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  1. Tune in the same time next week...
  2. Ah the good old days.
  3. The operative word there is 'paint'.
  4. Lug bolts?
  5. This weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds; Goodguys Car Show.
  6. Yes, it is. International.
  7. Possibly, you have to realize I'm in upstate New York and we use salt on the roads...and a lot of it. Also, not sure how long these have been sitting out in the woods, missing/broken glass, windows down, doors ajar, open carburetor, beds full of rotting leaves and debris. I'll be honest, I was leaning towards a rusty, ratty looking truck with a reconditioned chassis and drive line unless they were so shot (the drivelines) and then a 318. To me, they are just too far gone to make them worth the effort. Even my dog said they look 'Ruff. Ruff!'. Even so, I would still like to save them, even as yard art with banjo music in the background. As an aside; what is the difference between a banjo and an onion?
  8. It's my iPhone.
  9. Yeah, too bad about that air filter casserole. This is the result.
  10. Not mine and not MoPar but kinda cool, enough so that I turned around and took a couple pics.
  11. This radio and a pair of tail lights were the only interesting items on these two rusted out hulks and the radio 'face' was missing. I passed on them. Still available if anyone is game. I have more pictures but can't upload them. Keep getting 3MB max warning.
  12. On line maybe. You can get dang near anything on line and shipped to your door. Health Food stores carry wintergreen essential oil.
  13. Just tried this last week on a 2002 Dodge Dakota rear shackle thru bolt. The shackle had rusted through and broke. My neighbor stopped by as I was talking to myself and cursing at the truck and the shackle bolts and pretty much everything else. He came back with one of them Inductive Bolt Heaters and we worked on one bolt for the better part of an hour, giving up with his $500.00 Snap-On fancy ass tool and resorting to grinding, cutting, hammerer , prying and cursing the old fashioned way. That bolt is never coming out of the shackle. And the one in the spring end was in the same condition. I think the guy that owned the truck parked it in Plymouthys salt water down by the docks or something.
  14. And again when you carry it into the house. I was taught to stack the firewood next to the outhouse...two birds with one stone kinda thing.
  15. I put an H.I.D. bulb in place of the original in my headlight and, knock on wood, so far it has seemed to help with tremendously with being seen in the day time. At night it's fabulous! I still ride like they're out to get me.