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  1. greg g

    Oil Leak Help

    The only engine trans combo that shared oil were the one year only (54) Plymouth "Hy drive" and they were fited behind 230's, not 218's. The often overlooked can shaft seal might be the source. Have you eliminated the oil pressure gauge hose that runs between the back end of the engine and the firewall. A split one will pump considerable oil in a short time.
  2. greg g

    Carburetor 1948 plymouth deluxe

    Is that for engaging the fast idle when the choke is closed? Do you really need it? Do much cold temperature driving? Call George Ashe 8153642621, he has boxes of parts from Carters.
  3. The Coronet was the top of the Dodge line up for 1949. The Wayfarer was the basic entry level, the Meadow Brook was the mid line model. Pretty sure you will find things like courtesy lights, door open dome light, trunk light, glove box light, reverse lamps, standard signal lights, heater, electric wind shield wiper instead of vacuum, upgraded radio, and other niceties not found or dealer installed on the lower trim levels. So the coronet would have the most circuits and wires. My car for instance is a deluxe not special deluxe the dome light is a slide switch on the pass door post. You want light?? Get in and use the switch. Or upgrade.
  4. greg g

    Vintage car tour

    Surprised they are not doing Mt. Cadillac in Arcadia. Nat Park. Probably to many tourist traffic.
  5. greg g

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    It might be a prototype for the Turkish DeSoto Decrepid. But knowing the Russians penchant for copying and reverse engineering, and its resemblance to 58 Plymouth front end it might be one of those Uzbekistan Pleasure Fury Palace cars so coveted by party insider movers and shakers. Dosvedonia comrade your loyalty to the High Leader and the party we are pleased to present this less than 20 year old tested and trusted and lightly pre bugged luxury vehicle for your use on state business...Enjoy!!! No personal trips near the border will be tolerated.
  6. greg g

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Have seen that van bat mobile on the web in red. Think the BM stuff and color are photo shopped. Or could the have been more than one???
  7. greg g

    Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    The one on my car is about 2x time thicker than cereal box card board. The one I got to do my OD swap is like grocery bag thickness. I reused the thicker one. Unless your rear main seal has all but given up, chances are a leak at that point is transmission lube not motor oil. Or it could be both. Check your trans for level as well as your dipstick.
  8. greg g

    Nash OD question

    Did Nash have the e brake on the trans, did they have selector gear change, did they have an open drive line or torque tube? What is the diameter of the input shaft bearing retainer, how long his the input shaft, how many splines, what is the diameter of the input shaft and pilot bushing? How is the transmission supported? Does it need a cross member or is it carried by the bell housing? Are the U joints comparable at the shaft to trans interface? How long is the unit compared to the Chrysler version?
  9. greg g

    Overdrive cable bracket....

    I don't envision using mine in around town mode. Out in the country on the state highway or on limited access highways is when I see using it. There is talk in the manual of staying in second gear for around town duty using first, second, and second od, leaving 3rd and 3 rd od for the highway.
  10. greg g

    Vintage car tour

    Owlshead has a nice aircraft and car museum, that will likely be their stop there, lots of parking.
  11. Watching Gearz this am the coupe was the background car today.
  12. greg g

    Overdrive cable bracket....

    What does your od do for fuel milage on the road? I have heard that the suburbans have only a 12 gallon tank instead of 17 like the other body styles. Usually figure 250 miles per tank ( my gas gauge doesn't work) so we drive by the odo between gas stops.
  13. greg g

    Overdrive cable bracket....

    Thanks for the reply. I wired mine so the " ith" relay terminal connects to the lockout, then through the switch to the governor so no real voltage load through that switch. I am powering the ign terminal of the relay through a fused and switched line I picked up from the feed to the CIG lighter which is hot with ign on. Since I never use the lighter the control side of the relay is the only load on that circuit. Guess it is the same but mine is only passing grounding voltage and minimum amperage through the lock out switch. How long has yours been operating wired as you have it?
  14. greg g

    3 speed tranny linkage

    Check the rubber bushings on the steering column pieces, if they are mush, the levers won't move far enough to engage.
  15. greg g

    52 cranbrook ?

    For comparison https://syracuse.craigslist.org/cto/d/1950-plymouth-special-deluxe/6583618411.html

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