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    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Tug Boat Annie is a custom bodied wrecker built on an International Truck chassis. Apparently it was done in a private body shop. The shop also supposed re-bodied several trucks into streamliners for beer company delivery trucks. There are higher definition photos on the web when enlarging them will reveal the three diamonds. Our next door neighbor years ago had a similar vintage IH Metro series delivery truck next to his garage. It was a plumbers job truck with a standard van body but doors, windshield and headlight treatment were very similar to Annie.
  2. greg g

    Grounding and painted parts

    Clean to bare metal, properly secure ground, touch up paint.
  3. greg g

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Did you inspect for and remove the mylar bar code inventory sticker that Coker puts inside the tires before you mounted them??? If not they will with time and miles chaff the tube sides causing flats.
  4. greg g

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    The switch handle bre off mine, I pulled it apart and replaced everything with a dbl pole dbl throw toggle switch, but mine was the simple four wire set up.
  5. Hope everybody is safe from the fires.
  6. greg g

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    Check the taillightking.com site,. Still has some nos stuff from the 60-70's.
  7. greg g

    What is this?

  8. greg g

    What engine do I have in my 48 Plymouth?

    Unless 23 internals were swapped into the engine it's a 218. Plymouth's didn't get 230 engines till mid 54.
  9. greg g

    Notice anything different?

    White reflectors are correct for 1946 application. Lots of detail problems, does look to have an od relay on the firewall. The rear bumper looks to be upside down. The side spears are. Definitely on the wrong side and the clips on the cowl pieces are upside down. Don't ask me how I know...
  10. greg g

    Ecodiesel Files

    My dad's place only had a one car garage he wanted to add a lean to style addition to it so he didn't need to deal with ice and snow after mom claimed the garage spot. He went to the town office to get a building permit. Came home fit to be tied with the village clerk, the Town supervisor, the zoning guy, the building inspector and the assessor. All their crap about plans, engineers reports, drainage concerns, percolation tests, property line set backs, taxes,etc. He was cutting and burning wood at the time. So he stacked his eight or so face cords for "next year" in an "L" shaped configuration with the long side about seven feet high and the opening facing the street. And to keep it dry, he ran some rafters from the garage roof over to the long wall and covered them with metal roofing. He was told he didn't have a permit for his structure and he needed to take it down. He said show me where there is any thing any where in the town codes pertaining to regulations for stacking wood piles...there wasn't, and his wood pile was still up 20 years later when we got the property ready to sell after he passed away. We got a good price for that nice dry wood. Not artistic, but a creative way to give a Bronx cheer to all the petty bureaucrats at Town Hall and keep his car clear of snow and ice.
  11. greg g

    P15 transmission weight?

    They weigh about 50# give or take. I did mine with a trolley jack modified to hold and position the trans. Also cut some heads off 3 inch long bolts to act as guides,I also used some Allen head cap screws on a long extension to start the upper trans to bell bolts once the trans was positioned. It also helps to jack the rear end of the car so you aren't fighting the angle with just the front end jacked up. Just did an od which weigh about 25 more pounds. Definitely not a one man job when those involved are 65+...
  12. greg g

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    Contact Egge Machine in California, they make pistons.
  13. greg g

    Ecodiesel Files

    OK now let's see some creative artsy piling.... search the web for inspiration.
  14. greg g

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    Why build a race engine for the street??? Factory peak hp was pulled at 3600, it falls off after that. My machine shop guy suggested 10% over that was safe and a bit meaningful, over that was just more noise. Also suggested 80/85 % of 3600 was a safe cruise all day speed assuming good engine condition and proper oil pressure. So rather than build for a peak rpm, why not build to usable street able range. These are torque engines not hp engines. Torque gets you going, hp keeps you going... My slightly modified 230, accelerates fairly briskly, has plenty of power to pass and climb hills, and cruises nicely at 65 with overdrive and gets 20+ mpg in the bargain. Personally there isn't much more I require of a 72 year old car.
  15. greg g

    Amp meter on 39 Desoto not working

    If your old battery had bridged cells causing an internal short, it would not take a charge. Depending on where the short was it might show a discharge with the key on and small load of the ign system. Conversely a new fresh fully charged battery might not call for a charge even after a few start cycles. The regulators job is to sense when the battery is low and to recharge it then. So a brand spanking new battery in a car that starts easily the regulator might allow the Genny to idle till it sensed a sufficiently low charge condition before it closes the cut out points. Step on the brakes with the hih beams and heater blower on full and report back.
  16. greg g

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    I guess I don't understand why you would want to do this. Leave the smoke to the flyover planes. Most folks toss candy to the kids. We changed up a few years back and we now toss dog biscuits to the k9 s in the crowd. The looks on the kids faces run the gamut from what the heck, to oh I get it!!
  17. greg g

    Rad cap

    Where is your overflow located? If it's on the radiator expansion tank or below the cap to rediator gasket on the filler neck it's an unpressurized system and it won't matter what cap you put on as the system can't build pressure. With a nearly 70 year old core and heater core, I wouldn't go pressurized any way.
  18. Have an acquaintance who has a 2000. First 125k were on dyno diesel. Now he makes his own catalyzed biodiesel I believe the truck is coming up on 325 k. He does a lot of dual axle trailer towing with it. It's not as pretty as yours but still runs great and smells like French fries and egg rolls at idle.
  19. greg g

    front suspension & rearend swap

    If you cant find stock front springs from normal vendors, there are some folks here who installed Ford Aerostar front springs. You will notice that the stock shock absorbers on the front mount between the A arms. A simple upgrade is to buy or make frame mounts 53-56Ford F100 work well and can be bolted on, then add longer gas shocks. Several front disc. brake conversions are availably, most of them have been discussed and documented on these pages, use the search function. Also the front sway bar from non Grand Cherokee jeeps are a simple up grade. If you feel you need to address the rear axle, Cherokee, Dakota five bolt, Ford ranger, explorer, and Mopar B bodies are good donors and some will give you rear disc brakes in the bargain. Some spring pad work and shock mount work will be needed. If you go to do the front clip thing you will need to fabricate a lot of new sheet metal and bracket hangers, bumper mounts, and other things added to the change.
  20. greg g

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    The water pump discharges into the block through distribution tube, and a hoe in the front of the block just below the head. Water flowing from the head goes to the top of the radiator when the t stat opens. So if it's flowing, the upper hose should be warm. I certainly wouldn't be chancing any overheating and warping my pretty new aluminum head till it was fully sorted. Wonder I'd there is casting sand plugging the head passages? Were it me before I mounted the head I would Gorilla tape the passages from block to head and the stat opening and put some compressed air into the heater port and make sure the head passages were clear.
  21. greg g

    front suspension & rearend swap

    What are you trying to accomplish? Have you driven the car? What did you find lacking?
  22. greg g

    What's wrong with this picture......

    Your wood grain is really faded...
  23. greg g

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    Do you have active oil leaks? Is so where? How much oil is in the pan when you add oil? If adding oil is actually is over filling the pan , the engine will tend to purge what is extra. This question because there were three different styles and lengths of dip stick. If your car has an incorrect dip stick, it may be over full. Next time you need to add oil according to the stick, drain the pan and see how much is in there. Does the car smoke after sitting at a light or after making a sharp turn? If so that might suggest worn valve guides. What type of oil are you using?
  24. greg g

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Pull the stat and see if that has any effect on the situation.
  25. greg g

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Call the seller. What installation instructions came with the head? One would think they would address both systems. Your equipment is for external bypass.

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