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  1. engine teardown

    maybe in this case it stands for Seriously Troubled and Distressed....
  2. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    if the guy is a crotchy ole buzzard and married too boot....just start calling the local call girl number and give them his address..... order a few pizza's in his name also....
  3. what manner/style of sync tool did you use to balance the carbs?
  4. Lug Nuts

    only at the side of the road tire change is there an excuse NOT to torque these lug nuts in proper fashion...but follow up with the torque wrench when you get home....
  5. '54 Plymouth, NICE

    ad reads, "needs new starter" am I missing something here but when sold, won't that mean it gets a new starter? at least he is not off the hain on the asking price...
  6. Interesting photos I have run across.

    Gaslight Square was the location for the largest slot car track set ups when a teenager. Raced 1/24 scale cars and the turns were banked. Was not a snap together plastic like the one Batman has. I have a 1/32 scale model track and cars still today.
  7. Lug Nuts

    yeah, that ought to spark a few memories
  8. retractable seatbelts in narrow cab/pre 48

    you do not wish to mount to the frame...in a very serious accident the human body should remain intact with the vehicle body and let the mass weight of the frame and drivetrain take its own directional movement...
  9. Lug Nuts

    I would believe Whitworth over metric.....actually back in the day sizes in 32nds was not that uncommon...
  10. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    regardless of mileage.....after all these years the environment will take as much if not more of a toll.....daily use will actually benefit the car to some degree verse sitting around untouched....
  11. motor choice question

    the average projects moves at a pretty good clip but once the finish line appears before your eyes, it seems like forever crossing that line...
  12. Got a shovel?

    don't need s'no meds......I would need meds if I chose to be in snow country.... a certain member on this forum was riding with myself to upper part of Florida to retrieve a vehicle. As we approached the Florida border he remarked it felt like it was a bit warmer.....HELLO.......we are getting closer to the equator....
  13. Got a shovel?

    personally...I-on ice, snow sleet or other winter harshness is a no-no... I-on wet pavement is bad enough....rainy days are no fun for us kids...
  14. Got a shovel?

    looks to me like its time to move out of snow country
  15. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    these items did not last forever and remarkably held up longer than most would expect. They just cannot be handled much when aged. I built my 54 piece out of metal and when painted black looks right at home. Just checked my pics...while I have an assembled pic, I did not step by step the process of shortening the donor paint can and cutting the side to flare into a receiver flange to connect the newly constructed metal tube. The paint can was just the right size to mount to the blower motor.