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  2. Bob, we really enjoyed the visit. This is the first time I have internet service since the visit. Your house is beautiful both inside and outside. A heated and cooled garage and an old car, does't get much better than this. Always enjoy meeting forum members. We are now in Prescott. Arizona, headed north into the Grand Canyon and then through Utah and into Wyoming where we will stay three or four weeks. About the leg, I broke the end off of the the small leg bone. It is doing great, getting better every day.
  3. My 47 is 8 years younger than I am.
  4. Sorry about your other house, but this one is really nice and know you will enjoy it. Hope you get your garage built soon. If I make it to the Springfield swap meet, will give you a call. Clay
  5. Don Coatney Thanks for Bob's address. I have a picture I want to send him. Clay
  6. So sorry about your house, but as you already know, you are so lucky that you and your family are safe. If all goes well for you, maybe we'll see you again at the Springfield Swap Meet. Clay
  7. By now you will have surpassed the 6336 mile trip we made in our Plymouth in March and April in 2005. Best trip we ever made. Clay
  8. I bought some at NAPA yesterday. 1 5/8. 0.69 each.
  9. I forgot to mention the motor I was working on, sorry. It has the castellated nuts without lock washers. It is a '55 Plymouth motor and I just don't know if it is supposed to be lock nuts or not. Thanks for the reply. Clay
  10. Are these nuts really lock nuts? If they are, mine don't have any lock left in them. I can't find any new ones locally. VPW doesn't have any and they don't know if they are lock nuts or not. They sell rod bolts, but no nuts with them. Any idea where I can find new ones if they are really lock nuts? Clay
  11. Thanks for all the comments. The truck actually ran very well. On these cold mornings, it took more choke than usual and had to run the choke longer. Also had some hesitation when downshifting to 2nd. Everything seems to be in good order and running great. Clay
  12. Fuel transporter for Murphy Gas at Walmart topped off the gas tanks with diesel fuel and I was lucky enough to get a full tankful in my B2C. I put in 16 gallons, it holds 16 1/2 gallons. Got it out, everything cleaned out and fresh gas in it - runs good again. Anyone know of any lasting effects of running diesel in your vehicle? I ran it about 100 miles. Thank you. Clay
  13. Congratulations on your 28 years of marriage. It will be 47 for us the l0th of this month. You look good in long pants and shoes, but not as good as Lisa. Hope you have many more, always with an old car handy. Clay and Wanda
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