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  1. It was an honor and privilege to participate in the 2017 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance with our 1951 Dodge Coronet Convertible. To be recognized among Duesenbergs Cadilacs & Packards that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was very faltering. I met lots of cool people and including Wayne Carini from the TV show Chasing Classic Cars. Wayne liked the car and could not believe that was the original factory color (Kachina Bronze). The most popular attraction on the car was the "Dodge Ram". Most did not know that dodge used the Ram for short period during the early 50s.
  2. Wow, that floor carpet looks outstanding! Is that molded carpet? I have never seen such a good contoured fit. Who sells that? Please tell us more. Thanks!
  3. Hi Folks, The forum has been very good to me over the years. When the opportunity comes around I like to give back when I can. I finally found a viable solution for coil springs that work perfectly on my 1951 Dodge Coronet (perhaps same for 49-52). After extensive researching and trial and error, I found the following solution: Moog 8650 work PERFECT and appears to have the car siting at factory stock height or maybe .25" lower. Moog 5606 works well but the car sits lower than factory by about 1.5 inches. Moog CC850 do not work at all and the car sits on the stops ***Note the above is on a 1951 Dodge Coronet Convertible. I would like to assume the same holds true for other 6 cyl Mopars from 49-52. Hopefully this can help someone, however I do not take responsibility for your outcome. Alexander
  4. I echo the message from rb1949. CC850 also did not work on my 1951 Dodge coronet. They were WAY too short. The car sat on the rubber stops. Perhaps these springs work well on pre 1949 Mopars?
  5. After reading how well the CC850 springs work with the 40s/50s cars, I decided to give them a try. Well, after spending all morning to install them, I find they are not going to work for my application (stock 1951 Dodge coronet Convertible). The springs are just WAY too short and the car sits on the rubber stops. Oh well :-( If any one wants them send me a message. $50 + shipping Alexander
  6. Thanks gentlemen! All great feedback. The more I read about this the more I realize, the time has come for a total rebuild. However its just not the right time right now. I have a few scheduled car events coming up that I cant miss. Perhaps I should just put it all back together and do a full rebuild over the Fall season. I need the car to do another 300-400 miles this year before can commit to a total rebuild. I hope she can do it? Ill keep you posted as this develops. Thanks!
  7. This project can quickly snow ball :-( I Don't want to take out the crank to mic anything out. Short of put it all back together and calling it a day, what off the shelf shortcut can I take to give this old girl a quick refresher? Thanks, Alex
  8. Hi Folks! While changing out the rear main seal, I noticed some scoring on the rear main bearing. Crank seems ok for the most part and should clean up with 2000 paper. Measuring the rear main bearing with plastigage shows .003 clearance. Checking the shop manual seems to suggests I am still in spec? Would you agree? I am not ready to do a full rebuild at this time but would like to possibly refresh the bottom end by replacing all the bearings. Is that ok to do? If so how do you determine the current size bearings without measuring the crank? The current bearing is marked x10. (see attached pictures). Does that mean standard? My oil presure has always been poor (10 at hot idle). I am seeking the boards advise and possible direction. Thanks! Alexander
  9. Thanks guys! will do
  10. Hi Folks, I Just took the oil pan off to replace the rear main seal and noticed the oil pickup screen is very dirty! Checking online, I could not find "reasonably" priced source. Does anyone know if perhaps a modern variant can be retro fitted to work on the 51? Otherwise, any thoughts on the best way to clean this? Does the screen disassemble for service/cleaning? Thanks! Alexander
  11. Dartgame- Thank you for your feedback!! Just what we needed to help others make the decision. One more very important question if you don't mind. What is the total height of the front when measured from the front chassis cross member to the ground (reference above picture from Alexander).
  12. Excellent discussion! I am also having a hard time deciding if the Aerostar springs or any other would work on my 51 dodge coronet. I welcome the firm rid it may give, but I am still not clear what ride height it will give. Personally I am seeking a stock ride height (or near that). Perhaps that's a "relative" question/answer? Question/survey: For those who have tired the Aerostar springs, if its not too much trouble, can you please report your findings in the following format? I think it will go a long way in helping people decid what they need. Please measure the height from the front chassis to ground as shown in picture. Year, Make, Spring Brand/Model, Was it cut? Final Height Thanks! Alex
  13. Welcome! I have a 1951 Coronet convertible. Its more or less the same car from 49-52. Only 5500 where made during the 4 year run. It being a convertible many rusted and were junked. Some estimates suggest 25-75 are now left, but I cant verify this number. I have attended many car shows over my 20 years in the hobby, and have never seen any other. If you do a search on the internet about 7-8 know cars show up. Aside from these from these 8 (and now yours), I don't know of any others. BTW- My car is the same color as yours. Its called Chakina Bronze.
  14. Gents Thank you all for your feedback. I think I have been armored to try this next weekend. Thanks again! Alex
  15. Don- Thanks for the post! Glad to hear the fluid drive and or transmission don't need to come out. How much time would you think it would take the average DIYer to do the job(very mechanical)? Perhaps 2 hours?