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  1. Things are lookin' up, wouldn't you say?
  2. A little bit of history; Today in Cool History: Sept. 5 1930 Charles Creighton and James Hagris completed the drive from New York City to Los Angeles and back to New York City (7,180 miles) all in reverse gear. The trip took 42 days in their 1929 Ford Model A. The car was left running the entire time.
  3. CNY...Central New York? equals East Syracuse? Sorry if my OCD doesn't compute. How am I supposed to know that if I'm not 'in the loop' or from the area?
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Dodge-RE31-Truck/123868485423?hash=item1cd723172f:g:b2QAAOSwl8ZdTH7q
  5. It's that time of year again. Time for 140th Grahamsville Little World’s Fair. Thinking of Bob and his Way Back machine and Cooper. This is a pretty good size fair and there are a lot events and attractions. Not many of these old timey fairs left around here anymore. It's definitely worth a visit if you're near by or looking for an adventure. The scenery is spectacular too. http://www.grahamsvillefair.com/
  6. I appreciate your predicament. Not wanting to kill them is admirable. We have a copperhead nest/den/breeding gound near here and I usually spot one every year. If I can, I catch them and relocate them. Some times I'm too late and find them dead on the road. If they are not too 'ripe' I put them in alcohol and get to a guy who makes a liniment out of them. I don't think I would mess with a rattler. They are pretty serious critters. Not sure who you should contact about them. Google is pretty helpful.
  7. Ha! I never noticed the sunroofs I was so taken aback by the tail lights.
  8. Here's a new tail light treatment you guys might like.
  9. There's this: Amazon.com: Universal Muffler 2.5" Dual IN 2.5" Dual OUT, AUTOSAVER88 Aluminized Steel Race 2.5-Inch Exhaust Muffler - Polished, Chrome: Automotive
  10. Bell Cobra fuselage with a 1938 Chrysler Royal front end grafted on.
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