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  1. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Don't you have other cars you could use for parts. Those are four small pieces, two per end that surround the balls on the ends of the other pieces. I have two parts cars with those pieces that can be reused in any of the three cars I have that use them. You can never have too many spare parts.
  2. Thermostat NOS vs. New ones

    I believe those two old style thermostats should have a rubber gasket that goes between the thermostat and the thermostat housing. These are often missing and appear to be with the older thermostats shown for sale. Without it there is always an opening and the thermostat will always allow coolant to pass and your engine will eventually start running hot each time it is run for a prolonged time. The Stant one has a good recommendation above so I would think that is your best option. Just my opinion.
  3. Where do you buy door checks?

    I just drilled some small holes where the spot welds were and bolted on the broken off supports that take the end of the door stop. I did have to get a couple of used parts from another vehicle. When bolted, it is easy to do and removable if necessary.
  4. Energizer Bunny arrested...!

    Maybe he needs go join AA.
  5. What would you do??

    That is one cool old beast. I can't wait to see it woken up and brought back to life. Please keep us updated when you do start working on it which I realize will be a bit down the road from what you have indicated.
  6. Pay Pal question

    I've used PayPal probably at least 100 times and never had a problem. This would include buying as well as selling in the days when I sold lots on Ebay.Item description, as mentioned above, is very important for both seller and buyer. I still buy quite a bit online and use PayPal almost exclusively as that is what sellers want. This has been my experience but no guarantee of a safe transaction.
  7. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Pretty sure Tim has all the documents and documentation mentioned. This topic should either end or go back to the purpose as asked by the original poster.
  8. Reccomended timing

    I like 4 BTDC.
  9. What would you do??

    Just read this thread from start to finish for the first time. Very interesting! I like your plans to keep it original and look forward to more pictures and updates when you start the restoration project! Good luck in the future with it!
  10. Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    Some trucks and their patina look OK but that one, to me, looks brutal. $17,250 is a lot of money and only worth it if everything else is really good. I think it needs a good orange paint job as that is the colour of the dash and firewall. Probably looking at another $5,000+ depending on what an owner would like to do and how good a job. Do it your-selfers would save some on that cost. Just my two nickles worth. We no longer use cents in Canada and it is rumoured the nickle is next. Everything is just rounded up or down.
  11. They are still out there. Here's an interesting '47 Plymouth project. This old girl needs a ton of work but would be beautiful when done just like the P15 convertibles owned by some members. Not my car and I have no connection to the seller. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/medicine-hat/very-rare-1947-plymouth-convertible/1302110169?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  12. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Don't think it can't or won't happen. Timeline is unrealistic but the world will likely change in ways we can't conceive of presently. Interesting read. http://www.lfpress.com/2017/09/15/dyer-car-changes-will-reshape-society
  13. Personally I have Coker tires on three cars and never had an issue. I have no affiliation with them but am just a satisfied customer.