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  1. greg g

    Got a lot of money......?

    It is currently owned by an abu dabi entity.
  2. greg g

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    The key number is thirteen . If you don't have 13 fasteners on the bench you shoud have before trying to pry or chisel. Some times a light slide hammer and chain can work if the engine is out of the car. The manifolds should come off as attached components, which can later be separated on the bench.
  3. greg g

    follow up to dodge 251 runs bad

    You might want to add a comment of your experience to the ignition parts are crap thread.
  4. greg g

    I am back to square zero

    The two door bustle back was probably the lowest produced body style. I believe the wayfarer roadster shared the same rear body sheet metal.
  5. greg g

    I am back to square zero

    My Dad had a 49 Wayfarer 2 door. The tail lights weren't carried on the fenders. They were on the body sheet metal between the trunk and fender. I believe the 50 was the same for the Wayfarer. The Coronet the upmarket trim had the tail lights on the fender. Shape of. The fender where it mounts looks different also. Which do you have?
  6. greg g


    The front seat bottom is removeable from the sliding frame, just lift the base,at the front from both sides once that is lose it should lift out. This will give you access to the two bolts holding the seat back cushions. Once the bolts are out the cushion removes by lifting it clear of the two retaining clips. Can't speak to the rear set as I don't have one.
  7. greg g

    Starter Problems

    You might need to change some parts over the Dodges (are these Canadian cars? Displacement should be 230 for us built Dodge). The Dodge had deeper flange on the crank shaft and the gear tooth could t needs to match. Later cars had different tooth counts on the ring gear so you need to be sure they will engage properly.
  8. greg g

    real convertible or roofless two door?

    I believe if you mesure the glass of the windshield you will find the convertible is shorter by an inch or so at the center divider. The upper arch of the glass is lesser in the convertible also. So I think this is genuine.
  9. greg g

    The story of the Dodge Ram hood ornament

    Ram went to its own brand two or three years ago. The dealership where I work occasionally pulled down their Dodge Trucks sign and put up a Ram sign in its place. Marketing deopped Dodge unofficially from mdia ads about the same time.
  10. greg g

    Crap Ignition Products

  11. greg g

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    It holds the shaft the gears slide on to facilitate gear changes. And yes they will eat if not gasketed. Will the gasket fit if flipped over so it will block the hole. I think here is an article and a downloaded gasket template in the reference and download section of this web site.
  12. greg g

    Crap Ignition Products

    A few years back I sourced some ignition parts through a Car Quest store. The counter guy looked them up in a book by the dist type number. He had toorder them from his jobber but they were USA made stuff. I got two sets of points, two condensers and two caps and rotors. Google says there are stores in Cali. They have since been taken over by Advance but they maybe worth a shot if there is one close enough to deal with. Good quality pieces. Not 100% percennt sure but I think I did the tune up in 2008 before we went to the POC meet in Detroit. They are still in the car today at least 30'000 miles later.
  13. greg g

    Clunk from the right rear

    Good deal!
  14. greg g

    Can anyone identify this truck

    Since this was true south Pacific and Australian air force maybe it's a Holden. Pontiac based front sheet metal perhaps.
  15. greg g

    56 Wagon questions

    You might need to make up the straps. They may be pretty rare. I know the 54 wagon tanks were very different from the sedans etc. And the straps were unique to the wagon. Have you tried to go back a year or two earlier wagons? You only need to plumb one carburetor for vacuum advance. I just used a couple pieces of five inch long steel tubing with the proper fittings for the carb and the vacuum pot then bought a length of plastic tubing to connect the source and the dist.
  16. greg g

    More fuel for the zinc - zddp war

    Half can of STP with oil change will address any concerns. But with the light spring pressure typical in flathead engines of our era, it is not likely a critical concern especially in occasional use vehicles. Most of this concern was coming from folks modifying engines with flat lifters, higher than stock valve spring pressures. The issue was wearing high lift camshaft lobes prematurely, usually in aftermarket owner installed "high performance" pieces by manufacturers using who knows what for metallurgical specifications. Several sources say that zinc and phosphorus were introduced into motor oils in the late 40's early 50's but I have never seen a difinitive date of introduction to the general public..
  17. greg g

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    Is there a sheet metal shield above the exhaust pipe where it goes under the passenger foot well? That could be a source. Does the noise happen at a certain engine rpm while slowing. Is road speed involved, as I. It happens when you slow down to 22 mph? Does it happen when you take your foot off the gas or is there a lag between beginning g to slow down and the start of the clunking?
  18. greg g

    51 Dodge Coronet Electrical

    When I had similar electrical failure it was due to loose and corroded connections on the battery side terminal of the starter solenoid. Cleaning slightly sanding and retightening The nut there solved the issue. Also there is a 30 amp fuse on the head light switch that most of the circuits thin the car run through.
  19. greg g

    265 Engine Color opinions

    I used hammertite bronze hammered finish on mine. Can't get that brand locally any more it was of Canadian Manufacture. Rustoleum has a hammered silver and hammered bronze but they are not t he same quality as the Canadian product.
  20. greg g

    they are different!

    Yep. Head lamp trim is different in 46 also.
  21. greg g

    ID of the vintage car

  22. greg g

    they are different!

    Yep, throw in the truck dipsticks, that go into the pan the short ones without the tube or the long on with the tube etc. Hey ust run these till you're out then us what's in this next bin.. I think that was the Chrysler assembly line mantra across the years. My 46 has a different rear universal than the cross and trunnion commonly found on both ends or most driveshafts. But they are all the same other than that...
  23. greg g

    bananas , who would of guessed?

    Do they come with a MSDS sheet????
  24. greg g

    A Mopar Family Christmas

    Good looking groups! Hope you all had a happy and merry!
  25. greg g

    ID of the vintage car

    The tell tale is the sheet metal air scoop under the front bumper. As 42 model production for all Detroit autos with the exception of those ordered by the armed forces, was very limited in numbers, this feature was a one year (half year) deal. The 42 body style with trim changes carried over from the P12 to the P15. But this unique item was not continued to the post war design. Chrysler's other pre war weird styling feature was rotating headlights on the few 1942 de Soto that were made.

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