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  1. just not content with terrorizing California are ya...….
  2. you keep picturing 54 cars when you have a 53.....there are those that say for selling purposes they introduced the 55 colors mid year for the Plymouth....got no dog in that fight
  3. you will wish to get the swan neck models and mount on the door if you have any intentions of using your vent window...seeing anything at all with the passenger side mirror when mounted. But then this is only my experience....you may find it different....based on your physical size and seat position when in use....DO...however get someone to hold it in position before mounting to be sure this is the model you want.....
  4. do you wish just to gravity feed the carb or are you looking for the electric fuel pump to feed the carb from an aux tank...? either is simple to rig...depends on what you happen to have on hand to work with....lots of riding mowers can donate a gravity tank unit that will allow for lots of tweaking before running out of fuel..
  5. I bet if we could record sweat fall here in the south we can top that record...….
  6. Wow.....that I also consider a bit steep. One should always get an estimate up front...if they know their business they know what it will take time and material... Reminds me of the shakedown Clark Griswold got while on vacation.....we want it all boy
  7. aluminum is more prone to kinking and once kinked, no salvaging...if you want easy...go nickel copper, even copper itself, even steel line is easier to work with over aluminum....stainless is a bear....aluminum...just not worth effort
  8. as above but we folks that are a bit beyond the age for the daily labor workforce....make them rest and cool down period a bit closer together. The last line above....live by it, literally, stay hydrated. Drink long before you get thirsty if in the heat.
  9. you have an open in your system......thus the same reading on the resistor in series...
  10. that guy has a bit more pink than our canebrake.....maybe he's been in the sun a bit too long.....I had red of the green tones on the rattler but have never seen one......mother nature sure paints things up at times.
  11. no gauge indicators are supplied remanufactured...my plates had the gauges completely missing from them when I got them else I probably would have attempted repainting them myself. I will say it took me a long time of searching on the web to find these available and with what else I have to rework with the project, I am happy to pay the few measly dollars as the are relatively inexpensive items....the company has a complete line of alignment equipment parts so you can service your brand name equipment easily yourself if you so inclined. I also bought a set of nonmarring clamp feet for my Hunter wheel adapters so to protect my allow wheels from scratches. Got the company earmarked for future needs if they arise.
  12. came with the purchase I made....rebuilding the package...this is the first completed set of parts that came with the setup....gauge was ripped off both plates, less than half the necessary balls in the cages beneath..broken indicators had to bend cut and weld as needed...BUT..the four lock pins were there, I just upgraded to nicer rings and added some chain...onward and up-ward...tons of work left to do...
  13. since when is a bucket list item a definite necessity....lol all I have is my old manual Coats...but it allows me to do my own tire work....I have had this thing at least 35 years or thereabout...it his machine is fully functional, he has a nice tool....no substitute for nice tools...
  14. yeah...my garage is a bit large for that.....cost enough to cool the house.....BUT....when working the smaller items I do have the machine shop air conditioned....
  15. well, I really did not intend this to be a rub...but I can see how it may come off that way.....it you do not have the time, space, tools or maybe skills... that is the very exception to the rule....so in that respect, yes...it is a different playing field.....
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