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    Kubalwagon build

  2. Kinda wonder where the 15 bucks goes, most clubs host a show to raise money for club expenses,some will tell you half the entry fee goes to a charity they might align with, some say it defrays the cost of the venue. Most around here are eight to 12 bucks. The Mopar group charges ten but it supports the local trauma burn center. The flyer should tell you what's going on.
  3. greg g

    With great inheritance........

    The D30 engine goes along with 49 Coronet or Meadowbrook for 1949. The Coronet was the upmarket model with the most standard bells and whistles. Does it say Gyro magic any where? Dashboard, rear bumper, on the trunk lid? Wheelbase should be 123 inches. Serial number, the identifier Chrysler uses for a complete car assigned sequentially as frame engine and body were all together on the assembly line should be a round or rectangular tag revited on one of the a pillars.
  4. Well the flyer says cruise in, far as I am concerned that should be open to any thing that shows up. I would think that with that kind of attitude, the Over the Hill Gang will be obsolete, toasted by their pretension in the near future.
  5. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    You need to ask the seller which carb numbers it fits. The "IAT, IGS, etc from the side of the distributer body. There some small differences in the advance curves through the years but, l am running a 54 truck dist in my 56 car engine with little ill effect. If he can't answer don't buy. Did you try to adjust the timing to see if you could get a higher reading from intake source?
  6. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

  7. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    New advance assemblies are getting expensive. Did you do a reading at the intake withe the carb to vacuum disconnected, and plugged? 18/19 is a bit low,single carb set up should be 20/21, dual carb 17/19
  8. greg g


    You are going to find space tight for rims wider the 6 or 6.5. Issue with back space is critical at front with tie rod ends and at rear with tire to spring interference, and with fender clearance. Back space of 3.75 is pretty much max. 4lo.com has calculators to see what diameter does to rpm and speed if you know your rear gear set. Where it asks for transfer ratio use 1 to 1.
  9. greg g

    p 15 with dakota swap

    What is under the hood? Deduct for the missing rocker stainless, and the color. Is the interior stock or messed with? Not a restoration, not a street rod, not a classic. I might start at 5k and stop at 6k just based on unknowns.
  10. greg g

    50 Plymouth Transmission wanted

  11. greg g

    50 Plymouth Transmission wanted

    I have a 46 unit sitting in my garage but I needed to use the shifter arms on the od l just put in. There was just a thread where two members high lighted floor shifters Faber up using threaded rod, him joints etc. Was about a month ago. I think Fargo 55 may have been one of the starters or contributors to the discussion. http://p15-d24.com/topic/45127-three-speed-od-floor-shifter/?tab=comments#comment-480851
  12. greg g

    Look what I found!

  13. greg g

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    As mentioned,l just (400) miles ago,completed an od install. My thread was titled large hole in the floor. Not really high on detail or pictures, but will give you some insight into the procedure. Feel free to shoot questions when you get busy with it.
  14. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    If you moved the timing to deal with the leak it will need to be reset with the vacuum leaks sealed. Ironically, you can set it by attaching a vacuum gauge to the wiper source. There are a couple threads regarding lubricating the wiper motor with light machine oil or maybe it was brake fluid. Search vacuum motor lubrication.
  15. greg g

    p 15 with dakota swap

    Where is the car?
  16. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    Yes, plug both vacuum lines and see if your car returns to running the way you felt was normal. If good performance returns, see if the wipers work. The vacuum feed for the wipers is from the intake manifold. This vacuum is at its highest at idle and constant cruise speed. A leak in this line will cause a lean fuel air mixture which will cause poor running conditions. The line from the carburetor to the distributor provides for timing advance needed for acceleration, going up hills, etc. As you open the throttle vacuum through the carburetor increases. This vacuum signal is opposite of manifold vacuum, being lowest at idle and increasing as the throttle plate is open. You distributor has two advance mechanisms centrifugal weights that react to rpm, and the vacuum signal which anticipates the weight movement and provides for slightly earlier advance than the weights can provide. Your car can run just fine without the vacuum advance, but will be smoother and a bit more economically with the vacuum working correctly. If the vacuum diaphragm is torn, this will cause air to enter the fuel leaning the mixture also. Perhaps that was the reason yours was disabled. So plug them both and see if it runs like it used to. Then unplug the carb he and see what happens. If nothing changes, plug it back up and see what happens when you unplug the wiper feed. Most cars with the wiper feed open will probably stall as the air being sucked in will make too lean of a mixture to run.
  17. greg g

    Warm start issue

    Turn if fully clockwise and wire it there. See if your condition improves.
  18. greg g

    Temp needle adjustment

    Checked with search, but can't find the procedure or the don't tough that part you fool. Scored a working temp gauge but its a bit on the optimistic side. At 160 it reads 170 plus, at 170 its at 180 and at 180 it is showing 200+, at 190 its pegged. I thought I saw a post about a week ago,but before l break out the needle nose pliers, and screw it up, thought l had better check the collective wisdom. With this and the fuel gauge sender, the dashboard will be completely operative with exception of the safety sentinel!
  19. greg g

    Temp needle adjustment

    Tweaked it today. Didn't realize the whole flattened tube moved, interesting that the ether can exert enough pressure to coil/uncoil the flattened section of tubing. Did the sauce pan test again the pointer is vertical just over 160 degrees, my engine runs pretty much all the time at 170. So normal will present a vertical needle so a quick glance will assure its in the groove. Pretty much within five or six degrees from 150 to 190. Now to get the gumption to do the upside down under the dash thing to get it swapped.
  20. greg g

    1939 desoto s6

    Drilling drums for better brake performance http://www.chtopping.com/CustomRod4/
  21. greg g

    my first project car at 16

    The Carter B1B carburetor was used on these cars from 1933 to 1952. They must have been a pretty good assembly to have been specified for 20 years and still doing their jobs reliably years later. They are also one of the easiest to disassemble and rebuild. Good learning experience. There is even a step by step illustrated process documented on the web. Just make sure you closely mind all the small clips on the linkages.
  22. greg g

    Warm start issue

    Is the base of your carburetor wet with fuel?
  23. greg g

    1939 desoto s6

    Are your current brakes up to spec? Are they installed and adjusted and working properly, are the shoes wearing evenly and contacting squarly? I had mine done professionally by a competent shop and haven't touched them in 35000 miles, and they work very well, long downhill runs with lots of urves nduce some fade but being aware of the situation and driving accordingly manages this. There is an article on the web about drilling drums like they did for Carrarra Pan Americana road race in the day. There are several ways to put disc brakes on, there is an adaption using ford explorer parts, there are three or four commercial kits. Some require machine work, some, are bolt ons, some require you to use non stock wheels. Search disc brakes and you should find enough material to make a decision. You can also add a dual reservoir master cylinder to your present system. What were you thinking of?
  24. greg g

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Put about 600 miles in the last three weeks, getting ready for our trip to the Detroit area. Been hot to put driving without AC a chore. Gotta get some tires mounted up before hand.

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