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  1. Any decent glass shop will cut you a windshield if you take in the old one as a template. Assuming it is flat glass as it is two piece. Way cheaper locally than ordering glass elsewhere. That's my experience anyway.
  2. Good luck with the picking up and towing home. Be safe! Post lots of pictures!
  3. Is this a Canadian built car? I know in '38 all Canadian cars and trucks started coming with the long block engine. As yours is an early '38 it may have had the shorter 23" engine originally. I am not sure when the longer 25" engine became standard in 1938. Always very easy to pick up an engine for any car from 1938 on as anything fits. I have a flathead from a 1955 3-ton grain truck in my Canadian built 1948 Dodge D25 Club Coupe.
  4. You are right. No vehicle is unrestorable if wanted badly enough. S
  5. I usually have three big mugs of coffee with breakfast, reading the paper, and doing the crossword and sudoku. That's usually it but will occasionally have another cup after supper if we've had company. I enjoy beer and red wine as well but would give those up before I gave up my morning coffee. Coffee is good for you if you look up information about it. P
  6. Hinges would be a start. There are also four bolts and specialty washer that hold the hinges on. Hood springs are also needed. On my '51 there is also a brace that runs beneath the hood and attaches to each hinge. Think that covers it except for a few bolts needed for the brace which also needs a bolt in the centre of the hood. S
  7. That looks like a decent car at a decent price. Closer inspection would be wanted before purchase but overall it could be a great car with some TLC. Gotta remember too that parts can be hard to find and expensive for the Straight 8 engine. U
  8. I agree but Average Joe should be checking all his rear lights at regular intervals. I personally check all my lights fairly regularly and the only one burnt out on my everyday car is the licence plate light. Go figure. Maybe I'll replace it after this thread. K
  9. Fair enough although it does seem a bit steep. It would certainly be worth your while to pay the price of a new bulb if the old one is burnt out. T
  10. That's what I was trying to describe earlier. However, a picture is worth a thousand words! U
  11. My '53 original Plymouth has two keys. Ignition/Door locks is one and the other locks both the trunk and glove box door. R
  12. Just had this issue with my '51 Dodge. The fuel line does not end with a regular double flare. It is much flatter than a double flare. Some debate if there is a small copper fitting between the line and tank. Also, there is a different attachment on the end of the line different than one for a regular double flare line. Same fitting can be found where the two lines are joined along the side of the frame. The whole setup is different and more awkward than cars before '49 where you had the double flare and brass ferrule. dpollo was a big help to me with this issue. With his help I ended gas leaking where the pipe meets tank. It's possible repro tanks are different. C
  13. Why cut up a perfectly good car. If you want faster, sell it and buy something different. When you buy a '33 you know going slow is the nature of the beast. Just my thoughts but your car. M
  14. They should pay you to take it away. I'll bet the trunk is full of fun stuff like the rest of the car. It's almost impossible to get that kind of smell out of a vehicle unless it is totally stripped including dash, engine compartment, behind door panels, etc. My opinion, leave well enough alone.
  15. I once had a filter canister that had a diameter smaller than most gaskets that came with the filters. Filters would fit but I had to keep reusing the old gasket. For convenience sake I finally just changed the canister out to one that was the same diameter as those on my other cars. That could be a solution to your problem. Canisters sometimes appear on ebay or I am pretty sure a forum member has a spare so you could advertise for one on the classified pages.
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