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  1. greg g

    What's wrong with this picture......

    Your wood grain is really faded...
  2. greg g

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    Do you have active oil leaks? Is so where? How much oil is in the pan when you add oil? If adding oil is actually is over filling the pan , the engine will tend to purge what is extra. This question because there were three different styles and lengths of dip stick. If your car has an incorrect dip stick, it may be over full. Next time you need to add oil according to the stick, drain the pan and see how much is in there. Does the car smoke after sitting at a light or after making a sharp turn? If so that might suggest worn valve guides. What type of oil are you using?
  3. greg g

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Pull the stat and see if that has any effect on the situation.
  4. greg g

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Call the seller. What installation instructions came with the head? One would think they would address both systems. Your equipment is for external bypass.
  5. greg g

    48 Dodge Starter Question

    If it is not brushes that need replacing, one of the next most common problems is the bushings wear oval. This will allow the armature to drag against the field coils when the solenoid closes. This causes so much resistance that power drops quickly. They are replaceable. Some times heat from resistance will melt the solder in the armature windings. Pull it out, check the brushes, then check the bushings. if you see evidence of melted solder you are likely looking for a new starter.
  6. greg g

    langdon's headers w/ stock fuel pump

    Knuckle, check with Moose (manifoldsbymoose.com)
  7. greg g

    langdon's headers w/ stock fuel pump

    I believe the Langdon's are recasts using what were the molds designed by Fenton. What seems missing on the above pictured modification is a block off to keep exhaust gasses from entering the intake heat chamber. When I did mine, I used a piece trying stainless along with the original style gasket. I suppose you could use coper or brass sheet stock.
  8. greg g

    New Project

    Can't put in a format to save it to repost. Maybe someone else can...
  9. greg g

    New Project

    Here is a pic of the engine designed for the Met prototype. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211465255615527&id=1487287094&set=gm.407797072987841&source=48&refid=18&_ft_=qid.6602196639596591879%3Amf_story_key.407797072987841%3Aog_action_id.10211465256015537%3Atop_level_post_id.407797072987841%3Atl_objid.407797072987841%3Acontent_owner_id_new.1487287094%3Asrc.22%3Aphoto_id.10211465255615527&__tn__=EH-R
  10. greg g

    Overheating. 210 in a 160 thermo

    You know that the thermostat doesn't have any big effect on your normal operating temp. The listed temp for the stat is when it opens and allows coolant to flow to the radiator. So in theory a 160 might run a bit cooler because the full flow starts at 20 degrees cooler but after 15 minutes of running that difference is gone. Rule of thumb high temp at idle and low seed operation is air flow problem. High temps at high speed is coolant flow problem. Also water absorbs and releases heat better than anti freeze. If you operate and store at 20 degrees or higher, modify you mix. My car runs 70%water, 30% coolant, it hardly goes over 170. Mix is good to O or so. And boiling point is about 220.
  11. greg g

    New Project

    Got a torch?
  12. greg g

    New Project

    Just read that as originally designed, these were supposed to have a water cooled opposed six cylinder mounted in the rear with a trans axle. The Austin engine was selected once the flat six was nixed because it was narrow enough to fit between the inner fenders in the area that was supposed to be the trunk. Most were assembled in England and shipped here.
  13. greg g

    48 Plymouth flathead starting problems

    What sparkplugs are in it? Current Champions are junk. Been running AC 45 , got 40k on the set in there since rebuild. Starts great. How is you compression? What vacuum are you pulling at idle?
  14. greg g


    Happy day! I will be celebrating the 41st anniversary of my 29th birthday next week. September is a good month.
  15. Love the call of the Loon in the evening!
  16. greg g

    What is this button used for?

    So it gives you the kick down function without the adrenaline rush of full throttle operation. Provides a more gentile driving experience for those ti!mes when the mother in law is in the rear seat driver's position. Saves a lot of audible gasping, gnashing of teeth and excited tongue clicking, and rolling eyes...
  17. greg g

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    How much freeplay do you have on the brake pedal before it starts to build pressure? Should be an inch to inch and a half. Insufficient free play will not allow for release/return of fluid to the mc when you release the pedal.
  18. greg g

    paint for oil filter canister

    I used allis chalmers orange spray paint from tractor supply.
  19. greg g

    WPC or Bust

    Congrats on the ribbon. Glad you had a good time and safe trip.
  20. For the engine https://m.facebook.com/thefreewheelingtonysmith/?hc_ref=ARTAr4lGS5facvTQEAKcJwznTtjlmwSwo5_OfvzUBmVy4Np6CzDy1QDAVIlobtTBwY4&fref=nf Haven't seen any thing about the chassis body.
  21. greg g

    TV car shows

    Please help my husband, boy friend father,etc finish his project. Up rolls the tow truck, or up rolls the crew, and they swap so many parts that the only thing left of the car is the keys. Now if the garage squad folks rolled up on my drive way and started tinkering on my Studebaker, I might let them provided there was as much Studebaker left as when they started.
  22. greg g

    1950 DeSoto circuit breakers

    If you don't drive much at night or don't use your high beams much, the switch contacts can corrode. Cycle it A dozen times to clean the contacts. The switch terminals also live outside the car so it might be a good idea to check their respective for condition. The terminal block up front where the switch feeds split to feed the individual lights might like some maintenance also. And as mentioned good grounds at the headamp are critical.
  23. greg g

    Dual carb linkage

    Made mine also. Very inelegant but very dependle and adjustable. Threaded rod,locking collets, hardware store steel flatstock, jam nuts and go cart heim joints.
  24. greg g

    Door won't open. 1952 Dodge coronet

    Could you get the trim card off the inside if you pulled the bottom cushion of the front seat.?
  25. greg g

    WPC or Bust

    We drove through rain returning from Detroit. Some of it very heavy. I did notice the temp gauge recorded a drop from 170 to just under 150. There must be something to that evaporative cooling theory after all. Discovered a couple small leaks at the bottom corners of the windshield.

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