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  1. Set the timing with the oil pump?

    My engine was rebuilt by a professional engine rebuilder familiar with these engines but had not done one for a long time. He admits he got the oil pump in out of position but the distributor still turns and the engine runs great and was easy to time. Number 1 spark plug wire is around 11 o'clock. I'm not going to worry about it and if the next owner down the road wants to change it or has trouble, I'll be either dead or too old to care.
  2. Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Nice job! I did exactly the same when I restored my '38 Chrysler. You have taken your truck down as far as you can and now the frame is clean you are on the more fun part of putting everything back together. I imagine every part that goes back on will have had the same treatment as the frame. It all takes time but is more than worth it in the end.
  3. I think the steering wheel is from a '46-'48 Chrysler. Nice truck!
  4. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    I'm impressed. Very creative and looks NOS.
  5. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Just curious. Are all the projects you have ones that you eventually plan on restoring. Some people just like to collect old cars and trucks and restore some of them and have the rest for viewing pleasure/landscape art. Nothing wrong with any of it but I was just wondering about your own addiction.
  6. My new car accessories, I love it!

    You guys are just Kittyphobes.
  7. My new car accessories, I love it!

    C'mon, it's only a dog. Now if it was a cat I might feel sorry for it.
  8. TImes have changed.

    I'm surprised it ever flew! I do note that it is the passenger pouring the beer, hopefully for himself, but the driver does look expectant also.
  9. My first classic

    Looks GREAT!!
  10. Empi Dune Buggies

    Paul, hope you don't have to stop suddenly with that set-up as what you are hauling is at your head height. Hope everything works out but safety first! How do you plan on loading the buggy onto the wooden support? If it has engine and tranny it could be more than two people can lift.
  11. Newtons law

    This is what I try to do when working on stubborn nuts and bolts. Work back and forth and lube(PB Blaster for me) the parts and slowly work the nut loose. If it reaches a point where I figure I am going to damage or break something, I then apply heat and continue with the process. Tapping on the parts also helps to loosen the rust holding the parts together. Lots of patience is the key. Works nearly all the time.
  12. Cylinder Corrosion

    I like the fact you wanted to keep the original engine. I have three old Mopars and two have the original engine and the third has a replacement flathead. Lots of vehicles had the original engine changed out at some point when the old one was worn out. You were certainly willing to put your money down to get what you wanted. Please update as work progresses.
  13. PT125 Rebuild

    Interesting thread. Please update regularly. I agree you are working in a very tight space but at some point you will have to pull it out. Tough to open a door or pull a rear axle.
  14. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    sph, you are using your truck for what it was built for. Being pretty original with lots of patina, you don't have to worry about paint being scratched. I imagine you are having fun with it also. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  15. Molly Time!

    It's good when a plan comes together. Hope the valves co-operate for you. Sounds like you are on the right track with them. It'll be sweet when you fire the engine for the first time.
  16. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Sounds like you have a common-sense Sheriff........the best kind.
  17. Phoenix on the road conversations

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Newtons law

    I would add to that, when everything is heated is to beat upon the end a bit. Heat and vibration do wonders to loosen up a bolt. Looks like a large pair of vice grips might help as well. Been there and done that.
  19. removing horn button, B1B

    You truck guys are weird. I went out to my '51 Dodge business coupe and it is definitely down and counter-clockwise to remove the button. My '53 Plymouth is the same. Looking at the pictures, your set up is different than on a car which had the prongs on the horn button itself. That would explain the difference. I don't own a truck but visit the truck forum everyday as it is equally interesting as the car side. Anyway, austinsailor, good luck with the truck! Sorry for the erroneous information. Please post lots of pictures of your project as it looks like fun!
  20. removing horn button, B1B

    On my '51 Dodge car it turns counter-clockwise to remove after pushing it down first.
  21. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Strangely enough I did not know there were diesel hit and miss engines. I've seen some quite large gas hit and miss engines but never a diesel. I don't think this one would pass modern pollution regulations. I sure would love to see and feel it run as it apparently shakes the ground according to what I googled about it. Certainly be a great obnoxious neighbour deterrent! Just fire it up when they are downwind of you.
  22. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    Easily explained. Like many of us on the forum you have caught a disease called "NeedmoreMoparflatheaditis". There is no known cure. Temporary relief may be provided by buying a 1951 Dodge business coupe.
  23. What To Tackle First

    What are plans for rest of truck. If painting I would go with pretty. If original patina go working. I believe original beds were hardwood. Tim answered your question. He just has a unique way of using English and explaining things. I'm sure no offence meant and none should be taken.
  24. P-15 Totaled

    That has to be sickening when it happens. Glad to see the old girl got another chance at being on the road. Hopefully no one was hurt in the crash. Did your car have seat belts at the time of the accicent?
  25. Strange Brake Issue

    It's not unknown for front brake linings to become detached. I have a 1963 FordFairlane and had one shoe lining detach on the passenger side front. Car braked fine but wheel stuck when reversing. To check out the problem, I pulled drum and found the detached lining. Brakes shoes were done by a local shop and he replaced all front linings for me. These were also bonded and I have had no trouble. Sometimes s**t just happens. I agree that it would be nice to contact the seller before posting names but as stated if the issue is resolved after naming then those details should be posted. 4+ years is a long time after purchase to expect any dealer to replace a product. This could happen with anything like a water pump, fuel pump, head gasket, etc. I have not dealt with Roberts personally so I have no dog in this fight. Just stating my two nickels worth as we got rid of cents several years ago in Canada.