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  1. 1954 Chrysler Trim Clips? Help!

    I agree. I have always managed to get all the clips I needed from them. Very helpful over the phone as well.
  2. First restoration project

    I agree. Please keep us updated as this looks like an interesting project.
  3. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Assuming you hopefully have removed tailgate, doors, and all glass from the body. Previous pictures show them still attached. Combined they weigh a lot. Using the rafters of your type of building is a bit dodgy (no pun intended). The less weight the better. Just my opinion but do what you want.
  4. Winnipeg Royal Visit 1939

    When in Canada, the monarch is the King or Queen of Canada, not England, actually the United Kingdom. Sounds like splitting hairs but Canada is a constitutional monarchy and that is why we have a Governor-General. George VI, King of Canada, came in 1939 as war in Europe was looming. The present Queen has a soft spot for Canada as we declared war on Germany within a week of Britain and were there during the darkest days. Sorry for the history lesson. interesting video though. Our antiques were all everyday vehicles at one time!
  5. Just a quickie: Transmission gasket set?

    Rovon Auto Parts in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Talk to Ron Whiting as he has just about everything. 604-936-9312. Very reasonable on shipping and quick. I have used him for years for parts for my various Mopar projects. Give him the part number and he can usually tell you right away if he has it. He probably has a lot of transmission gasket sets.
  6. Wiring Harness

    I have used YnZ complete wiring harnesses on three vehicles and been very satisfied obviously. Service and advice are also excellent. I am only a satisfied customer and have no connection to them.
  7. Cold start problem Weber conversion?

    Please keep us updated on your solving of this issue. It will help others down the road.
  8. Cold start problem Weber conversion?

    I assume you started this thread seeking advice. There has been a lot of it, all good, given by members who really know these cars and their flathead engines. You need to heed it! Putting a carb on the car that was not designed for it will likely lead to other complications. I would only use the Weber carburetor if you exchange the Land Rover engine into the car as well. Not really a realistic option.
  9. 48 Plymouth dash wiring

    Glad it got sorted.
  10. New Year Resolutions

    Everyone has their own pace they work at. Some enjoy the build more than driving the finished project. Other things and other projects happen that can take over. Sometimes I can go weeks without accomplishing much on car projects and I wonder why I am not spending more time in the garage. Other times I ignore other things I should be doing and work on the car. To each their own and we burn gas at our own rate and time.
  11. 48 Plymouth dash wiring

    Fords may be like that but Mopars are not. With the key off fuel gauge should show empty. Temp gauge is not electrical and will slowly move down as the engine cools after being shut off.
  12. New Year Resolutions

    Want to get the '51 Dodge D39 business coupe finished and on the road. Just now finishing wiring. Mechanically done except for final brake work. Needs interior done. Hopefully rolling by late spring. Balmy days of summer at the latest. That is the plan but they can go oft awry.
  13. Winter Is Here In Manitoba

    No maybe about it, we should have. Then we would have our own Hawaii! I do love Hawaii though. Usually go there every second year for a month. Should have gone this winter but will miss it so hopefully next year.
  14. Winter Is Here In Manitoba

    Got you beat. I was out in my T-shirt.................................on the way to my heated garage. Could not survive winter without it. I'll take your advice and stay warm. Gonna light a fire and get a stiff rye and diet coke.