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  1. They certainly don't drive on the right side.
  2. I had to look up Occam's Razor but I believe Tim is right. I always try to learn something new everyday and I got my lesson early today. Don's installation looks better done overall though.
  3. Nope. Those three "slots" are where the spokes of the horn ring go and match the spokes on the steering wheel. There are three tabs around 12, 4, and 8 o'clock to help centre it when installing. It has to be pried off carefully with a thin but strong implement. Easy to damage but as you can see no harm was done to the one shown. Hopefully, ebruns1 will update us on any progress on both this and the removal of the steering column.
  4. Whatever you do, take lots of pictures as you disassemble things. I mean LOTS and from as many angles as you can. Never think, "I'll remember how that goes together." I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. Now I document everything with pictures and still write notes to myself at the same time. The longer something is left the less you can rely on memory.
  5. I believe it will pry off but I stand to be corrected. After that, everything is straightforward. Here's a picture of the inside of one I have sitting around.
  6. Just because you can...……………………..doesn't mean you should!
  7. That car is CRUSTY!! Certainly looks like it has some useable parts though such as the grille. Also, the back window is different in a coupe than a sedan and can be hard to find. It is the only curved glass in the car and cannot be cut by a glass shop. If it looked better when cleaned it would be worth pulling it out if the owner is willing.
  8. As above. I've done it to lots of engines without any problems.
  9. On my '48 Dodge, '51 Dodge and '54 Plymouth the horn relays looks like the ones below. Your car should have the same, most likely on the firewall. If you can't find it look for the two holes used to secure it with self threading bolts. I have spares if you need one. 1948 1951 1953
  10. Pretty damn impressive! Good for her going after the dream she wants!
  11. Actually they do with cash. Debit or credit cards charge the exact amount. Pennies cost more to make than their face value and are just pocket stuffers. We also do not have $1 and $2 bills. Both were replaced a long time ago with coins which I much prefer.
  12. If Momma's not happy, ain't nobody happy. Happy wife, happy life. But you know you want it!! If you get divorced over one more car, it was probably coming anyway. Just my two nickels worth and like the money, it ain't worth much. As I live in Canada, I can't give you my two cents worth as we got rid of those worthless coins over five years ago.
  13. I just use a small propane bottle with a kind of tip that you can screw onto the top. This has provided plenty of heat to loosen bolts and you don't have the burn through issue ox/acet can give you. You can buy the propane bottle and several different types of tips as a kit at most auto places or hardware stores. It provides enough heat to get everything cherry red if you want.
  14. When removing rusty bolts it is essential to use patience. Tapping and heating work the best. As the hood is going to be painted some heat on the bolts would be feasible. I usually like to heat bolts to cherry red and then tap with brass drift and hammer. Repeat several times if necessary. Throwing some penetrating oil on helps as well. It may take a few days to loosen things up but most of the time the bolts will loosen. PATIENCE is the key.
  15. Since it is a complete car and you plan on keeping it, why would you take the doghouse off and put it on another vehicle you plan on selling? Does not make sense to me. Finish off the Suburban with what you have, sell it, and concentrate on the coupe as they are not that common. Just my opinion but they are your cars so do what you want.
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