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  1. greg g

    Patina for sure

    That vehicle certainly has got a lot of character. Looks like it was worked but not abused. Good luck with it.
  2. greg g

    Help ID-ing Mopar Transmission

    Check the Imperial Club website. The repair section has the old film strip style tech's training presentations. I believe for both m4 and m6.
  3. greg g

    Looking around for snow plow found this

    Well I use a 10hp open Wheel Horse with a 48 inch blade. So the wider blade would shorten my process and move the heavy stuff from the road plows quicker also. So with a set of wind pants, a parka, warm boots, good gloves, and a hat I am pretty well set to my 14x120 driveway. It really hasn't showed since Thanks giving so will just keep hoping the snow fairy stays away...
  4. greg g

    Anti-theft devices

    I would think that the foot starter would be a deterrent unless they are specifically targeting vintage cars and have a knowledge of those things. I would go with coil kill switch, a disconnect for the battery. Motion detector to turn night into day and a couple of those wildlife cameras to catch then in the act. You should be able to get keys done by a locksmith but they only work on honest people. And why not a call to your local constabulary to report suspicious activity. When we go away for any length of time , we always call the police and ask them for some security check. They even will print up a report of visits and observations if we ask upon return. So if you and your SAC mates asked to more patrols after dark they would likely oblige.
  5. greg g

    Happy Holidays

    After an accident, parked car rear ended by drunk driver, we had to replace my wife's 2016 Accord . So last Thursday we celebrated Happy Honda days with a new Made in Ohio Accord. I hope we didn't offend anybody who observes Toyotathon, GM's End of year Sale abration, or Chrysler's black Friday till January event. The driver had side swiped about four vehicles parked at the curb prior to hitting ours, Ford work van hit a snow bank and launched in to the trunk of our car. The impact pushed our car into the car parked in front of ours. He started run away, but according to witnesses, returned to his truck to retrieve his beer before running off again. Police arrived tracked him down and arrested him He has been charged with felony driving while intoxicated (his third in two years,) leaving the scene of an accident, evading arrest (running away) and assault on an officer for throwing his half full beer can at one of the officers.we made out OK with insurance triple A so out of pocket was our deductable which we will try to recover through the District Attorney's office. Hope you and your's have a safe and happy holiday season!
  6. greg g

    December 7th, 1941

    My father served aboard the Missouri as part of the commissioning crew. He was a gunners mate and gun captain center 16 inch gun second turret. He was a witness to the Japanese surrender. As the ceremony concluded the Japanese delegation was at the gangway poised to leave the deck for the tender, he said that the sky over Tokyo harbor was darkened by formations of American and allied aircraft over 1200 in number. Told us it took his breath away, and certainly sobered the Surrender party. We went to Hawaii a few years ago and had a special tour given upon request to family of "Plank Holders" those crew members who were aboard when she sailed for her first patrol. Got to see inside on of the turrets, the shell and powder elevators, the fire control center, the combat bridge and berthing areas most visited don't get to see. He also said at one point in the Pacific they were ordered to proceed to an distant area to support an island landing. Said at flank speed they easily outran their destroyer escorts and cruisers in their battle group. So something thing as long as the empire state building is high cutting through the water at just north of 40 miles per hour. Yes I remember.
  7. greg g

    Clunk from the right rear

    Shock or spring bushings? I put in new spring bushings couple years back. Cured a couple ailments and noises.
  8. greg g

    A bunch a new P15's

    Wonder if any were loaded below deck? Ship is a lot more out of the water than it would be with a full load of grain salt, coal or iron ore. And here everybody thought roll on roll off was a recent concept... How come cargo goes by freighters (ships). Freight goes by train, shipments go by truck?
  9. greg g

    Jaguar front clip

    Bill go to manage my attachments tool for. Your profile page. If you put photos up without using a third party host like photo bucket they may still be there.
  10. greg g

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Carter BBD , Stromberg WW, Holley 2300 would be good starting points. These were all used on small v8 so they would probably need to be rejected leaner or if the Holley main jets are externally adjustable, it would probably give you a good start if you care more about operation than originality. I think the big Jeep straight six used the same styles and would be closer to the displacement of your engine and not required much tuning. Some v6's like German Capri which was a 3 liter could be a good source also. Ford 260 289 should mount up too.
  11. greg g

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Wasn't is Savoy, Plaza, Belvedere??? Or was the plaza the plain Jane?
  12. greg g

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    The 2bbl was a 56 only deal for Plymouth. I have seen manifolds but never in a car.should be a Carter. My 56 230 with 1bbl was rated at 125 hp. The 2 bbl was supposedly 132. Which was highest number for a Plymouth flathead. Pretty rare especially in a Savoy as they were the base models.
  13. greg g

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Welcome! Nice wagon. If you get a pump from any where ( no one mentioned vintage power wagons, so I will) check very carefully as what ever box they come in it will likely be a Mexican made Air Tech (Airtex) unit. They do not stake the pivot pins for the cam fulcrum. Their process of a pressed in interference fit pin insertion has left numerous members of this forum stopped beside the road waiting for a tow after the pin has walked out. There are several fixes for this. Properly stake the pin with a small punch and hammer, replace the pin with a longer one that has a retaining pin i or groove and C clip, fashion a retainer out of sheet metal, put a clamp style paper clip over the pin, or don't get an airtech. Good luck with your search.Enjoy your project.
  14. greg g


    Well, read the lyrics, put your daughter or grand daughter in the woman's voice, and tell me what it has to do with Christmas... Then ask if the woman stays is the male voice going to be satisfied with listening to records till dawn.

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