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  1. I like either Robert or Rob but family always calls me Rob.....................when they're being nice. My daughter (divorced with two sons) has a friend who is also Rob. I always call him Rob2.
  2. Nice story and true. Incidentally, not sure why so many Americans think Robert always translates to Bob. Bob is a nice name but not mine. I go by Robert or Rob. Just saying and certainly no offence taken. Just an educational moment.
  3. What are your plans for the interior?
  4. Welcome to the forum. Very nice car and you are making some members jealous with your curved radio faceplate and the fact it is a town sedan. We all are assuming that you know the difference between a regular 4-door sedan and a town sedan which is much more unusual. Always post lots of pictures please as we all love them. Keep us posted on the starting issue. Very good advice from lots of members and especially in the previous post.
  5. You make some very valid points! I do like old vehicles stock but for these kinds of trucks/vans I respect your opinions. You supported them with well thought out and logical reasons.
  6. I don't have a '49 but I do have a '51 Canadian Dodge business coupe. As mentioned, your body style is not that common and will be an eye-turner when done. Unfortunately, looks like the back window is missing or broken. All other glass in the car is flat and can be cut by just about any decent glass shop especially if you have the old cracked or scratched one. The back window is the only piece of curved glass in the entire car and will need to be sourced somewhere, somehow. I am not sure if the two door fastback model window that you have is unique to that body style or if other cars shared the same window. Good luck with the search and keep posting pictures as progress is made.
  7. Glad you are back working on the '55. Always enjoy the videos. Good luck with getting everything engine-wise sorted out. It seems there are always teething problems!
  8. It is curved glass, the only glass that is not flat in the car. Best bet is to go online and look for parts cars hopefully with glass available. They are likely out there. I see you are in Australia so shipping from Canada or the US would be expensive. I'm not sure if the 51 and 52 Plymouths have the same window but something tells me they are different but I stand to be corrected.
  9. I got quite a few of the pieces I needed from the Plymouth Doctor. He is hard to get hold of and expensive but his products fit very nicely. I dealt with him about 5-6 years ago.
  10. This was my floor before and after repair. Driver's side was the worse of the two but passenger side still needed quite a bit of work. I was lucky that where the seat (single seat business coupe) bolted was in really good shape on both sides and I was able to use this area. You have more issues there. It is well worth your while to do the job properly for safety reasons as Tim mentions.
  11. Looks like rockers are going to need a little work too. Friend of mine had a '47 Desoto Club Coupe and they are a nice car.
  12. Know what you mean although I am dealing with a lot of grasshoppers as well right now.
  13. Thanks for the info. The ones I ordered are almost exactly like the one pictured.
  14. Strange how this works. I have personal experience with this.
  15. I have ordered a set like this. I will update on mounting and usefulness when I get them. Thanks to everyone who has responded!
  16. Yes, to me peep mirrors are ones that are clamped onto the door edge either at the top or in front of the vent windows. I am leaning toward the long arm mirrors as they would extend out further and be more like modern mirrors in position. Big question is location as you don't want to be blocking the vent windows which on my car can be turned a long ways and can blow air into the car.
  17. You are moving ahead. I am assuming you are going to do the interior so a lot of the interior parts you mentioned will have to come out again. Good chance to put some sound deadener on the inside of the roof, on the floor, and in the doors. You will likely need to order all new rubber for the front and rear windows and the quarter windows. Some window channels for the other windows will be necessary too. It takes time but you will get there.
  18. Very interesting thread. I have an identical problem in my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe. Loosening the pressure on the bolts holding the mounts has helped but still some vibration. Like you, when I depress the clutch at speed the vibration disappears. I'm hoping that with more miles and lots of heat down there that the mounts will soften up. Right now, even though there is some vibration, the car is certainly driveable.
  19. THAT is a nice colour! To me whitewalls look great!
  20. I know my car is wired as per the factory. Push the starter button and nothing will happen. Turn the key to the on position and when the starter button is pushed the starter engages and the engines fires. Like Greg above, I sometimes jump in and push the starter and am disappointed nothing happens. Brain fart ends and I turn the key providing power to the starter and presto!
  21. That would be a nice colour choice, although the convertible looks a very nice blue to me. You could end up with a really nice car there! Lots of work ahead, but with a plan in mind, it makes it easier.
  22. Motor looks like it might be quite good. Those two cylinders in the 90's could well come up after the engine has been run a bit. Still nothing to really worry about. Sounds like you might have lucked out! Incidentally, even though I know you like patina, that coupe would look really nice painted two tone! Patina is OK but paint really can improve things.
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