID tags ext. wiper motor, electric odd panel on firewall
  6. at the time it was put in the time capsule, just another daily driver built repair this car would require everything on the chassis and body be replaced except may the keys....even those may have been eaten away, they were aluminum then.
  7. plymouth

    you may be kicking a can of worms that should be left to die in the hot sun.....check with some of the local old car owners first to see if this would be a wise choice, I have no first hand knowledge of Illinois DMV but some states would lead to confiscation and destruction of misrepresented vehicle...especially if a vehicle ID tag has been changed or altered.
  8. don't ever recall having seen truck with the tire size stenciled on the side....even military just had the tire pressure on each fender lip...GVW was all I recall from my earlier years
  9. plymouth

    people make errors daily, time compounds them.....if 111 wheelbase it is not a 1948 it will be a true 1949 commonly referred to as the second series or the true 1949 as it represents the new model year and new design...its designation will be P17 engine however if correct will be that of P18 as only one engine designation and that of the higher trim model for the model year. Please post a picture of your bubble top coupe...
  10. bought a new Plymouth in 1937 and held on to it all those years...and let it go?
  11. plymouth

    I am not aware of Plymouth 3 window coupe for that year as was the sister vehicles so configured....that feature did not come in until the 1949 second series as the first series is a carry over for the an owner of Plymouth P15 bz coupe, they are technically known as three passenger coupe but with 5 windows...
  12. the one on is a 4 door, for the family you have...leave the two door car to we DINKs
  13. most drop the UN and call them fine or coarse thread
  14. grade two or three are inferior bolts I would not use on anything other than maybe a mudflap....there is no real protection against corrosion as they normally have no Zinc or Cadmium plating..their poor metal also allows for almost immediate galling of the threads instead of accepting/displacing the torque as you wish..but in my book not worth it less than 5 grade...
  15. I'd take the house first....