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  1. Now to put a roof between the barn and container for a bonus storage space for out door equipment or if its wide enough a couple more project vehicles...
  2. you could swap in a later unit with disc brakes or upgraded drums. Likely donors include ranger explorer, mopar B bodies, early jeep Cherokees not grand, 5 bolt Dakota. there will be some surgery deeded on spring perches and shock mounts but they are doable at home if you have the skills and a good welder.
  3. For those interested in August in Auburn hills I think the Woodward cruise is the same week. All Chrysler corps brand cars and trucks welcomed. The 2019 WPC Club National Meet will be held from August 13-18 in Auburn Hills Michigan in conjunction with the Woodward Dream Cruise. 2019 Annual Meet Info and Registration Form depending on health we might attend.
  4. isn't that just a prelude to mud season and black fly feeding frenzy?
  5. the p15 number should be on the engine block just below the head above the generator. P15 is the engineering code for 46 through early 49 Plymouths. There should be a serial number stamped into an oval or rectangular plate on one of the A pillars. the serial number wa assigned to a completed car as it left the assemblyline in consecutive order as dictated by the build card. A facsimile of the build card can be obtained from Chrysler Historical dept upon receipt of the serieal number and a check for the research fee. the build card will tell you all the options on the car when and where it was built and what dealership it was originally sent to. VIN numbers were not in common usage till the late 60's early 70's. check you ownership paperwork and see if the engine number or the serial number was used . Engine swaps were common maintainence for these cars so your engine number in the car maynot match the paperwork if an engine swap was done an not reported. is your car a deluxe or special deluxe? good luck with your project. you found the right place forquestions, but explre this website thoroughly as ther is a lot more information here than just the discussion list.
  6. I have 2 inch id through out my system. it not stainless and isgoing on 15 years old. it was custom bent by a local shop. I believe they charged me 150 and I supplied the muffler. they use the old pieces as a template so everything Is very close to its factory location.
  7. engine number should start with a C. that number should be stamped into a cast pad above the generator.
  8. a fully restored one would be worth north of 15k. If your want to spend the bucks to get it drive able, reliable and safe, it could be worth low teens. it would be a project but it does look like a good start. De Soto convertibles at pretty rare. Mark Duggan just did the top and interior of a 47 Plymouth convertible so you could ask him the cost involved. You can contact him through the RDUSAClassics.com website. let him know I recommended the contact.
  9. I may have already given this info/opinion on another transmission related thread but I have a 700 r4 behind my 259 v8 (175hp) in my Studebaker half ton pickup' the rear end is a ford 9 inch out of a T Bird, the trans was out of an 87 caprice. the rear gears are in the 3.23/3.55 neighborhood. The truck weighs 3200 plus or minus. with no load and 1/4 throttle, first/second shift occurs at 18 to 20 mph,2nd third shift occurs at 35/40, third to fourth at about 50 or earlier if you lift. lock up occurs under slack throttle shortly after top gear is engaged. With 235 75r15 tires, 60 mph is in the mid 2000 rpm range seat of the pants tach. Don't know what hills or mountains you will be climbing but on interstate grades it will probably unlock in top gear and for steeper stuff it will probably spend most of its time in third. I would imagine if your are touring you will probably have at least 500 pounds of junk in the trunk plus the weight of you and your passengers. with both the 200 and 700 r's, auxiliary transmission cooling is a must. I have mine running through an good sized heater core mounted in front of the radiator. I know a guy who has a GMC pickup with a 700 r, with what looks like a baseboard heater element running the length of his passenger side frame rail in addition to the radiator cooler.
  10. Looks like a base equipment model no chrome around the windshield, my bet would be a 230 flathead with power flyte.
  11. wow just re read the above. must be high on flu meds..... can you understand or should I repost an edit?
  12. You need to set the idle speed speed to as cllose to 500 rpm. Then using the synching to to assure that bother carbs are dreaming equal voulumn and that when you advance the throttle they draw the same though the rpm range. This is acomplished through adjusting the individual linages to put the throttle plates at equal angles. This can be a verry fiddly process caillng for methodic and patience. Once the throttle plates are synched you can then adjust the idle air screws to smother out that balance then reset the idle speed for 450 to 500 rpm. When that if finished recheck your timing and check the volume with the synch tool again. Once they are set you shouldn't need to mess with them gin unless the linkage loosens up over time and use.
  13. Heater looks to be aftermarket after Chrysler wanted 13.95 for the Mopar basic model. The Comet sun shade is a pretty rare piece these days. I have two fans both electric, one has rubber blades, one metal in a wire cage. My dad put one in his 54 Dodge on the package shelf as a rear glass defroster. Did you know that on Deluxe models the passenger side wiper and interior sun visor were options?
  14. I have pushed a couple cars up with the snow plow on my wheel horse garden tractor. Put. Couple old tires between the bumper and the plow. Use low range second and Scoot them up the ramps as far as possible then finish the job with a come along.
  15. The simplest way would be to take a measurement from the front left farthest point to the right rear farthest point and repeat from front right to left rear and compare the measurements. Maybe some one has the crash repair book with other points of measure.
  16. How does one quantify best? HP, torque, parts availability, best suited for the job at hand, most conversation about it's attributes? If you go by HP it isn't the 251 or the 265 as they topped out at 116 door the DeSoto and 119 for the last Windsore six. For peak HP from the automotive flathead six you need to go to the Dodge chart and look at the 135/138 HP units in the 57-59 model yeears. If torque is your thing the top rating goes to the 54 Chrysler at 216, deSoto and Dodge were slightly arrear at 208. Seems the argument could be made that the long block engines were slouches compared to the last year's of the Dodge automotive flatheads. In the long run the best on may be the one you can afford that is closest to you.
  17. Engine trans come in bout 750 rear axle springs about 200, bare fame can be lifted easily by three or four people 300 for front suspension and steering. 200 for wheels and tires. Bumpers and brackets another hyndred. That leaves about 1200 for body and interior fenders hood trunk lid and doors seat remove those that, leaves about six hundred for main body shell.
  18. greg g

    48 P15 fluid

    The gl1 rating I important in that the lubricant formula is free of additives that re not suitable for use where brass, bronze,and other white metals are used in synchronizer parts. How quickly any negative effect woud be noticed enough to performanceof the transmissions would be at best an educated guess. With vintage, limited use vehicle it might be a month or years. Older lubericants are getting harder to find,so if your lube chart specifies them you should probably stock up when you find them. Mother Mopar chose not complicate Pymouth with fancy drive trains till 53/54 when Hydrive was introduced, but these shared egine oil between the engine and trans, no still no exoctic fluids just more good old SAE 30, nine quarts if I recall correctly.
  19. Baby's got new shoes!! Nice find. Fire vehicles usually have ow miles but hard usage. Enjoy.
  20. My machine work was $750.00 bored, plus .030. block decked .010, valve job, all else was standard. Built back to short block, head milled .040. parts including, pistons, pins rings bearings, timing gears, chain, valve guides, gaskets freezeplugs, water pump and dist tube, misc parts and pieces was 950.00. this was 14 years ago, so things have gone up. I used egge, Terrel machine parts, Napa, and vintage power wagons to source parts. Still running strong and trouble free 40 k later.
  21. Did mine cold while the engine was still on the stand Added 2 thousanths to the cold setting. That was 45000 miles ago. They are still happy.
  22. Dormans catalog at your parts store or order on line.
  23. Last word in op is Gyromatic..
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