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  1. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Trucker Tim, sent you a PM.
  2. Overdrive indicator lights

    Do you hear from Rodney B or Joe F these days?
  3. Tech manual

    If you can find an original or reproduction parts manual they have exploded drawings of assemblies that are pretty good on letting you see how things work and relate to associated components. And they provide the original part numbers also. You can find them at swap meets for originals and sometimes on line. There is a fellow near here that specializes in manuals, literature brochures and factory paperwork. Search Walter Miller Auto-Lit.
  4. Overdrive indicator lights

    Hey Jim!! Good to see you are still aboard, Plymouth or no. Best regards to you. Greg G?
  5. Starter grind

    The good news about the ring gear is it can be removed and flipped over so the unworn part of the cogs are facind the starter. The bad news is you have to remove the trans, and clutch to access the flywheel.
  6. Rear end swap

    Do the wires go to the center of the axle assy. Join together, and proceed forward as one bundle? If so those are the sensor wires. Since you won't have any thing expecting a signal they don't have a job.
  7. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    GRAHAM PAIGE supercharged 6. 217.8 cu in. 6.7 to 1 cr, 120 HP at 4000, standard 6 at 6.4 to 1 cr made 95 HP at 3800.
  8. Exhaust Vibration

    Could you point out the areas that are in disagreement. Because it looks pretty much the same ideas presented a bit differently.
  9. Exhaust Vibration

    The true purpose of the tube is not general engine cooling. It is designed to direct coolant upwards to assure proper flow to the valve seat area. The slots in the top of the tube are shaped to provide that flow and the taper helps the rear slots provide the same volume as the fronts get. Use your IR sensor to check the area of the block above the valve chamber covers and see what that tells you. If your tube isn't blocked with rust or scale and the top slots are intact, it likely doesn't need messing with. It is critically important for the exhausts valves as they only get cooled when closed and seated, the intake valves get cooled when opened by the incoming fuel air charge. Exhaust valves work under much harsher conditions which is why Chrysler decided to provide hardened seats, and lesser brands did not. Conspicuous through its absence is any semblance of a similar device in the Ford engine. They have a hole, but no tube.
  10. Exhaust Vibration

    Why are you changing the tube?? Do you have an indication it is bad?
  11. May Add Dodge Royal to my Collection

    Try some Nev R Dull on it. Cotton wadding with a mild solvent soaked in. Think is now an Eagle brand. In tyher big box store with all the polished waxes and cleaners.should brighten up unless its down to their Nicole layer https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eagle-One-Nevr-Dull-5-oz/15125758
  12. 50 Coronet first start and drive.

    Amazing old iron. Elbow out the window, hand signals working. Don't get any better!
  13. Wix 51080 in 218 Flathead 6

    Is there not a spring/spacer that goes under the element? Is yours installed in the picture? The 51080 is a direct crossover to the Napa 1080, 1080 gold, which fits at least 75% of these various can and element style filters.
  14. Exhaust Vibration

    I know that fluid drive cars have specified idle speed range , but have you tried changing your idle rpm to see it it changes anything? I guess the bigger question is what is causing the vibration. Have you checked the condition of your motor mounts? A perished mount could cause a angle stress on the exhaust plumbing. Put a piece of 2x4 or similar and jack each side of the bell housing up a quarter inch and see if that changes the equation. Then do the front and lift a bit on the oil pan using the wood to spread the load. Do you have an engine misfire at idle?
  15. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    What is the fascination with high rpm? After a certain point you are fighting piston speed and more frictional losses than can be overcome in long stroke design. Any thing ever 3800 for a street vehicle is more about testosterone than technology.
  16. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Look up Graham Paige. Engines were very similar to Mopar in terms of cu in and HP. They did a single carb draw through with a centrifugal super charger. Their 226 cu in engine went from 95 HP to 115. Kaiser Frazier also used super charger with about 4 to 6 psi boost with similar results on their continental engines that I think were 228 cubes. There set up fed a pressure box surrounding the carb so the whole card functioned under pressure negating the leakage when the inside of the carb is under pressure an the float bowl is at 1 atmosphere. Corvair turbo ran about 7 PSL boost and added 10 HP. The Oldsmobile F85 Jetfire put a small turbo on their little 215 v8 and that picked up about 10 HP, but it relied on a water denatured alcohol mix to control detonation. If I were thinking along this vein I would consider sourcing a turbo from one of those Asian light to medium duty turbo diesel trucks, as the operational rpm range is more suited to a flathead six, than something of a Subaru WRX or similar. Low compression gas engines are best suited to boosting as long as the crank and associated parts are in proper nick. I had a 2.4 Liter Volvo wagon that made good power with the turbo. Lots a those in junkyards, it too could be a good doner, it had a small air cooled intercooler that would probably work well also. Now if you could find and apply an early Jeep 4.0 fuel injection set up you wouldn't need to trouble yourself with carb related issues.
  17. Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    See if it occurs with the gas cap loosened. Have you done the fuel flow quantity test outlined in the service manual?
  18. Body number Vehicle number

    The body number is a number Briggs Manufacturing gave to their body stampings sold to Plymouth. It is likely a sequential number assigned by the to their record keeping purposes. The serial number is the number Chrysler assigned to the vehicle after body,chassis, power train come together. That is the number that mother Mopar uses as the legal identifier for your car and served as that ID when the car was sold to the dealer. It can tell when and at which assembly facility screwed your car together. You can get a build card facsimile for a fee, from Chrysler Historical ( if they are still providing that service) that will tell you the options on your car and who the dealer was that the car was first shipped to.
  19. Edmonds Head qestions and problems

    George doesn't need your stuff. Call him tell him what you have,he will set up the carbs accordingly. Either redo yours or take yours in credit exchange for his. His linkage is stainless steel and mounts under the carbs. You might also want to get a pair of phenolic spacers to raise the CD carbs an inch. As the aftermarket intakes don't carry the carbs ads high as the stock one. Langdon has them for about $ 15 or so. Need longer studs and a couple extra caskets. You need manifold to spacer, spacer to linkage mount, linkage mount to carb gaskets. Make sure the top on is properly slotted to provide vacuum to your step up jet vacuum port on the bottom of the carb.
  20. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Here???? Now??? Well if you insist!!!
  21. help me please!!

    Breath Don, just breath. Did you have the distributor tightened down when you did your first start? Wonder if the high revs popped the dist out enough to in seat then reseat the drive tang out of position.
  22. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    My father in law called them sleeping policemen. Might be something he picked up in Bermuda on vacation.
  23. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    A passing lane up hill short sight distance, with speed bump ahead 20 mph advised zone! What could go wrong?
  24. And all these years I been using my ball peen just to bend nails and break stuff!!!