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  1. Look up Post # 789 in Interesting Photos. I tried to post it here but couldn't.
  2. There is also the old 'Bon Ami Trick', but that's more for deglazing/resealing the rings.
  3. Yes. Ask. Just because a few don't like it...they can just scroll on by. The HAMB is great for photos but usually short on details. There are others that do and have lowed their cars.
  4. I here by officially retract my "world class jerk" statement.
  5. Doesn't sound that way from what I've read; "The person that used the tool In my opinion they tried to hide the issue by threading the nut back on the stud to the point that the split was covered up. When the user was done with the tool they had to remove the nut so the damage would have been noticed When you break someone tools that has been loaned to you in good faith it is your responsibility to contact the owner and informed then of what happened and also to get the tool repaired. Neither of these things were done. i had to find this out upon my inspection.", but you do have a positive outlook.
  6. Dang. It couldn't have been at a Ford dealership....?
  7. Whomever it was is a world class jerk. I would name names too. Desoto39, your taciturnity in this regard is admirable.
  8. Sorry this happened to you. Your generosity with these specialty tools is unmatched. I would have required a sizable conditionally refundable deposit IF I loaned them out at all.
  9. Also, make sure the nut is facing the correct way... And clamp that baby up tight too.
  10. It's a 'Guzzinta Gage' similar to a trammel bar, just different. It guzzinta what you wanna measure or set up to be the same as what the other one was. Uh huh.
  11. Wiener Queen Date unknown Hold the mustard.
  12. More than likely it was whomever posted it to a social media site 100 years after the photo was taken..but, yes, I agree with you that they appear to be in WW1 soldiers kit.