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  1. Vac assisted electric wipers?

    faster you drive the drier it gets......
  2. Kayak rack idea

    when I hauled my canoe, and as it was tapered each end, I placed eye bolts the width of the canoe each end where it would lay on the supports, this kept it from moving back or forth and running my strap from side to side each end across the top of the canoe it would not lift either....
  3. Artistic or to much time on their hands?

    I admit that I like that......nice post....
  4. Don's Towing, Becker, Minnesota

    nice....is good to see some of the older vehicles still be used for today's modern world...excellent looking update..looks like he can recover a vehicle from multiple situations
  5. Fuelling multiple carbs

    for anyone getting a fuel pump these days, seems the most common failure is the pivot pin....a close inspection of this and maybe an investment of an additional 1.50 buying a suitable high grade substitute pin from the hardware store will give you some longevity. You need a quality pivot point as there is a bit of pressure when in operation combined with the fact it's operation cycle is once per cam revolution....lots of stress, cheap will not withstand the punishment..
  6. Show your tools.

    nice balancing set up, I have one of these in the HUNTER brand... On another note....I keep saying if you want good inexpensive tools stop by the local pawn shop...today I stopped by as I was looking to buy a few inexpensive tools to throw into a tool roll for one of the cars. Found the 5 piece pliers and while nothing to write home about, couple that with the Wiss WS4 Angle hand brake....the 10.00 out the door for it all is quite the value.
  7. Ignition key won't turn 1947 New Yorker

    car I recently acquired was most difficult to turn key...I dipped the key in oil about 4 time to be sure I got plenty of lube in place...freed up and is working very nicely...long ago I had one cylinder lock get distorted by the key to the point that the tumbler hole edges was distorted...had to disassemble to clean the bore holes with drill bit of proper size...
  8. 6 or 12 volt question

    your unit should be 12 volts...the mere fact that the voltage reducer smoked could be to contaminants due to embedded material loose or missing....to confirm, check a few items like tail lights or headlights...these should give you peace of mind.
  9. Been a while: My '49 Coronet

    looks like you have put the 54's bezels on the 49's headlights
  10. TImes have changed.

    ford fitted a fuel tank there......
  11. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    think you have a letter out of order...that should read 'cats are scared' as well they should be...
  12. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    thanks for the reply.....I know the major cost is in setting up.....and as you said getting a return on your money by small piece here and there takes lots of time. I am sure I am not ahead on the cost of my little machine shop except in the pure fun of having the ability to do the work myself for many small projects at the drop of a hat...heck I will even drop the hat if I feel creative
  13. 270 poly-head swap

    I found on my 48 Plymouth that a 2 inch shift to the passenger side and me providing a margin of comfort with the driveshaft install, the widening of the tunnel was a safe mod. (look at the tunnel bracing to follow this, look at the larger diameter drive shafts with modern drivetrains when retrofitting) keep in mind also that the automatic tranny will require a bit more width on the average....measure measure measure, it is never a waste of your time.
  14. Fuelling multiple carbs

    does this sound right....? stock pump delivers 6 oz per 15 revs.....600 rpm idle divided by 15 = 40 times the deliverly rate of 6 0z for total 240 ounces or 1.875 GPM and if idled for an hour and had full flow that would equate to 112.5 gallons in an hour....
  15. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    as you have printed this yourself, cost of printer aside, cost of software aside....what would be your charge to a customer (fair market value) of your drawing and printing of said parts....can you ball park this assuming someone may wish to skin a cat at home...curious, color me old school with a couple of lathes and other metal working tools...thanks